A/N: Sorry you had to wait, but it was worth it! Super long chapter! ^^ Plenty of angst at the end. I'm putting in as many slashy bits as I can, but please, don't expect too much as this is supposed to be a difficult and uncomfortable time for the two and well, I kinda doubt they'd have so much time for… stuff. Plus, they still live in their parents' houses, bit risky ain't it? ^^

Disclaimer: All characters (minus baby Gotenks) belongs to Akira Toriyama.

"You're late again" Chichi said disapprovingly, arms crossed. Goten grinned sheepishly at her.

"Um… sorry?"

"Why are you always out so late?"

"It's not really that late…"

"You used to come home at the most two hours after school. Now it's twelve o'clock. PM!"

"Me and Trunks went… somewhere"

"Trunks?" Chichi asked. "Bulma told me he doesn't go to school anymore"

The Briefs had originally planned for Trunks to go back to school after Gotenks was born, but then Trunks decided that it would be better for him to continue his studies at home so that he could look after the baby while still technically continuing in university.

Goten's heart constricted. "Did she say why?"

"No…" Chichi said and Goten breathed out in relief. He and Trunks had begged Vegeta and Bulma not to say anything. Bulma had promised, although she disapproved of how Goten hadn't told anyone yet and they were afraid that one day she would just tell Chichi. As for Vegeta… he had just made a 'hn' sound and walked away.

Goten grinned. He didn't like to show it and he thought he hid it well, but it was obvious that Vegeta loved his new grandson very much. Trunks had once muttered that he wouldn't be surprised if one day Vegeta completely forgot about Trunks and claimed Gotenks to be his real son instead.

"Why are you smiling?" Chichi asked.

"Huh? Oh, just thinking of something…"

Chichi sighed. "HOW are you supposed to do your schoolwork if you don't come home earlier to do it? And how do you expect to pass your exams if you don't study? You spend all day doing who knows what with Trunks, come back so late at night then have only six hours to sleep and get to school. We hardly see you anymore; sometimes you even go out of the house before everyone else has woken up. Where does your work come into that?"

"I'll pass, okay?"

"You always say that! How do I know that you'll pass the exams? They're so difficult, and here you are wasting time with Trunks!"

"I don't waste time…" Goten mumbled.

"Then what DO you do?" Chichi demanded. Goten opened his mouth to reply and closed it. He didn't like lying to his mother.

"I'm sleepy. Can I just go to bed?" Goten asked yawning.

"Of course you're sleepy, I mean you ONLY spent the whole day messing around…" Chichi grumbled but reluctantly let her son trudge to bed.

Goten landed quietly in Trunks' room. The lavender haired prince slept contentedly in the bed. In his arms dozed a small baby, nestled cozily into Trunks' chest. As soon as he took an almost silent step forward the baby awoke and started to wail. Trunks frowned in his sleep.

"Shhh…" Goten whispered. The baby whimpered and held his arms out and Goten picked him up, making sure that he supported the head with one hand like Bulma had instructed. Goten smiled at his two-month-old son.

"How was YOUR sleep huh?" he asked. Gotenks giggled. Goten grinned.

"You are a VERY smart baby, do you know that? You're not supposed to know who I am yet!"

Gotenks responded by gurgling then closing his eyes to go back to sleep. Goten glanced at his watch and sighed.

"I gotta go to school now. See you soon, alright?" he whispered. Gotenks had already fallen asleep. Goten walked to Trunks, Gotenks clutched close to his chest. He bent down and, the baby's head supported in the crook of his arm, brushed away Trunks' hair with his hand.

"Bye Trunks" he said and kissed him on the forehead. Trunks murmured something. Goten placed the baby down into its crib and covered it up with the blanket then took off.

"You took your time" Trunks commented, watching his friend come in through the door, arms loaded with books. Goten dumped them onto Trunks' desk with a gasp.

"The lecturer kept me behind" he said. Trunks sighed and sat down on the bed.

"So, what do I have to do today?" he asked. Because he and Goten had taken the same classes Goten now collected his books and assignments for him, as well as helped him in his revision for their upcoming exams. Goten picked up half the stack of books.

"Ten page essay on mass production for business studies"

"That's all?"

"We went over about fifty more pages from each subject and took notes…"

Trunks sighed. "MORE notes. Great"

Goten opened one of his business studies books. "How about we start on the essay first?"

"WHY did I have to take business studies… it has to be the most BORING subject ever," Trunks moaned. Goten grinned and ignored Trunks; he was always like that about his work, completely lackadaisical and non-committed. According to him, anything related to school was 'boring'. Goten took out a pen and his notepad from his backpack and started taking notes.

