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Harry Potter laid unconscious in a pool of his own blood in his room at # 4 Privet Dr Surrey., unaware that his life was about to be turned upside down by his mother who had been dead for 15 years.

Meanwhile in Riddle Mansion…

Lord Voldemort sat on his throne looking down at his minions, ready to scream bloody murder for their incompetence-they had failed a rather easy assignment- when all of the sudden a knock came at the window, startling the Death Eaters and surprising him, The mansion was unplottable, after all. He looked over to see a small black owl he didn't recognize. "Lucius, open the window."

Lucius did so without comment. The owl flew to the Dark Lord and offered the leg with the message attached to it. The room was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. By now everyone was wondering who was owling their lord and for what. Voldemort opened the letter cautiously as he too was suspicious of its sender as well as curious of its contents. With the envelope open he took out the note and what he read would change his life forever.

Dearest Father,

Yes I called you 'father.' Why will be explained in a moment. If you are reading this, than today is Harry's 16th birthday and James and I are dead. Harry is no doubt living with my adopted sister, courtesy of the muggle loving fool. For you see I am not a muggleborn, or even an Evans. When I was 16, my parents sat me down and told me that they had found me abandoned in an alleyway and decided to adopt me. Upon hearing this news, I brewed the heritage potion to find out who my real parents were. Imagine my surprise when my Father turns out to be Tom Riddle, Jr.

At this point Voldemort stopped reading. " It couldn't be," he said, nearly breathless.

"What couldn't be, my Lord?"

Voldemort was furious at being interrupted. "DID I ASK YOU TO SPEAK?"

"No, my Lord."

"THEN BE QUIET! CRUCIO!" The Death Eater screamed in obvious pain until the curse was lifted. Satisfied he was sufficiently punished, Voldemort went back to the letter, which was lying, on his lap.

When I married James I told him everything. We decided it was best to join you but not tell you. After all I was abandoned in an alley you obviously didn't want me. I know this is asking a lot Father but I fear for Harry's life if he remains with my adoptive sister. Petunia hates me and anything remotely related to magic. Her husband is much the same. Save him for me if not for me than for you he will be very powerful some day and if persuaded to see beyond Dumbledore's manipulation could be invaluable to you. I know not if they have moved but if they live where they did the last time I saw Petunia the address is #4 Privet Dr. in Surrey.
Save him, I beg you,

Your ever-faithful daughter,

Lily Marie Evans Potter

Voldemort was speechless. He looked to Snape, his spy in Dumbledore's ranks; the old man foolishly believed it was the other way around. "Severus!"

"Yes, my Lord."

"What is Potter's home address?"

"#4 Privet Dr., Surrey, my Lord."

"Thank you, Severus. And you, my daughter..."he muttered, "Even from beyond the grave, you are still my most faithful servant."

"Severus, you and I are taking a trip to Surrey." With that he handed the note down so the Death Eaters could understand why he was going to Surrey. His servants were shocked by the implications of the letter. "You believe her, my Lord?"

"Indeed. Now I must fetch my grandson from those horrid muggles." Just as he rose from his throne, the envelope fell, and out of it rolled a vial of what looked like blood. Attached was another note:

In case you need more evidence here is a vial of my blood.

"How long will it take to brew the heritage potion?"

"Forty-five minutes, my Lord."

"Then brew it, so we may test the blood."

45 Minutes Later …

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that the late Lily Potter had been the Dark Lord's daughter, making the boy who lived his grandson. With that fact finalized, Voldemort, Severus, and Narcissa apparated to Magnolia Crescent and walked to #4 Privet Dr.

Alohomora was all it took to unlock the door. The house was silent but it was late, so in truth that was no surprise. The three checked the downstairs first. No sign of Potter. If Snape hadn't known better, he would have thought they had the wrong house. There was no sign that Harry Potter even lived here. All the pictures were of a boy the size of a whale, a woman as skinny as a horse with the neck of a giraffe, and a man at least triple the boy's size. It made Snape want to hurl.

They came to the cupboard under the stairs and unlocked it. They found Harry's broom, owl (who was dangerously thin), trunk, and a notebook, which Potter had apparently used to write about his childhood in. Some the entries were very disturbing. Once they were upstairs they went through every room and found Harry's "Family," tied them up, and silenced them. At the end of the hall, they came to a door with 16 locks on it and a cat flap in the bottom. Unlocking the door, Voldemort prepared himself for the worst. Good thing too, because what he saw was worse.

His grandson was knocked out in a pool of blood. Judging from the fact he was bleeding profusely, it was his blood. Tom was furious. He looked to Snape and Narcissa, who began to heal him with speed Voldemort, had never seen before. A few minutes later, Harry was coming around enough to speak but his words were that of a child, afraid, not of the brave fearless boy as they all knew him.

