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Ch. 19

"Mmm, you're going to make me so fat," Buffy giggled as she ate the ice cream Angel had served her in bed.

"The doctor said you and the baby were on the small side. I'm just doing what any good husband and father would do," he smiled. "Besides, you ate your whole dinner. Even your vegetables," he teased. "So I thought mommy deserved a treat."

"Is that what it was when you were licking ice cream off my stomach?" she raised an eyebrow and Angel smirked.

"No. That was a treat for daddy," he said watching her finish the ice cream. She looked up at him, the spoon still in her mouth.

"I'm going to need a shower," she grinned around the spoon and Angel ran his palm over her sticky skin.

"We can handle that," he assured her.

"I'm kidnapping you tomorrow," she informed him as she set her ice cream bowl on the nightstand.

"Is that so?" he asked curiously and Buffy nodded.

"I'm going to need you to cancel the plans you had with Wes and tell my mom you can't make that lunch meeting you two had," she said, not even noticing as her hand ran up his arm to his shoulder.

"Oh? And why is that?"

"I had an idea. And it's sort of time sensitive," Buffy said and she was now clutching his bicep.

"What's your idea?"

"I want to try all the sex positions that won't work when my stomach is too big," she breathed out and Angel shifted so he was more on top of her.

"Think we should get started?" Angel grinned as images and ideas of things they could do flashed through his mind.

"Definitely," Buffy grinned right back, surprised when he leaned back and scooped her up into his arms. "Angel! What are you doing?"

"You said you needed a shower," he reminded her heading for the bathroom. "We can start against the shower wall."


"I'm exhausted," Buffy muttered into Angel's chest. "I think that was the longest shower I've ever taken."

"An hour and a half? Me too," he chuckled.

"Even with how much I want to jump you right now I don't think I can," she admitted.

"That's what happens when you propose an idea like that at eleven o'clock at night," he scolded playfully as his eyes fell shut. Running his hands over her smooth skin he smiled. "And we still have so many ideas to try," he smiled.

"I'm looking forward to it," she smiled, placing light kisses on his chest. They both fell silent and Buffy thought he may have fallen sleep but he surprised her when he spoke again.

"I'm excited you're starting to show," he smiled as his hand rested on her slightly protruding stomach.

"It feels kind of weird," Buffy shrugged but Angel looked down so his eyes met hers. "There's finally some visible proof, you know? Like everyone, even strangers, who see me, they're going to know I'm pregnant."

"I like the constant reminder," he said pushing the sheet off of them so he could get a better look. "That's our daughter in there," he smiled and Buffy could hear the wonder in his voice. His hand was warm against her skin as it rested on her stomach.

"I wish we could have a kid without me having to be pregnant," Buffy admitted feeling guilty at the thought.

"I know you're always uncomfortable," Angel frowned. "If I could do something-"

"I know," Buffy smiled as she put her hand on the side of his face. "And the second trimester is better so far. Except for the whole…me being a nymphomaniac," she blushed but Angel only chuckled as he took her wrist and kissed her palm. "It's just hard knowing that every single thing I do…I mean from the second I wake up, to the second I go to bed, I worry about what I'm doing," she sighed. "Is it hurting the baby? Is it helping the baby? Am I doing the right stuff?"

"You're doing great," he assured her. He'd had no idea she was so worried. "You're following all the doctors' instructions. You're taking the vitamins, eating healthy, sleeping right…"

"I know. But then I didn't gain any weight during the first trimester even though I didn't have any morning sickness. And Dr. Taylor said the baby was small," Buffy worried and Angel shifted onto his side so he could see her better.

"She also said the baby was healthy and everything was fine. She said it would probably catch up or it might just be tiny," he reminded her and Buffy took a deep breath. "And you're tiny," he pointed out. "If our girl takes after mom she's going to be little," he smiled, relieved when the corner of Buffy's mouth turned up.

"Cook dinner for me tomorrow?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course," he smiled. He'd already been planning on it. "Are there any other thoughts going on in that head of yours that you're not telling me? Anything else you're worried about?"

"Well…" Buffy trailed off biting her lip. "I…there's nothing you can do about it."

"What is it?" Angel asked, feeling his chest tighten at how scared Buffy looked. "Talk to me," he urged and Buffy cringed slightly.

"I am terrified to give birth to this kid," she blurted out Angel held back a sigh of relief. "I mean…even if it's a tiny baby, how is it going to fit?" she squeaked and Angel now had to hold back a laugh. He could see this was a genuine fear of hers.

"It's going to be okay," he whispered as he gathered her in his arms. "Women have been giving birth for thousands of years," he reminded her. "You'll be in a hospital with as many doctors, nurses, and drugs as you want."

"I want as many drugs as they can find," she agreed quickly. "And you. I want you in there too."

"I'll be right by your side," he promised. "You can squeeze my hand until it falls off," he kissed the top of her head. "You can yell at me, hit me, and do anything else you need to do."

"I love you," she whispered into his chest.


