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One Appointment We All Must Keep

Chapter Sixteen

Severus Snape returned to the Head table and watched Percy Weasley go to speak to his younger brothers before taking a seat with his classmates.

When Minerva stood to speak, he was amused at how the students went silent without so much as a single cue to do so. He had always winced at Dumbledore's theatrics and his successor was proving that they weren't necessary.

"Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts. Congratulations to the first year students, I am sure that you will find your new housemates become a second family for you. If you have any problems, please speak to your prefects and your Head of House but you may if you wish to come to me as well."

"We have several exciting changes for you regarding the upcoming school year. In our core classes, I would like to introduce, Madam Marchbanks, our new History of Magic teacher. Professor Binns has retired." Minerva stated and with his excellent hearing, Severus was less than amused to hear a few jokes that the new teacher looked old enough to have taught Merlin himself.

Thankfully none of his Snakes were among them but there were a few grimaces when it was announced that Horace Slughorn would be teaching the lower year students Potions. Many of the students from his house were looking his way clearly worried.

"Professor Lockhart will be filling the Defense Against the Dark Arts position," Minerva announced and when the poncy git tried to speak, Minerva began to speak louder, ignoring him and mentioned that they were introducing a new class for third years and up.

"Professor Snape will be teaching our new Offensive Magics' class and the sixth and seventh-year NEWT students for Potions." She said then added, "He has also graciously agreed to step in as the Deputy Headmaster." Severus wanted to deny that. He had NOT been gracious when asked but had been tricked by that cretin Black.

"I also must announce that the subject of Divination is being removed from the curriculum. We have placed all students who were to take this class into the new Offensive Magics class. Muggle Studies has been updated and is now a requirement for your OWLS. Professor Burbage will have your new textbooks at no cost for all of the students."

Harry heard a bit of grumbling about the new class but he saw Draco and a few of the Claws talking and knew that he would soon have them enthused about it.

He saw the Snakes didn't seem too happy but they took their cue from their head of House and seemed to clap if not enthusiastically at least politely.

Harry looked around and saw that Oliver Wood was heading their way along with Percy so he grinned at the Quidditch captain and listened when Percy announced that Wood would be leading them to the dorms that evening.

With that, the redhead ducked out the Great Hall doors and Oliver sat down with the second year students. He joked around with them until the feast was done and it was time to lead them to their tower.

Over at the Ravenclaw table, Draco was amused to notice the difference between the standoffish attitude from his second-year classmates the year before to the friendly greetings this year. Mandy was asking what he knew about the new Potions professor and Terry was arguing with Zach about whether or not the new Headmistress would let second years go to Hogsmeade. He looked over at their new firsties and was wondering why he found his eyes drawn yet again to the blond firstie.

"Hey, Black. Please tell me you remembered your broom." Davies called out as he approached the second years. With a grin, Davies looked at his Keeper and said "You wouldn't believe how good he is at catching the snitch. I saw him at Potter's birthday party on the newest Nimbus. The only bad news is that Potter is just as good if not better because he has no sense of self-preservation."

Tanner looked over at his girlfriend Cho knowing that she was intending to try out for the team and had gone to a training camp for two weeks that summer. Looking over at the rich boy he was sure should have been in Slytherin he coolly replied. "Good luck Malfoy. I am sure that your dad did his best to help make sure you are on the team, but it takes more than a fast broom."

"Yes, it does take more than a fast broom," Draco answered while inwardly burning at the insult but Tanner was a prefect and it was rather obvious that he was trying to get Draco to overreact. Too bad for Tanner that he had spent years trying to keep his temper around Lucius for it to work.

Watching as the fifth year prefect began to lead the first years to their tower, he looked over at a couple of fourth year girls and saw their smirks and knew that there was something going on. Clearly, they were smart but had not a single ounce of cunning or they wouldn't have been broadcasting their intent so bluntly.

With narrowed eyes, he looked at them to see where they were staring and soon found that they were eyeing the blond first year with the odd earrings. Waving at the second year Lions, he followed the prefect to their tower and sat down on a chair in the common room, idly eyeing the fireplace while eavesdropping on the conversations around him.

Sprout entered her common room with a large smile on her face as she greeted her older Huffs and welcomed her newest students. Going over the house rules and a few of the new ones requested by the Board of Governors, she heard the groans about the bedtimes and hid her need to smile.

