Pain filled the girl, but she refused to cry. What would her sister say if she saw her like this. Her sister. Strong, smart, courageous, and independent. Julchen had nothing to fear from the world, she would do what she wanted, and now she was gone. Gone off with their mother, somewhere Maria would never see her again. Gone forever.

"Feli...cian...a..." She groaned, reaching out a hand for the scared Italian. "" She grimaced, pulling herself up a bit. "Get...out...alive...I'" Feliciana nodded, heaving herself up, whirling around to run, just like she did in training, exept this time it was real. Maria watched the girl go, smiling proudly. "That'" She didn't complete the sentance, her head falling to slam into the floor. But she didn't react.

She never would.

Sorry, it's kinda depressing...

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