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Chapter one

Clary POV

"SPILLLLL!" Isabelle shouted in a singsong voice, bursting into Clary's room. Emma followed behind, picking her nails with a pocket knife. Clary had grown just to Emma and her fascination with weapons, Clary didn't doubt for a moment that when she finished school she would go into some dangerous-most probably-illegal career.

Clary was sitting on her bed wearing boy shorts that was covered in the superman logo and a tight black singlet, she had her sketch pad poised in her knee. Izzy thumped down on the bed, long legs crossed, right in front of Clary and plucked her sketch pad and dropped it onto the bed.

Izzy was beautiful, beyond beautiful. She had long raven hair that fell to her waist, dead straight. She was tall with legs that went on for miles. She had delicious dark chocolate coloured eyes and impeccable smooth, tan skin. She was slender, but had big curves.

Emma layed down next to Izzy and Clary, sticking her pocket knife into her bra. Propping her head up with her hand. Emma was beautiful as well. Dangerously beautiful. She had long blond her. Really, long blond hair, it fell down to her knees, but it didn't look weird, it suited her really well. She wasn't as tall a Izzy, but definitly wasn't as short as Clary, she came just above Izzy shoulder. She had deep blue eyes, like the ocean at midnight. Emma worked out a lot. She had a flat toned stomach, those cute and sexy back dimples right above her waist. She had muscles legs and nice arms. She had a tan, a shade darker than Izzy. She was dangerous though. She lost her parents when she was long, they were murdered. Ever since then Emma had changed, not necessarily for the worst. Emma had knifes, illegal guns, and even swords. She was quite the weapons woman.

Clary was the complete opposite of them both. She was short, not even coming to Izzy shoulder, just coming to Emma's shoulder. She had fiery red curls that fell to her waist. Not orange. Red. She also had glowing Emerald eyes. Her skin was pale and untouched, unscarred. Not matter what, she couldn't tan, just get sunburnt. She was petite, but sported nice curves. Not where near Izzy's nor Emma's, but nice.

"I said spill." Izzy said in a more serious tone.

Clary sighed, "it was a date. Like any other that I've gone on." She said, letting her head fall back onto her bed head.

"But it was with Sebastian. Like that hottest guy in school. Other than my Simon." Izzy said with a stupid smile.

Emma sat up, "and Jules." Emma added hastily.

Clary laughed.

Izzy had been dating Simon for years now. Simon and Izzy had always been Clary's best friend but they would never admit their feeling for each other. Now that they had, they wouldn't stop devouring each others faces.

Simon was tall, half a head taller than Izzy. He had mousy brown hair that fell into his eyes in a cute way. He did have quite a nice body ever since puberty hit him. He was pretty ripped and broad shouldered. Clary had always thought of him as brother though.

Now Juliana me Emma, that was a whole different story. Clary had been best friend with Emma ever since she could remember. But with Emma came Jules, even when they where babies. They where the bestest of friends, never leaving each other. When Emma's pedants had past away, she had moved in with a blackthorns, but not adopted, she just lived with them. But Clary saw as they grew up, how they fell for each other.

Jules had long brown hair, that mostly covered his green eyes. He was artistic like Clary, but he had an amazing body. As soon as girls started hitting on Jules Clary had sensed Emma jealousy. And finally after an incident where Emma there anted a girl-with a knife-to stay away from Jules, Clary had pushed them together. None the less, they admitted their love was more than best friend love. They where an adorable couple. Emma with her weapons and deadly attitude, and Jules who always had a paint brush in his hand and paint in his hair.

"How did you even get in? I doubted my father would have let you in willingly." Clary said.

A sly smile creeped onto Emma's face, "oh, I may have slipped a little something into his drink when we were arguing with him."

"No." Clary said, looking between the both of them, "Emma. Not a again." Clary said rubbing her head.

Emma laughed evilly, Izzy joining along.

There was a knock at the door, then Jonathan entered. Clary's brother. He was tall unlike Clary, with near white hair, like there father and emerald eyes like Clary. He was tall and slender and muscled like their father as well.

"Um. Dads passed out down stairs. Do you know-" Jonathan cut himself off, seeing Emma's smile, "never mind. But Emma? Stop drugging our dad."

"Oh, I'll try." Emma said, pulling small dagger out of her boot and twirling it in her hand.