"Now, now, none of that. I for one think that it is a good idea." She stated and began to go over the other new rules that she found a bit overreaching at first until Filius had reminded her about how the former Headmaster had acted.

"Ma'am, does that mean we can challenge a loss of points from a teacher?" Hannah Abbott asked.

"If points are deducted and you feel it was wrong, you are to come to me and we will look at the record book. I will then bring it up at our weekly meeting regarding points with the other three heads of house." She answered.

There was a general approval of that rule but most were confused as to the mentions of meetings with the Headmistress. None of them had ever been in a one on one meeting with Dumbledore the year before or had ever expected to be. "Any questions?"

A brave first year raised his hand and asked "Professor, you mentioned clubs, how come we are required to join at least one club? What about our schoolwork?"

Sprout smiled and explained, "The skills you learn in the new clubs will help you in your classes."

"I doubt Quidditch would teach us anything." Susan Bones stated only for the Quidditch fanatics to argue that statement.

"Yes, even Quidditch teaches us important lessons, Ms. Bones." She replied. "Now, as soon as we have settled into the school year, I will be posting a list of the clubs and any age or class level restrictions on them. Each professor and or Hogwarts' staff member will be in charge of at least one club."

In Ravenclaw, Professor Flitwick was making the same announcement. While in Gryffindor, Minerva McGonagall was announcing that due to a small error of judgment on her part, they didn't have a head of house for her lions yet. "I will be working on that problem this week until then I will ask that you try to avoid trouble."

There was some quiet laughter from the students at that and a shaking of her head, the Headmistress said out loud "What was I thinking?"

With that, she tossed some floo powder and leaned into the fireplace and called out Amelia Bones. There were some comments about the Headmistress just having the twins placed in magical suppression handcuffs right then and there but they soon were quiet as the Head of the DMLE agreed to send Kingsley Shacklebolt to be the temporary head of Gryffindor.

The Headmistress thanked the woman and then turned to her students. "It's not that I don't trust you to behave on your own... But-"

"You don't trust all of us to behave on our own." Answered Fred while George tried to play the innocent and overacted so badly there was soon loud giggles in the common room.

"Now back to the new rules and the clubs. Does everyone understand the new rules?" McGonagall inquired.

There were some general yeses but Neville raised his hand and asked: "May we join more than one club?"

"Of course Mr. Longbottom, as long as you keep your grades up. In fact, I encourage you to join several different clubs. I find that even at my age I still learn new things by trying something new once a month." She answered then left the tower to meet with Flitwick and Sprout. She knew Severus would be busy, he always was with interviews with students and assuring his Snakes that he would still be there for them.

Severus finished his announcements of the new rules and clubs then gathered his prefects together in his office. Once they were seated, he inquired about how the students were doing. He was not surprised when Higgs raised his hand and spoke.

"Sir, the Weasley girl was caught sneaking out of the dungeons when we arrived. The house elf you assigned to her took her back to the single dorm room for first years, sir."

Nodding, Snape looked at the six gathered students and said "I am sure that Ms. Weasley is going to be a slightly bigger problem than most new first years. I expect you to be cautious and as comforting to her as you would be to any other student."

"Sir, she has already offended most of her year mates. Astoria Greengrass said that when she tried to speak to her, Ms. Weasley called her a junior death eater." Announced the sixth year prefect.

"Percy Weasley sent an owl to their family and I will be having a conference with her family and then herself tomorrow. For now, what you need to understand is that this young woman has had a very rough summer. Her mother was exiled for her part in the Dumbledore manipulations and unfortunately it was too late the damage was done to this young woman."

"What do you mean?" Mildred Avery asked.

"Her mother has brainwashed this young woman into thinking she is destined to marry Harry Potter," Snape stated. "I am going to ask Mr. Potter to speak to Ms. Weasley but I am not sure that it will accomplish much."

There was a shaking of heads then after a moment's hesitation, Higgs said: "Sorry sir, but I have seen Potter, he isn't the sort to be as blunt as she needs."

"I am well aware of that fact," Snape said with a grimace. "Now, before you head out, anything you think I need to be aware of regarding the first years?"

Avery took out her list and handed it over. "Two students sir. One has light bruising on his arm and the Rookwood girl is easily startled, sir."

