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Chapter 2 – Surprises

The Metaworld, the surroundings show no signs of happiness. The feeling of darkness continues to grow as a mysterious, hooded figure came to discuss certain matters with the prince of the Metaworld, Lord Cedric.

"Who are you and what have you come for, stranger?" asked Cedric.

"Does it matter?" mocked the figure. "What matters as of now is the fact that you seem to need some help concerning five guardians of the stitching."

"Yes, your name matters!" growled Cedric. "And whoever said that I needed help concerning them?"

"I have my sources, " said the figure. "and they tell me that you are unable to hurt any of them."

  Cedric grimaced at the truth in his words, "Very well then," he reluctantly said. "What's the catch?"

"In return," requested the figure. "you must help me catch a boy, who has escaped my clutches numerous times…"

"Wait!" interrupted Cedric. "Why would I want you to help me with five girls if you can't even catch one boy?"

"The boy goes to a school which I can't enter." snapped the figure. "That's where you come in."

"Hmmm…" Cedric paused. "Sounds reasonable…we will have to join forces to beat those pests."

"Very well," agreed the figure. " and, if you need to call me by a name, just remember, 'Voldemort.'"

Both dark lords agreed to join forces and started planning what to do in order to get rid of the said kids, once and for all. The dark times have just gotten darker.


Meanwhile, in Kandrakar, the Oracle was looking into a bubble that looked like the medallion itself. The bubble was showing the image of an old man with long, white hair and a white beard that reached his waist. The man wore long robes and half-moon glasses, which rested on his nose that looked like it was broken in two places. The man's eyes held the wisdom that he had in his old age.

"Albus Dumbledore," called the Oracle. "we need to talk."

The image of the man turned to face the Oracle.

"Hello Oracle," said Dumbledore. "long time no see, is there a problem?"

"I'm afraid there is, Dumbledore." said the Oracle sadly "The dark lords seem to be merging their powers."

"What is the reason behind this?" Dumbledore asked.

"It is not clear," answered the Oracle. "but their joining forces might have to do with the chosen ones."

"Will Vandom, the leader of the guardians, and Harry Potter, the boy who lived. What would the dark lords be planning?" Dumbledore wondered.

"They must be planning to kill the children." stated the Oracle. "That's why I need your help, Dumbledore. Hogwarts is the safest place that I can think of in your world."

"The girls do have magical abilities, so there's no need to worry about muggles in the school," considered Dumbledore. "I'll see what it can do."

"Thank you, Dumbledore." smiled the Oracle. "I know you can protect them."

"I'll do my best, Oracle." said Dumbledore.

The link closed and Dumbledore sighed, 'Five girls,' he thought. 'They can't study here, they're too old for first year, their ages match up to fifth years. How am I going to do this? Hmmm…Maybe, just this once… '


The next day, Will woke up and got ready for a new. Her mother was out for the weekend, so she was alone. 'Ah, it's Saturday. No problems…' She got dressed and went down, 'No worries…' she checked the mail, 'No…' she came across a letter with a seal that had the same symbol as the banner she saw in her vision '…surprises?' "What the?" Will gasped; she looked at the envelope and saw that it was addressed to her. She took it and rushed to her room, locking her door. She opened the envelope, took the letter out and read:

Dear Miss Vandom,

I solemnly announce that you and your friends need to stay under the protection of Hogwarts, which is a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Thus, no one would be suspicious of your magical powers.

You would have to stay for the whole school year, a total of nine months. Just have your astral drops replace you for the time being. School will begin on September 1. You have all the time to decide until then .You do not need to study, but I suggest that you try and make some friends there that you can trust while you spend your time there. You may not need the books, but the robes and wands are required. I suggest that you bring materials for your entertainment since you might not do anything when the other students are studying. You may also bring a pet if you wish. There are four houses in Hogwarts. Once you get there you are all supposed to stay with Gryffindor.

When you are all ready to leave, create your astral drops and take a train to London. Tickets are enclosed in this letter for your convenience. Once you get to London, a friend of mine will be there to guide you through the basics. Do not worry about finding him, though. He is fairly easy to spot, just look for the biggest person in the crowd.