"You shouldn't work so hard you know… you'll have to wear glasses soon, just like Gohan"

"Uh-huh" Goten said, busily taking notes from the huge book.

"Hey, let's go out or something for a while… we can get something from McDonalds"

"Uh-huh" Goten ignored him.

"We should go out and exercise, it's always work, work, work… how 'bout tossing a ball around? Just for five minutes?"


There was a silence for a minute then Goten something warm on his neck. He moaned.

"That better?" Trunks asked, biting at the delicate skin on Goten's neck.

"You play dirty" Goten complained, turning around as soon as Trunks' mouth left his neck.

"Yeah, but it gets your attention, doesn't it?" Trunks grinned. Goten sighed.

"This essay's due in two days later, we really should-"

Trunks kissed him, shutting him up instantly. He ran his hands through the younger man's hair softly, slowly opening Goten's mouth with his lips and easing his tongue inside.

"Mmph… Trunks… essay… Bulma… Vegeta… catch us…" Goten tried to protest, his hands pushing at Trunks' chest lightly. Trunks suddenly pulled away and stared at Goten then smirked daringly, cocking his head slightly.

"Oh all right" Goten grumbled to himself and pushed Trunks down onto the bed, locking lips with him. Grinning triumphantly, Trunks forced open Goten's mouth with his lips and slipped his tongue in, exploring every bit of his lover's mouth. The taste of Trunks' mouth was enough for Goten and his Saiyan side switched in. With a growl from the back of his throat he ripped his mouth away and started biting and licking every bit of Trunks that he could. Trunks moaned in pleasure and hooked his fingers onto Goten's shirt.

Then ripped it.

The sound of tearing clothes seemed to snap the two demi-saiyans back. They stared at each other then Trunks smiled dangerously.

"Oops?" he said. Goten grinned and pushed Trunks onto the bed with his palms flat on his chest and bit harder in the lavender-haired man's neck until it drew blood. Trunks growled in both pain and pleasure as Goten licked the blood off his neck, savoring the coppery taste it had in his mouth. Trunks slowly reached his hand for Goten's arm rested on his chest and with one quick movement flipped him over so that he was on top. He started licking at Goten's collarbone then started moving down over his bare chest and…


"Ack!" Trunks leapt off Goten and charged to the crib. He picked up Gotenks and cradled him in his arms in a slow, rhythmic movement, holding him close against his chest. Gotenks continued to bawl.

"What? What is it?" Trunks asked frantically. Goten rolled onto his stomach.

"Maybe he's hungry"

"I only fed him half an hour ago!"

Goten sighed and got up off the bed. "Why is it you worry too little about school and too much about the baby? He probably just needs to be changed"

Trunks sniffed. "No, that's not it… stop crying!"

"Calm down!" Goten exclaimed. He gently took Gotenks from Trunks' arms.

"What's wrong huh?" he asked softly. Gotenks' crying reduced in sound. Goten rocked him slowly and Gotenks slowly fell asleep. Goten looked at Trunks.

"There" he said and placed the baby back.

"We woke him up?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah, I guess so…" Goten said, staring at his son.

"You know what?" Goten asked in a strange voice.


"I think he can sense our energies… he woke up this morning when I came in"

"So…" it dawned on Trunks. "Just now…"

"We must have been powering up without realizing it. Gotenks sensed something was different and started crying" Goten said. He sighed. "I feel hungry… I'll go to the kitchen. Do you want anything?"

"Cookies" Trunks replied instantly. "Mom made some yesterday"

"'Kay" Goten said and was about to leave.

"Um, Goten?"


Trunks stared at the rip in Goten's shirt, revealing his well-muscled body.

"Oh" Goten said and blushed. "Um, do you have…"

"Yeah" Trunks said, tossing Goten a shirt from the closet. Goten caught it and quickly swapped shirts.

"Thanks" he said and stepped out of the room. Trunks sighed. Life was so good with Goten around. Sometimes he just didn't know what to do when Gotenks cried; he just panicked. He loved Gotenks very much and didn't want anything to happen to him, so he just couldn't stop having fears… and Goten was always so calm and patient, especially when it came to Trunks' studies…

Guess that's why I was the 'mom', Trunks thought, smiling.

Chichi looked at the clock and sighed in exasperation. 11:00. WHY wasn't Goten HOME yet?

She sat on the sofa, staring angrily at the door while the rest of her family slept.

