Title: Harry Potter: The Avenger
When: After the final battle, but before the epilogue of book 7.
Rated: T (PG-15), Sexual Situations but nothing explicit
Summary: Harry becomes disillusioned with his world after defeating Voldemort and decides to go traveling, ending up in another dimension that's similar but not quite the same as his original one. He makes friends with the Avengers.
A/N: This is something I felt like doing just to write a story with a different flavor. It's not really deep, just fun. It's my take on what might happen if Harry landed in the end of the Avenger movie and how he'd change more than himself. This should be 7 medium length chapters.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by someone commonly known as JKR. The Avengers are owned by someone commonly known as Marvel. Anything that looks like theirs is. No money is made from this work.

Harry Potter: The Avenger

Chapter 1: The Brave New World

Harry checked his list one last time. Everything was crossed off and he couldn't think of anything he'd truly regret not having later. Deciding to get it over with, he closed his multi-compartment trunk and shrank it down so he could put it in his pocket. He had everything in there that he thought he'd need and then some. Donning his family Invisibility Cloak, he Apparated to the Ministry of Magic.

It was late at night, but he still took care not to draw any attention to himself; a few people were still there, mostly security. As he made his way down to level ten, he considered once again what was driving this extreme, and most would say insane, action.

After the war, it wasn't but a single month before the "old" families started pushing for power and running things again, despite the efforts of Kingsley Shacklebolt. There was really just too much corruption and enough of the Death Eaters had survived and managed to stay respectable - again, despite Shacklebolt's best efforts. Even Harry's popularity and speaking out about the need for justice had not made any significant difference. He was thoroughly disillusioned with the Wizarding world.

Still, that wasn't quite enough to drive him away. His friends hadn't made it easy on him.

Sure, he was happy for Ron and Hermione getting together and professing their undying love for each other a year ago, right after the final battle. They had even been married recently. Personally, he thought they were blinded by emotions - or more probably hormones - and his advice to them to not do it had been soundly ignored and even soured their friendship. The three were still friends, but not like they used to be.

Then there was Ginny. She was still a lovely young woman and great kisser, but the war had changed both of them. They had tried to resume their relationship after the final battle, but it hadn't really worked out. Ginny was no longer the mostly carefree girl she used to be and Harry knew he had changed as well, although he had a hard time trying to describe the change … he just knew he was different. He thought more cynical, but he suspected there was more. After six months, they had both decided it was best to only be casual friends.

For the last six months, Harry had tried to make other friends, but his fame got in the way. His life was simply screwed up he had decided.

While he could have simply moved to another country, he really doubted it would help all that much. His name was known over most of the Wizarding world. All he could think that was left was either suicide or leaving this world through some magical way to another world. He supposed those two choices were almost synonymous, but not quite. What he was about to do might be foolhardy, but he had determined to do it anyway. Worst case, he would be with his parents. Best case, he'd have a new life and maybe even find Sirius - or so a small part of him hoped.

Walking into the Death Chamber, he went up to the arch and stood for a moment. On his left hand was the ring with the Resurrection Stone, something he'd gone back to retrieve. In his right hand was the Death Stick. On his shoulders was the Invisibility Cloak. With those three items, the voices from the arch were a little clearer … they were calling to him and he could understand them perfectly - unlike at the end of his fifth year when they were indistinct murmurs.

Most of the voices wanted him to rescue them, but a few wanted him to join them. That first set gave him pause. Was it possible Sirius was stuck in limbo? Using the "Death Stick", he tried, "Accio Sirius Black". Nothing happened, not that he was surprised, but he felt he'd had to try.

Shaking his head and determining to still go through with it all, he gripped the wand and cloak a little tighter. Three steps and he was in the arch and being pulled the rest of the way. He felt stretched and blinded by the dizzying light show, but soon he was dropped to his feet hard, causing them to sting and him to fall on his arse.

Looking around, he decided he wasn't dead - probably. It didn't look anything like the descriptions he'd been told about heaven or hell. He appeared to be in the end of a corridor of dingy white tile and an old dim flickering light. In fact, dingy was the best description for everything he saw.

Getting up, he put away his cloak and started to walk only to hear a thumping and a strange sound. If he didn't know any better, he'd have said it was a train. After a few seconds thought, he did remember that London had underground trains. Could he have been sent to another part of London? He knew this wasn't like the "train station" where he'd had his conversation with Dumbledore last year.

