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Ch. 5: The first day free full of explanations

Two boys rushed down to greet Harry. One of them being Draco, Lucius' son who he met briefly, and another who looked a lot like Nina. They both had that same soft brown eyes with gold specks and they're dark brown hair matched their beautiful dark toned skin. But the boy had higher cheek bones than his mother and had more striking features. He would certainly grow up to be as beautiful as his mother.

"Harry, I would like to introduce you to my son, Blaise. Blaise this is Harry Potter-Zabini, your new brother."

Harry had went to shake hands with Blaise but instead received a hug. Hesitantly he hugged back. Blaise pulled away and smiled. Harry was quite shocked at the boy's friendliness. No one had ever been a friend no less accepted him. Tears started spilling from Bright Green eyes. Draco rushed over so he could try to calm him as Blaise looked freaked out. He snapped out of it and tried to calm the younger boy.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Shhh please. I didn't know" Blaise started to ramble when Harry smiled, tears still flowing.

"I'm fine I just never had a brother, much less a friend."

Draco had been filled in on what happened but seeing this boy so happy because he had a friend, angered him. He should have had lots of friends. He was so sweet and knew he would be a good compliment to his father. Draco promised himself that no one would hurt Harry in Hogwarts. If they hurt him his father will hear about it and not be happy. No one would.

"Hey, me and Blaise will be there with you. No matter who you are, what you or who your mate is, okay? At Hogwarts no matter which house you're in we'll still be friends. That's a promise."

"Thanks Draco. But what's a house?" There was confusion on his face. No one had told him anything about a house.

Draco groaned. No one had even told him about Hogwarts! He was going to have to wait till father came back as he was finishing up their shopping. After all he wouldn't be able to bring justice to Hogwarts. But he could tell Harry about houses. Just to ease him till Lucius was home. Dragging Harry to the drawing room he began to tell them about the four houses. Slytherin being the house of the cunning, ambitious, sly and preserved. Gryffindor the daring, courageous, chivalrous, and strong of will. Hufflepuff where they are the ones who are dedicated, kind, fair and patient. Lastly are the Ravenclaws with their intelligence, creativity, knowledge, individuality and acceptance.

"I like all of them. What house do you two expect to be?"

Blaise and Draco looked at each other than simultaneously said, "Slytherin."

The three boys all laughed. Harry had felt truly happy. He could get used to this. Nina and Lucius were really nice, especially since they got Harry out of harm. Draco and Blaise were protective of him and it made him smile. But there was something he was still worried about. The wizards, Dumbledore and Voldemort. He briefly heard about Voldemort from the giant man, Hagrid. But there was something fishy about it. And Dumbledore the man, he had put him with the Dursley's. The people who made his life horrible. And he was positive Dumbledore knew. Voldemort though… What did he have to do with it?

"Hey guys? Who's Voldemort?"

It was at that question did Lucius arrive with Snape. They both looked at each other. Blaise and Draco stiffened and looked back at the two males. Nina almost dropped a platter of sandwiches that she made for the boys. The same questions passed in their mind, 'how did he hear about him?', 'how are we going to explain that?', and 'I'm going to kill Dumbledore. But how?'

"We'll talk about that after you ate. Now let me introduce my friend and your potions master, Severus Snape. He has nutrition potions and health potions for you. You will take them after your meal." Lucius said calmly keeping a kind looking face, after all it wouldn't doo to look like you're going to rip off someone's head.

Harry nodded in agreement and began to eat. He ate a bit too fast and after Nina's first scolding he began to eat slower. When he was full he hesitantly waited for the potions Severus brought. He grimaced when taking a sip of it but he drank the two potions. Neither were good. But the sooner they were done the sooner information would come to him. With the finishing of meal and potions they all went to a study. Even Draco and Blaise were allowed to come.

"First Harry, we want know how you know that name." Lucius spoke with a hint of tiredness in his eyes. It would be a long explanation for a long day.

"Hagrid, the one who took me to Diagon Alley, mentioned how my parents died. Said they were murdered by a Dark Wizard, Voldemort. Yet it didn't sound right. Like there was something he wasn't telling me."

Nina looked at Harry carefully. It was known that some faes were able to see if there was something amiss in someone's words. This boy would grow up to be a powerful fae.

"Well then I guess we can explain this with ease. I'm sure Severus will start the story off." It was wise to let Severus start than himself, Lucius, could explain.

"I had been visiting Lily before she had been in protection. We had been friends since we were young. She had told me about being a fae, and a seer. I knew of her mate being James. Even though I did not like him I tolerated him, all for Lily. Now when I visited she told me of a prophecy she had.

Born to the beings of light,

Destined to have a mate of the dark,

He will help set all balances right.

With help of those who are truly kind,

Deception will not help this black flame.

The false light will try rectify this,

Using a prophecy of one born as the seventh month dies…

Take heed of the one who considers himself a phoenix.

I had reported this to my lord. Voldemort. After the meeting I went to see the Headmaster. While waiting I overheard another prophecy of you with the line 'born as the seventh moth dies' I knew it was false.

You see Harry Voldemort is a vampire. I am his childe. He turned me as my family was like yours. Luckily you got out. I am happy someone got out before it was too late. I was almost dead when I had first met with Voldemort. It was right after Hogwarts. My father was nasty. Voldemort took me under his wings. One thing about vampires is we can always know the truth and we're skilled at the magic of the mind. Meaning Occulemency.

With the help of the magic I received I got the rough plan. Put Lily and James in hiding. Get Voldemort to kill them. Problem solved. But several things went wrong. Voldemort knew it was a trap.

First let me clarify why it wouldn't work. Vampires or faes could not be killed by a killing curse. Their magic is too great and pure. There are other means but it's too hard to kill them. In fact it's too hard to even create a vampire. But Voldemort did. Now if Dumbledore knew what Lily, Voldemort or I were, he would have changed tactics.

The night they died Voldemort went to the house to put an extra safety measure but Dumbledore showed up. Voldemort rushed upstairs. At this point Dumbledore found out about the prophecy same way he knew Lily was a fae. He got the information off of James' friend Pettigrew. Lily did a ritual that gave her life for yours. Which is how you survived a dark curse. One of the only ones to kill a fae. As for Voldemort he had to retreat as his magic was weak from casting protective charms."

Severus Snape had finished his view of what happened with a quiet voice. Talking about his best friend always brought sadness upon him. It was too much for Harry and he said so. They could rest the topic next day to finish up some shopping. It would be the three adults and the three kids. So Nina sent the kids up to their bedrooms. Harry had enjoyed the space very much and fell asleep quickly with a dream of flying.

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