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Furby Frenzy
by Ziptango

"That part has to be around here somewhere!"

Donatello stooped again and dug into the junk yard pile impatiently. Mike quickly stepped aside as a tidal wave of random scraps sprang into the air and careened haphazardly in his brother's wake.

"Lets just come back tomorrow. If it's here, it's not going to run away."

"Mike! We need that handle! You do want the toilet to flush again some time soon, right?" Don called back from somewhere in the piles' depths.

"Well, yeah. But it's nothing we haven't dealt with before. I mean, we do live in a sewer. Besides, I'm starving!"

"Easy for you to say! Your room isn't right by the bathroom. It's absolutely foul!" Don appeared again with an armful of more rubbish.

"So make Raph sleep in your room. He's the one who broke the handle in the first place."

Donatello seemed to consider it for a moment.

"Alright, let me just take one last look. Some help would be nice, you know."

"Oh right! No problemo!"

With Mike's approval, Don dropped his load onto a near by car hood. It clanked and echoed so loudly that Mike cringed and looked around to make sure no passer-bys had heard. His older brother took no notice and began sorting through it. Mike watched with mild interest, occasionally plucking something out to examine closer. Yet, eternity seemed to pass by, and Donny still searched frantically for a toilet handle. Michaelangelo yawned and fingered a bent spoon boredly.

"Common, Bro. Just give it up. Raph and Leo are going to throw a fit when we get.....wait a minute. What's this?"

Mike dropped the spoon and leaned over Don's pile. A yellow and green fluff of fur, barley visible, had snared his attention. Don paused and looked up from a smashed walk-man.


Mike shrugged and brushed the utilities off of his newfound treasure. Don observed in interest and his brow began to scrunch in confusion.

"What is it?"

The object sat firmly in Mike's palm, starring out with enormous brown eyes. It had a gum-drop figure with green fur bordering yellow fluff along its belly, paws, ears, and mane.

"I have no idea. Humans come up with the weirdest things."

Mike stroked it's belly tenderly wondering what poor child out in the cruel world had lost his or her beloved and precious toy. Suddenly it blinked and let out a gargantuan yawn. Mike yelped in astonishment and let it plunge to the ground roughly as he hid behind the car with Don.

"My God! It's alive!"

He exchanged a terrified glance with Donatello and then peeked around the car's fender for another look. Don stretched over behind Mike also stealing a quick glance, keeping a firm grip on his bo. The creature giggled childishly and rocked back and forth in the dirt.

"Wwwwweeeee! Fun!"

Mike scratched his head and released the tension of his hands on his nun-chucks.

"It spoke!"

"I could have sworn it was a..." Suddenly it interrupted Don as it started up again.

"Me sleep again!" Then it began to snore rather obnoxiously, and only silence pursued.

"Hhmm, I guess it's a sleep," Don whispered.

"Maybe it's trying to trick us!"

"Well, there's only one way to find out."

The two emerged cautiously from behind the rusted car and hovered above the creature. Don's arm stretched behind his shell and pulled his bo out of the strap slowly. Mike watched wide eyed as his brother reached out with his weapon and poked the thing carefully in the back. Nothing happened.

"That's weird," Don bent over and boldly picked it up. He turned it over in his hands briskly and began to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"It's mechanical!"

Mike blinked.

"Look," he tipped it over and showed Mike the screws located at the base. Suddenly, it sprang back to life and yawned again.

"Cock-a-doodle-doo! Hehehe! Me Doh-Doh."

"Doh-Doh? Is that your name, little guy?" Mike grinned and snatched it from Don's grasp.

"Mike! It's a machine. It can't respond."

"Hey!" The thing snapped.

"That's right, Doh-Doh! You tell him!" Mike scratched under its beak-like mouth. Doh-Doh giggled and rocked back and forth in excitement. Don rolled his eyes and put his bo back into his shoulder strap.

"Lets get going. That pizza is probably freezing cold by now!"

"Yay!" Doh-Doh exclaimed.

"Look! He's excited to see his new home!"

"Uh huh," Don mumbled, deciding to humor him. He bent over and gathered some extra junk yard treasures, placing them on top of a large pizza box.

"Well, lets go," he said. Mike saluted and grinned cheesily.

"Doh-Doh, you're going to love it! Our place has great furniture you can slob around on, television, monopoly, and even plumbing!" he jabbered to his new furry friend as they walked home. Don spun around and scowled.

"Except a flushing toilet!"

Mike ignored the comment and stopped abruptly.

"Hey, you don't need a diaper or anything, do you?"

It snickered.

"Umm...I hope that's a no."

Don shook his head, but said nothing.

Finally, they came to their manhole, glowing in the street-light's beam. Don struggled with the heavy lid and his load at the same time, becoming bit angry with the lack of help. Mike took no notice and continued to chatter.

"But you have to be careful of Klunk. He's my cat. He doesn't like strangers much and he tends to get a little jealous. But don't tell him I said that. He might just decide to do his business somewhere more revengeful, and I'm not talking about the litter box!"

"MIKE! Could you please give me a hand?!"

"Oh yeah! Sure thing, Donny-boy. Just a sec," he scrambled for a moment and placed his furby safely on a near by trash can lid. He then returned, spit into his palms, and heaved at the cover. After he got it open, Donatello shifted his load to the other arm and held the lid as he fetched his pet.

"Yippy!" it cheered. Mike smiled proudly as if it was his child's first words. Don frowned and motioned for him to go first. Mike curtsied mockingly and leapt into the hole.

"Whooopppyyyy!" it cheered again as the air rushed by them, and he landed quiet as a cat into the sewer tunnel. Don followed closely behind, though accidently dropping some of his things into the murky water.

"Aahh! No light!" Doh-Doh screeched.

"Aww, are you scared, Buddy? It's ok, Daddy's gotcha."

"Daddy?" Don huffed while he picked up his things.

"Why not?" Mike smiled and let his cheek caress Doh-Doh's soft fur.

"Mike, sometimes you worry me."

He didn't reply and only stroked the furby's mane. It's purring reverberated throughout the pipes, make the atmosphere quiver. Donatello only ignored it and sniggered. For he knew once Mike's toy was introduced to Uncle Raph, it would probably never purr again.


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