Chapter Eight: Rescue Mission

Flora POV

I shook my head as I woke up. Looking around, I only saw Riven. It seemed that I had just fallen onto the earth in exhaustion. There was a large bottomless chasm where Brandon had set the trap off.

"HELIA!" I screamed, for my beloved boyfriend had disappeared, "NO! Riven, we have to save them!"

"It's no use Flora, were on our own," Riven sighed.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, "I forgot we were looking for your girlfriend,"

"No worries, let's go," Riven grimaced, walking alongside me.

In the dungeons of Dark Musa's Lair…

Bloom POV

"Girls? Are you ok?" I questioned anxiously, peering through the impenetrable darkness.

"I'm OK Bloom," a faint voice muttered from a few feet away.

"Tecna?! Is that you?"

"Yep, it's me. I managed to send Timmy a message; the rest of the specialists, Flora and him are coming to rescue us," Tecna murmured. I panicked at the weakness of her voice; she was normally so tough and logical.

"Guys? I didn't remember a dungeon on our list of places to search,"

"AISHA?!" Tecna and I yelled.

"Yeah, I'm here. Stella's here too, she just worried about her clothes," Aisha's voice faintly traveled towards us.

"I feel so weak," I cried, a plea in my voice that Tecna understood.

"Winx, our energy is being drained from us by these chains binding us," Tecna stated, "We need to get out of here, otherwise we will lose our powers forever,"

"Don't panic Winx," I calmed, "Flora and the boys will rescue us,"

Tecna POV

Suddenly, the door to the dungeons opened. It was Dark Musa.


She dragged Bloom and Stella off, their screams mingling with Dark Musa's laughs.

"NO! You won't get away with this!" I screamed, as the door slammed shut again, leaving myself and Aisha in total darkness once more.

"We have to warn Flora" Aisha's calm voice wobbled

I sent a message to Flora, warning her that Bloom and Stella were gone.

"Don't worry Aisha, they're going to be fine, and Flora will save us," I whispered, "Everything's going to be alright,"

In the dining room of Dark Musa's Lair…

Normal POV

Bloom and Stella were thrust onto the floor harshly.

"What do you want with us?" Bloom demanded

"Oh, nothing from you. Except maybe your BODIES," she cackled, as two of the Ancestral Witches floated into their bodies and possessed the two fairies.

"Now, I shall rule!" she screamed, "Rise up now, my sisters, for we shall have the ultimate power for once and no little fairy can stop us!"

Back in the dungeons of Dark Musa's Lair…

Tecna POV

I had finished listening to the rampage upstairs. My mind was churning; Dark Musa was one of the Ancestral Witches!

"I must warn Flora,"

For the third time, a message was sent to an outsider, but this time, there was an answer.

"AISHA! LISTEN!" I yelled as Flora's calm but determined voice floated to us.

"Tecna, umm," she paused, "Timmy, Helia and the rest of the boys are stuck in a chasm, Riven is here with me and…" the intercom hesitated again, "I think he is very distraught, he really cares about Musa,"

"We know Flora, we are really worried too, but we need you to tell us what to do," I asked, putting my organization skills in action.

"Ok, so, if Bloom and Stella are possessed like Musa, then I will attack them, Riven will try and get the witch out of Musa like Sky did Bloom, then you two need to put your magic together and try and transport to me,"

"We're on it!" Aisha yelled, already getting into convergence position

"Good! See you in five minutes outside of the Lair,"

Her voice disappeared, and all was silent.

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