Just so he'd know later, he transformed one of the old white tiles on the wall to have "HP" on it.

Starting his journey, he turned a corner and saw people in the distance. At least they weren't aliens, he thought. A closer inspection revealed that they were dressed much like the place he had just left. Perhaps they were slightly different, but not by much. A teen about his age even walked by and his T-shirt had English on it.

A few minutes later, he came to a stand that sold magazines and newspapers. It didn't take long for him to realize that almost everything proclaimed something about New York. The headline of one newspaper glamorized the new Stark Tower, whatever that was.

At least he knew where he was and he had a clue as to what he'd require for basic needs. He was fortunate that he could use his native tongue here. The only worry was he hadn't gone far enough to get away from his problems because he knew that the American Wizarding world knew who he was.

A few minutes later he found a restroom that he'd been looking for. Taking the largest stall that had a handicap sign on it, he pulled his trunk out of his pocket and enlarged it. Opening the smallest compartment, he rummaged around in it for his money. Just in case he only traveled to another country, Harry had converted some of his money into the major currencies of the world. He didn't think he'd need this, but he had enough money that it was no big deal. Grabbing a wad of US dollars, he put that in his pocket and then put his trunk back so he could resume his quest.

The train station was large and really quite grand with its old style, but he didn't tarry and continued on and soon he was in the daylight. Not sure what to do, he decided to walk around and see the sights, look for anything magical, and try to get a feel for what his options might be. He'd also look for a place to stay. He had enough money to be good for at least a week without any problem, or so he thought, and he had the other money he could easily convert. At the worst, he'd have to find some place that bought gold and then sell his Galleons there, assuming he didn't get into trouble with the magical government.

— — —

Harry had been walking around for maybe an hour and had also had a hotdog and soda from a street vendor when something red and gold went flying by very quickly not too high over the street. Like everyone else, he turned and saw the thing go flying to the top of the building he'd seen on the newspaper: Stark Tower.

Walking to the side and leaning against the wall, he thought about what he'd seen, or thought he'd seen. It was like a man had been literally flying. He would have dismissed the idea immediately, except that he'd seen Voldemort do something like that barely a year ago, and if Harry pulled out one of his brooms, he could fly too.

Perhaps the most interesting thought was that after a brief moment, everyone else seemed to collectively shrug and return to whatever they had been doing, as if that was normal. Also, there was no magical Obliviation Squad running around trying to hide what looked like a blatant use of magic in public.

As he was about to continue on himself, he saw a man thrown out of the top of Stark Tower and another red and gold man-shaped thing go flying after him. A few seconds later the two merged into one red and gold thing, which was now obviously a man in some sort of a suit. He barely managed to avoid crashing onto the street before he was flying back up to the top of the tower.

Continuing to watch, not having anything else better to do, Harry saw what looked like the beginning of a fight, and then a beam of light shoot up off the top of Stark Tower, where a hole in the sky opened up. The red and gold man shot up at the same time "things" came out of the hole and flying down towards the ground.

It wasn't until he heard screaming that he realized that others had seen the sight too, as well as all the "chariot looking things" that came out of the "hole" were being ridden by something and shooting whatever they could hit on the ground, including people.

Frightened at the horde, or really a stampede, of people running and trying to get away, he did the only thing he could do and stepped over and back into a small doorway as people ran past him.

Once the initial rush was past, he stayed where he was and watched, although he did discreetly pull his wand out and keep it hidden behind his leg.

Soon large worm things started to come out of the "hole" in the sky. The man in the red and gold suit flew by again, soon followed a big green guy who was swatting the aliens around. The Viking looking guy with a hammer looked like something right out of mythology.

If that wasn't bizarre enough, his attention was soon grabbed by three people who came running down the street and started fighting not too far from him. The guy in the suit of red, white, and blue with a shield was really handing out the damage with a metal shield of all things, while also trying to help normal people who were stuck in cars get to safety. Giving him backup was some guy with a bow and a quiver of arrows on his back, but at least he was using guns for the moment. The last couldn't be missed: a woman who looked about five years older than he was in black leather with red-auburn hair - someone Harry thought was really good looking. She was taking down the aliens with a pistol in each hand and it didn't look like she ever missed, shooting each alien on the head.

Harry sighed. Knowing his history, he was about to get involved, so he cast a spell on his face to hide from cameras.

