Written for Lupine Horror, mostly because there really aren't any decent Elfen Lied/HP crossovers...or any Elfen Lied crossovers on here.

If one were to ask her if she believed that someone would accept her odd appearance and actually adopt her, Kaede would have told them to pull her other leg, because it had bells and whistles on it.

That all changed when an odd man looking for work with a weird accent noticed her...and more importantly saw how the other children treated her like a monster.

Remus Lupin was an odd man, but shortly after meeting her for the first time he did something that threw her whole world upside down.

He adopted her...and he even let her keep the puppy she had been raising in secret from the other orphans.

Remus didn't know what the hell he was thinking, adopting the girl like that. He was utterly terrified of turning her into a werewolf like himself, but the look in her eyes had been so heartbreaking he couldn't help it.

The women who ran the place were glad to be rid of her. They considered her a freak, but they couldn't kill her and be done with it because they would get arrested. They hadn't even looked at his financial situation or even if he was a good role model for his new daughter. They had practically thrown her at the first adult willing to take her into the family.

Plus the other children gave him a very bad feeling. Like if he didn't save the girl now something horrible would happen to her soon. He could see the resentment and hate towards her, which made no real sense at all.

Kaede looked at her new 'father' with something akin to resignation and very little hope at all. She clutched the puppy she had hidden in a small tree hollow like a lifeline, and it was a good thing he liked dogs.

"So..." he said awkwardly.

"Kaede," she supplied.

"Right. My name is Remus Lupin. I suppose we might as well get to know each other."

Remus would have said something else, but he felt a sudden pressure in his head that he normally only sensed during ill-fated attempts at legilmency.

He was about to warn the girl about his inner wolf, when to his eternal surprise Moony was the one to back off, not the girl. In fact, Remus could sense that Moony was...submissive?

Kaede's eyes glinted strangely.

"How did you do that? I've never felt him be like that except around an Alpha," asked Remus, honest confusion in his voice.

Kaede looked at him in surprise.

"You heard it too?"

"Right...I think we should be completely honest with each other if this is going to work out," said Remus. If Moony was submissive around the girl, then that lessened the chances he would bite her enough that this could work out.

Kaede held her puppy closer, though she was clearly curious why she had sensed a second presence in Remus' head.

"My name is Remus Lupin, and I'm a werewolf."

Seeing Kaede's shock, he knew that was not what she was expecting. Still, finding out she wasn't the only "freak" in the world did get her to say...

"I'm Kaede Lupin. And this is Pochi."

Remus ruffled her hair, and noticed she had two odd bumps on either side, right around where her ears were. Knowing that most muggles would consider them abnormal, he had an ingenious solution to hiding them in plain sight.

He gave her a pair of dog ears. Seeing Kaede's eyes light up with delight at the way they hid the horns without actually drawing attention really made his day. Kaede didn't take long to open up to Remus once she saw his magic, because now they both had secrets that they had to hide from everyone.

Remus, his magic and his condition. Kaede, with her four invisible hands and her horns.

Remus was again looking for a job when he came back to find a nervous Kaede.

"What's wrong?"

"Some weird man was looking for a girl with horns. I read his mind after I locked the door and he wants to experiment on people like me," said Kaede upset.

"Experiment? How?"

"From what I saw there are others like me, only they kill people with their hands. These people collect us and then do horrible things like shoot cannonballs at us to see if we can block them," said Kaede.

Remus didn't doubt Kaede. He had experience first-hand how dangerous her 'hands' were after Moony had backed off when he had been unable to afford the potion. Moony was more than content to call Kaede his Alpha and follow her lead, rather than try to bite her. Anything that could make a werewolf like Moony back off without even fighting it had to be dangerous.

But Remus didn't see a dangerous animal. He saw a little girl who had been mistreated for far too long because of her natural abilities who needed someone to understand.

And Remus understood far too well, having been bitten so young. He had been treated like a monster because of Fenrir Greyback, so he understood perfectly.

