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This is the first time in a long while I have written anything much less a Lucius/Harry story. My skills are still rusty but I'm hoping to refine them by writing more. Please enjoy the first chapter. Also yes Lily and James did die a year early in my story.

A late summer fae

Chapter 1: The Fae's mate

Harry wasn't a half-blood in the sense of muggleborn and pureblood. No his mother was a half-blood as a result of being the daughter of a Noble Fae and her muggle mother in a night of passion, before the noble passed away. He was killed by wizards who thought any magical being that's not a wizard was dangerous .He didn't get the chance to fully bond with Mrs. Evans, leaving her to not know the pain of having her mate killed. The night had caused her mother to become pregnant, which was a shock as Mrs. Evans could not have any children after Petunia. She decided to treat it like a gift rather than a mistake. After all her husband seemed so thrilled at the prospect of another girl. Even if she turned out as a fae. Passing the gene to her only child.

Harry, like Lily had a Mate and she had to find Harry's to keep him safe.

August 5th, 1980

Lily Potter had snuck out of her newly protected house, carrying her baby boy. She knew the wards would fail, that her Harry would grow up without her and James, and that her horrible relatives would get their filthy hands on him, but she had a plan. Harry Potter, her beautiful son, was a child of Fae. Being part Fae meant they had a destined mate, and she would go to the goblins to find out who. Lily may have been a seer, but she couldn't see everything. But she could see that if the mate knows, they will protect him, and keep him safe from the darkness that is growing on him. She needed her boy safe. Her boy will know love before it's too late.

After sneaking out, with James' invisibility cloak, she found herself at Gringotts. She had requested to be taken to a ritual room where she would inform the goblins of what she wanted. The goblins liked Lily for she wasn't prejudice to them, and quite frequently gave them old scrolls on wards that were written in Old Gobbledegook. Now here she was on the sidelines in a ritual room, watching the goblins use soul magic. The goblins, Grimbledob, Garkowk, and Girblkin, were some of the most trusted in this type of magic. Though many people forget that goblins can even do soul magic, thinking them too cruel to understand the soul.

The ritual itself is short, with chanting and a bit of blood was all that was needed. However getting the results usually take an hour because magic crosses off every possibility until it finds the soul mate. When the mate is found the name will show up on an ancient scroll that was purified by unicorn tears. The cost alone for the parchment and tears is why most people do not have the ritual. That and the fact it's not common knowledge. However the Potters are rich and she needed this.

Lily had started to go off in thought about who it may possibly be. Were they born yet? Were they around Harry's age? Were they older? How about if they were male or female? Possibilities were going off in Lily's mind. She spent the whole time pondering on who it was, and yet she could not believe who the goblins called out.

"Lucius Malfoy, Age 26. Pureblood with hints of Veela. Enough to feel the pull of a mate and have the ethereal beauty of a Veela. Most are pretentious, vain creatures-"

"Girblkin! Please without the input."

"I am sorry. He is widowed as his wife died in child birth leaving a son. Lucius will be the dominant. The soonest they can meet is August 25th, 1991."

"Thank you. All of you. Let your battles be won and your gold flow increase. Please let's take this to a private office so we may call Lucius." Lily had picked her son up, who was in the middle of the runes needed for the ritual. She led the party to an office that she knew was used for private matters.

"Garkowk please send word to Lucius and tell him a few things will be changing with his finances. It isn't lie as it will."

Lily knew that fairies and goblins got along well because some faes can find precious metals and gems for the goblins. In return they teach them different kinds of magic, to add to their earth magic. The goblins would even willingly give them jewelry and tools that were goblin made as thanks for giving them the ability to keep making them with the metals. Faes would also help with crops and the goblins would give protection to them as they were too valuable an ally. With more types of fairies to control the elements they could help the goblins more and the goblins could keep invaders off the fairies land by tricking them with fairy portals. It was a clever thought to make everyone believe that fairies could be found in a fairy circle as they actually obliviated whoever enters and anyone near with the same idea.

