The wind blew over you as you walked along the sidewalk. her (h/c) hair slightly ruffled in the cold breeze, making you walk a bit faster.

You were so excited! You were on your way to the house shared by your two friends, Feliciano and Romano or Feli and Lovi as you liked to call them. You three had planned an afternoon of movies and videogames before you had to get back to the prison called school.

Finally reaching their house, you knocked on the door. Of course, it was Feli who answered.

"Ciao, bella~ I'm so-a glad you're-a here! Now we can-a play video games!" he cheered, ushering you inside.

"Where's Romano?" you asked, looking around the room.

" He's cooking-a pizza! I wanted pasta, but he-a wouldn't let-a me make it!" Feli cried, looking down.

As the pizza finished and you all ate, you talked lightly about school, such as why people were being jerks or why they were spreading rumors.

After you ate, you set up a Wii. You were going to play Mario Kart.

Feli handed you a (f/c) controllor, Romano a black controller, and got a white one for himself. You all sat together and began the match.


You and Feli were laughing so hard, you couldn't breathe. You had gone through so many rounds with you guys coming in first, second, or third place, and Romano coming in last. They were laughing because Romano decided to go off onto a rant about why he was losing.

"I bet its the remote! These-a stupid, little remotes, don't want-a me to win! Somebody could have-a put a device in there or messed with the wiring!" he ranted, pacing back and forth.

Then he turned to Feliciano "You did something to it didn't you? What did you do to my-a remote!?" he asked, giving a death glare to his younger brother.

"I-a didn't do anything, big brother, I swear!" Feliciano replied, cowering behind the couch. You ended up giving Romano a hug until he calmed down.

That weekend was fun for everyone, but alas, you all had to get back to the prison called high school. At least, until next weekend.