"Thank you, Avery. Higgs, I need a moment with you." Snape ordered dismissing the rest of the prefects. When the door was closed, he put a silencing charm up and asked: "Did you find any more proof?"

Nodding, Higgs said, "Zabini claims that there is nothing wrong, sir."

"Thank you. I will speak to the boy myself later this week. If asked, deny mentioning him to me." Snape ordered then asked him to send in his Quidditch captain.

Marcus Flint entered the office and sat down across from his Head of House. "Sir?"

"How was your summer, Mr. Flint?" He asked gently.

Flint flushed and stammered as he avoided looking the man in the eyes. He had known that he had betrayed the man's trust the year before by beating up a first-year student, yet here he was, worried about him.


"I-it was fine, sir." He said thinking that while the beginning of this summer was horrible, it had ended on an upbeat note thanks to his pop's funeral.

"Tell me what happened in June," Snape ordered quietly.

"Pops reacted like I thought he would about the Malfoy kid." He answered.

"Did you get treatment?" Snape asked lifting his wand to perform a diagnostic charm.

"Yes, later on," Flint admitted. "Momma took the girls to her sisters and came back to stay with me. Thankfully dad went to the engagement party for Mr. Malfoy. His friends talked him into taking a trip with them."

Snape breathed a sigh of relief. He had 'encouraged' a few of his fellow former death eaters into making that trip and it seemed to have been a good idea. He had known how their death-mark would react to the magic in Central America if they were to act like their usual selves and it appears he was correct.

"Do you know who went?" He inquired.

"All four of them ended up dead within days of coming home, sir," Flint admitted. "Pops died four days ago. Mom had the healer say that it was dragon pox but it wasn't."

Snape looked at the boy and asked: "Does your Mom need anything?"

"No. She was appointed Head of House until I reach my majority." Flint admitted then breathing a sigh of relief looked at his Head of House and asked: "Sir, what should I do now?"

"Taking a good look at your friends Mr. Flint and ask yourself if remaining friendly with them will keep you alive and help you make something of yourself." He suggested.

"Mom wants us to move when I graduate since the girls won't start Hogwarts until the year after that," Flint answered.

"It's up to you, Mr. Flint but remember one thing... You are not your father." He said then suggested the boy head to his dorm. "Oh, and I really would prefer that the Quidditch cup returned to the top shelf in my office this year, young man."

Flint nodded and left while Snape sat back in his chair and wondered if others would consider what he had done murder. He had encouraged behavior that sent four men to their deaths already and he was aware that two others had gone on this trip.

Three of the dead were minor death eaters, men who had been little more than expendable bodies to the Dark Lord. Flint Senior had been more of an outer circle Death Eater but he knew that the man would have rejoined the Dark Lord without a moment's hesitation and would have required his son to join as well.

He had made the move as a result of the way that Marcus had been required by his father to obey Lucius Malfoy. Snape had no intention of allowing Lucius or anyone else to influence his students towards the dark side if he could prevent it. He was already concerned about his former friend, the man had been growing colder and colder as he aged and now, well, the end of his relationship with Narcissa and the disowning of his son had Severus debating cutting all contact to protect himself.

Wondering about Crabbe and Goyle Senior, he decided to attend the upcoming wedding of Lucius to the Nott girl. Maybe he could stomach being around them long enough to find out if they were feeling a bit off considering they had also gone to Central America.

Heading to his private quarters, Snape grimaced as he thought about the Weasley girl who had ended up in his house. Ginny Weasley was a mixed up girl who would need someone to talk to, to trust but he was sure that he was the last person for the job.

Harry woke up and found himself enjoying the rhythms of rooming with his classmates. He could hear Dean and Seamus speaking as they left to shower, while at the same time, Neville was still asleep and snoring.

He threw his blankets off and stretched as he found himself recalling his enjoyable summer. Thinking back to the first summer after Hogwarts, the dinner party where Dobby dumped the pudding on the Dursleys guests, the multiple locks on the bedroom door and the escape thanks to the twins.

Yawning and reminding himself that he had promised Oliver to meet him at the Quidditch pitch with his new broom. Finally getting up and dressed, he looked at the gift he had to give to Hermione for her birthday and grinned.

On his way down to the common room, he reminded himself of his plans for the school year. To find a way to tell someone about the basilisk in Slytherin's chamber. To secure and expose Peter Pettigrew somehow. He had seen Ron Weasley with his pet the night before so he knew that the rat was at Hogwarts.

