A/N: I reccomend that you listen to the song "Heaven Got Another Angel" while reading this...

As you opened your eyes, your heart ached. Today was the worst day of your life and each time the memories only hurt worse.

As you walked into your kitchen, the clouds in the sky making the room dark, you passed a picture of you and Alfred that was taken a few years ago. You were both smiling, your arms wrapped around each other, looking like you would never let go of each other.

Tears fell from your eyes as you remembered the time you two were in this very room, dancing around with each other, and the time that you had the small party...the time he asked you to marry him... You remembered the day that Alfred left, it was so clear, like it had just happened yesterday.


"Alfred, you can't always be a hero!" you yelled when he told you that he signed up to go to Afghanistan.

"I can try! I can protect people!" he argued and tears welled up in your eyes.

"What about you?! What if I lose you, Alfred?" you asked, crying as he wrapped his arms around you.

"Don't worry, (Y/N)...I promise..I'll come home to my princess.." he whispered, gently kissing you.

-End Flashback-

You sank against the wall onto the floor. You felt horrible, you couldn't feel anything but sadness today.

" You broke your promise!" you screamed, wishing to hear Alfred's loud voice again, but all you were met with was silence.

As you saw the yellow crumpled paper on the desk, you remembered when you found out that Alfred was never coming back to you.


The doorbell rang and you ran to the door, excited to see Alfred after a long time. You faltered as you opened the door and saw a man in a uniform, but it wasn't Alfred.

"(Y/N) Jones?" the man asked, and you nodded, hoping it wasn't what you thought it was. The man handed you a yellow letter and tears welled up in your eyes.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am...your husband died a hero.." he said sadly, walking back to his car.

-End Flashback-

You clutched the picture of you and Alfred as you walked outside and looked up at the sky, which was now pouring rain. The sun never shined on this day, nothing was as good as when he was here.

Closing your eyes, you whispered something to Alfred.

"I love you my hero. I will always remember the times we had together.."

'I will remember the day...Heaven got another angel...'

~RIP to all of the soldiers..who will never come home.~