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The Tenoh Identity

Prologue: Blood In The Sand

"Get her! She can't escape!" The blonde woman shot a glance over her shoulder, fear in her teal eyes, and increased her speed, despite the pain that rushed through her body. "Where do you think you can go?" one of her chasers yelled. "We are on a ship!" The blonde reached the deck of the huge ship, and without hesitation, she ran towards the railing and jumped over it with one fluid, fast motion. "NO!" one of her captors screamed when she landed in the water with a splash and started to swim. "Shoot! Shoot her! She mustn't live!" the man shouted, and shortly after, bullets were fired at the swimming blonde. Two of them found their mark in her back, she screamed and went under water. Soon, the sea was calm again, no sign of the blonde left.

Michiru Kaioh wandered down the beach, like she did every morning, deep in thought. Her gaze was directed upwards towards the sky, and so she didn't notice the person that laid in the sand until she nearly fell over her. "Ugh! What the…" Looking down, Michiru let out a small startled yelp. Next to her feet, a blonde woman laid face down in the sand. "Ichiro!" Michiru yelled. "Ichiro, come here!" One moment later, her brother Ichiro came running towards her. "What is it…holy Shit!" he cried out when he spotted the woman lying on the ground. "Help me turn her on her back." Michiru pleaded. Ichiro nodded, and together the two of them turned the unconscious blonde around. Michiru held both hands over the woman's head and concentrated, and once more freaked her brother out with her psychic ability. "Light concussion." She mumbled while her hands traveled down, over the blondes neck on to her chest, where they stopped a moment. "Bruised rib cage…nothing broken, though…two shot wounds in her back, not too deep…" Her hands made their way down to the blondes arms. "Cuts and a dislocated wrist." Ichiro gaped at the list of wounds his sister detected, but stayed silent. Finally, Michiru was done with her check. "Her legs are all right." She informed her brother. "We should get her into the house and take care of her wounds." Ichiro nodded and carefully picked the tall blonde up on his arms, groaning at the weight of her. "Man, she's heavy." He panted. Michiru just shrugged, and the two of them made their way over to their house – not knowing in what trouble they had brought themselves.