The faes aren't greedy like the goblins and are much more caring than them. It was shocking to the goblins that they were put on the dark creatures list as they were beautiful, loving, at times mischievous, but ultimately respectable. Faes care so much for their young they developed powers just to help them. Some like Lily, were seers, others could see magic, tell lies, and tell who was loyal and who was not. Of course there were fairies who had more than one of these powers.

All Lily could think about was what Lucius' reaction would be to being soul mates to an infant who would be in the middle of the war. Hopefully with Lucius it doesn't have to be like that. She smiled at the thought, if Lucius was okay with this than there was hope. From her thoughts, Lily drew back to reality noticing she was still standing and Harry was starting to awaken. She sat down awaiting Lucius.

With a flare of green, Lucius came through looking worried. His worried features doubled when he saw Lily and her babe. He looked at the three goblins who ironically were in charge of the Malfoy's accounts as well as the Potter's. When Lily smiled and giving a slight wave, a frown appeared. Where could she possibly come in with the fact something was up with his accounts.

A grim smile came over his face. "Lily what a pleasure it is to see you again. Is this your new babe?" A slight sneer came over his face, replacing the frown. Of course she had something to do with his accounts yet why could he not bring himself to be rude?

"Ah Lucius, I was wondering when you would show up. Now how should I do this? The prophecy that was given is a self-fulfilling one, there isn't a real one. This is Harry he's a fae and has a mate. I'm the bastard daughter of a fae noble because he didn't get the chance to bond fully with my mother. Oh and there's one more thing… Now what was it?" Up until the last sentence Lily had, what Lucius liked to call mini-McGonagall-in-training, expression. Now she had a smirk that rivalled the Slytherins'.

"Harry's mate is you. The Slytherins are all about self-perseverance, cunning, ambition, and what not, am I correct?" The only response was a slight nod. "The Malfoys, if I remember the slight training my grandma taught me, that there motto, 'Familiae ante omnia' means family above all. And your Veela ancestry would be ashamed that you refused your mate."

Lucius stood very quiet. How did Lily Potter ever become a Gryffindor? "May I have proof of him being my mate?"

Of course they had proof or he wouldn't be here. They knew better than to waste his time. Lucius looked at the small babe. He was awake and yawning. When the child looked at Lucius, he felt a warm affection like he did when Draco was born. However the feeling was different. It wasn't the love for him to succeed, take after him, or anything to do with it. No he just wanted the boy to grow up safe, loved, and happy so one day he would be ready to accept his bond with Lucius.

"Listen I've wrote a letter telling you everything and I'm giving you memories to give to the Dark Lord. I need to get back before they find out I'm missing. Be at Diagon Alley on the day of 25th of August, 1991. Harry's life depends on you to meet him on that day. I will put a charm to make sure you remember if you want. Or the goblins will as I seriously need to go."

Lily Potter suddenly changed into one of the fae's form and Harry changed too. Whatever form the mother was in the child would change to it until they had control of their shifting, or when the mother died. The small glow of light, which was Lily and Harry in their smallest form, took off. It was the last time Lucius saw Lily alive.

line break-

The Potters died a few more months later on October 31st. It was said that Voldemort had killed them. But one lived. The baby boy who lived. However if you were a follower of Voldemort you would know that Voldemort did not kill Harry, rather try to protect him. He wasn't a crazy, killing for no reason, Dark Lord. No, he had plans and ambitions. He loved magic anywhere it was present, even squibs. And he was not obsessed with living forever as he was a true-born Vampire. One of the only beings that can survive the killing curse, that and fairies. Also the mates of the two creatures.

Lucius had rushed to the house that's address was written in the letter to find Harry already gone. He knew he wouldn't see him for many years. All he could hope for was that he was safe. But after a few years he knew his mate wasn't safe, cared for or happy, as he could feel through such a small bond the pain the young fae was experiencing. That made him enraged. He could not wait till the day they met and he could help his young mate.