"Back to bed already?" Buffy teased when Angel crawled on top of her. He hadn't allowed her to get dressed all day and she'd pulled his boxers off long ago.

"We have a lot of positions to get through," Angel smirked and she felt her body responding to his words.

"You have one in mind for right now?" she wanted to know and Angel nodded.

"Yeah I do," he told her. "And you'll find out what it is soon enough," he said capturing her lips before she could argue. She moaned into the kiss, feeling that familiar ache growing fast. Her fingers tugged on his hair.

He could feel her knees already on either side of his hips. Her hands slid down to his waist trying to pull him closer, but he held back. Instead he deepened the kiss, drawing another moan from her. While she was distracted he brought one hand up to lightly cup her breast. He heard a surprised whimper and he smirked.

"You like that?" he asked, massaging gently as she let out a long breath. She could only nod in response. Sometimes this pregnancy really drove her crazy. She had absolutely zero control over her own body. And her husband knew it and took advantage of it. He'd touch her so lightly she could barely feel it but at the same time it nearly sent her flying.

"Angel, please," she begged wanting more stimulation. Instead Angel slid his hands down to her stomach. "I hate you," she wrinkled her nose and she heard Angel's husky laugh which only made her want him more.

"Tell me if you still hate me in about thirty seconds," he said and she was about to give a witty retort but he surprised her by lowering his head to her chest. He flicked one nipple with his tongue and she shivered, gasping when he took the other nipple into his mouth.

"Don't hate you," she shook her head as she held his head against her. "Definitely don't hate you," she moaned arching her back against his ministrations.

"And now?" he asked slipping one finger inside her slick channel.

"OH!" she cried out, surprised by his actions. He pumped his finger slowly, his mouth still peppering kisses along her chest.

Angel held back a groan himself when he felt her walls clenching around his finger. They hadn't stopped touching each other all day, but he still wanted her. He was rock hard against her thigh, but he wanted to get her off first. She was so sensitive these days it was easy for her to come, but it also took more for her to be satisfied.

"I need more Angel," she gasped out, and he slid another finger inside her. "God yeah…" she moaned and he leaned back to watch her face. He twisted his fingers quickly, sending her soaring. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream of ecstasy and his thumb touched her clit the second she hit her peak. "ANGEL!" she yelled thrashing underneath him. He brought her down gently, but he never stopped moving his fingers inside her.

She was still reeling from her orgasm and Angel took the time to study her. She was exquisite. Her body was just a bit curvier than it had been and it was making his mouth water.

"Angel," she whined which pulled him from his trance. "I want you." He pulled his fingers out of her and she whimpered at the loss. She was aching for him to fill her. She used her legs to try and pull his hips towards hers, but he resisted. "Angel!"

"You want me?" he smirked and Buffy swore that as soon as her sex drive calmed down she was going to hold out on him just to make him miserable. But right now that wasn't an option so she nodded vigorously. "You wanna feel my cock?" he asked and her breath hitched. "Filling you and stretching you?"

"Yeah," she answered desperately. He was so hard it hurt and it took more self-control than he knew he had not to just thrust inside her.

"What else do you want?" he asked hovering just inches above her now.

"I want you deep," she said and he swore under his breath.

"Roll over," he ordered and she did so immediately. When she moved to get up on her knees he stopped her. "Stay flat," he whispered in her ear as he reached down and pushed her legs apart. Holding her hips, he sunk into her slowly, inch by inch. He hissed as her heat enveloped him and she was so wet he had no trouble burying himself to the hilt.

"Yes Angel," Buffy moaned into the mattress. Her fingers curled into the sheets as he rotated his hips. She'd wanted deep and he'd given it to her. And it was blowing her mind. She soon caught on to his rhythm and as the sheets teased her nipples, his cock was hitting the perfect place inside her.

"God Buffy," Angel whispered, having trouble finding his voice. He pulled out of her, only to slide back in. Her head turned and Angel brushed her hair to the side so he could see her face. The sheer ecstasy there made his balls tighten and he sped up his pace. When he heard her tiny moans and saw her fist pound the bed he breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn't hold back anymore either.

He lifted her hips just slightly and thrust harder into her body. Crying out in delight Buffy quivered and her orgasm hit her full force. When Angel felt her walls contracting around him he let go, his release hitting him just as hard. With a grunt he fell on top of her, just barely catching his weight in his arms before landing on her body.

"You better get off me or I'm going to start this all over again," Buffy said a few moments later when she felt his still naked body pressed up against hers.

"You wouldn't hear me complaining," Angel retorted and Buffy smiled as he moved off of her. They both rolled to their sides facing each other and Buffy scooted into his arms. "I think we have a problem," he said suddenly and Buffy frowned.

"What?" she asked in concern.

"We don't have any food in the house," he realized and she sighed in relief. "I can't make dinner."

"So we'll get food."

"I don't want to go shopping," he groaned. "Let's just go out to eat."

"Mmm, no," Buffy wrinkled her nose.