Is he going to get HELL from me if he doesn't step in that door now… she thought. She was furious. This had been going on for months and though Goten always swore that he wasn't just messing around all day with Trunks, that he was studying, Chichi didn't believe him. How could she, what with knowing the way Bulma and her son were? She didn't believe that Goten would lie to her by choice, but she knew that with enough pressuring Trunks could easily make Goten do anything he wanted him to.

She suddenly heard the door click softly. She raced to the door and yanked it open, revealing a surprised Goten, his hand still on the doorknob.

"Trying to sneak in without anyone noticing?" she asked.


"WHY ARE YOU SO LATE?" she shrieked. Goten winced.

"I'm one hour earlier than last night…"

"So? Eleven o'clock is NOT a good time to get home. What about your homework? What about your studies? Do you realize that what you do now may affect your life FOREVER?"

"Yes…" Goten said with a sigh.

"Place your priorities first! Your first priority should be towards your work; friends and play comes second"

"What about Gotenks, doesn't he matter…" Goten muttered.



Chichi sighed. "I don't know what to do with you… do you think I ENJOY this? Waiting up all night just to yell at my youngest son? No I don't, but I just don't think you understand what you're doing… do you have any idea what happens to people who fail their university years? They fail, and the next year they fail again. It's hard for them, harder than normal to get jobs. Don't just assume that since Trunks is your friend he'll give you a job in the Capsule Corp.; he may, but how long do you think you'll last there? Sooner or later, Trunks will find someone better and more qualified than you, and then, friend or not, he'll be forced to give that job to someone else. Right now we're relying on Gohan and the Briefs to give us money, but sooner or later we'll have to look after ourselves. Your father and I are fine and so is Gohan, but what about you? If the time comes, Gohan will have to take care of his own family, and where does that leave you? Jobless because no one will employ you and a burden to anyone you live with because you can't pay them back. Is that how you want to live your life?"

Goten sighed and looked at the floor then rubbed his temples with his hand. "No mom, that's not how I want to live. And seriously, I've got it under control, okay? I study; I do my work. Why don't you just ask the school? All my projects are in on time and I get high grades for them"

"Cs? Those are high grades? Goten, you get Cs on average. How are those high? Gohan used to get As, or Bs at the least" Chichi said, exasperated.

"Cs are a pass, isn't that good enough?"

"No! I know you've got the brains, why don't you use them? I look at some of these projects and they're so sloppily done. I KNOW you can do better!"

"I'm busy, okay?" Goten asked, getting irritated.

"Busy doing what?" Chichi asked angrily. She sighed to try and calm herself down. "Please, just… come home, do your homework. I don't trust you out there with Trunks. I know how he is; I know how he can make you do anything he wants you to and I know how he loves to have fun. Please Goten, take an example from Gohan and-"

"Yeah we all know Gohan's so wonderful!" Goten exploded. "Straight As, wonderful grades, perfect life… I can DO this, okay? I can pass, and I DON'T need help from you OR Gohan! I'm not a baby any more, I KNOW what I'm doing. Sometimes I just wish you would stop trying to command me of what to do all the time. You're always making me feel I have no other life except for the one YOU set for me! Just leave me alone!"

He stopped, surprised at his own outburst. Chichi looked equally as surprised and hurt. Goten glanced at her face and felt furious at himself for yelling at his mother, yet furious at Chichi for always getting on his case. After all, it was HER fault he yelled at her, if she wasn't always so domineering…

"I'm going to bed" he muttered and went to his room. Chichi watched him go, a jumble of mixed feelings inside.

How dare he talk to me like that? I'm his MOTHER! I'm only doing what I think is RIGHT for him… but am I really like that? No, I don't command him to do anything… do I?

He never talked to me like that before, Chichi thought angrily. It's that Trunks Briefs' fault. He's a bad influence, always wanting to mess around. Goten was perfectly fine before he started going out late with him.

I'm going to talk to Bulma.

And with that thought planted firmly in her head, Chichi went to bed.

"She thinks I'm just 'messing around', like I'm just throwing my life down the bin" Goten said, staring down at a gurgling Gotenks.

"Hm" Trunks said thoughtfully.

"You're so lucky. Vegeta and Bulma already know and they don't care. Vegeta loves Gotenks so much, and Bulma would die for him. They already know about what's going on and they're fine with it"

"Why don't you just tell your family?"

"Are you crazy? I imagine dad will be the only person who takes it fine; Gohan will freak and mom… I don't even want to IMAGINE how she'll react"

"You know what…?"

"What?" Goten asked.

"I was thinking about this when I was eating breakfast. I talked about it with mom and she thinks it's a good idea… I was thinking; we have our major exams in another… two months, right?"

"Yeah…" Goten said.

