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The Magic Of Believing

Chapter 1-Dreams and Visions

Twelve o'clock midnight, nothing is heard but the crickets chirping, the gentle breeze, the rustling of the grass, and the light footsteps of the gnomes. This is perfectly normal when one lives in The Burrow. It's July 31, and a boy just turned fifteen. You might think that this boy is your ordinary teenager, however if you take the time to learn of his life and history, you would think twice.

He is a young wizard, a powerful dark wizard, Voldemort, killed his parents, thus, he was left in the care of his uncle, aunt and cousin, all of which hate magic or anything to do with it, including Harry. Voldemort wanted to kill Harry as well, but his mother's love for him protected him from Avada Kedavra, the killing spell. The spell backfired and Voldemort went in to hiding. His last year in Hogwarts was one of the most traumatizing years he has ever experienced. Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff seeker, was killed. Plus, Voldemort has risen once again, his followers had banded together, and Voldemort was ready to continue his dark ways.

Harry is now in the burrow for Mr. Weasley, Bill, and George have come to fetch him to spend the rest of the summer with them. Miraculously, he was able to convince the Dursleys to let the Weasleys fetch him via Floo powder. Mr. Dursley was just glad to get Harry out of his hair. Harry noticed though that his friends were acting a little off when they came to fetch him.


"C'mon, c'mon, Harry!" shouted George, pulling Harry's sleeve.

"Floo's a wastin'. Hurry up!" George was one of the mischievous twins of the Weasley family. It was his job to keep Harry distracted from the surprise birthday party they were planning for him.

"I'm coming George!" responded Harry, looking puzzled. "What's with the rush anyway and where's Ron?"

 "Erm…uh-um…y-you-you…you see…" stammered George.

"Well, Harry, the answer to both of your questions is that your friend, Hermione, came over and now they're having an intense argument. Since you were planning to come over, we decided to get you to try and break up the fight. " came Bill to George's rescue.

 "Thanks Bill." whispered George, gratefully.

"No problem." answered Bill.

"Well, now that we sorted everything out, I guess we'll be leaving now." stated Mr. Weasley.

"Goodbye then!" he added to the Dursleys. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were standing as far as possible from the wizards to avoid any 'accident' that might happen and Dudley was sitting on the couch for fear that they might give him another tail or elongate his tongue again. They gave a weak nod and the four wizards were off.

Back in The Burrow, they landed in the kitchen and the sight of Ron in an apron with frills greeted Harry.

"Ron!" exclaimed Harry, trying to hold in his laughter.

"What are you wearing?" George was laughing hysterically by now. "I…um…I… lost the muggle card game 'spit' with Hermione." lied Ron. "We made a bet that the loser would wear whatever the winner wants them to. Unfortunately, the apron was the thing she saw."

"You don't know haw bad he is at 'spit' Harry!" giggled Hermione, playing along. "The game didn't even last for two minutes!"

"I'm a beginner!" countered Ron.

"So? I won the first time I played, and I didn't even hear the proper rules!" objected Hermione.

 "Alright guys, break it up." interrupted Harry.

Ginny entered the kitchen and blushed when she saw Harry. "Um, hi Harry." She said shyly. "Mom said that you put your stuff in Ron's room and you should get ready for dinner." She turned to Ron after Harry nodded. "What the-"

"Don't ask" interrupted Ron.

"Anyway…" continued Ginny "Mom said that you help Harry with his things."

"Okay," answered Ron. "C'mon Harry." Harry nodded and they both carried the trunk toward Ron's room. Hedwig was perched on the bed Harry usually used.

"Hey Hedwig!" greeted Harry. Hedwig hooted and Harry turned to Ron. "You could take that off now Ron" he snickered. "Oh, hush up!" Ron grumbled.

Harry spent the rest of the day with Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and George, while the others continued to plan their party for Harry. Every time Harry asked a question on what the others were doing, each person would make a believable excuse to cover up. This went on until it was time for dinner and afterwards, bed.

***End of Flashback***

Harry was now in bed, sleeping. The fact that he didn't have to see the Dursleys for the rest of the summer brightened his mood even more than it was now. His relatives never liked him and in return he never liked them. He always preferred going to Hogwarts than living in a house where no one cared for him.

