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Trunks woke up, dazed.

"Where…" he said, sitting up and looking around. His stomach churned and he felt as if he was going to vomit. He gulped down the sour bile and pressed his mind hard to remember. It hurt, that was all he knew. He dropped his head back into the soft pillows and groaned, then groaned again as a pain seared through his head.

"Aw man…" he moaned, putting his arm over his forehead. "Talk about a major hangover…"

He got up slowly and shuffled to the toilet naked to the skin to wash up. He couldn't really remember fully what he was doing in that place. He splashed cold water in himself and stared at himself in the mirror.

"Urgh" he said. He brushed his teeth then took a hot shower. When he came out his headache had disappeared and he remembered everything. His chest constricted partly in fear as he walked out of the toilet as he recalled the incidents of the last night.


Friday night. Time for all students to just relax and enjoy the weekend in peace.

Or, for the two demi-Saiyans, time for them to go road cruising in Gohan's new sports car.

They were taking that night and Saturday away from their families to just enjoy themselves. Cruise the country at top speeds, have a wild night in a club, check out the new theme park on Saturday then return home late at night, just in time for a good yelling at from irate and worried parents.

It was to be the perfect weekend ever.

Or so Trunks thought as he sat in the passenger seat next to an ever so slightly high Goten, who was swerving the car dangerously about the road and whooping in delight at the top of his voice. Trunks was a bit concerned about whether Goten could actually drive or not, not for their own safety as they could easily survive a car crash with hardly a scratch, not for the safety of others on the road as it was one in the morning and the road was deserted, but more for fear of what Gohan would do to them if they went back home to report that they had completely totaled his car.

Trunks would rather join a traveling circus of acrobats than face Gohan's wrath once he found his favorite and ultra expensive car was trashed. Especially as they weren't supposed to be in it anyway. Gohan had allowed them to take a car but specifically not to take the red Ferrari.

And there they were now. Swerving around the road. In the red Ferrari.

But he pushed the thought of his mind. Oh well. Goten will make everything okay if we DO crash. Gohan wouldn't kill his brother, would he?

He certainly hoped not anyhow.

The two stopped at various different places; a mall that was still open, a night disco, a supermarket (Goten was feeling a bit hungry) then a hotel. The Sheraton. One of the classiest hotels in the country. When Trunks had suggested staying out overnight he had actually had something similar to tents in mind, but since Chichi and Bulma had been so insistent that the two stay in a good hotel he couldn't say no.

The fact that they had also given each of them a pretty bundle of cash to pay for the night had helped change his mind too.

They had no luggage, so they had just picked up their room key and headed straight to the bar. The two had decided upon sharing one room with twin beds seeing as how two rooms was much more expensive and they could think of better ways of using up their mothers' money.

After two hours of drinking and having fun Trunks suspected that he was drunk. After another couple of drinks he was absolutely certain beyond a doubt that he was drunk. His mind felt clouded and he started slurring his words, only realizing what he was saying ten minutes after he had said it.

Also, turning his head to where he thought his friend had last been sitting, he wasn't quite sure if he was looking at Goten or at a spiky bush.

After Goten had attempted to enter the lift three times when the door was closed (extracting a rather long stream of interesting curses and resulting in a rather squashed and painful nose) and Trunks had steamrolled the two of the lobby's sofas and a plant, the two had been escorted to their room by a few irritated and –in Trunks' opinion- rather rude bellboys, the lavender haired male had gone to the toilet to try and wash up a bit, not wanting to wake up in the morning with the taste of stale alcohol in his mouth. When he went out he thought it was a bit hot in the room, so he sat on his bed and removed his Capsule Corp t-shirt. He heard Goten slur his name. When he turned around the younger male had kissed him passionately, full on the mouth.

Trunks had never tasted anything so delicious in his life. Goten pried open Trunks' mouth with his lips then slipped his tongue in, exploring every little spot, licking up every little different flavor of Trunks' mouth. Then with a quick jerk of his head he left Trunks' mouth and started making his way quickly down, down his neck onto the older male's collarbone licking and nibbling and biting a line down his chest. Then he pushed him down onto the bed…

Trunks did have a slight notion in his fuzzy mind that what he and Goten were doing was wrong. He mumble to Goten that they were very, very drunk and what the hell was Goten doing and their parents might kill them if they found out and half a million other excuses. Goten stared at him blankly then grinned somewhat lopsidedly and silenced him with a kiss on the mouth.

Trunks said no more.


"Goten?" he called tentatively into the room. There was no reply. He went to the table. On it was a fresh pair of clothes, neatly folded and a letter. He picked up the letter and read it with trembling hands.