Jonathan's eyes widen, "I'll-uh-I'll just-leave now." He said rushing out of Clary's room

"Anyway. But to the date." Izzy said.

Clary sighed, "we went to dinner, at a cute little place and he was sweet and charming. And he dropped him off at home, and he kissed me. A short, chaste, but nice kiss."

Izzy squealed, "ohmygod. So another date?"

"We said we'd chat and organise something." Clary said, letting a smile creep onto her face.

"Oooooo. Clary's got a boyfriend. Clary's got a boyfriend." Izzy and Emma chanted together.

"Shut up." Clary said, blushing.

"Oh, it was only time until a rich and beautiful girl like you got a boyfriend." Izzy said, lying back on her bed.

"You know I hate it when you call me rich." Clary said scowling.

"Well you are. You love in a mansion, your wardrobe is the size of my room, you have a maid-" izzy started.

"Okay. Okay I get it." Clary said.

"Anyway. Me and Emma were thinking we could go on a shopping trip tomorrow." Izzy chimed in.

"Let me guess. Charged in my card?" Clary said, laughing.

"Well duh. I'm starting to wear Alec's clothes, because these keep getting bigger." Izzy said cupping her boobs.

"And. Well. I just need new clothes." Emma said.

"Of course you do. I wonder why. Knife fights?" Clary said, smiling slightly.

"I keep my fighting business out of my friends business." Emma said.

"Oh really. And what about that time, that guy-" clary started.

Emma cut her off, "I try to. I try."

the next morning Clary wrapped her silk rob around herself and wandered into her bathroom. she had her own bathroom and walk in wardrobe. Considering she lived in a 3 story house, with 8 bedrooms, it wasn't hard.

She had a long hot shower and dressed into her favourite pair of ripped jeans and a blue sweater, with her favourite Chuck Taylor's. Clary may be rich, but she dressed like another normal teenager. Except she had 30 pairs of Chuck Taylor's and a full walk in wardrobe full of clothes. She brushed out her curls, tidying them up. She didn't bother with makeup, she rarely did.

She ran down two stories and into the massive kitchen. Lilith stood over the frying pan making pancakes.

"Morning!" Clary said cheerily, snatching a couple pancakes, "I'm going out shopping. Let Father and mom know." She called running out to the garage. Clary climbed into her black TVS2300 Supercharged VelociRaptor 600 and drove over to Izzy's, whetting they would be waiting.

She beeped when she was outside. Sure enough Izzy waltzed out, wearing a tight skinny skirt and black crop top. Emma behind her wearing black skinny jeans and a tight dark blue singlet and blackest her, ankle lace up boots. Izzy jumped in the front, Emma in the back, in the middle.

"I don't get why you drive this around, when you could be driving like a Ferrari or a Convertible or something." Izzy said buckling in.

"Because. This is my baby." Clary said patting the dashboard.

Emma laughed, while Izzy scowled at the car.

Clary drove the the mall, that was right in the center of the town.

Izzy clapped their hands once they where inside the crowded mall, "okay. Listen up. Follow me! Clary pays! Then we go for coffee! Then the hair salon! Then we get out nails done! Also Clary's shout." Izzy said, clearly happy with herself.

"Oh, I wasn't aware I was practically buying you an apartment!" Clary said.

Izzy just laughed and dragged them store, to store. 2 hours in, Emma had 5 bags of clothes, 8 Izzy, and only 3 Clary. They required a trolley some way along to cart around their clothes. Izzy dragged them into Victoria Secret.

"I need new bras!" Izzy announced when she entered the store.

Sure enough a lady approached her and took her away for sizing. Clary hadn't changed, nor had Emma. Emma had really big boobs like Izzy. They flicked through multiple racks. Clary picked out several bras and panties, and a silk nighty. Emma had handfuls of bras and panties when they went to the cash register. Izzy still hadn't appeared.

Clary raised her eyebrows at Emma, "me and Jules hadn't had sex, but we do get a little frisky." Emma said.

Clary cracked up while the lady at the counter eyes flew open. They added their bags to the trolley while they waited for Izzy. She soon returned with multiple items, Clary couldn't even be bothered counting. She paid and they headed to their next shop.

"Last shop! My legs hurt!" Clary announced.

