After Logan had fished talking to Scott and his Mom he started thinking maybe he should go home for spring break as well. A part of his mind said "woe there Logan you haven't been home since you've been bitten and now you want to be there even more without knowing if they accept you as werewolf if you tell them."

Logan ended up walking over to the vet's office and as he walked in he heard him on the phone with someone he mentioned something about there being two werewolves in his care and one was bitten. He wrote on a slip of paper "I'm talking to another emissary I won't give him any names."

Logan then wrote back to him "who is it?"

He wrote back "can't tell you, it's against the emissary's code."

Logan nodded as I kind of understood it was to protect both of us from hunters and stuff like that. Once he got off the phone he said to me "Logan is something wrong?"

Logan replied "I don't know it's weird I keep thinking of going back to Beacon Hills more and more it's as if something is saying I belong there, and I just don't really get it?"

Dr. Mathews then said "Were you and your brother close before you left?"

Logan replied "yeah we were I thought him how to climb trees, and play catch and taught him a little bit about Lacrosse but I never thought he would be able to do sports like I could."

Dr .Mathews then said "what do you mean by that?"

Logan replied "Scott always had really bad asthma he used to go through a rescue inhaler in a month. Even without playing sports, Mom used to worry that he would have to go off to college with a nebulizer and now I feel like I almost don't know him now he made first line in his sophomore year and then got made co – captain."

Dr. Mathews then said "that sounds a lot like you before you were bitten you could barley walk without being in pain from your ankle. He may well be a werewolf, but remember he's still the same brother you love and care for and I bet if he's anything like you he'll be just the same."

Logan then said "Yeah probably, Thanks for letting me talk to you like this."

Dr. Mathews then said "that's what I'm here for at least in my capacity of an emissary."

Logan then asked "so who do you think is my brothers if he has one?"

Dr. Mathews replied "I afraid that's something I can't tell you it's your brother's business to tell you if he is a werewolf that is."

Logan then said "so your saying he is one without saying he is one."

He replied "I will neither say he is, or isn't one, you need to find out for yourself, but exercise caution."

Logan then asked "My Mom seemed kind of suspicious when I said I was being drawn back as did Scott is there anything I should worry about?"

He replied "I'm not really sure but sometimes when Brothers are bitten they can be drawn closer to each other, of course there can sometimes be other factors at play as well. Beacon Hills used to be a Beacon for the supernatural and back before the Hale house fire the matriarch of the Hale family used to be sought out by other werewolves for her advice."

As he said that Logan remembered being at Kyle's house a few times when someone would come over for advice or just to talk to his Mom, As he thought about it he looked at the scar he still had on his hand from the day they decided to be blood brothers it was few months before Logan got leukemia. Kyle at one point had worried that he had somehow caused it but his mother reassured him that he hadn't. Logan remembered how he decided to shave his head so I wouldn't be the only one at school to stand out when he lost his hair. As good as a friend that Jeff had become Logan still missed Kyle and he just couldn't bring himself to tell him or his Dad about him and his family yet. Something told me to keep it secret for a little while longer from them. Dr. Mathews looked at me and said "you seem kind of silent now."

Logan replied to him "I'm just thinking about some stuff you said just curious do you know who the Hales had for an emissary and if there still around?"

He replied "I do but it's not information I can share."

Logan nodded as I said "thanks again now I just need to figure out what to pack and how long I want to stay at home for."

He then said "well since you don't have class on Mondays you could always return then."

Logan replied "that's what I was thinking I figured I'd leave on the Wednesday after class and probably do some stuff before my brother gets home. Like for example I need a haircut and I'm not sure what beer my Mom stocks or if she keeps any. I know she did go through a no alcohol in the house phase for a bit after she kicked our dad out. He used to be an alcoholic."

He then said "you don't talk about him much."

Logan replied "there's not much to say about him, he was my Mom's high school sweetheart and I was born well they were still in high School. I just was never close with him and when he was an adult work always came first for him he was never interested in what me and Scott were up to, he never saw me play Lacrosse or went to one of Scott's scorer games not that he played much but still he wasn't there. He used to drink sometimes and he would do things he regretted later, the night our Mom kicked him out he came home drunk and I was doing my homework and Scott was sleeping, he came into his room and said he wanted to take him for a walk. My Mom and him had a fight and they were pulling Scott and he fell down the stairs. Mom made me sit beside him in the car and keep him awake well we went to the hospital. When we got back dad was gone and left a note saying he was staying at a motel and would be in touch. A few months later they got divorced and other then the few times we would spend time at dads well mom was working he never saw us. Then he got a Job in San Francisco with the FBI. Scott told me apparently he's back in town but he won't say why and he's said he doesn't really want to see him or talk to him"

Dr. Mathews then said "Is there more then you're telling me?"

Logan nodded and said "yeah there is he used to touch Scott, before he could get charged he left town and the Sheriff in Beacon Hills whose son is close friends with Scott went and talked to him and said that if he comes back and does anything to Scott he will make sure he's put in jail."

Dr. Mathews then said 'Does anyone else know about this?"

I replied "not really outside of Scott my Mom and the Sheriff it's whoever Scott told and I think it's only his best friend. Our Dad didn't do anything other than touch him he was pretty young when it happed and I don't know if he really remembers much."

