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"I'm home," Tenchi called as he removed his shoes in the foyer. He dropped his backpack before stepping into his house shoes not sure what to expect. After having seen the spaceship he was sure something was going on. Walking into the living room he found it empty and clean, nothing unusual or out of place. He shook his head twice wondering if he had imagined seeing what he saw.

"Only one way to be sure," he said crossing empty room towards the door that led to Washu's lab. If anyone would know anything it would be the diminutive scientist. Over the past five years Tenchi had become close friends with Washu, their shared loss drawing them together. During his weekends at home Tenchi often had long talks with Ryoko's mother about life and school. They never brought up Ryoko though, even after all this time the wound still seemed fresh. Tenchi deep down felt betrayed when Ryoko stayed with the Guardian on Jurai. He sensed Washu harbored similar feelings concerning her only daughter.

He knocked twice before trying the door, which was always open to him, only to find it locked. His brow furled in puzzlement as he tried the handle again, this time pushing on the door as if his weight might convince the door to admit him. Nothing, the door didn't budge. He knocked once more before giving up with a shrug.

"Maybe she's working on some project and can't be interrupted," he mused aloud heading for the stairs. Tenchi figured he still had an hour or so before his father returned home from work, and if Washu was busy that left Tenchi to try to make dinner. That was not a pleasant thought, he had had enough instant food for one week. With nothing to be done about it now Tenchi headed for his room to grab a change of clothes and a towel, at least he could use the Onsen to soak away some of his problems.

As he stepped out of his room, towel slung over one shoulder, Tenchi noticed the door to the room across from his was slightly opened. Now that's strange, he thought. No one had used the room since Ayeka and Sasami had inhabited it years before. No one went in there now as if the room were some sort of shrine to the happiness this house had once enjoyed. Out of sheer curiosity Tenchi stuck his head through the gap and looked around. Nothing had changed, the floor was covered with a soft mat and two bed rolls were folded neatly against the wall. He shut the door before continuing on his way to the bath wondering if he was going crazy after all.

Tecnhi exited the house crossing the yard to the small platform that would take him up to the the floating bath house. Enroute he happened to glance up at his grandfather's shrine noticing a soft glow coming from the area indicating Katsuhito was still up there , an oddity at this late hour. Usually at this time the older man could be found relaxing in the living, most of the time with Washu. Maybe both of them are working late, Tenchi reasoned rising through the night towards the Onsen. Then a thought hit him, if both Washu and Grandpa are working late and Dad's not home why were all the lights on in the house?

"You're looking well," Katsuhito said to his guest pouring the tea as tradition dictated, "Although I must say I am surprised to see you here."

"You're mother thought it wise for me come," the guest answered.

"How is mother," the once crown prince asked sincerely.

"She's fine. Beautiful as always," the guest seemed somewhat miffed about the last part, "She sends her love."

"I'm sorry she couldn't come," Yosho said making small talk. He was hoping to glean some information out of his guest about why they were all here but he was up against a cagey opponent. They had arrived earlier in the evening dropping off four passengers before heading towards their final destination an ocean away. So here he was, in his true form, trying to figure out what was going on and hoping he had time before his grandson returned to prepare the boy for the shock he was about to endure.

"So you aren't happy to see me," his guest said in a dangerous voice pulling him from his thoughts.

"Of course I'm happy to see you," Yosho fidgeted knowing he was in trouble be the look on her face.

"What, you think Funaho could do a better job than me," the powerful woman growled.

"No of course not," Yosho said frightened as he began fishing around for a complement to placate his eccentric guest, "It's just that she has a protector."

"He's not here right now," her voice escalating with her ire, "He's off with HER! Leaving my poor girl alone and defenseless. And some one has to keep an eye on her."

"No one could ask for a more beautiful pair to watch over them," Yosho managed to get out before his guest could wrap her strong hands around his throat.

"Well thank you Yosho," she said sitting back her eyes glittering with the complement.

"Speaking of which," Yosho said getting back to subject, "Where is our budding goddess."

"I believe she said she was going to take a bath before unpacking and preparing dinner," Misaki said petting the a sleeping cabbit in her lap, "Washu's going to be tied up for a while with her guest, and I came to see you , so she had plenty of time before everyone is ready to eat."

At that precise moment Washu was indeed tied up. In a very literal sense, how the little imp had figured out how to use her capture bot was beyond even her considerable comprehension. Washu struggled against her bonds but knew it to be hopeless. Nearby her captor pressing every button on the control panel for her most recent experiment. It was beginning to hum quite loudly and Washu knew that meant nothing good.

"Ieya, dear, please let me go before you hurt yourself," Washu said sweetly to which the five year old responded by looking over her shoulder and sticking out her tongue.

"I'll only let you out if you promise to take me to daddy," she declared fully turning and placing her tiny fists defiantly on her hips in a pose all to familiar to the scientist.

"You're daddy will be back in a few days Ieya," Washu tried to explain, "Until then you're going to stay here with us."

"I don't like you," the imp yelled back, "I want to be with daddy!"

"Listen to me little girl," Washu growled getting angry, "You're going to let me go or I'm going to tell you father how you acted."