Albus Dumbledore

P.S.= Also enclosed is a list of basic spells that you need to learn.

P.P.S.= A message from the Oracle: "Don't fool around with this kind of magic. And try not talking about this on your trip to London."

Will just stared at the letter for a few seconds, her mouth gaping open at what she just read. 'What will the others say when I tell them about this?' she asked herself 'They won't be happy…'

She called her friends and told them to meet her at the park. They had new problems to add to the old ones and she needed all of their opinions before making a decision.

At the park, Will waited for her friends to arrive. First to arrive was Cornelia, Taranee came after a few minutes. Last to arrive were Hay Lin and Irma. All of her friends were curious on why she held a sudden meeting.

"Hey Will, what's up?" asked Irma.

"I received a weird letter this morning," explained Will. "it looks important. Here, take a look." She handed the letter to Cornelia, who then read it out loud and all listened in silent shock as she went through it. After a few moments, Hay Lin piped up first and broke the silence with one simple question.

"Protection?" she inquired. "From what?"

"I don't know," admitted Will. "but if the Oracle is involved in any way, I think it's worth considering."

"But how are you so sure?" asked Cornelia. "I mean, there's no real proof that the Oracle is involved!"

"There might be a way," stated Will. "with the heart of Kandrakar."

They all watched her as she summoned the said item and held it over the letter, which started to glow. Letters rearranged themselves and started to form the word: TRUST. After a few seconds, the letter returned to its' original form. With that done, the heart of Kandrakar went back to Will's open hand. She then greeted her friends' stunned faces with one of her own.

"That proves it then." she said. "Now what do we do?"

Instantly, the letter, as if answering her question, glowed again and began to transform itself into a map similar to the map of the twelve portals. On the top right intricate handwriting wrote the word: LONDON. And on the bottom left, three simple words were formed. Written there was: THE THIRTEENTH PORTAL. The map seemed to show a secluded area in London, for they have never seen it in regular maps when they studied it. Thanks to this, once again, the girls were in shock.

"The thirteenth portal?!" shrieked Irma, turning to Hay Lin. "You grandmother said there were only twelve!"

"She never said that!" defended Hay Lin. "She only said that the map she gave me would show us the twelve portals in Heatherfeild!"

"So what you're saying is that, possibly, there are portals all around the world?" asked Taranee.

"We wouldn't know," said Will. "We may not want to, but I think the only way to answer that question is to consider going there, to London."

"But this is different." countered Taranee. "The time period said was one year. Usually, when we use our astral drops, we only allow them to take our place for a few days. That creates another problem for us: Will our astral drops last that long?"

"As if what we're doing now in Heatherfeild and school work isn't enough!" sighed an exasperated Cornelia.

"So let's just go then and talk to this Bumblebore, whatever person about the thirteenth portal and get this over with!" Irma shrugged.

"It's Dumbledore, for your information." said Cornelia as-a-matter-of-factly.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" asked Irma, glaring at the blonde.

"Oh, nothing…nothing…" mumbled Cornelia.

"Why, you!" exclaimed the brunette.

"Guys, please!" interrupted Taranee. "We have enough problems as is, don't add up to them."

Cornelia, who was about to say something, closed her mouth and glared back at Irma, who was doing the same. Will sighed and watched the two stare at each other.

"So, are we going or not?" asked Hay Lin, ignoring the staring contest.

"I think we should." said Taranee, also ignoring their two friends. "This is part of our mission to save the stitching, we can't just let that portal remain open."

"So it's decided," started Will. "that we go to  London tomorrow night?"

Everyone nodded, including the two who were still, somehow, glaring at each other whilst the conversation continued.

"Aren't you two getting tired?" Hay Lin asked the two.

"No." they said simultaneously and continued to glare at each other.

"Alright guys, enough." Will said, going in between them and blocking their view of the other. "All of your staring is giving me a headache!"

"Fine." Irma huffed.

Both turned away and crossed their arms.

"Oh c'mon, both of you," sighed Hay Lin. "we won't be able to make our astral drops if you're like that the whole time."