"I'll stay home tomorrow, and if he shows up again we'll leave. Did you see how far he's gone to collect others like you?"

"They've pretty much covered Japan from what I saw."

"Getting into Japan was hard enough...getting out should be simple. The Ministry here would probably be glad to see me leave because of which country I came from."

And he had legally adopted Kaede in both worlds. This was a serious issue, if muggles were capturing a new genetic trait in magical children and doing experiments on them. It could expose magic to those who shouldn't know about it.

Remus made a call to the Japanese Ministry, and a few hours later they had Kaede answering questions, primarily about what she had seen in his mind.

They also confirmed what Remus had suspected from the start. Kaede had magic, more than enough to attend the schools around the world.

Only finding more of these children and checking would confirm Remus' theory that this was a new mutation for magical children.

The next morning, more men showed up, some carrying guns. Remus immediately called the Ministry and they were taken in so that they could talk to them.

He later found out someone had been collecting 'Diclonius', which was the term the men used for people like Kaede.

He was more than a bit alarmed that three of the Temple Guards (Japan's Auror equivalent) had been shot by the men who broke into the house looking for Kaede. They seemed extra frantic to find her for some reason.

"I think it would be best if you left, Lupin-san. These people seem to believe your daughter is a 'queen' of some sort and will not hesitate to kill you to get her," said Takami.

They had captured two of the men and had someone mind walk them. One of them had been a well spring of information.

This man, Kurama, was someone that made Remus sick to look at. He had been far too willing to hand over his own child for experimentation just because he couldn't handle the fact she was different.

"I started planning on heading back to England anyway since Kaede mentioned the first visitor."

Remus had an idea of where they would head too. He knew his other pup, Harry, lived in Surrey. However with the wards and the danger he might turn his nephew into a werewolf like him, he had been unable to see him.

Ever since he adopted Kaede, the situation had changed. The girl kept Moony on a tight leash with her 'hands', what these men called 'vectors' and Moony hadn't even tried to leave the house once. If these Diclonius were that effective in keeping a half-tame werewolf in check around a large population, then they might have a future in dealing with the more dangerous magical animals like Nundu.

He was counting on her to keep Moony from hurting anyone.

"Please let us know when you have found new home to settle in. We may have more questions for your daughter," said Takami.

Remus bowed in thanks that they were going to get a quick departure from the country. Kaede was already brushing up on the English she had 'absorbed' from her father.

Kaede immediately hated the neighborhood that her father had picked out. She knew why he had chosen Surrey, but the sheer normalcy of it made her nauseous.

Fortunately Remus said that the minute the house was bought and they owned the property, they were painting the house a bright pink color to match her hair.

It would be a stark shock in this sea of pastel and boring house colors. Kaede loved it.

The other thing she hated about it was the neighborhood bully, one Dudley Dursley. The kid was fat as hell and he felt it his 'duty' to push around everyone smaller than him, which meant anyone not an adult or older than thirteen.

It also meant his cousin, Harry.

The same Harry who was the sole reason why they had moved to this nightmarish neighborhood in the first place.

To insure that the Ministry wouldn't pick up that a werewolf had moved into the neighborhood, Remus had decided to call himself Mr. Wolfe.

Kaede had thought the lie rather poor, but Remus had assured her that the English Ministry was full of idiots who wouldn't see such an obvious clue unless someone told them.

"Everyone, we have a new student today," said the teacher in a far too chipper voice.

"Hello," said Kaede. Instead of her usual puppy ears to hide her horns, Remus had braided several colorful ribbons to make the horns look like part of the design. Her hair was still bright pink though. Another thing Remus had done was hit her eyes with a color charm to make them look more of a reddish brown instead of the bright blood red.

It was either that or colored contacts, and Kaede had firmly vetoed that option after trying it once. It dried her eyes out too much.

"This is Lucy Wolfe. She'll be learning with us from now on. Isn't that nice?"

Lucy was a nickname given to her by Remus, who had seen far too many of the older sitcoms to be normal. One of which had been 'I Love Lucy', to Kaede's annoyance.