"I'm a big girl," the child said straightening and puffing out her little chest, "My daddy says so. And I don't like you, you have bad thoughts."

"I do not," Washu responded caught off guard be that last statement.

"Yes you do," the girl corrected waving a finger, "When you saw daddy you had bad thoughts about him and mommy."

Now Washu was totally at a lack for words. All she could do was stare Ieya, the girl had read her mind. Considering who her father was it made sense, but it was shocking never the less that a child had access to that kind of information. Of course looking at Ieya it was easy to see her parentage. An unruly shock of brown hair topped her chubby face and fell in front of her oblong ears. Her eyes were blue with a starburst of gold round the pupil. Along with her mother's fangs the child had also inherited her temper.

A crash followed by a loud "Ouch," took Wasu's attention away from Eiya towards the commotion. There, sprawled on the floor, was none other than Mihoshi. I'm saved, thought Washu hopefully as Mihoshi picked herself up and brushed off her uniform.

"Whatcha doing Washu," Mihoshi asked fluffing her hair.

"Babysitting," Washu groaned looking pointedly at Ieya.

"Babysitting," Mihoshi said confused before a tug on her pant leg caused her to look down, "Oh, wow. How are you little girl."

Ieya opened her mouth to answer but at that moment the humming machine turned into a roaring racket. Uh, oh, thought Washu. Seconds later Washu, Mihoshi, and the instigator of the whole mess were flying through the air propelled by the explosion of the device. All three were left soot faced and coughing as they rose from the ruble. The first thing Washu realized after making sure they were all alive was that she was free. The second was that Ieya was quietly stepping backward away from Washu.

"Eep," was all she got out before turning to run Washu right on her heels.

"I wonder who that little girl is," Mihoshi said to herself watching Washu round the corner in hot pursuit of the child.

Still oblivious that he had guests Tenchi opened the door to the onsen and closed his eyes taking in a deep breath of the humid air and letting go of the weeks tensions and frustrations. Enjoying the feel of the warm air on his skin Tenchi crossed the wooden floor with his eyes still closed. He put one foot then the other into the warm water and waded in until he was waist deep. He stretched his arms out wide and listened to the sound of the cascading water as it moved from tier to tier within the multi leveled bath house.

The peace was relaxing and Tenchi let his senses dull was the warm water caressed his lower half. Deciding he needed to let his entire body be enveloped by the soft water her merely let go his balance and fell forward expecting to fall face first into the warm pool. Instead his face bumped into something smooth, warm, and much more solid than water. Trying to keep his balance at this unexpected barrier he reached forward to catch himself. Reaching around the object he managed to get a hold although his grasp was tenuous at best on the soft objects in his palms. His only choice was to tightened his grip to maintain his balance as he straightened. This act elicited a startled gasp from the object which in turn caused Tenchi to finally open his eyes. At first all he saw was blue, but not water of any kind as it was made up of fine strands. Hair, the idea dawned on him as he pulled back although his hands were still holding the front of whatever this was. As he leaned back a white shoulder came into view followed by a neck, and then an ear. The head turned and a pink eye looked into one of his own.

Suddenly Tenchi knew there was a naked female in front of him. Then he realized that both of them must have been lost in the warmth of the bath and bumped into each other. Lastly he came to conclusion he was holding onto a very embarrassing portion of her anatomy. Instantly he let go and stumbled back before falling back on his butt in a shallower portion of the pool. Now he managed to get a good look at her, from the back anyways. She was waist deep in water although the curve of her bottom could be made out just at the water line. He long blue hair was bunched up at her neck and protected by a pouch he had seen on another princess many time before. At this point she turned towards him arms folded over her chest and a line of scarlet across her surprised face. Her eyes met his and Tenchi recognized them instantly as he began to babble incoherently, words escaped him.

"Tenchi," she said his name softly almost disbelieving.

"Tsu, Tsu," Tenchi stuttered unable to form the word.

"Tenchi, it's you," She cried happily before rushing towards him forgetting her nakedness. She tackled him causing the water to splash around them as she wrapped her arms around him in a fierce hug. Tenchi felt something ample and soft pressing against his chest as the girl squeezed him. Finally he managed to grab her shoulders and push her back out to arms length.

"Sasami," he finally managed to form a whole word. A sound from behind caused him to look up and away from the princess. Staring back were two very angry red eyes, and again TEnchi lost his ability to form words.

"Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi" and then finally, "Misaki."

"Get your hands off my daughter," she growled livid with rage.

"I'm sorry," was all he got out before Misaki's hand gripped his throat. He did manage one more sound before the Jurian queen choked off his air.


Author's note

It's short I know but I can't write much more with out getting farther into Dream No More's plot line which I'll have up before the end of the week. Anyways in case you're wonder just who Ieya is you'll find out in the next Dream No More chapter and no it's what you think it is I assure you. Sorry to leave you with a cliffhanger but have no fear the next chapter will be longer and more informative. Once again I stress I don't know what my final pairings will be as I can't decide who I like with who anymore. As always thanks for the reviews and keep 'em coming