He also hoped to find a way to protect Luna from being bullied. He was looking forward to maybe, just maybe holding Hermione's hand. With a smile on his face as he descended the stairs only to see the very girl he had been thinking about. "Hey, Hermione. I thought you were planning on sleeping in this morning?"

With a shrug, she admitted "It was too loud in the dorm room. Lavender and Parvati fell asleep early last night and spent most of the morning gossiping. Padma and I just had to escape. She went to breakfast and then the library already."

"I am heading to the pitch, do you want to come with me?" He offered with a shy grin.

"Give me some time to go get my new history book." She said rushing up the stairs and to her room in the girl's tower.

Harry heard the sound of footsteps and was quickly greeted by the Weasley twins who said they were joining them at the pitch a bit later. "Right now, we have to meet Bill, Percy and our dad."

When Hermione came back down, the two headed to the Great Hall and were soon joined by Draco who was still yawning. "Morning, Harry are you sending an owl to Sirius?"

"No, he is coming here this weekend," Harry admitted as he reached for some pancakes and bacon. Seeing Hermoine fretting about something, he asked: "What's going on?"

"I wanted to have my mom send me my new books. I forgot to pack them." Hermione admitted. "Those books that Lockhart required took up too much space in my trunk."

"If you want you can borrow my owl." Harry offered and saw Draco making kissy face expressions behind Hermione's back. When he just stopped, Harry turned around to see Luna wearing a strange outfit as she entered the Great Hall.

"Excuse me," Draco said as he stood and walked over to sit near the new girl after the rest of the first year Ravenclaws gave her a strange look and moved away. Sitting down next to the blond, he asked: "Who did it?"

The blond was wearing a serene expression as she looked at him and asked: "Did what?"

Looking at her odd outfit, Draco whispered "I have seen you in Diagon Alley, I know that you don't normally dress in unmatched clothes. So once again, do you know who did this?"

"It's fine Dragon. What is mine will come back to me when it is supposed to." She replied then biting her lip said: "At least I hope so, I need my books for class."

"Stay here." He said and moved towards his second-year mates. "Mandy, do you know what is going on with the Lovegood first year?"

Looking around to make sure she wasn't heard, Mandy leaned in and said "Rumor is that Chang and Edgecombe were telling the other first years that if they want to be successful here that they should stay away from Lovegood. They were calling her Loony. I heard that Lovegood's dad wrote an article that got Marietta's mother demoted at the ministry and she is out for revenge."

His lips were pressed together as Draco looked around the Great Hall for his Head of House.

"Does anyone know where Professor Flitwick is?" He asked.

"He was dealing with a sick seventh year. I heard he helped him to the Infirmary. Whatever is going on with Chang and the others started the minute they left this morning." Terry said as he joined them.

Harry walked over and said to Draco "What is going on with Luna?"

"Why am I not surprised you already know her name?" Terry asked in disbelief.

"Hermione told me," Harry said pointing to where Hermione had gone to sit with Luna and to speak with the blond. "She said that Ginny Weasley was tormenting her on the train with a few other girls yesterday."

"Chang and Edgecombe," Mandy stated. Seeing Harry looking for the two girls, she said "They aren't here. Chang is out flying this morning. She was upset that Davies invited Draco to try out. She was sure that the Seeker spot was hers, especially since she is dating Tanner."

Sneering, Draco said, "I guess that explains his nastiness to me last night."

"Oh man, you don't know half of it. You went to the dorm early, but Cho really gave him hell about it. She said she would break up with him last night if he didn't do something to keep you from getting the seeker spot." Terry replied. "It's why Zach isn't here. He stayed upstairs to protect your broom."

"It's in my trunk," Draco said.

"Do you really think that that would stop him if he really wanted to mess with it," Mandy asked skeptically until she saw the grins on both Harry and Draco's faces. "What?"

"Let's just say that Tanner would get quite a surprise if he were to try to remove anything from my trunk. Sirius Black was quite the prankster when he attended Hogwarts as a student and he taught Harry and I a little jinx to use to protect our trunks." Draco replied with a wink.

"Maybe I should go get Zach then," Terry replied wearing a large grin on his face as he exited the Great Hall.

Draco in the meantime looked at Harry and said "I am going to speak to my godfather. He doesn't allow Slytherins to attack each other, so he might be able to speak to Professor Flitwick about things."

