Skaro was a dangerous planet; it was the original planet of the Daleks and their prison camps.

It was a place the Doctor never wanted to go but here he was entering the giant Dalek shaped building because someone was waiting for his help and that made him very suspicious.

He cautiously entered the room where a woman named Darla was waiting.

She was standing by the balcony as he slowly walked in. Darla heard his footsteps approaching and turned to face him.

"Hello." He greeted her.

"Are you the Doctor?" She asked.

He nodded. "I got your message which makes me a bit worried; not a lot of people can do that, send me messages."

The Doctor sighed as he looked around. "Anyway why meet me here?"

"I was told I'd had to intrigue you to come." She said.

"Really out of anywhere here was the best option?" The Doctor replied.

"It's my daughter Hannah she's in the Dalek prison camp, they said you could help." Darla explained.

"Do they? Well I could but there's one problem." He said staring at her.

"What?" She asked.

"I think this is a trap." The Doctor said walking towards her.

"No, it's not." She insisted.

"Okay so if she's there how are you here?"

"I escaped." Darla answered.

He shook his head. "No, no, no I don't believe that because nobody escapes the Dalek prison camps."

The Doctor started walking around her as if he were studying her. "Who told you about me?"

"Does it matter?" She said.

"I suppose not but you seem very well-informed." He replied suspiciously.

The Doctor took her hand and noticed it was cold. "Your skin is very cold. I bet you don't even realize that this is a trap."

Darla's neck began making a cracking noise as she shook her head.

The Doctor's eyes widen and he backed away slowly from her as a Dalek socket appeared thru her forehead, she raised her hand a laser pointed at him from her palm and with one quick shot he was unconscious.

The Doctor woke up slowly, his head pounding in his hands. "Oh, my head." He grumbled.

Standing up slowly he found himself in a bright white room.

"Where am I?" He wondered. The Doctor peered out the window and saw Dalek ships flying about.

"Yep, I thought that's where I was." He muttered with dread.

The Doctor was on the Parliament of Daleks spaceship which meant he was in big trouble.

Then the floor started rising up and he was instantly in a stadium size area filled with Daleks.

The Doctor swallowed but if he was going to die he wanted them to remember him.

"Well you finally got me! So here I am who wants the first shot at the last Time Lord?" He yelled.

He closed his eyes and waited for the searing pain of a Dalek laser to surge thru his body but nothing was happening.

Instead the Daleks started chanting "Save us" over and over.

He opened his eyes and glanced around confused.

"Do what now?" He asked a Dalek standing nearby.

"The Doctor will save the Daleks." The Dalek ordered.

The Doctor chuckled. "Oh, really? Well isn't that wizard."

Then Darla approached him, the Dalek eye stalk still sticking out of her forehead. "The Prime Minister will see you now."

He looked at her. "Do you even remember who you are? Is there anything remotely resembling Darla in there before they hollowed you out and turned you into their puppet?"

"My memories only return if they are required to facilitate deep cover or disguise." She answered.

"You had a daughter." He reminded her.

Darla smiled. "I know I checked my files."

The Doctor shook his head and walked towards the Prime Minister Dalek.

"Well?" He said to the exposed remains of the Dalek.

"What do you know about the Dalek Asylum?" The Dalek asked.

"I know it's a planet where you dump insane, battle-scarred or Daleks even you can't control. Which never made since to me cause' you're just going to kill them." The Doctor said.

"It's offensive to extinguish such divine hatred." He replied.

He glared at the Dalek. "You think hatred is beautiful?"

"Perhaps that's why we've been unable to kill you. The Dalek replied.

He walked closer to the Dalek. "You never fail to disappoint when comes to making me sick." The Doctor hissed.

Just then music could be heard throughout the area.

"What is that noise?" A Dalek demanded.

"Um, Carmen I believe. Lovely show." The Doctor said.

He glanced at Darla. "Where's it coming from?"

"It's believed the signal is coming from the asylum planet." She answered.

The Doctor walked over to the speaker. "Hello, Carmen. Come in Carmen, are you there?"

"Yes, I'm here!" An excited female voice answered.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor." He replied.

"Hello, are you real? I mean really real?"

The Doctor smirked. "Well I guess it depends on what your definition of real is but yeah I think I am. Who are you and how did you get there?"

"I'm Oswin Oswald, Junior Entertainment Manager part of the Starship Alaska which crashed and I've been shipwrecked here for a year." She said.

"A year, are you alright, are you under attack?" He asked.

"Well I've managed to hold back the Daleks, for now anyway." Oswin answered nervously.

"How?" The Doctor asked.

"Making soufflé's. " Oswin replied.

The Doctor chuckled. "Must be a lousy cook." He mumbled.

"Where do you get the milk?" The Doctor asked.

But before she could answer the signal was lost.

"This conversation is irrelevant!" The Dalek said.

"No, it isn't!" He insisted.

"You see if someone can get in there then all those insane Daleks can get out." The Doctor explained.

"How can it be stopped?" The Dalek asked.

"Simple go send some Daleks in there, shut off the force field and blast the planet out of the sky." The Doctor said.

The Daleks didn't respond.

"Oh I get it, this is brilliant! You lot are too scared so if you're scared what are you going to do, now eh?"

"We will send our Dalek predator." The Dalek Prime Minister said eyeing the Doctor.

"What?" The Doctor exclaimed.

"They mean you." Darla told him.

"Yeah I know that, thanks." He sarcastically replied.

She then put a band on his wrist.

"This will protect you from the nano cloud." She said leading him to the entrance on the floor.

"Me and my big mouth." He muttered as he stepped closer to the gap.

He sighed. "Oh, well allons-y!" He shouted as he jumped.

The fall seemed to last forever but eventually he landed on a blanket of snow.