"Dear Trunks" he read. "I don't think it would be a good idea to see each other today… I got a new set of clothes for you to wear from the mall, and I left the car in the car park. I'm going to go down now and try to get a bus back home. I'm… I'm sorry. Goten."

Trunks stared at the letter then tore it up in a fury. "I'm sorry? That's all you've got to say for yourself? You were the one who really wanted to go to that bar, not me… you get me drunk, you… you do THAT to me… and all you can say is SORRY?" he raged. "You bastard… How dare you think you can do that to me and just get away with it like that?"

His hands clenched the shreds of paper so hard they tore even more. "You took advantage of me, you knew I was drunk too… dammit!"

He slammed the table in anger. It splintered beneath the demi-saiyan's fist, which started to bleed because of the wood that had ripped into the flesh, but he didn't care. He stared at the table and his bleeding fist then his legs gave way and he fell backwards to sit onto the bed.

"Dammit… what do I do now? I don't want to see him anymore, not for a while anyway, but we have school again on Monday and he's in all my classes… And what the HELL was that last night? Does that mean he li-loves me? Why didn't he just SAY so? Dammit! That dumb bastard… why did I just let him DO that?"

"Maybe I love him too…?"

Trunks had never really given a thought to it. He had plenty of girlfriends and so had never really given a thought to guys.

Funny that the person he lost his virginity to was his best friend.

But now that he thought of it, Goten HAD been giving him a couple of weird looks for months now and he acted a bit strange when they sparred… which was often now, seeing as he kept asking Trunks to spar with him and the lavender haired male just couldn't pass up the opportunity to whup the younger man's ass then crow about it in his face.

Goten acted strange a lot, now that Trunks thought about it. Sometimes when the two were just resting on the grass, basking in sunlight or under the shade of a tree on a peaceful day on campus he would rest his head on Trunks' shoulder and relax. Trunks hadn't really cared about that, he had just assumed that Goten was sleepy and wanted to rest on something. And on rainy days it always seemed that Goten's umbrella had magically 'disappeared', and the two would end up standing huddled together, Goten pressed up against Trunks, their arms linked under Trunks' small umbrella.

"Dammit!" Trunks swore again. He got up.

Well, no point staying here now, he thought to himself, wanting to get as far away as possible. He glanced at the fresh clothing, considered, smelt the stale scent of beer and sweat on his shirt, thought of the ruckus Bulma would throw up if he came home smelling like that then took the fresh clothes and changed into them. Heading down to the reception he quickly paid then headed home as fast as he could.

Bulma and Vegeta were rather surprised that Trunks had come home so early in the day, but they didn't ask about it. Slamming his older clothes into the laundry basket the man stomped to the training room where he punched, kicked and ran until every part of his body was tired and sore. Then he went to his room and didn't come out until dinner.

The dreaded Monday came. The tension between the two demi-saiyans was obvious, and many asked Trunks what was the matter and why did it seem that the two were so reluctant to even look at each other anymore. Goten did not wait for Trunks after the classes as he normally did and neither of them went to their favorite spot at the tall oak tree for lunch as they normally did for fear of meeting the other. For some reason Trunks felt extremely hungry that day and kept feeling like eating different things. His girlfriends were rather alarmed watching him wolf down a whole pizza then get up and zoom to the cafeteria, claiming to want a hamburger but luckily for Trunks they simply dismissed it as him wanting to ease his unhappiness of having a fight with Goten (or so they thought was the reason).

Trunks wasn't feeling too good on Tuesday. First thing that happened in the morning was that he staggered straight to the toilet and hurled. Feeling disgusted, he washed his mouth with water from the basin, brushed his teeth to get rid of the sour taste in his mouth, felt a rumbling in his stomach again and up came the rest of his dinner. Not only did his stomach keep churning at an alarming rate, he also kept feeling these… urges. To go to the toilet. To… do his business. After ten minutes of running to the toilet he just gave up completely on trying to change his clothes and get his books together and he stayed in bed with a bucket instead. Bulma fussed over him the whole day, which he found rather nice as he hadn't been fussed over in such a manner for a very long time. One thing he found annoying though was the way his mother kept staring at him strangely every time he suddenly blurted out that he wanted different things, mostly foods. The last time, he suddenly commented that he felt like eating a banana, which he thought was rather weird seeing as how he loathed bananas with a passion. Bulma must have thought the same thing as she gave him another strange look then walked out calling for Vegeta to make another trip to the supermarket.

Man… maybe demi-saiyans aren't supposed to get drunk, Trunks thought, snug under his blanket, hands resting comfortably on his stomach.

He wondered what kind of similar torture Goten was going through.

Goten, being one of the rare people in the world whose nature was practically to be kind and concerned felt terrible about what he had done and had fully planned to apologize on Monday. But when Monday came he stood in front of the Briefs' house nervously, staring up at the large house.