"The Weasley twins mentioned a meeting with family today. My guess is that it is with Professor Snape regarding their sister." Harry pointed out. "We could go speak to the Headmistress."

"I don't want to do that, just yet," Draco admitted. "I would rather try to deal with it without involving McGonagall."

"Fine, just let me know what you need," Harry said then saw Hermione leading Luna out of the Great Hall. "My guess is that Hermione has befriended Luna so Chang and Edgecombe might want to rethink whatever they are up to."

In Severus Snape's public office, he read the letter from Lucius with a slight grin. Crabbe and Goyle while alive, had lost their ability to do magic. If it wasn't for the fact that their sons and heirs could, they would be penniless.

He heard the sound of the knock on his door, so sliding the letter into his inner pocket, he stood and let the door open so that the Weasleys could enter.

"Professor Snape, thank you for allowing us to attempt to deal with this before it gets out of hand." Bill Weasley said after the necessary greetings were taken care of.

"I don't want to have to send Ms. Weasley home." He replied as his eyes went to Arthur Weasley. "I will retrieve Miss Weasley and bring her in."

With that, Severus went to the single dorm room and after a knock opened the door to see Ginny Weasley sitting on her bed wearing her school uniform but not her tie or scarf. "Miss Weasley, your father is awaiting us in my office."

Standing, walking past the man as if he wasn't there, Ginny entered the open door and sat with her arms crossed in a defiant manner as she glared at everyone else in the room.

"I won't say a word as long as that traitor is here." Ginny spat out and pointed her finger at Percy. "He wouldn't help me, daddy."

"Ginevra, sit down," Arthur ordered then looking at Percy, the twins and Ron, suggested that they go do whatever it was that they normally would be doing on a Saturday at Hogwarts.

When they started to obey him, Arthur had a thought and requested that Ron stay. The freckled face boy did just that looking at his sister with a strange expression on his face.

"Now Ginny, I understand that you were upset at being sorted into Slytherin but your behavior still isn't appropriate," Arthur said.

"But Daddy-." Ginny whined then looking at Severus Snape lowered her voice and said "They are going to try and kill me if I stay in Slytherin. They already hate me for being from a family of blood traitors. When the truth about my engagement to Harry comes out, it will be even worse."

"Ginny, I am sure that no one will blame you for Molly's mistakes. If you have any problems, I am sure that Professor Snape would not allow it to continue." Arthur replied.

Bill who had been watching Ginny had a thought and looking at his former Potions professor raised his eyebrow and said "Dad, I think you are a bit confused as to what Ginny is talking about. Unless I am mistaken, she is saying that her classmates are going to be upset that she is engaged to Harry."

"Oh, Ginny. There is nothing to worry about then. You aren't engaged to Harry. No one will be upset with you about that." Arthur said.

"William, why don't you take your sister on a tour of the Quidditch pitch," Severus suggested and when the oldest of the Weasley children had left, he decided to be blunt with Arthur. "Sir, I suggest you speak to your youngest son. I think what he has to tell you might be rather enlightening regarding your daughter and Mr. Potter."

Ron swallowed hard and looking at his most feared professor began to speak. "D-dad, Ginny refuses to accept that she isn't going to marry Harry. She was horrible to Luna Lovegood on the Hogwarts Express and she kept insisting she was supposed to be in Gryffindor last night when Percy tried to speak to her. She claims that it is her destiny to marry Harry and that she was put in Slytherin to prevent her from achieving that."

Shaking his head, wanting to deny what his son was saying, Arthur said "I spoke to her about this. She said she understood."

Severus looked at Ronald then at Arthur Weasley and suggested that the boy head out as well. When he was gone, Severus took off the kid gloves. "Sir, from what I have observed and from what I have heard your sons saying. Your daughter was spoiled rotten by your ex-wife and now believes that just because she wants Mr. Potter, he should be hers. I am going to suggest that you request Mr. Potter speak with your daughter about her aspirations and that she receive some counseling about the situation."

Arthur looked at Snape and admitted, "I can't afford that kind of treatment for her."

"The school will cover it. It's rather clear that part of this is the result of the former Headmasters' manipulations of your daughter and to a certain extent your ex-wife." Snape was sure that Black would agree to cover it personally if the school couldn't. After all, it would help his godson as well.