At first glance, you'd think that Harry was having a calm, and peaceful sleep, but if you look closely, he was tossing and turning, beads of sweat were forming on his forehead and his brow was furrowed. He was having a nightmare, but not the regular nightmare that you would think of. Sometimes, his nightmares represent something, but he could never figure out what until it happens.

~*~ Harry's Dream ~*~

'Where am I?' Harry asked himself. 'What is this place?' He was in some kind of castle that had a gloomy look to it. A man with long, blonde hair was walking down the hallway towards him. 'Maybe I should ask him' Harry thought. "Excuse me!" he said out loud and stood in the man's way. "Excuse me! Could you please tell me where I am sir? I'm kind of lost." He explained, as the man got closer. The man just ignored him and the most surprising thing happened, he walked right through Harry! Harry just stood there in shock for a few seconds. 'How did that happen?' he wondered. 'It must be like that time in Tom Riddle's diary. Well, there's no use in just standing here, I'll just follow that guy and have a look to what this place is.' Harry turned and followed the man to a small balcony. The man stopped and teleported to the other balcony, leaving Harry dumbfounded on the one he was standing on presently. Suddenly, the man began to change, his face started to turn green and a red stripe streaked across his eyes. His teeth became sharp fangs and turned a sickly, yellow color. His skin turned to green scales and his nails grew to claws. The last part of his transformation was his tail, it grew in length and it coiled around his legs.

"Well, leader of the guardians," the man said, looking down from where he was standing. Curiously, Harry followed suit and looked down. He saw a girl who had red hair and was wearing casual clothing inside what looked like a sort of giant bubble. Her back was turned so he couldn't see her face.

"Are you ready to give me the heart of Kandrakar?" the man asked the girl.

"NO! I'll never give it to you!" said the girl.

"Such courage, a pity though that you don't see things the way I do," power seemed to gather in his hands "This is your last chance keeper of the wall.  Either you give up the medallion or I'll have to use force!"

"You will never win Cedric." snarled the girl.

"You leave me with no choice. You have chosen the wrong side." With that, he opened his palm and there seemed to be a green, flaming sphere of energy floating above it.  He hurled it towards the girl. Harry watched, unable to do anything as the sphere hit the girl with such force that he was thrown back. When he opened his eyes, he saw the girl's lifeless body lying on the floor.  The whole image faded and Harry woke up. He bolted upright and wiped his forehead. His heart was beating fast, as if he had been running.  He got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.  Harry couldn't help it, but he kept thinking about the girl. Who was the girl, who was this "Cedric", is it even true? Harry stopped himself and thought maybe he was being silly. Should he be worried about the dream at all? Questions were going through his head and he had no way of answering them. He decided to go outside for some fresh air.

"Ron? Mrs. Weasley? Fred? George?" Harry called out.  He wondered where the Weasleys were. He walked all throughout the house looking for the Weasleys.  After a while, Harry gave up. He went into the kitchen and heard a voice outside. Harry opened the back door and…

"Surprise!" yelled the Weasleys.  Harry face broke into a smile and momentarily forgot about the dream.  The party was great. The cake was a towering masterpiece of icing and the food was delicious. Harry, Ron and Hermione were chatting happily in their own table. Fred and George told jokes and at the end, made a wonderful display of lights with numerous spells. At the end, there was a bright blue "Happy Birthday Harry" floating in the sky with a Quidditch player zooming around.

"It can only be seen by wizards of course!" said Charlie, patting Harry on the back.  Everyone gave him a present and Harry was so happy, he couldn't stop smiling.

            Meanwhile, in an empty lot in Heatherfield, five 15-year-old girls are training. These girls are not ordinary girls.  They are Guardians of the Stitching and have strong powers yet they still need to master these. They have to keep the monsters from crossing twelve portals all across Heatherfield.  The monsters come from the Metaworld. The girls have been given the powers to combat the monsters.  There is Will Vandom, she holds the Heart of Kandrakar in her hand. The Heart contains the powers of the rest of the group. Irma Lair has the power of water and can transfigure objects or make people disappear.  Taranee Cook has the power of fire and is also telepathic.  Cornelia Hale has the power of earth and can also transfigure objects. Then last but not least, there is little Hay Lin. She has the power of air and can see people's memories by listening to the persons' favorite music.

