"Oh, I see," Phibrizzo said, his left eyebrow arched disdainfully. "Just because Dolphin does something, suddenly everyone wants to join in. His childish features were pulled into an unusually sullen frown, probably because he had not been the one to come up with the idea.

"It's a good plan!" Deep Sea Dolphin protested, flinging her head back haughtily. The long, blue tendrils of her hair settled unevenly around her shoulders and her bright, aqua eyes narrowed. "Even as Lord Ruby Eyes created us to control his territory, so we, in turn, could use our own minions to manage our affairs."

"In other words, to do our dirty work," snorted a tall, beautiful, red-haired man who stood with his back to the small huddle in the center of the room. The room in question was a brilliant, blue, underwater throneroom, the walls of which were made completely of glass so as to give the occupants an extraordinary view of Demon Ocean. The occupants in question were the five children of Shabranigdo, also known as the five Mazoku Lords, demonic rulers of the monster race. On the whole, they were a nasty lot.

"Feel free to do whatever you wish with yours, Gaav…" Deep Sea Dolphin addressed the Demon Dragon King coldly.

"It is a sound plan." Dynast Grausherra interrupted quickly, before the argument could escalate into a battle. His calm, monotonous voice served to douse the fiery wills of all those around him. "We will want officers and servants to help us rule the monster race. And although we can obtain these easily enough from the ranks, most of our underlings are weak and undisciplined. It is preferable that we create for ourselves one or two servants who will be our most trusted minions. To accomplish this, it is equally advisable that these few be formed from our very selves, that we may give them whatever power and skills we possess. And to better ensure their loyalty."

"I suppose so," Phibrizzo agreed reluctantly. He scratched the back of his head absently, rustling his black locks, the tips of which fell below his shoulders. "I really rather prefer doing things myself, but I suppose a few extra hands around would give me more time to concentrate on having fun."

"Sounds interesting," commented the last of the five siblings, a blond woman clad in flattering white, Romanesque attire, as she flicked ashes off the tip of her third cigarette in ten minutes. "What are the drawbacks?"

"The drawbacks include the fact that creating another being from yourself takes enormous power. And once given, that power cannot be reclaimed." Dynast responded ominously. "To lose these servants would be to lose a part of yourself… forever."

"Also, physical and mental exhaustion," Deep Sea Dolphin added unnecessarily; Her siblings could tell simply by looking at her that she was drained.

"That's your own fault," Gaav huffed unsympathetically. "You should have considered the consequences before acting."

"Since when has Dolphin ever used intelligence to determine her actions?" The blond woman rolled her eyes in disdain at her older sister.

"You're just jealous because, unlike you, I don't have to worry about whether I'm powerful enough to manage such a thing." Dolphin retorted. This time some small amount of violence occurred before Dynast could intercede. He did so not out of concern for his peers, but out of impatience with them and a desire to remain concentrated on the task at hand.

"Deep Sea Dolphin, Zelas! Cease this immediately." When relative peace once again reigned, he continued, "Deep Sea Dolphin, show us the results of your experiment."

"Gladly," Dolphin sniffed. She waved a hand and two miserable-looking aquatic mazoku rushed to pull open a pair of large, glossy, black doors. Two forms became visible in the adjoining room, and as they swam forward at their master's command, their shapes became clear to the fascinated Dark Lords. The foremost figure had the appearance of a demonic jellyfish with an unnaturally large amount of tentacles and sharp spikes riddling its hide. The second was a sort of gelatinous blob, azure in color, and partly opaque. "My dear brothers and sister, I present to you, Sai and Blue. I have given them the positions of Commanding General and High Priest of my realm, that they might each take on one half of the responsibilities of the kingdom." She nodded in the direction of her creations.

"Oh, how cute. You've named them." Gaav made no attempt to hide the dripping sarcasm in his tone.

"But you seem to have used up all your creativity on the first one…" Zelas noted.

"Are you implying that blobs are uncreative?" sniffed Phibrizzo, who, himself, had a rather abstract natural form.

"They are far superior to all other members of the mazoku race! Only we alone surpass them!" Deep Sea Dolphin continued irritably. "If you don't believe me, I can organize a demonstration…"

"No demonstration will be necessary." Dynast held up a hand and turned his expressionless face to the others. "I judge the creation of these mazoku a wise course of action. Let each of us who so desires also create a priest and a general for our own utilization." The others nodded in assent. "But do not forget to exercise good judgment. If you use up too much power on them, you will weaken yourself. Better to allot a certain amount of power for the whole endeavor and then split it into even halves so that one of your servants does not receive a disproportionate amount of power and the other too little."

"Nonsense!" Gaav's eyes flashed arrogantly. "I fully intend on making my general more powerful than my priest. What does one need with a mighty priest?"

"Well, I intend on making my priest dominant," Phibrizzo countered, merely because he loved to argue. "I don't need someone else to fight my battles for me. On the other hand, having a priest to promote the people's worship of my almightiness would be lots of fun."

"I could just use my general to beat the people into submission." Gaav sneered.

"Brute force is not always the best answer, you know! Oh, but I guess someone with no intelligence or cunning would have a difficult time coming up with anything better." In keeping with his childlike form, the impish Hellmaster waggled his tongue in the direction of his younger sibling.

In order to keep them from destroying her lovely palace, Deep Sea Dolphin hurriedly ushered all four of her guests to the exits where, one by one, they removed themselves to the Astral Plane, allowing their projected human bodies to dissipate into the air around them. At last Dolphin was left alone to ponder the results that her little exhibition would soon reap. She knew Shabranigdo would have wanted her to show them what she had learned. Every day their reign grew stronger, more certain. This was simply one step on the way to a great victory for the monster race.


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