"I just don't get why she is so determined to marry Harry Potter," Arthur said looking completely bewildered. "He is a nice enough young man, but there are plenty of other boys at Hogwarts."

Severus had overheard enough while eavesdropping to understand that a major part of Potter's attractions for the young woman was his fame and wealth. He just didn't think he should tell Weasley that though he was sure that all of his sons understood that fact.

"I would suggest that you allow me to handle Miss Weasley as I see fit for now," Severus said. Seeing Arthur hesitate, Severus explained. "She is a confused and angry young lady. I have dealt with several of them over the last few years."

"What do you mean by handle though?" Arthur asked.

"Set bedtime, I normally oversee my first year Snakes with a close eye until they understand my rules here in Slytherin. I am not lax regarding enforcing Hogwarts rules with my students even if I don't let anyone outside of my house know about the issues except the now Headmistress."

Arthur seemed to be on the edge of agreeing but Severus felt he should make the man completely aware of his rules. "You should also know that I have other rules that I enforce by strict punishment. I am not talking losing house points or detentions. I have no problems issuing light taps when need be."

"Ginny has never been spanked in her life." Arthur reluctantly confessed. "I have never had the guts to treat her like I did the boys and her mother, well Molly coddled her."

"I intend to keep her in the single dorm room and will arrange for one of the Hogwarts house elves to be with her constantly even if most of the time it will be invisible until I am certain she has had an attitude change," Severus replied.

Arthur didn't want to have his little girl treated like this but before he could decide, Ginny was dragged back into the room by Bill. Her brother looked so angry, Arthur was reminded of an upset dragon. "What is it?"

"Do you want to tell father yourself or should I do it?" Bill asked his sister while trying to calm down.

Ginny once again crossed her arms and pouted so Bill looked at his father and said "Ginny saw two girls crossing the Entrance way with Harry Potter and tried to use a Bat-Bogey curse on them from behind. Unfortunately for her, she hit Professor Lockhart instead."

Snape hid his need to laugh behind his hand at that news but managed to look concerned by the time Arthur looked his way and sadly announced. "Severus, I have to agree with your plan of action. I can't believe you, Ginevra."

Snape opened the door that separated his office from the Slytherin common room. Seeing the sixth year prefect, he said "Miss Warrington would you please escort Miss Weasley and her brother to her dorm room. She isn't to leave until I have spoken to her."

With that, Cassie Warrington quickly answered yes sir and led the way to the private dorm leaving her twin brother to stare at their Head of House. "Sir, what about the jinx on the staircase?"

Rolling his eyes, certain that the boy had been hit by a bludger one too many times, he pointed out that he as the Head of Slytherin had the ability to override the jinx.

"Oh right."

Shutting his door, Severus took out the paperwork and handed it to Arthur. The tired man read it and signed it before handing it back. "I will make sure your daughter gets through this, Arthur. I promise."

"I just don't know what to do with my children. Ron was a mess at the beginning of last year and now... Now it's Ginny."

"Arthur, Bill, Charlie and even Percy are going to be just fine. I am quite sure that if they don't end up in St. Mungos long-term ward, the twins are going to end up ruling magical Britain, even young Ronald has settled into his own. I am sure that given time and help, Ginevra will also be fine." Snape assured the man.

When Arthur left with Bill, looking years older than his physical age, Severus called for Aurora Sinestra who helped him with the female Slytherin students.

Letting her read the agreement between Arthur and himself, he led the way to Miss Weasley's room. Thanking Cassandra Warrington, he stood in the center of the dorm and explained the new rules to the angry redhead.

"Your bedtime except on the nights you have Astronomy is nine. You are to be in the Slytherin common room by eight. If you EVER attempt to attack another student, you will be expelled. No second chances." He said with a glare at the girl.

"You will have a sixth-year prefect whose job it is to make sure you have your homework done. Don't think of lying to her, she will have the list from each of your teachers... It is magically created so there is no way to alter it. Don't even try. You will also be required to join a club, however, you are under strict rules that you may not join the same clubs as Mr. Harry Potter."

That got a reaction, Ginny started to complain only for Severus to tell her to be quiet. She started to argue only for him to put a silencing charm on her.