The last time Remus had come back to the house with a cheerful 'Lucy, I'm home~' she had used her vector to slap him on the head. Unfortunately the nickname had stuck.

"What's with your hair?" sneered Dudley loudly.

"You have a problem with pink?" growled Kaede.

"*Freak*" Dudley faked coughed.

Kaede's anger was growing so much that with a light pop, Dudley's blond hair turned from a sand colored blond to a bright girlish pink. Seeing this, the weedy looking boy with bright green eyes and broken frames perked up and started looking at her with more interest.

Hearing the sniggers from the other boys, Dudley immediately looked at the weedy black haired boy in anger.

During recess, Kaede waited for the pig and hissed at him.

"If you make fun of my hair again, I'll do worse than turn your hair pink," she snarled.

Seeing realization come to his beady face the fat pig said loudly "You're like him! Another freak!"

"I might be a freak, but it's better than being a fat piece of shit like you!" said Kaede.

Kaede knew a lot of words...some of them were words a girl her age weren't supposed to say.

It soon quickly developed into a shouting match, one the teachers were too busy or too tired to stop. So long as it didn't come to blows it wasn't their problem.

Years of trying to curtail Dudley's behavior and having the more dedicated and passionate teachers sent away for trying to remove the cousin from the home had lead to a distinct sense of apathy in the school. As a result, the teachers simply quit caring.

During lunch, while the other children avoided her like the plague, the lone child that hadn't looked at her funny for her pink hair timidly asked if he could sit with her.

It was Harry, or what she could only assume was Remus' other pup as he liked to call her.

"Sure. Dad made too much for me to eat in one sitting anyway."

Harry gratefully sat down, and Kaede made a point to trip the fat Dudley with her vectors if he came within the limit of her hands.

It was nice to finally have a name for the things.

After seeing how Dudley treated his cousin, Kaede started carrying an extra lunch for Harry the next day.

When a week passed, she invited Harry over to the house for a sleepover. His aunt couldn't get rid of him fast enough.

Remus took one look at Harry and he nearly unleashed Moony on Petunia before the moon was even full.

Safe his furry arse! If it wasn't for the fact Dumbledore would keep him from seeing Harry ever again, or worse, take Kaede and Harry away, Remus would have gone straight to the castle and ripped the man a new one.

Sleeping in a cupboard? Barely fed? Bruises all over his body and glasses that didn't even fit right, let alone barely allowed him to see? Not to mention the verbal and physical abuse heaped on him from both his aunt, uncle and fat cousin?

Remus was pissed and so was his inner wolf. Harry was his cub, the last remaining member of the pack. There was no way he was letting this slide.

Remus had Harry deliver a message to Petunia. It was time to pull a fast one on Dumbledore.

"Hello Petunia."

"YOU! I'll not have your freakishness in my..." started Petunia but Remus cut her off.

"Save it. We both want Harry out of that house, but the fact is Dumbledore has a watcher on the neighborhood. Arabella is a good woman, but he's clearly using her to make sure Harry stays in that house whether or not he's welcome."

"Figg? That insane woman who has too many cats?"

"Most of them are kneazles, and yes. She's a Squib, one born to a magic family but without any herself. Here's the deal. My daughter Lucy is going to invite Harry over for extended 'sleepovers' and I'll act as your go-to babysitter while you take your son out. In exchange Harry will spend as little time in that house as possible without anyone figuring out what's really going on."

Petunia's eyes glinted.

"You'll take the boy off our hands?"

"As often as possible. We can claim he's smitten with Lucy. And if Arabella asks, tell her I'm a muggleborn who's daughter figured out Harry is like me. There's a reason I'm going by Mr. Wolfe. Give a fake description I can readily change into, so they won't figure out who I am," said Remus.

In his hands were other papers too. Magical adoption papers that would transfer all legal responsibility from Petunia to Remus.

It wouldn't make Remus his mundane guardian, but it would allow Petunia to dump Harry on him for days on end since she couldn't stand magic...all for a few lies and some misdirection.