The guy with the shield moved over to try to help some people stuck on a bus. That broke the defense of the three just enough that a surge from the aliens put the woman in peril, one she didn't see behind her. As she was about to be speared in the back by an alien and shot by another, Harry whipped his wand up and summoned her. She went flying and the alien with a gun ended up shooting the alien with the spear.

Harry slowed her down and caught her as she turned around and put a gun in his face. "Hey, don't shoot. I just saved you from getting killed."

She turned the top half of her body and looked back as she raised her other pistol. Two shots removed the ones who had been trying to kill her. "My thanks. Who are you?" she asked as she emptied her pistols into another small group of aliens, dropping the small group before she paused to reload.

"Harry, Harry Potter. Who are you and what the bloody hell is going on?"

"I'm Natasha Romanova. Can't you tell we're being invaded?" She started firing again while standing in front of him like a shield.

"Err, I'm not from around here, so I didn't know if this was normal or not," he managed to get out.

"Definitely not normal," she answered. "How did you bring me over here?"

How did he answer that? Well, if the portal had really taken him to a different world, because he was sure he'd have heard of people like these if they had been in his world, then he supposed the Secrecy of Magic didn't apply. In fact, it seemed probable that he was the only wizard here - unless Sirius was here somewhere.

"I have some special powers of my own. Would you like help?" he offered. "I might could even get rid of the flying worms, maybe."

"You would be safer if you took shelter," she advised him as she paused to reload yet again. However, she'd been in this position long enough that the aliens were starting to come to them.

While she reloaded, Harry stepped to the side and started sending blasting curses at the aliens to knock them back. The ones hit in the head didn't get back up; the ones hit in the body got up very slowly - obviously very injured - and didn't seem as keen for battle.

Natasha looked at him for a brief second in admiration. "Thanks. You could be useful. Can you help us get those people off the bus and to shelter?"

"Where?" he asked.

"If we can get them to the next door to your left, they can take shelter in there."

"What about him?" Harry asked, pointing to the guy with the shield. "He seems to have some sort of plan, although the aliens are keeping him busy."

"That's Captain America, but you can call him Steve. He'll adapt to our plan," she told him confidently. "I'll clear a path and you run over there and lead them to this side of the street and into the door. If they don't fight back, I don't think the aliens will give them much thought and the three of us will keep the aliens busy."

Harry considered the bus for a moment. "How about you protect me from right here for a minute and let me the try something. If it doesn't work, we'll do it your way."

"Fine, but make it quick," she told him as she started shooting more aliens.

Concentrating so he'd make the spells bigger, he hoped, he cast a Featherweight Charm on the bus. It wouldn't make its weight like a feather, the bus was too big, but he hoped it was enough to help him. Then, he cast a Levitation charm and with some struggle, it rose a few inches, which was good enough. Finally, he moved his wand to direct it and the bus started to slowly move towards their side of the street and the door Natasha had pointed out.

Steve did move out of the way when he saw the bus move. In fact, he smoothly stepped to the side and bashed an alien with his shield into the bus's path so it was hit twice. The two hits left the alien lying on the ground and not moving. Looking around, he saw Natasha defending a young man who seemed to be the source of the bus moving. Since it was going in a good direction, he didn't try to stop it and instead started to fight his way to them. He saw that Clint was doing the same.

It had taken longer than Harry thought it would, but the bus eventually bumped into the building, the rear touching and the front a few feet out so the door could be opened and people leave. Canceling the charm and letting the bus drop, he almost wilted in relief as that had taken a lot out of him, but it was the safest course for the people on the bus. "I'm going to have to rest for a few minutes," he told her. "I'll help the people off because I can't do much more than that at the moment."

Tiredly, he jogged slowly towards the bus. Fortunately, the guy with the arrows on his back was there as well, now firing with an alien gun he'd picked up. Steve was almost there and Natasha had followed him. The three of them formed a semi-circle around the front of the bus and prevented all the aliens from coming closer.

Harry pounded on the bus door. "Hey, open up so you can get out of there. You have to leave. It'll be a lot safer in the building." Slowly, the door opened, but the bus driver looked really scared. Harry stepped into the bus and shouted. "Listen up. It'll be a lot safer in the building, so hurry off."

To start it, he saw an older woman in the front seat and took her hand. She smiled at him and rose. Harry helped her down the steps and that was all it took for the others to follow too, starting with the driver. Harry held the door to a bank open and encouraged them all.