When he saw her lips stop moving, he released it and handed her a copy of her new rules. "You will also stop stalking Harry Potter, his friends or anyone else he associates with. Let me be very clear Miss Weasley. I am aware that you were raised with the assumption that you would marry Mr. Potter someday. That is no longer going to happen, not that it was in the cards, to begin with."

"As if you would know." Ginny spat out. "You know nothing about Harry and my relationship. We are soul-mates."

Seeing her sneering, he looked at Aurora and then at the redhead. "If you know so much about Harry Potter, tell me."

"No." She tersely answered.

"Okay, I will allow that. Then how about this, why are you so convinced that you are the perfect person for Harry Potter." He said trying to figure out what made this girl tick.

"Okay, well I am smart and I love quidditch which my brothers tell me he loves."

"There are a lot of smart girls here at Hogwarts, Miss Weasley. Harry's best friend is a smart girl." Aurora refuted that statement. "She and several other girls are also very athletic. As for Quidditch, there are quite a few girls at Hogwarts that not only like the sport but play rather well."

Sniffing, Ginny said "I was taught how to be a good wife. Mom made sure that I knew how to dance and to cook and clean. I can also speak about anything with anyone for when Harry has to be in the public eye since he is such a well-known person."

"Potter is rich enough to have house elves he doesn't need anyone to cook or clean for him. I somehow doubt that Harry has any fond feelings regarding the ability to dance and from what I have heard from his godfather, Harry hates the publicity of being the boy who lived, Miss Weasley." Aurora replied thinking on her conversation with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin the week before.

"Well, I am a redhead," Ginny said with a smug look on her face. "And according to the Headmaster, that plus the fact I am a pureblood makes me the perfect wife for Harry."

Blinking at Severus as if to ask if he had heard the same nonsense she had, Aurora gained control of her scattered mind and asked the confused young girl what that had to do with anything.

"My mom said that the Potters always marry redheads." She said preening. "She said that I look and act a lot like Harry's Mom."

Severus let out a low chuckle and snaking his head decided that it was time to end this farce. "Miss Weasley, your mother doesn't know a single thing about Lily Potter."

"And you do?" Ginny asked with an expression that made Aurora want to smack the girl.

Severus let a slow grin onto his face. "As a matter of fact, I do. The only thing you have in common with Lily Evans is that your hair is red but it isn't the same shade of red. As for acting like Lily, no, you don't. Lily Evans Potter was a sweet kind young woman who did well in school and was the first witch in her family."

"I know she was a muggleborn witch. It's why the Headmaster said that Harry had to marry a pureblood." Ginny retorted.

"As for the Potters marrying redheads, that isn't true," Severus said. "I don't recall a single member of the Black family being a redhead and Harry's great-grandfather married a Black and the top student in their year. His great, great grandfather Charlus the first his wife was once again the smartest witch in their year."

Ginny rolled her eyes as if to say that she didn't believe him so Severus decided to make it plain he was correct. "The Potter men normally marry the smartest witches they know. Lily was the top student in her year and James fell for her brains as much as her beauty and personality. And Miss Weasley, I grew up with Lily Evans. We played together and went to primary school together."

He saw the redhead glaring at him in shock and decided to bludgeon her with a few more home truths. "Harry Potter is off limits, Miss Weasley. You are to concentrate on your grades and your behavior. You will be monitored and if I think that you are out of line in the least, you will be sent home."

Ginny knew she couldn't let that happen so she nodded when he asked if she understood her limitations. When the dark wizard had left along with the snotty professor he had brought with him, she threw herself down on her bed.

Muttering out loud about how she would show him, how she would show everyone that she was right, Ginny vowed to obey the rules until everyone forgot her plan and then she would take back what belonged to her.

Reaching for her favorite Boy Who lived book, Ginny cried herself to sleep, feeling confused and alone but knowing that her prince was nearby and that he would show up to rescue her when the time came.

Harry was thrilled to be flying on his broom at Hogwarts. It was one of the best memories he had of his previous life. Flying with the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He saw that Draco and the rest of the Ravens were flying on the other half of the pitch and that he was clearly a better flier than Cho Chang.

Looking back, he could admit that Draco had been a good flyer first time around. Arrogant and full of himself but he had been a great flyer. Landing in the stands right next to Hermione, he grinned at her and asked: "What is so exciting in your book?"

Marking her place with her tasseled bookmark, she said "It's that book on the founders that I borrowed. It's really interesting. I had no idea about half this stuff."

