The decisions we make

I don't own Intelligence or its characters. Michael Seitzman does. I just like to day dream and play with his characters.

Rated T to be safe. I may play with the Rating later.


"We are defined by the decisions we make when all could be lost", Lillian Strand once told Riley Neal. As Gabriel's protector, Riley had to make decisions from the first moment she realized that her career in the Secret Service was over and replaced with a job she never applied for and, most definitely, if she had a choice, wouldn't accept it.

The beginning was difficult but in the past year she and Gabriel managed to create a balanced protector/ protectee relationship, while an off duty friendship developed.

Of course, they were still bantering over who enters first in a room, who drives the car, Riley's tackling techniques and Gabriel's "girl" complex, but they earned each other trust and respect.

Trust. She trusted Gabriel with her like, there was no doubt in that. In the middle of the bullets rain, explosions and other world peace threatening events, they had each other backs.

And the most important: none of them had a hidden agenda. They shared their plans and learned to work in complete sync even when the nice people from CIA turned to have other plans and they were forced to improvise in order to save their mission and asses.

Now she had a decision to make. A plan to follow without her partner's knowledge. A choice that, when revealed, will shatter everything they built in the last year.

Maybe it it for the right reasons as Dr. Cassidy told her while helping her with the last touches of the new set up, but deep down she knows that when the things will come back to normal, she will have to say good-bye to Gabriel and Cybercom, and not because she will decide it or because Lillian will fire her, but because Gabriel will personally throw her out of his life.