As the last person from the bus made it in and Harry stepped out from behind the bus, a guy a little bigger than Hagrid that was very muscular and very green dropped beside him. With a grunt, he picked up the front of the bus and moved it over a few feet so the door to the building was completely protected. He looked at Harry intently for a second before leaping away.

"What the bloody hell was that?!" Harry looked to Natasha and it wasn't until then that he realized there was a lull in the fighting and the others were looking at him.

"That was the Hulk; he's on our side, don't try to hurt him or he'll hurt you," she explained. Gesturing towards the group one a time, she told him. "I mentioned Captain America, or Steve. This is Clint Barton, otherwise known as Hawkeye. The guy in the red and gold suit flying around is known as Ironman, or Tony Stark. The Viking with the hammer is Thor. That's our team; we're the Avengers.

"Everyone," she addressed the other two Avengers, "this is Harry Potter and he's volunteered to help us."

"So kid," Steve asked with a hint of demand, "how did you move that bus across the street?"

"Magic," Harry said with a shrug.

"Magic?" Steve looked like he didn't believe him.

"I believe him," Clint said, "especially after what Loki did to me."

"Point," Steve conceded. "We need a plan," he said just as one of the worms flew by slowly and bringing more aliens to them.

"If you three can do without me for a bit, I'll try to get rid of the worms," Harry told them as he pulled his trunk out of his pocket. Hastily, because aliens were starting to drop from the flying chariots, he pulled out one of his Firebolts and returned the trunk to his pocket.

Steve blocked a bolt of energy fired at them with his shield and asked, "Did you really just enlarge and then shrink a steamer trunk? And what's with the old wooden broom?"

Harry smirked at him. "That's a lot more than a steamer trunk, but basically, yeah." He ignored the question about the broom and turned to Natasha who was looking amused at the conversation as she took out an alien who was trying to flank them. "Do you have a way to tell the others flying around that I'm on your side?"

"I can tell Tony. Smite a few aliens in Thor's presence and you won't have any problem with him," she told him, amused with herself for no reason Harry could comprehend.

"Right. Oh, if this New York is like I think it is," like where I came from Harry thought but didn't want to say," there's an ocean near here. Which way and how far?"

Natasha looked at him for a brief moment at the strange question but pointed and said, "A couple of miles that way and you'd be in the water."

"Thanks, I'll be back as soon as I can," he told her as he mounted the broom and then took off quickly.

"Too many strange things in one day," Clint muttered, summing up all their feelings on the matter.

Harry had no trouble catching up to the worm that had flown past him recently. Now that he was in the air, he had a few new worries, namely from the flying chariots and their gunners. He took a couple out before he landed on the back of the worm.

He was about to blast one more chariot when it received a blast from a different direction and the guy in the red and gold flying suit landed next to him.

"You're Potter?" he asked, his voice human and yet mechanical at the same time.

"Right in one," Harry said with a smirk as he looked at the work beneath him, determining that metal armor or exoskeleton or whatever it was attached to the worm would do just fine.

"What are you going to?"

"I'm going to see if it can swim or if it drowns," Harry answered. "If it can swim in the ocean, at least I've bought us some time."

"Really?" The man sounded both surprised and amused. "This I gotta see." He suddenly held up both hands and blasted an alien who was trying to run into them at high speed.

"I'm going to charge the metal armor here, and since your suit is metal, you probably want to move unless you want to find yourself at the bottom of the ocean five miles from here in a moment," Harry explained.

"We wouldn't want that," Ironman mused. "I'll protect your back and if you can do this, I know of at least two others we can do this to." He jumped and flew along about ten feet over Harry's head and blasted any aliens that came near.

Harry thought about the coordinates he wanted and cast "Portus", glad he'd learned the spell in the last year. When the blue glow faded, he hopped on his broom and floated then quickly cast the activation part of the spell.

The worm was suddenly gone in a large pop. The air around them rushing into the empty space the worm had been in sent him tumbling. With effort, Harry righted himself and looked around.

Tony had already recovered and was flying over. "You need to be a little more careful with the negative pressure and backdraft, kid, but good job however you did that. Want to try again?"

"Sure, lead on," Harry said with a maniacal grin.

Ironman sped away and Harry lowered himself on the broom and followed the man in the suit higher in the air above the buildings. It was easier to avoid hitting buildings up here when he had to avoid being blasted himself, but Harry thought the flying was more fun when he was going after the aliens.

Tony suddenly dove and Harry followed, seeing the worm they were heading towards. Just before they arrived, Hulk and Thor landed on the worm's back. Tony changed directions and went down another street. Harry followed, assuming he was letting those two Avengers handle that worm and heading to another - he was correct.