He chuckled as he sat up. "That was fun!"

He then saw an eye stalk sticking out of the snow.

"Hello?" He heard a familiar voice say.

The Doctor crawled towards it. "Soufflé' girl?"

He said examining it with his sonic screwdriver.

"You know you can call me Oswin since that is my name." She replied.

"This is Dalek technology, how are you working this?" The Doctor asked.

Oswin shrugged. "It's not hard once you hack into their computer system."

"Impressive." He replied.

"Well I am a genius." She said.

He wanted to ask her something but the signal started breaking and was lost again.

Frustrated the Doctor sighed and felt something hard buried in the snow.

He brushed off the snow and found a hatch labeled Alaska; opening it he climbed down a ladder.

"This must be the wreckage." He thought.

That meant the asylum was close.

He found himself inside a dark room.

There were figures in white coats sitting at a control, he tapped one of them.

"Excuse me, I'm the Doctor." He told them.

The person didn't say anything. So he tried again, same result.

The Doctor pulled back the hoodies which revealed several badly decomposed skeletons.

"Okay, not good." He said.

Suddenly all the skeletons started moving and had Dalek eye stalks coming out of their heads.

"Okay, really not good!" The Doctor exclaimed as they walked towards him.

He started fighting them off and headed towards the door but the corpses were determined to follow him.

He managed to shut the door, locking it with his sonic screwdriver.

His hearts were pounding but he was relieved to be out of there.

"No one's supposed to enter the cock pit." Oswin's voice startled him.

"Oh, shut up!" He replied catching his breath.

"Oh, Mr. Grumpy are we? Such a shame, so cute but no sense humor. Not a good combo."

"Tell me Oswin how come you can see me but I can't see you?" The Doctor asked.

"I don't know. Could be limited lighting or a bad hair day."

He smirked. "Okay now what?' He asked.

"There's a trap door under you that will drop you off into the asylum."

"Well, now all I have to do is shut down the force field without getting killed." He replied.

"I can help you with that." Oswin said.

"You can?" He said.

"Uh, hello I did mention I was a genius." She said.

"Okay then I can use their transporter device to escape." The Doctor said.

"Do you think you could come get me?" She asked.

"Sure just lower the force field and I'll teleport us both." The Doctor answered.

"No, come me get first." She insisted.

"Don't you trust me?" He asked.

"I don't know. I just met you. You might leave me behind."

"Fair enough, how do I find you?" He asked.

"I'm typing up a map for you just go down the hatch and it should show on the screen." Oswin replied.

"Don't worry I walk you thru it." She added.

The Doctor went down the hatch; it was dark and dusty in the Asylum.

He could hear the mechanical voices of the Daleks shouting "Exterminate" as he walk past the sealed doors.

"Okay I can see you on the screen; the good news is you're less than twenty feet away from me." Oswin said.

"What's the bad news?" The Doctor asked.

"You're about to enter intensive care." She replied grimly.

He was careful as he walked past the chained Daleks.

"What makes these Daleks so special?" He asked.

"I think there from certain wars; Kembel, Ardius, Vulcan and Exxilon. Do any of those ring a bell?" She replied.

"Yes all of them, these are the Daleks from those wars that survived me." He said.

Then as if on cue, one by one each Dalek awoke and sensed the Doctor was there. "Doctor? Exterminate!"

"Oswin help!" He shouted racing to the door.

"Hold on, I'm working on it!" She panicked.

The Daleks were getting closer.

"Open the door!" The Doctor begged.

Suddenly they stopped and turned around leaving him unharmed.

"Told you I was a genius." Oswin said.

"What did you do?" He asked.

"Daleks have a hive mind; I hacked into their pathway and deleted all information about the Doctor." She explained.

"That's brilliant! I tried to do that and even I couldn't do it." The Doctor admitted.

"Well come on in and see what brilliance looks like." She said opening the door.

The Doctor turned and walked inside but his smile turned to shock when he saw Oswin.

"Hi, what are you doing out there? Come on in." She said.

He shook his head, he had expected to see a girl instead it was a chained up Dalek.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He said softly.

"What's wrong?" She replied in a Dalek voice.

"Oswin there's a problem." The Doctor replied feeling sick.


"It's like you said, you're a genius and Daleks need geniuses. I always knew they tried converting people into puppets but they wanted more from you. They did a full Dalek conversion with you." He said softly.

"I'm not a Dalek." Oswin insisted.

"I'm afraid you are but you built this fantasy because the truth was too much, that ladder was yours, you found them and converted you."

"No!" Her mechanical voice protested.

"Where did you get the eggs for the soufflé's? He asked.

"Eggs? Eggs?" Oswin slowly answered.

"The eggs, Oswin. Where did you get them?" The Doctor replied.

"Eggs… termi…nate. Exterminate!" She answered coming towards him.

"Oswin, no!" He begged. She stopped within inches of him.

He could hear faint crying.

"Why do they hate you?" She asked.

The Doctor hung his head. "I kept fighting them so they feared me and tried to become stronger. I tried to stop but I couldn't."

"Then run." She said.


"Run and remember. I'm going to drop the force field; they're planning their attack upstairs."

"Thank you Oswin." The Doctor said running away.

"Run you clever boy and remember." Oswin repeated as he ran.

Explosions went off behind him as he escaped.

He found the teleport and beamed out of there.

The Daleks could sense an intruder but didn't know who or what it was.

The Doctor appeared from the TARDIS. "Hello, suckers!" he said.

"Identify yourself" A Dalek said.

"You know who I am, the oncoming storm, the predator, Doctor who."

Then all the Daleks started chanting Doctor Who.

He realized Oswin did it to all of them.

"Oh, Oswin you beauty." He smiled.

Before going in he said. "Boys, you're never going to stop asking that question."