Emma sat on the end of the trolley as Izzy pushed it. They headed into Hollisters'. Clary wandered around for a while before spotting the cutest dress. She grabbed it off the rack and ran for the dressing rooms. It fit perfectly, showing off her petite waist and curves. It was a green color that matched her eyes, strapless, fell just above her mid thigh. The skirt of the dress had a lacey over material with a cute white ribbon and bow around the midsection.

She quickly took off the dress and searched for Izzy and Emma. Sure enough she found Izzy with her arms stacked up with clothes and Emma with multiple items. Finally after dragging Izzy to the counter they dumped their clothes on their. Clary held onto her dress, because the counter was chok-a-block with Izzy's clothes around. She stood their leaning her back against the counter, talking and laughing with Izzy as Emma's bra strap broke from her dagger.

"Uh, are you getting that to?" A males voice sounded from behind Clary.

Clary turned around, putting the dress onto the counter. She froze, with her hands mid air. The guy took the dress from her hands, scanning it and packing it with the rest of the clothes. Clary couldn't move. This guy looked like her had dropped straight from heaven. His golden hair falling into his eyes, in a extremely hot way. His glowing Golden eyes, flecked with amber. She could tell under his tight shirt that he was well muscled and his arms. God, his arms.

He smiled at Clary, a patty dropping white gleaming smile, he had a chipped tooth, but it suited him to perfection.

"Huh?" Clary said, snapping out of her daze as the golden hair boy smirked at her.

"I said," he said amused, even his voice makes me want to rip his clothes off, "that's $400. How where you paying?"

"Izzy! Why do you pick all the expensive things!" Clary growled as she fumbled for her credit card.

"Hey, I'm pretty sure your dad won't even noticed this trip! Remember last time how you spent-" izzy started.

"Don't remind me!" Clary growled, finally finding her card and handing it to the golden boy. Their fingers brushed as she handed it over, sending sparks of heat through her body. She looked up and saw he must have felt it to, his eyes widened a fraction, before he carried on.

Izzy and Emma wandered out of the store as the card processed. Clary glanced at the boy tag, Jace. Jace. She liked it. Jace was packing the rest of the clothes in to bags.

"This is really nice of you." Jace said.

"Huh?" Clary said slightly confused.

Jace looked up and smiled, "you know, buying all these clothes for your friends." He said.

"Oh right. Yeah, I always have. See that trolley over there," clary said pointed to the overflowing trolly, "three quarters of that is Izzy's. I mean, they see my as a walking credit card." Clary cut of laughing, "no, I'm joking. It's my fault and I want to. I mean, I have all this freaking money I don't want because of a workaholic, dickhead of a father and they, well their not as fortunate in the money department. Their my best friends, I love doing it." Clary said smiling.

Jace smiled at her, she felt her knees go weak beneath her, so she grabbed onto the counter for support. Jace packed Clary's dress last and alone. He handed her all the bags.

"That dress will look beautiful on you, it matches your eyes." Jace said.

Clary blushed and turned away, putting all the bags into the trolley.

"See you round Angel." Jace called behind her.

Clary blushed even more and refused to turned around, "bye, Jace." She called back. She hoped her voice wasn't as uneven as she thought it was.

She found Emma and Izzy outside the shop.

"Ohmygod. That guy was like fucking sex on a stick!" Izzy said, pretending to fan herself.

"His alright." Clary said, leading the way to Starbucks.

"Alright? Alright? Girl. Even I admit, that guy was like a sex god." Emma said, beside her.

"It's final, his name is now sex god." Izzy said from her other side.

"It's Jace." Clary corrected her.

"Sex god." Izzy said.

"Sex god." Emma said a little louder.

"Sex god." Izzy said nearly shouting.

People where now staring at them, as they walked by.

"Sex god." Emma shouted.

"Sex god." Izzy shouted louder.

Now everyone was staring at them as they walked past. Clary put her head down and guided the trolley.

"Sex god. Sex god. Sex god. Sex god. Sex god. Sex god." Izzy and Emma chanted.

"Alright! Fuck, calm down! Sex god then." Clary said shutting them up.

"Shout it Clary. Shout it first. Like you mean it. Like you want it." Izzy said beside her, smiling devishly beside her.

Clary sighed, "Sex god!" She shouted. Everyone turned and looked at them, people from school, people she knew. She put her head down and ran with the trolley.

Izzy and Emma laughed behind her.

In a way Clary never wanted to see Jace-sex god- again, but then again she did. Really did.

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