Oh man… maybe Trunks won't want to talk to me… I can't believe I did that to him… Geez, why didn't I just TELL him how I felt? I loved him for so long, there were so many times I could have just said something… all those times when we just rested and talked under the tree at lunch break, sometimes he seemed like he wasn't even 'there' at times… I could have just said it then and he wouldn't have freaked out… he must think I'm such a jerk. And it was my fault too, I persuaded him to come drinking and we both got drunk… I totally ruined our perfect weekend, our friendship and his trust. How can he ever forgive me for that?

With that thought in his mind Goten gloomily walked right past the bus station and walked all the way to school.

It was even worse in the school. The lavender haired demi-saiyan seemed to be everywhere at once and Goten had to keep purposefully changing his path so he wouldn't run into him. His heart ached and his mind just told him to go and apologize and make everything all better, but his body just wouldn't obey. He was terrified of what Trunks would say, how he would treat Goten from then on.

All he knew for certain was that their friendship was never to be the same, and it would probably take months for them to repair it.

He skived half the day, snuck behind the school then flew off to the top of a mountain where he sometimes liked to go just to think to himself.

He just didn't know what to do. One huge part of him told him to just go apologize, whereas another part warned him that there would be trouble. He sat on the mountain, knees pulled up to his chest, forearms resting on top and just stared out at the small brown block that was his school for an instant. Then he bowed his forehead onto his arms and cried in frustration.

On Wednesday three weeks ago Trunks didn't feel any much better. He assumed that it wasn't going to last long, but it did. Now, three weeks later, he felt even worse. He was attacked by bouts of lethargy, exhaustion and sudden cravings for certain foods. The morning sickness didn't get any better either, he vomited just as much. Bulma had taken to giving him crackers to eat for breakfast, which seemed to help the sickness quite a lot. She had also started giving him gallons of juice and milk to drink per day as well as plenty of healthy foods. Vegeta started talking to him more and for some reason kept glancing at his stomach.

When is this stupid sickness going to be over… I really need to start training again… I've started putting on some weight thanks to all the food mom keeps giving me, Trunks thought, placing his hand flat on his stomach. The tightly sculpted muscles that were once there had now relaxed quite a bit and his trousers were slightly tight on his waist.

Trunks was actually quite happy with how everything was going on. He was pretty grouchy in the mornings when he had to get up and vomit for at least three hours, and didn't like the fact that he had to keep using the toilet during the day but he felt like his family was pulling together. He was getting more attention from Bulma and Vegeta, who was acting a little… queer. Vegeta kept smiling at him (which was actually pretty rare, coming from his father) and glancing at his stomach. Bulma didn't seem to know anything, she just did as Trunks and Vegeta asked. Trunks overheard Vegeta saying that one day he would explain what he thought was going on to her about their son when he was sure about what was really happening, but until that day she should just do as he and Trunks said.

Dad knows what's going on… why doesn't he tell me? Maybe this is some Saiyan side effect to drinking? Then he knows I got drunk? Maybe that's why he's not telling mom… well, whatever it is, it can't be that important if he's not telling me now, he thought then, satisfied with that answer, he settled down for another nap.

When Trunks didn't come to school on Tuesday Goten felt rather hurt. He thought his friend didn't want to see him anymore at all. He wanted to call him and see if everything was okay and perhaps to apologize, but he didn't dare. But when Trunks didn't go to school for another three weeks he started getting a bit worried.

He stood in his room, hand wavering over the telephone.

Maybe he doesn't want to talk to me… oh hell with it. I'm a demi-saiyan, aren't I? I'm supposed to be BRAVE, he thought and dialed Trunks' number then hung up the next second.

No, no, it's okay, I'm just going to call and ask if Trunks is okay… Kami this is hard, Goten thought. With a quivering hand he picked up the phone again and dialed Trunks' number. The phone rang a couple of times. Goten nervously twirled his finger round and round in the phone cord and when someone actually picked up he jumped.

"Hello?" Vegeta asked, his voice impatient.

"He… Hello, may I speak to Trunks please…?" Goten stammered nervously.

"Who is this?" Vegeta demanded.

"Uh… Go- Goten"

There was a long, audible pause where Goten's heart pumped a hundred times faster than it should have. Then Vegeta replied curtly, "He's asleep"

Goten wanted to curl up and die. "Is… is he okay?"

Another pause. "Yes"

"Oh… okay… can you tell him I called… maybe he can call me back or something…"

"I'll tell him that" Vegeta said then abruptly hung up. Goten stared at the phone, his hand shaking.

"Please call me back Trunks…" he whispered then hung up.

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