This worm was trying to thread through various buildings, making it more challenging, but the two kept up. Harry finally landed on it while Tony flew overhead and kept the aliens away as best he could. At the end, he activated the Portkey on the worm's armor as he did his best to rocket straight up. He avoided the tumble this time and Ironman had too.

"Great work, kid. We've got a lot more of these flying chariots though," Tony told him as he avoided a shot and sent a repulsor blast back.

"Maybe, let me check in with Natasha and the rest. I see them and I'll take out a few more chariots on the way down." Harry leaned down and flew away quickly.

Tony caught up a few seconds later. "She says they do need a little help."

Sure enough, the three were surrounded and fighting hard. Harry flew by and took out four in a strafing run before turning around and coming back. Tony had done the same, except that he stopped at the far side, having better maneuverability. Harry went by again, taking out the three around Natasha and Clint, giving them more breathing room. Landing, he took out one more alien before walking over, the area free of fighting for the moment.

"Thanks for the help," Steve said, breathing hard. "We've still got to shut down that generator and close that portal. Ideas?"

When no one said anything for a few seconds, Harry volunteered, "How about we fly up there and blast it?"

"It has its own shield," Tony told him. "I found that out the hard way."

"Can you survive in space?" Harry asked.

"Yes, and?" Tony asked, wondering where this was going, as did everyone else.

"If you can't get to the machine, take what the machine's sitting on and get it out of here, straight up, until it's above the earth," Harry pointed to it. "All of those aliens look like they need air to breath. I had this problem in a house where we couldn't remove a picture from the wall, so we removed the picture by removing the wall."

"I like the idea," Tony said, "but it's going to be hard to hold onto it while cutting the roof free."

"I'll go with you and cut the roof or whatever it's on," Harry said.

"Take me to the top of the next building and I'll give you cover," Clint told them as he pulled the bow off of his back. "Also, be on the lookout for Loki; he's around here somewhere."

"Natasha and I will continue down here," Steve said and Natasha agreed.

Tony grabbed Clint and took him up while Harry flew to the top of Stark Tower on his broom, taking out a couple of chariots on the way.

Arriving, he saw Thor and who he presumed was Loki fighting. He landed near the portal generator and looked it over. An older guy came out from behind cover and Harry stunned him. Deciding to test what was going on, he cast a Blasting Hex. It hit the shield Tony had talked about, but the shield looked and felt familiar to him.

"I'd say a radius of about nine feet, or three meters, if you prefer that," Tony said when he landed.

"Now that I see what's here, there may be a better way," Harry said as he did some revealing spells on the generator shield. "Watch my back for minute. Blast that guy Thor is fighting if you have time."

Harry heard Tony doing things, but he did his best to ignore it and work on the shield. It felt like a magical ward, which was very strange considering this was technology. Trying a couple of things Bill Weasley had taught him, he was surprised to see the shield waver. "I think I almost have it," he called out as he tried again, this time with more power. To his amazement, the shield brightened and then disappeared. "Got it! Now how do you shut it down?"

"Step back," Tony told him before he blasted the antennae dish on top and then the top half above the small middle.

Harry barely raised a shield in time, but he saw the main beam that kept the portal open shut off and the hole started closing. It didn't take long before it closed completely and the sky looked normal. The little blue-white cube that had been in the middle turned itself off and fell to the roof.

The two walked to the edge of the building and looked down. There were still a few aliens flying around, but not many. "I guess we've still got a little cleanup, kid. Up for it?"

"Sure," Harry told, happy that he'd been able to help, yet getting very tired from all the magic he'd expended in a short time.

"Wait a minute, I think I found the boss on the radio." Tony went silent for a minute and looked like he was having a conversation with himself based on his head movements. He turned to Harry after a moment and sounded like he was amused. "I'm not sure if the Director is more happy or upset with what you just did. Apparently, someone ordered a nuclear bomb dropped here to stop the invasion so the director just shot down one of two very expensive jets that was coming for us, something that now wasn't needed. On the other hand, with the portal closed, the other jet has been recalled and we're all safe. You helped us dodge a very big bullet, kid. That also means the Director wants to meet and talk to you too."

Harry looked at him and blinked. He supposed he shouldn't be surprised that someone wanted to talk to him for what he'd done this afternoon, but he couldn't help but be a little worried about it. Apparently, he telegraphed his emotions.

