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The Vampire Aoshi
By Tesuka-chan

"Darn it all," she shivered. Looking like a drowned rat dressed in a blue prom dress, her long black hair plastered to her face and neck and her mascara running down her face, her blue eyes scanned the dense forest in front of her. The rain is pouring hard and the night sky is ominously dark and eerie, with no light whatsoever.

"Okay, either I go to this really creepy forest or I face those drunk jerks." She sighed.

"Hey," a low drunk voice shouted, not too far behind her, "where's that bitch?"

"Ow!" another voice rasped out.

"Hey, watch where you goin'!"

"I'm watchin' man!"

"Well, you're obviously not watchin' closely!"

The girl sighed again and started trekking over huge roots that can easily be mistaken as snakes and abnormally large ferns that can only be found in that part of the country. She hurried her steps as she heard them getting closer.
"I wonder how those jerks could even walk in their state…" she trudged on.


"What was that?" The girl stopped and caught her breath. "I should've lost them by now…" She trembled. Wrapping her shawl more tightly around her, she hitched up her skirts and began running frantically deeper into the woods, stumbling on rocks, her clothes tearing on pointed branches. Panting deeply, She hid under the shade of an old willow tree and waited.

And waited.
She sat down, her hand resting lightly on one particularly large root and felt something… slimy.

"Yuck!" She quickly drew her hand away and glimpsed at her hand. "What's this? What the…" Blood red.

"No… Oh no… this can't be happening to me," her voice trembled and she gulped, peeping at the other side of the tree. There was a strange hunched- like shape, and as she looked more closely, she recognized the form. A boy. Wet and shivering with cold, barely wearing anything but tattered clothes and faded jeans. The boy sensed another presence, and he looked up at the girl. She gasped. The most beautiful blue eyes she'd ever seen. And the coldest. His face was pale marble, with finely cut aristocratic cheekbones and disheveled short hair. Certainly, the most handsome boy she'd ever come across.

"Help me please," He whispered softly, painfully, as if the hardest thing in life is to speak. He looked at her throat, her pretty face, her stricken huge eyes. "I'm so hungry… please, help."

Her panic abated and he heart moved with pity. "I'll get you to a hospital, don't worry." She moved closer to him, as if to comfort him… "don't worry, I'm here…"

The boy then suddenly shifted and leaped at her throat. A surprised sound turned to a bloodcurdling terrifying scream. He started tearing at her flesh with vampire teeth, glistening with fresh blood. His food and drink. His life source.


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