"Okay, just pack your stuff and we'll meet at the empty lot near the station." Said Will, when the blonde and brunette calmed down. "Be there at 1 o'clock tomorrow."

They all agreed and went to each of their homes, packing the items that they needed and wanted for their stay at Hogwarts.

Will had no problem packing her assets, but since the dormouse was her responsibility, she had to bring it. She just didn't know how much trouble that would be until it was time to pack the said animal. So when Sunday arrived…

"Hey!" she shouted, trying to catch the furry creature.

The dormouse ran around her room knocking down several piles of books and her frog lamp. Will chased it, knocking down a few of her stuff as well, but ended up face flat on the floor after tripping on a rather large book. The dormouse quickly hid under the bed and went as far away from her reach as it could.

"That won't work!" Will said getting up and moving the bed sheets away, grabbing the dormouse. She walked over to a basket and locked it, securely, inside.

"C'mon, you won't be in there for long."  she said, looking at the wiggling basket. "And if you behave, I'll unlock the basket and I'll take you out from time to time."

The basket stopped wiggling so much, but it still twitched every other minute or so. Will then shrugged on her backpack full of her assets and picked up the basket. And rode her bike to the empty lot.

Once there, they all arrived at the same time, each carrying their own backpack or duffle bag.

"So," Irma said uncertainly. "let's get this over with."

"I agree," responded Taranee with the same tone. "the faster we do this the less it will hurt when we leave."

"Concentrate, guys." reminded Will, while taking out the heart of Kandrakar. "We won't make proper astral drops if we're all so gloomy. Remember what happened when I tried to do that."

That advice seemed to make them concentrate less on their sorrows and more on making their 'twins.'

They closed their eyes as heart of Kandrakar hovered for a moment. Then, it started to shine brightly, its light covering all five girls. A gust of wind, seemingly coming out of nowhere, started to swirl in the middle of their small circle. Light then also started to shine at their feet, and slowly, bit-by-bit, their astral drops rose from the glow, each an exact copy of their creators. The wind died down down, and the light faded to a glimmer as the heart of Kandrakar returned to Will's open palm. They all opened their eyes and saw their 'twins' standing in front of them.

"This never ceases to amaze me." Irma said, pulling at her astral drop's hair.

"Hey!" complained her 'twin.' "You've go t your own hair to tug at!"

Cornelia then circled her astral drop, examining it.

"Aha! She's not my exact replica! She's got…a broken nail!" she announced, holding up her astral drop's right hand.

"Why don't you look at your own?!" it shrieked at her, while Cornelia covered her ears to avoid damage to her eardrums.

"I think it's doing a good job of being you, though." whispered Irma.

"You've got a point." her astral drop agreed.

"Okay, quit it! All four of you!" said Will, not giving them a chance to start up again.

Cornelia stopped teasing her twin but still had a wide smile on her face. Her astral drop fortunately decided to ignore her and slid her hand into her pocket. Irma and her twin exchanged glances and grinned. Will sighed and turned to her astral drop as the others talked to theirs.

 "How about you?" she asked. "Do you know everything needed?" She remembered the time when her astral drop didn't act like herself. She didn't want the same thing to happen again. Her astral drop waved her hand in a comforting way and nodded.

"Don't worry," she assured her creator. "I won't do anything out of the ordinary this time."

"Good." said Will relieved. They both giggled as they recalled what happened with Matt, the guy who Will was taken with.

After a few moments of final instructions, the five magical girls walked to the train station while their astral drops rode the bikes back home.

At the Heatherfield train station, Will took out the tickets from the envelope and read the platform number.

"Our train's at platform 11, guys." she announced. "We better hurry, it leaves in half an hour."

She handed each of her friends their tickets and rushed to platform 11. Reaching it, they presented their tickets and boarded the train. They then found empty seats and put their bags on the luggage rack. They just sat when they heard an announcement from the speakers…

"Ladies and gentlemen, this train is about to leave for London. We will arrive at our destination tomorrow by 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We hope that you enjoy your ride. Thank you."

Will unlocked the basket that she had with her and took out the dormouse, which quickly curled up in her lap, sleep intent on its mind. They all settled in and did the same, each wondering what would happen once they reach their destination.

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