"Yeah, well, I'm supposed to take over the Capsule Corp. after I graduate, so I was thinking, why don't we get a house of our own? That way we can look after Gotenks, and it won't seem like anything's strange"

Goten stared. "That's a great idea!"

Trunks smirked. "Of course"

"And it's only two more months!" Goten said happily. "This'll be great!"

Gotenks' face suddenly screwed up and he started bawling. Goten bent down into the crib and pulled a face then looked at Trunks.

"Hey don't look at me, I changed him last time plus I had to listen to his cry all day…" Trunks protested.

Chichi didn't talk to Goten anymore, which made him uncomfortable. She simply refused to talk to him unless absolutely necessary. Goten supposed it was his own fault for snapping at her, but it WAS annoying. He did try to apologize, but she just sniffed and ignored him, so he spent even more time at Trunks' instead. Bulma suspected that something was wrong between her friend and Goten, but she decided not to poke her nose into it.

However, Chichi did talk to Goten on the day of the test.

"Goten" she called, watching Goten walk to the door. Goten felt his heart leap for joy. His mother was talking to him again!

"Yes?" he asked, determined to make her happy, no matter what she said. Chichi looked like she was about to reprimand him and give him another lecture, saw his hopeful eyes and happy smile and sighed.

"Do your best, all right?" she said. Goten grinned.

"Of course I will! See you mom!" he said then went to school.

"It's Trunks!" a girl yelled.

"Trunks, do something with your hair?"

"He looks kinda different…"

"Trunks, where have you been, skiving school like that…" another one scolded jokingly. Trunks smiled.

"At home" he answered truthfully.

"Didn't you revise or anything? We have the exams today!"

"Yeah, I revised" he said distractedly, looking for Goten. He relaxed when he saw his spiky raven hair.

"Goten, hi" he said thankfully.

"Hi…" Goten said, staring at the crowd of people.

Good grief, did so many people really miss him THAT much? He wondered. He knew Trunks was popular, but really…

He looked at Trunks who was giving him a very obvious 'help!' facial expression.

"Hurry up, the headmaster wants to see you!" he shouted, pushing past the people and grabbing Trunks' wrist and dragging him away.

"Thanks" Trunks said once they were around a corner.

"No problem… where's Gotenks?"

"At home with dad"

"Okay, good… so you revised, right?"

"Yeah, no problem" Trunks said distractedly. Goten frowned. It didn't sound like he had revised at ALL. He had gone to Trunks' house every day and revised with him, but he wasn't sure sometimes whether his mind was on his studies or not…

I'm probably just being paranoid, he thought. Mom got me really worried about my studies… heh, I'm getting just like her.

He looked at Trunks, who was leaning back against the wall and holding his fringe back with one hand tiredly.

What am I thinking, of course he revised… Bulma would have made sure of it. Plus, he stayed at home all day, what else could he do apart from look after Gotenks?

Goten felt a thrill go up his spine. I can't believe it… only a few more weeks and we'll get our test results back, and we can get a house of our own and we'll get jobs easy, especially with Bulma being head of Capsule Corp… She'll give the position to Trunks and everything will be so perfect…

"He-LLO?" Trunks said, waving his hand in front of Goten's face.

"Huh?" Goten asked, snapping back.

"School started, time to take the exam now…"

"Sorry, I was just thinking how perfect everything would be…"

Trunks grinned. "Yeah, I know, I was awake nearly all night thinking about it too… almost didn't notice Gotenks crying in the middle of the night; only noticed when dad hammered on the door"

Goten grinned. "Well, we're not gonna pass just standing out here… good luck!"

Trunks smirked. "I don't need luck, I got all the brains I'll need"

"Hungry little guy" Goten commented, coming back from the kitchen. Trunks smiled from his relaxed position on the bed.

"Not really. He used to eat way more"

"Is that a problem?"

"Mom says it's not… babies are supposed to start losing their appetites a bit after four months"

Goten stared at his son, who was tugging rather painfully onto his hair.

"He ate twelve cans of mashed baby food"



"Saiyan appetite, according to dad"

"Hm" Goten sat on the bed next to Trunks, holding his son in his hands.

"You know, sometimes I stare at him and think, he's not really my son, it never really happened…" he murmured.


"It was just so fast, you know? And we're not even out of school yet…"

"We're going to"

"Yeah I know, but we weren't when he came along… and it was so FAST! Only nine weeks…"

"Good thing too. I was getting sick of having such a huge stomach and not being able to move anywhere"

Goten stared. "I see him so little," he said. He grinned. "He's growing hair"

Trunks smiled. "Yeah. Black with purple streaks on the side"

"Just like our fusion"

"I wonder if his hair will stick up or down?"

