Where the Daisies Grow


"Hey Bones! I have found the perfect place for us on Shore leave." Jim beamed at him from the Captain's chair, as he over saw Sulu skilfully piloting the ship into a faultless geo-stationary orbit. The beautiful silvery glow of Cygnia Minor filled the viewscreen. The Planet below them had once been a humble Earth Colony, but had expanded rapidly over the last decade to become a new bustling and vibrant trade market with an independent government, who prided themselves on their neutrality. It was that neutrality that had allowed for such success.

"Am I going to live to regret agreeing to spend two days on the surface with you?" Bones growled. Remembering their last shore leave experience, he hadn't been keen on the idea of mountaineering on Risa. He was even less convinced when he fell off the rock they were scrambling up and fractured his right humerus. Jim and Sulu had found the whole thing very funny once they had got the pale, puking and whining doctor back to his own sickbay to be patched up.

"Bones, why do to have so little faith in me? This time I think I have found something right up your street. It's cultural, it's safe, and entertaining." The young man smiled his charming smile that made Leonard internally cringe.

"Tell me before I change my mind!"

"I have booked us on a Shakespearian experience workshop, with a performance of Hamlet to round off the day." Bones burst out laughing.

"Shakespearian experience workshop! You!" Leonard laughed heartily at his friend. "Who is she?" he smiled, knowing that his friend had limited motivations for choosing to spend one of their only shore leave days in 4 months doing something so uncharacteristic.

"Bones, really you think I am that shallow?"

"Yes." Bones replied. Jim smiled and handed the PADD he had been working on for an hour over to his friend. The screen showed a brightly colourful poster of the Shakespearian workshop, however a third of the screen was devoted to 'Lenore' a beautiful young blonde human. Bones had to hand it to the guy, she was gorgeous. The Ad continued to provide more details of the events. Lenore Karidian was apparently not only the tour guide but one of the actresses that starred in the show.

"There are other ladies in the show as well." Jim smiled at his older friend.

"Jim! This isn't a catalogue of women to pick up!" Bones looked at his friend aghast, waving the PADD at his friend.

"I know that Bones!" the younger man laughed. "Would you rather trawl the bars and clubs for two days? This way we can be in the presence of young good looking ladies, have a conversation, maybe learn something, and if anything develops... well great and if not we still have the bars!" he grabbed the offending PADD out of his friends hands. "I'll see you in the transporter room after beta."

"Yeah, don't be late!" Bones grunted and left the bridge. Smiling to himself as the he had had the briefest of glimpses of his friend finally growing up.

A/N: I am looking for a beta for the rest of this story, it has been finished (current word count is approx 28,000) but I don't want to post some of the chapters without a once over. Please PM if you are interested.