"Don't worry, kid," Tony told him. "Director Fury's tough and he looks mean and he's got a lot of people under his command, oh, and he's got this big helicarrier that you just gotta see to believe. But like I said, don't worry, we've got your back like you had ours." Tony lightly patted him on the back, which almost knocked him off the building. "Anyway, let's go take out the last few aliens then get the rest of our teammates up here. I think all of us would like to tell Loki a few words about what we think about his actions."

A groan came from behind them and the two twirled, one with repulsors glowing and the other with a wand that glowed at the tip.

"My head," the older man said before he looked up. "You destroyed it. That shouldn't have been possible but I'm glad you did."

"Dr Selvig, are you normal again?"

Harry looked at Tony and thought that had to be the stupidest question he'd heard all day.

"Yeah. Whatever Loki did to control me is gone now."

Tony relaxed and Harry lowered his wand as well, but still wasn't completely sure what was going on.

"It was Harry, right?" Tony didn't stop to listen for an answer. "Let's go mop up the last of the aliens, Harry."

Harry followed after Tony. Soon they found a rhythm of Harry getting their attention and Tony blasting them from behind. It didn't take long to finish off the remaining flying chariots. Their aerial tour also showed them very few aliens on the ground; those were soon defeated as well, mostly thanks to the Hulk.

Dropping down to the street, Tony grabbed Steve while Harry moved forward on his broom and let Natasha climb on behind him like they were on a motorcycle. The four flew up to the top of Stark Tower, with Tony also picking up Clint on the way. The Hulk followed on his own.

Inside what used to be Tony's living area, they found Thor standing guard over Loki, who looked much worse for the wear. At Thor's feet was Loki's staff.

"Oh look, the Avengers," Loki said mockingly.

"I said, keep quiet, brother, or you will feel my hammer again," Thor said threateningly as he held up said hammer.

Hulk growled at him.

"Or I could give you to Hulk to play with," Thor told him. "I don't think he could kill you, but we could find out."

Hulk growled enthusiastically as if he wanted to test that theory.

"Allow me to help, Silenco!" Harry said as he did the proper spiral and jab wand motions.

Thor took a step back. "A Vitki! I didn't know there were any left."

"A what?" Steve asked.

"A Vitki, a user of Seid like father Odin, a wizard," Thor explained.

Harry looked around not sure what to do. He thought Loki's wide-eyed expression and perhaps even a small hint of fear was amusing. After several silent seconds, he finally said, "Err, yeah, I'm called a wizard where I come from; girls are called witches. We all do magic though."

"Magic? That's really what you call that stuff you do?" Tony asked.

"Yeah," Harry said a little shyly, not sure if he liked everyone looking at him like this. He was used to being looked at "at home", but this felt different. He wasn't sure if it was hero-worship or more like a lab rat.

Natasha suddenly put her hand to her ear. "Our ride is almost here. We're supposed to bring Loki back with us … and the Tesseract."

"I forgot about that and Dr Selvig. Be right back," Tony said and flew out a missing window.

"May I?" Harry said as he reached for Loki's scepter, or really a strange sword he thought. No one said anything so he picked it up. It wasn't like Gryffindor's sword, but he could feel the magic in it. He stepped back and twirled it like a sword for a few swings. "Nice, different from a real sword, but still nice. Who does it belong to?"

"My brother," Thor said with a frown at the disgraced person. "Perhaps you could hold it for now? It was taken when we had it last time. As a Vitki it should not be able to do anything to you."

"Sure," Harry said as Tony flew back in with a small glowing box in his hand and holding onto Dr Selvig.

"Go out that way to the platform," Tony directed. "Our ride is here."

When Thor yanked Loki to his feet, Harry shot ropes at the prisoner and tied him up completely from his shoulders down to his waist so he couldn't move his arms at all. "Good idea, thank you," Thor told the wizard as he grabbed the top handful of ropes and pulled Loki along.

Most surprising, Hulk suddenly shrank and in his place stood a mild-mannered looking man wearing only pants, which threatened to fall down if not held up.

Harry wanted to laugh but knew that wouldn't have been polite. Instead, he shrank the pants with a spell and then conjured a shirt and some sandals. "They'll last long enough for you to find some real clothes," Harry told him.

"Thanks, Harry. I'm Bruce Banner." The man shook hands with Harry before he picked up the clothes and walked after the others to their ride, dressing along the way.

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