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Epilogue: Here With Me

Haruka let herself fall down on the hotel bed and stared up at the ceiling, letting out a little sigh. Chasing and beating up that two bank robbers really had tired her out. Her eyes moved away from the ceiling and over to where Michiru stood, who was currently undressing herself. The blonde could feel how lust started to well up inside her, although she still felt tired, and let out a small chuckle. Michiru stopped undressing and turned to look at Haruka with a frown. "Honey? What's so funny?" Haruka shrugged and sat up. "Nothing particular. I'm just feeling good." Michiru smiled, quickly finished undressing and bounced over to the bed, jumping and landing on it next to Haruka. "Good to hear that, Love." the aqua haired girl smiled before her girlfriend and she shared a loving kiss. "I love you." the blonde whispered as soon as the kiss had ended. "Love you too." Michiru replied, smiling. The couple hugged before they laid back down, Michiru immediately moving as close as possible to Haruka, cuddling up to her. The blonde smiled, turned the light off by shooting the switch with a string of web and put both arms around her lover. Michiru let out a happy little sigh and closed her eyes. The two women laid in darkness for a while, and Michiru almost had fallen asleep, when Harukas low, husky voice broke the silence: "Michiru?" "Yes, love?" Michiru replied, yawning after she had finished speaking. "Will you...will you stay with me? Forever, I mean?" Haruka asked, her fear of rejection suddenly shining through in her voice. Michiru leaned up on her right arm and looked down at Haruka, knowing that the blonde could see her perfectly. "Of course, Haruka." she replied, smiling. "I love you. And I'll never leave you, promise." Haruka smiled and pulled her lover close again, kissing her. "I love you too...and I'm so happy that it was you who found me on the beach that day." She let out a little sigh while Michiru closed her eyes again. "Sleep now, love." Haruka whispered into her ear, gently stroking her back. "Sleep..." "And stay forever, here with me." the blonde added in her mind. Michiru nodded and soon wandered off into dreamland, while Haruka laid next to her, holding her, and smiling in the darkness of the bedroom.

~*~ The End ~*~