Hearing his name being called, Harry leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Well if you find Slytherin's chamber of secrets, be sure to let me know."

With that, he took his broom and dived over the edge wearing a large smile knowing that Hermione would be searching for answers and that hopefully, he would have a way to expose the basilisk without endangering anyone.

Severus returned to his office only to glance out his magical window to watch his godson flying against his fellow Ravenclaw classmates. There was a knock on his door and he quickly glanced towards the door to his private quarters to make sure it was closed before calling out for whoever it was to enter.

Looking at the harassed expression on Poppy Pomfrey's face, he asked: "What is it?"

"I just ran into one of your male students in a girl's bathroom on the second floor. I evicted him but once he left, Myrtle approached me and said that he had entered the same bathroom last evening after the feast."

"Which student?" He asked as he gestured for her to sit down before being seated himself behind his desk.

"I am not sure, I think he is either a second or third year from his size. A thin boy, pointed chin, glasses. Attitude to spare." she announced. "Refused to tell me his name when I asked."

Almost positive that it was either Belfour or Nott, he said: "I will speak to both of my possible suspects today."

"Good, you should know, I put a tracking spell on the doorway to the bathroom. It will send a small tingle to my arm if and when he should attempt to enter a girl's bathroom again." She replied. "Another issue, I already mentioned this to Minerva, but Slughorn paid me a visit this morning, he had been stung by something."

"I guess we know the potion works." He drolly replied. "When was he stung?"

"Yesterday afternoon. He took the Hogwarts Express here with the students in spite of having already been here. My guess is that he attempts to start up the Slug Club again." She answered.

"I am sure that Minerva will quickly shut that done." He answered with a frown. "Any complaints yet from Lockhart?"

"None." She answered. "However, I sat down and read one of his books last night. By the end of it, I was beginning to feel like I was suffering from being confounded. They make no sense and are full of more hair care tips than practical defense against the dark art's advice."

"We know. You should know it is written in his contract, though I doubt he or the Headmaster realized it, he will have to refund the cost of the books to any student that requests it at the end of the year." He replied as he stood and went to peak into the Slytherin Common room as he heard the sound of a slight commotion.

Amused to see that Pansy Parkinson and Tracy Davies were squared off regarding the benefits of certain hair products, he sat back down allowing the two girls to fight this battle amongst themselves until a prefect stepped in.

Arriving at the spot where the rest of the Gryffindor team was gathered, he grinned when he saw Draco was flying against Cho in a practice game. Oliver looked over at Harry and said "I spoke to the Headmistress, she said it is my choice about whether or not to have open tryouts for the seeker position so I asked around and found out that no one else is interested in trying out for the job. So, congratulations on making the team."

Harry shouted yes and then flew towards the castle with the rest of the team. He saw Hermione was speaking to Luna Lovegood as they came to join them. Luna was wearing some of Hermoine's clothes and seemed to enjoy the time spent with each other.

"So, I heard a rumor that someone hit that idiot Lockheart with a Bat-Bogey Curse," Hermione said gleefully as they entered the castle. She saw the Weasley twins wince and looked over at Harry. "What did I miss?"

"Harry doesn't know but I guess we should tell both of you," Fred said in a somber tone. Once they were in the Tower, George and he put up a silencing charm and looked at the two of them. "Harry, I think Professor Snape is going to ask you to speak to my sister."

Harry knew that things had been too easy regarding Ginny. He had heard from Hermione about what had happened on the train and had seen her sorting the day before. Now he just had to find a way to save Ginny from herself. At least this time he wouldn't have to deal with her getting a hold of Tom Riddle's Diary.

Bill watched his father head out to his garden shed to putter around before heading up to Ginny's bedroom. Entering, he felt bad about what he was about to do but he still searched it.

Opening the empty sack he had brought with him, he placed it on the bed and soon had a large pile of Harry Potter and or Boy Who Lived junk inside of it.

Doing a quick search for hidden compartments in the room with the intention of exiting, Bill found the letters from his mother to Ginny. Reading them, shaking his head in anger as he saw what she had written to Ginny, he closed them and placed them inside his shirt pocket and then exited the small bedroom.

In his old room, Bill sat down on his bed, then vanished the sack. The letters he placed inside yet a large envelope, hesitated then using Errol sent it off to Hogwarts in care of Professor Severus Snape.