Penny sat at the vanity in the beautifully decorated room of the luxurious hotel suite of the exclusive Bahamian resort. She absently lotioned her golden skin with a silky vanilla scented lotion wearing only an ivory silk and lace negligee. She gazed off into the distance, a soft smile gracing her beautiful features as she remembered the events of the day.

It had started off with her waking up to a bright and beautiful day at Amy's apartment. The night before that had consisted of a fun, but toned down bachelorette party that was more slumber party-like in nature. Penny's bridal party had been in attendance - Amy, Bernadette, Keisha, Penny's sister Erica, and Missy. They ate plenty of pizza, drank wine, chatted, and just enjoyed each other s company. There was also a visit from an "officer" complaining about the noise. That was extremely fun - especially watching Bernadette drunkenly try to swipe her credit card in his various muscular crevices after she ran out of cash.

The morning sunlight had brought a lot of groans and begging of "10 more minutes" of sleep, followed quickly by excitement for Penny as they began to wake up more.

The rest of the morning had been a blur of hair, nails, and make up, and before she knew it, Penny was at the Santa Anita Park in Pasadena holding on to the crook of her father s arm waiting on her signal to come down the aisle. Fidgeting anxiously, eager to get on with it, Penny paused for a moment to admire how handsome her father looked in his suit. He caught her glance and gave her a quick wink and a thumbs-up.

Suddenly Claire, the event coordinator signaled Penny and her father to come out from the building to being their trek outside to the alter. Penny's breath caught in her throat at the majesty of it all - it was like a scene out of a movie. The sun shone against the brilliant blue sky dotted by a few fluffy clouds. The white chairs where their guests sat were swathed in tulle and flowers in their wedding colors of coral, teal, and ivory. There was a wooden pergola at the head of the aisle where the bridal party stood completely covered in various ivory flowers. Delicate coral-colored rose petals already peppered the wooden aisle leading up to her wedding party.

The bridesmaids were resplendent in their dresses: a coral colored one shoulder chiffon dress that was ruched at the top with a delicate side ruffle going down from the waist. They each held a small bouquet of coral and teal Penny Blossoms.

The groomsmen were dashing in their light grey suits with teal colored ties and matching pocket squares. Even Wolowitz had forgone his usual bowl-cut hairstyle (a Raj's prompting) for a slicked back stylish look.

And then there was her Moonpie.

Oh, she fell in love over and over with each step she took towards him. His grey suit fit him perfectly, showcasing his tall figure and broad shoulders. His silk tie was coral and teal plaid, and he wore silver cufflinks were tiny replicas of the Nobel Prize coin (a pre-wedding gift from his bride-to-be). His hair was neatly combed, and his eyes were bluer than she had ever seen them, as a soft smile played upon his lips watching Penny come down the aisle.

Penny herself was a vision - her dress was an ivory colored ball gown with a strapless corseted top that was exquisitely detailed with beaded Venise lace appliques. The skirt was a full and dramatic with multi-layered ruffled organza and a chapel length train. Her short golden bob was parted in and smoothed behind her ears. A hair comb matching her corset top was firmly anchored at the crown of her head, and an ivory organza veil bordered in lace flowed behind her. She held in her hand and large bouquet of ivory colored orchids, calla lilies, and plumerias. And dangling from her wrist was a charm bracelet (a pre-wedding gift from her husband-to-be) with charms of a tiny corn cob, a crutch, a rain cloud, an itty bitty Nobel coin, and a theater mask. She had laughed out loud when the bracelet had been delivered to Amy s that morning and immediately put it on.

Now as her father delivered her to waiting fiancé, Penny could feel the tiny butterflies that had been in her stomach all day subside. Sheldon looked her directly in the eye with a strong unwavering stare, and she knew that this man would always be a constant source of strength and love that she could rely on for the rest of her life.

The ceremony began but Sheldon did not hear much of what the officiant said. Instead he was mesmerized by Penny's beautiful face eyes greener than kryptonite; full lips shimmering like a beautiful rose quartz; skin glowing brighter than a supernova- she was dazzling. Sheldon Cooper was not a man who believed in luck, however if he were, he'd be thanking his lucky stars for this beautiful caring woman.

At the officiant's prompting, their vows were sealed with a long, sweet kiss. The attendees burst into applause, with Faye and Mary both weeping tears of happiness with one another.

The reception that followed was 4 solid hours of food, dancing and fun amongst friends and family. Penny was so happy she thought she would burst (though Sheldon would say that was physically impossible). Now, as she finished preparing for her wedding night in her suite, she heard a noise behind her.

There in the doorway of the bathroom clad in nothing but a towel slung low around his waist and his hair still damp from a shower stood her husband, watching her with hunger in his eyes. Penny silently rose from her seat and together they made their way towards each other.

He lifted both hands to cup her face. "Good Lord, you are beautiful", he said placing a light kiss upon her lips.

Penny smiled serenely, looking into his eyes. "Sweetie, have I told you how positively happy that I am today?"

"Yes, exactly 7 times actually."

She chuckled and stated, "Well here is number 8 - I am so happy MoonPie. This has been the best day of my life."

He simply smiled and drew her in for a long, deep kiss. He moved both his hands to her shoulder and gently slipped the straps of her nightgown down. The silky material slipped down her smooth skin and fell to the ground around her feet. With a flick of her wrist, Penny had Sheldon's towel on the ground also.

Surprising her, Sheldon swept her off of her feet and carried her bridal style to the kings sized bed. Laying her gently upon the luxurious mattress he just stood and stared at her nude body from head to toe for a moment. Penny groaned at the sensualness of it all, literally feeling her new husband's gaze on her.

Getting slowly on the bed with her, the two lay nude facing each other quietly, appreciating one another as well as the magnitiude of laying together as husband and wife for the first time. Sheldon traced his fingertips up and down the legth of her side slowly before leaning forward to kiss her again. The kissing soon became feverish, as they grew more anxious to become one.

Gently nudging Sheldon onto his back, Penny swung her leg over him and rose to sit on him. Keeping eye contact with him, she brought her hands up to play with her nipples as she did a slow steady grind against his manhood. Sheldon groaned and grasped her hips. She paused leaning forward to kiss him again before lifting herself up just high enough to slide the head of his penis back and forth across her wet clit a few times before slowly sinking down onto it. She sat still for a moment, just savoring the feeling of his dick being deep within her.

Penny began riding her husband, slow at first, but gradually picking up speed. Sheldon s grip on her hips began to grow tighter as he bucked his hips up in time to her set rhythm. As they grew closer and closer to their mutual completeion, Penny suddenly grabbed his hands off of her hips. She brought his right hand up to her breast, his left thumb to her clit, and the she reahed back slightly to cup his balls. The combined intesified sensations had them both seeing stars shortly thereafter in mind-numbing orgasms.

A few minutes later as they lay next to one another after having caught their breath, their eyes met again.

Penny whispered, "I love you husband."

Sheldon whispered back, "I love you too wife."

And they both drifted off to sleep.