Voldemort looked to Snape again and signaled that he should talk, as Harry didn't need to know his greatest enemy was in the room and he didn't trust the Malfoys either. "Potter, Potter, it's okay. No one will hurt you. I'm getting you out of here and you are never coming back."

"Professor, no! Professor, please don't take me to Dumbledore! He knows of this and does nothing! He cut me off from all my friends, the whole wizarding world this summer! Please don't take me to him!"

"Then it's good I'm not taking you to Dumbledore." With that, Snape picked him up. They had done all they could here. Harry drifted back to blackness as they walked back to Magnolia Crescent and apparated back to the manor.

Harry was laid down on the bed in the chambers next to Voldemort's. Severus and Narcissa got to work on healing Harry an hour later he was stable and in a healing coma. Voldemort was furious as he looked upon his grandson he vowed that the muggles and the old man would pay. An owl suddenly flew into the room and landed on Severus's shoulder. Upon opening the letter Severus was shocked it was from some of his students all Gryffindors. The twins were graduated but the others such as Granger, Longbottom, the Weasley children, were all currently at Hogwarts. Wondering why this group of people whose hate for him was legendary would write him he quickly read the letter. By the time he was done he wanted to Kill Dumbledore. Not only had the man known of Lily's blood relation to The Dark Lord but he had also made it look like they had betrayed Voldemort to get them out of the way and manipulate Harry for his own use. When he couldn't kill Harry he set it up so that he would become totally dependent on him. He gave the muggles permission to do as they pleased to keep the boy in line and it seems that he paid them to keep him as well.

"Well those ridiculous extendable ears of theirs are good for overhearing people after all."

"What do you mean Severus?"
In response he handed The Dark Lord the letter. By the time he was done reading Voldemort was shaking in rage and many objects in the room started to break.
"Bring the muggles here when Harry wakes he will decide their fate. Find some way to communicate with the children and bring them here as well."

"Even the mudblood milord?"

"Yes even the mudblood now do as I say!"
With that Severus was gone. He owled the kids and arranged to meet them in Diagon Alley at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes after hours tomorrow. He went back to Privet Dr. stunned the muggles and was back at Riddle Manor within an hour.

The Next Day…
The following night Severus apparated to the back door at #93 also known as Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and knocked all of the kids were there and waiting they looked nervous as well as ready to scream.

"All questions must wait until we get to the mansion." Severus explained

With that they all nodded. Severus pulled out an old book and said,

"Hold on."
In moments the group landed in the entrance hall of the mansion. The kids couldn't stand it anymore and questions started flying.

"Where are we?"

"Where's Harry?"

"What happened?"

"Is he okay?"

Before Snape could answer someone else spoke

"Thank you for retrieving them Severus."

"I live to serve my lord."

Instantly wands were drawn

"Put those away I will not harm you. To answer your earlier questions you are in Riddle Manor my home and headquarters, Harry is upstairs in his room, His muggle Relatives beat him and we went to get him after I got a startling bit of news yesterday".

He proceeded to explain about the time delay letter from the daughter he never knew he had shocked was putting their reactions mildly.

"He is currently in a healing coma but according to Narcissa he should wake in about a week or so."

The group of Gryffindors was in shock.

"Can we see him?"

"Fine but only for a moment."

"You all will be tutored in many things while here when my grandson wakes I will explain the situation to him and convince him to rule by my side you will be his followers not mine. Oh and by the way I'm Voldemort if it's just us and my inner circle but my lord if anyone else is present."

By this time they had reached the room. Voldemort pushed open the door and the children gasped Harry looked as if he was clinging to life. It was almost unreal Harry was notorious for getting himself into tough scrapes but he always walked away as with his head held high. Seeing him on the bed fighting for his very life was terrifying. Harry was no stranger to the hospital wing far from it he often joked it was his second dormitory and
Madam Pomphey has said more than once that she was going to reserve a special bed in the wing just for him but he had never in the 5 years they had known him been this bad and to think it was his own family and muggles no less was insane.


Screamed Hermione.

"I wondered much the same but his torturers are in the dungeons when he wakes he will decide their fate."

1 Week Later…
Voldemort stood at Harry's bedside and watched him sleep. Then all of the sudden Harry began to stir and started muttering to himself. In his utter delight Voldemort raced out of the room a smile plastered on his face his dignity forgotten as he found Severus, Narcissa, and the kids and screamed

"HE'S WAKING UP!" In a matter of seconds they were all racing to Harry's room. To their joy he sat up in bed with a look of confusion on his face.