"Alright, let's start." instructed Will. "Who wants to try first?"

They were practicing their aim.  Their targets were bull's eyes set nine meters away from them.  To make it more challenging, the targets were swinging and hanging from a tree branch. 

            "I'll see if I can hit it with a fire ball." said Taranee.

She summoned multiple balls, which hovered before her. With a wave of her hand, one of the spheres zoomed towards target and hit the side, chipping it. She hurled a second one and it got nearer to the center. With each sphere, she got nearer to the bull's eye until the seventh one hit it dead on.

            "Bull's eye!" cried Hay Lin. "Great job Taranee!"

            "Thanks Hay Lin." said Taranee. "Who's going next?" She asked, turning to her friends.

            "Why don't you go next Hay Lin?" suggested Will.

            "Sure!" she responded.

They felt a sudden rush of wind as Hay Lin summoned her power and lifted rocks. She hurled the rocks at the three targets. Each target was hit by a rock.

            "Yes!" Hay Lin whooped, jumping up and down.

            "I'm next!" Cornelia said, stepping forward.

She summoned some vines, which immediately sprang out from the earth. The vine cracked under her command. The leaves flew towards the target. Like Hay Lin, she was able to hit all three targets.

            "Yeah, yeah. Big deal." said Irma.

Irma spotted a barrel of water and commanded the water to hit the bull's eye. However, she was only able to hit two targets.

            "Ha! Big deal? I hit more than you!" chuckled Cornelia.

            "A least I hit the bull's eye!" Irma said.

            "But I hit all three!" Cornelia shot back.

            "You're just a big, arrogant, showoff!" Irma said.

            "Take that back!" said Cornelia, her eyes flaring.

            "What if I don't?" said Irma.

            "Then I'll make you!" said Cornelia, advancing towards Irma.

Taranee and Hay Lin rushed up and tried to separate them. Will sighed and sat down on the ground. She opened her hand to reveal the Heart of Kandrakar.

~*~Will's vision~*~

She stared at the medallion and saw a blurry vision of a black-haired boy. She squinted her eyes to get a clearer view. The boy seemed to be long garments and on his arm perched a snowy owl. She also noticed that he wore round glasses. He seemed to be standing in front of a huge castle that had a banner with four animals and a big "H" on it. Suddenly, he looked at her and called, "Will…" then starts to walk towards her, "Will…"

~*~End of vision~*~

"WILL!" called Cornelia, "Earth to Will! Are you there?" her hair was presently in a tangled mess and she was trying to fix it.

"Huh…wha…?" said Will, coming back to her senses. "Oh, um, I'm fine Cornelia-aahhh?!" she screamed, looking at her friend. "What happened to your hair?!"

"Haven't you been paying attention?" started Cornelia, "Irma just gave me a new hairstyle!"

"I said I was sorry!" Irma stated, looking at the rip Cornelia made in her jacket.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't notice."  giggled Will.

"Anything wrong Will?" asked a concerned Taranee. "You seemed to be kind of preoccupied earlier."

"Nothing's wrong," responded Will. "I-I'm alright"

Her friends looked at her curiously, but decided to let it pass.

"Well, if you're sure," said Hay Lin, still looking at her curiously, "we better get going, it's getting dark." she stated, glancing at the sky.

They all nodded to this and started packing their things. Cornelia finally got her hair fixed and Irma decided to fix her jacket at her house. While leaving, Will paused and thought back on what she saw.

'Who was that boy?' she thought to herself, "What does this all mean?"

"WILL!" shouted Irma, waving a hand in front of her face. "We have to go! Don't space out on us every twenty seconds."

"Oh, sorry!" apologized Will "I'm just tired, that's all."

"Okay, but if you do that again I'll personally see to it that Taranee reads your thoughts." said Cornelia.

"Okay, I won't space out," exclaimed Will "just don't read my thoughts. I want to think in peace if you don't mind."

They all laughed and went on home.