"Why not?" he asked surprised. She always agreed to go out for dinner. They went out to eat multiple times a week.

"I just don't feel like going out tonight," Buffy shrugged. "It's no big."

"Buffy," Angel said warningly and Buffy let out a huge sigh.

"I have no clothes," she told him rolling onto her back and flopping her arms out to the sides dramatically.

"Buffy, your closet is full of-"

"No clothes that FIT, you moron," Buffy spat and Angel winced. Yeah, okay. He should have figured that one out before he opened his mouth. "So I can't go out. And I steal your clothes," she added and he realized she had been wearing a lot of his clothes and sweats recently.

"We can get you some new clothes," he told her as he laid on his side next to her on the bed.

"I don't want gross maternity clothes, Angel," she glared at him.

"Well then I can lock you in our bedroom where you don't need any clothes at all," Angel smirked but Buffy huffed.

"Stop it," she said crossing her arms over her chest. She was frustrated. She didn't like the way her body was changing. Her waist was bigger and her stomach was showing. Her breasts had gotten bigger…well they had never really been that big so she was okay with that. But it made it hard for her to fit into her old clothes. And she hadn't expected to feel this insecure about her body. At least, not this soon.

And worst of all, she was still horny as hell. But every time they had sex she worried what he was thinking about her body. She was just too horny to let that worry consume her. So far at least. She suspected that one day soon she'd be hiding under the covers in the dark.

"I thought that was a pretty good idea," Angel said running his hand up her side. His palm was warm on her skin and she bit her lip.

"Don't," Buffy protested but as soon as the word left her lips his fingertips grazed the undersides of her breasts. "Angel…"

"What was that?" Angel asked, his lips close to her ear as his thumb teased her nipple. She whimpered, reaching out for him. He crawled on top of her body and captured her lips in a hot, searing kiss.

"Turn out the light," Buffy moaned, this conversation having brought her insecurities to the front of her mind, but Angel pulled away.

"No," he said and Buffy looked at him in surprise. "I want to see you."


"You clearly have no idea how incredible you look," he breathed and Buffy rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, every girl feels really sexy when she can't even squeeze into her fat jeans."

"Okay," Angel said in annoyance. "Enough. Get up," he said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the full length mirror in their room.

"Angel," she began to protest but he silenced her when he stood behind her. With his hands on her shoulders he locked eyes with her in the mirror.

"I want you to see what I see," he said, his voice low. "An amazingly sexy and beautiful woman," he began and when they were this close Buffy could feel his arousal against her back. His hand slowly slid around to rest on the small bump on her abdomen. "Our baby is growing in here," he whispered. "You're taking care of her every minute of every day," he said gently rubbing his thumb along her skin. "And if you're worried about this," he said, his voice now husky as his hands moved to her slightly fuller hips. "Don't be," was all he said and Buffy saw his eyes fall closed and he hardened even more behind her.

"Angel," Buffy called to him when he'd been silent for a long time.

"Sorry," he blushed and he grabbed her hands interlacing their fingers. "You do things to me Baby," he said kissing the side of her neck lightly. "Don't doubt it for a second. I don't want you to question how beautiful, sexy, or amazingly perfect you are for the rest of this pregnancy, you got that," he said sternly and Buffy grinned at how strict he sounded.

"Yes sir," she mock saluted as she turned in his arms. "And thank you," she whispered capturing his lips in hers for a deep kiss.

"I didn't do anything," he told her but she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You did," she nodded. "And you'll probably have to do it a lot more throughout this pregnancy," she sighed but he pulled her body against his.

"If I have to look at my naked wife in a mirror and run my hands over her body every day, I promise I'm good with that," he smirked reaching down and grabbing her ass. "I'd be better with it if I could have dinner first," he raised a playful eyebrow and she smacked him lightly.

"I don't want to go out. I mean…even if I didn't feel weird, I really don't have any good clothes. Just some old sweats and t-shirts," she insisted and he pulled her with him as he sat on the edge of the bed. She stood in between his legs, running her hands through his hair absentmindedly.

"Okay, we won't go out," he agreed. "But tomorrow, we are going to buy you some new clothes."

"Fine," Buffy relented knowing that it was inevitable. "But I'm going to look like a slob when I shop."

"I doubt you're the first pregnant woman to be in that situation," he pointed out and she sighed. He was right. He was always right.

"Order a pizza," she said suddenly and he chuckled at the subject change.

"Okay," he nodded reaching for his cell phone on the nightstand.

"With pepperoni," she added and he looked at her in surprise.

"You hate pepperoni," he said. He hadn't eaten pepperoni in over a year because she hated the smell of it.

"Well, your daughter likes it apparently," she informed him with a shrug. "And we should get dressed so we don't frighten the pizza guy."

"I doubt some pimply faced teenage delivery boy would describe seeing you naked as frightening," Angel pointed out as he dialed the number. "But…it's for my eyes only," he smirked tossing her his t-shirt.