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{Telepathy between Harry and Voldemort}

It had been years since that fateful day and no one had seen Harry since. He was 17 now and was still with Dumbledore, that is if he was still alive. No one could feel him anywhere so they had no idea if he was still alive but they all held hope. The reason being that on his birthday and other special occasions they would receive pictures, letters, and handmade gifts. They were dripping in his magic.

Harry never went to Hogwarts. It seemed that Dumbledore wasn't taking any chances. Unfortunately, most of them were fugitives so only a few could look and Severus wasn't one of them since he couldn't ask without him becoming suspicious.

While he was gone life still went on. Bella had a baby boy that she named Orion Harrison Lestrange. He was now 16 and attended Mt. Olympus magical school. He was top of his year. Even though he never met his cousin he felt like he knew him through the letters and gifts he received. He was now dating a summer fae names Rose.

Draco had also grown. He was now 17. He too attended Mt. Olympus magical school. He too received letters and gifts from Harry. He was now dating Luna Lovegood, a transfer student.

Remus and Fenrir had mated and were taking care of Fenrir's pack. They both received gifts, letters, and pictures. Both felt guilty that they couldn't help find him and that they had to go look after the pack. Regulus understood though and never blamed them when they were gone.

Severus and Sirius had mated and were now secretly married. That was five years ago and they were now expecting a baby girl. Regulus was happy for them. Both received letters, gifts, and pictures from Harry.

Harry on the other hand was trained to kill his mate. He learned how to fight hand-to-hand combat, with many different types of weapons, how to duel and many spells. He was taught many different kinds of lethal potions. Dumbledore also made sure he knew how to fight when he was severely injured. He could also take torture for long periods of time.

Dumbledore didn't know however that when he was away Harry would write letters, draw pictures, and make gifts before using his magic to send them away. Harry learned a long time ago that he could send things away even though he couldn't leave. He just hoped that his family got them.

Another thing that Harry did behind the old coots back was learn how to become an animagus. It had taken him a long time but he finally mastered it and could now become a cobra snake. Harry hissed in happiness and slithered out of the house he was forced to live in and began making his way home, or at least trying to figure out where he was so that he could make it home. He had made it to a wooded area.

Even though Harry was lost and knew that it could take a while before he figured out where to go and get there he was happy. He wouldn't be training to kill his mate and he wouldn't be near Dumbledore. He was finally free.

Meanwhile Dumbledore had just arrived at the house to check on is weapon and put him through some more training. He did the same thing every morning and night during the school year and constantly during the summer.

As soon as he entered the room where he kept his weapon he knew immediately that something was wrong. "NO!"

He began tearing the room apart. He hoped that the blasted boy was hiding but it was dashed when he couldn't find him. Dumbledore was red with anger.

"Where is that damn boy?" Dumbledore growled out. "When I find him he will get it."

He left to go find him. Dumbledore figured he was around somewhere and couldn't get far. He was right but passed by Harry. He never realized the black cobra with emerald green eyes was the boy at all.

Harry froze in fear as the man came closer but continued as soon as he left. Unknown to him but he connected with his mate and papa and sent his fear to them.

Voldemort had been in his study at the time. He was holding a hand carved snake that was dripping in his young mate's magic. It had appeared on his birthday and it usually sat on his desk. As the fear went through him it fell into his lap. That fear was coming from his mate. Regulus felt it too and ran to his lord.

"I just felt Harry." The poor man was close to tears. "He's scared."

"So did I." He admitted. "Let's go get him."

They arrived in the wooded area but saw no signs of Harry. Harry on the other hand stared at the two in shock. They came for him, his mate and papa came to get him. They were standing right there in front of him. He shifted back and tackled his papa into a hug.

"Oh papa it's you. You're here." Harry sobbed into Regulus' chest.

Regulus wrapped his arms around his precious son and refused to let go. "I missed you baby boy." He breathed in his son's unique scent.

"We have to go." Harry told them urgently as he remembered the old coot.


"Dumbledore is looking at me."

Voldemort nodded. "Let's go." He apparated out first before Regulus did the same only he took his son along with.

They were back at Riddle manor. Harry cuddled into his papa but kept an eye on his mate. Voldemort summoned an elf for food and to get the others. While they waited Harry and Voldemort looked each other over.

Harry's black hair had grown out and now had soft curls at the end like his papa. He also had red highlights that looked natural. His eyes were still almond shape and still the bright emerald green but they had gain a grey ring around the edges. Harry's lips formed a natural pout and were a light pink. He looked to be a little bit taller than his mum was. He had a lithe form and much to is anger it was littered with scars.

Voldemort was different than the images that Dumbledore showed him but looked like he did in his dreams. He had short dark brown hair that was brushed back. He had blood red eyes and was just as pale as Harry himself. He was just as tall has Regulus but just like Harry he had a lithe body but had more muscles. Harry blushed as he remembered some of his more erotic dreams and quickly hid his face which caused Voldemort to raise an eyebrow amused.

It wasn't long before the others came crashing in. Regulus let go of Harry just in time for the others to smother him in hugs. Harry didn't mind since he was glad to either see them again or finally meet them. Voldemort was amused that after they backed off the all managed to still touch him.

"I have missed you all so much." Harry told him with tear filled eyes.

"We missed you too." Sirius said as he hugged his nephew once more.


"Yes Tom?"

"We need to know what had happened while Dumbledore had you."

"Am I allowed to eat first?"

"Of course."

"Thanks." He was glad that he managed to stall him.