Dr. Mathews nodded and said "it's not my place to tell this but if he is back in town I would be caucus with him too."

I replied "yeah I will I'm not going to go looking for him to cause trouble. One he's and FBI agent and two he got me my permit to carry nun chucks. "

Dr. Mathews replied "I wondered how you got that. Normally permits are only given for use in a dojo for those."

Logan said "yeah I sometimes wonder why I bothered getting him to get me one but there fun to mess around with and one time in high school someone was bulling a friend of mine and, just me pulling them out was enough for them to stop."

Jeff then said "sounds like me after I had a fight with someone in high school."

Logan then said "how long have you been there?"

Jeff said "long enough, don't worry I won't repeat anything you've said to anyone."

Logan then said "thanks, so what happened when you got in that fight."

Jeff then said "it's not really something I'm proud of but some jerk was making fun of a friend of mine because he was different than the others. We started walking away and then he just started making fun of me I tried to ignore it but then he brought up something about my family, at one point I was suspected of having something to do with it. I was cleared of it because of me having an air tight alibi."

Logan then said "so was that the one you got put in Juvie for?"

Jeff replied "yeah and it sucked being in there for three months but in my third one the guy I beat up was brought in because he beat someone up. He kept his distance from me though. I also had to do a scared straight program and came across another werewolf there too "

Logan looked at him and said "really?"

Jeff replied "yeah he had blue eyes and when I flashed my red ones at him he was amazed at how old I was and then told me to not make the mistakes he did."

Logan then said "so was that why you were so reluctant to fight me?"

Jeff said "partially more so because your actually stronger them me. I've never really worked out until you started making me."

Logan then said "so I take it most werewolves don't work out?"

Jeff said "yeah mainly only bitten ones like you will."

Logan then said "yeah well I guess we don't know not to."

Jeff then said "actually I feel better with myself after I work out with you. I think it's more of a superiority thing born werewolves have especially as they get older we tend to just figure were the stronger species."

Logan growled at him and Jeff said "easy there buddy be careful who you do that with."

Logan then said "I was just joking with you."

Jeff said "I know but just be careful you never know who could be watching or who could be a hunter."

Logan then said "yeah I know any I need to worry about in Beacon Hills."

Jeff replied "the current rumor is the Argents are in town although with Kate and Victoria dead I'm not really sure who's in charge of them as they are matriarchal."

Logan then said "interesting almost like the hale family."

Jeff then said "what do you know about the hale family?"

Logan replied "not much just that they lived on the edge of town. They actually donated a lot of money to the town and things it needed like they gave a lot to the High School when it was being built."

Jeff then said "yeah my family was like that too always donating money to things. I'd like to do that again but I don't really know where I'm going to be in the next few years."

Logan then said "theirs always Beacon Hills."

Jeff said "yeah well it's not exactly easy for me to take up residence somewhere if there's another Alpha in town."

Logan then said "look if my brother is one I'm sure he'll be welcoming of you and will think it's great to get advice from someone like you."

Jeff then said "look just be careful ok there was a pack of Alphas heeded there at one point and I haven't herd what happened to them all ok."

Logan then said "so I need to watch out for them and the Argents ok. Anything else I need to know?"

Jeff said "not that I can think of, but keep your phone on and just be careful where you talk about things."

Dr. Mathew's then said "if you need any help I'll give you a number for a vet in town. He's kind of retired from the werewolf business." He then handed Logan a slip of paper who released it was Dr. Deaton's number but kept it to himself as he said "thanks hopefully I won't have to use it.

Jeff then said "you could always get in touch with whoever is the current Hale Alpha too and see what they know about things in town."

Logan then left to go organize his stuff for when he was going to go back home. Jeff stayed behind to talk to his Dad for a bit.

Once he knew he was out of ear shot he said to Dr. Mathews "I'm not sure but I think Logan knows more about things in Beacon Hills then he lets on."

Dr. Mathews then said "how so?"

Jeff said "I don't know it's just a feeling and when he saw the article about how Kate Argent was responsible for the fire at the Hale house he seemed pretty upset about it, as if he knew someone involved with it."

Dr. Mathews then said "maybe he was friends with someone in their family and just doesn't want to talk about it ok. Don't push him ok if he don't want to talk about personal stuff don't make him ok."

Jeff said "yeah I know it's just I'm worried about him and I think his brother might be a werewolf."

Dr. Mathews then said "have you heard more then I have?"

Jeff then said "no just the same rumors but it's more how Logan acted a couple times I think he felt a howl."

Dr. Mathews then said "how do you know that?"

Jeff said "I was with him when it happened and he looked like he had heard something and asked me if I had heard a wolf howl? Which I hadn't, so I told him that. So I kind of put two and two together anytime Logan was nervous something seemed to happen in Beacon Hills if I looked up the news reports."

Dr. Mathews then said "interesting it could be that Logan's ESP sense that he has might have gained from being a werewolf."

Jeff then said "yeah maybe."

A few days later when Logan was leaving to head home for the weekend Jeff said to him I'll call you ok just make sure you haven't done anything stupid ok and if you do call me ok."

Logan said "yeah I will and I'll be careful about who I tell things to."

Authors note I've decided to abandon the first person narration of this story as it was getting to difficult to keep up plus I can put things in with out Logan there if I want to.