"Can't really tell, it's too short right now… hey, is he growing a TAIL?"

Trunks blinked and looked. "I didn't notice that…" he said, looking at the small furry brown thing waving around.

"It's tiny" Goten said, stroking it. Gotenks yelled and he quickly retracted his hand.

"I guess it's really sensitive," he said.

"How can that happen though… how can he be growing a tail?"

"We grow tails…"

"True, but I didn't think he could too…"

"Why not?" Goten asked. "He's half Saiyan"

"I wonder why our parents don't want us to have tails" Trunks wondered.

"No idea. Something bad would happen, I suppose…"

"Should we pull his off?"

Goten looked at the tail. "Nah, I don't think so. It's so small, how bad can it be?"

"Hn" Trunks said. He looked wishful. "You know, I really wish we had that house right now. I don't like living here that much anymore. There's not enough privacy, and dad keeps coming in. I know he wants to see Gotenks but it sure is annoying when I'm doing other things"

"I wish we had that house too. Then I can see you and Gotenks every day… I miss you both so much when I'm at home. Sometimes I just want to be with you and I can't, because I have to be at home…"

"Hey, why don't we get one now?" Trunks suggested.


"Well, tomorrow…"

"So fast?" Goten asked.

"Why not? We both want one, plus we've DONE our exams; we're just waiting for the results to come"

"I dunno…"

Trunks kissed Goten on the mouth. "Come on, we keep talking about it… why don't we just GET one?"

"Mmm… okay… we should ask Bulma first though"

Bulma nodded. "Of course you can get a house now if you want"

"Yes!" Trunks and Goten whooped.

"Have you asked your family yet?" she asked Goten.

"No, but I'm sure they'll let me… 'a good learning experience', mom will call it" he replied.

"Speaking of Chichi… have you told her about Gotenks yet?"

"I don't really plan to" Goten said honestly. Bulma frowned.

"You should tell her," she said.

"How is she going to react? Not well, that's for sure…"

Bulma considered. "True, but you should still tell her… imagine how she's going to feel when she finds out? And that's 'when', not 'if', because knowing her, she'll probably find out, and she'll want to know why you didn't tell her earlier"

"But she already thinks I'm irresponsible… no offense, but she doesn't think much of Trunks either. She thinks we're both still just a pair of little children that don't know what they're doing. She's going to get so MAD!"

Bulma remembered the call she had received from Chichi two months ago. It was early in the morning, and she had still been in bed. She was rather grumpy to pick up the phone, but listened to what her friend had to say. Chichi was rather adamant in what she had to say. She had gone on for about ten minutes about how she thought Trunks wasn't being the best of influences on Goten, and how Goten had been so rude to her the other night and how she thought it was all Trunks' fault and Bulma should watch over what her son did more because Chichi was concerned that Trunks was going to drag Goten's future down. Bulma had just listened to her rant groggily then said bye and slumped back to bed, only realizing later on when she woke up what Chichi had said and implied about her son.

She sighed. "I know your mom's not really the best sort of person to talk to, and yes, I won't lie, I'm pretty sure she'll be mad too, but still, you should tell her… if you were her, you'd want to know, wouldn't you?"

Goten sighed. "I suppose so"

"If you want, I can uh… go with you?" Bulma offered.

"No, it's okay… I don't want my mom yelling at you" Goten said. He took Gotenks –who was staring and stretching his hands to a picture hanging on the wall- from Trunks. Gotenks made a sound then rammed his tiny fist into his mouth.

"What're you doing?" Trunks asked.

"I'm going to tell them now… might as well" Goten said. Trunks ran a hand through his lavender hair with a sigh.

"I'm gonna regret this… but I'll come with you"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah… hey, you're not getting all the blame for this… and maybe your mom won't be so harsh if I'm there too… you know, to be polite"

Goten smiled wryly. "You wish" he murmured and walked out the door, a gurgling Gotenks in his arms.

Goten hesitated at the door.

"Well? Go in!" Trunks said.

"I'm scared" Goten said. Trunks smiled.

"To tell the truth, so am I. So we'll be scared together"

"This is NOT going to go well…" Goten said and, unlocking the door, walked in.

"Mom? Dad? Gohan? Can I talk to you guys?" he called.

"Gohan's here too?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah, him, Videl and Pan are staying for a while, just as long as it takes for their house to be renovated. Videl's apparently into redecoration now"

"Oh. Aren't Videl and Pan at home?"

"No, Pan's got school and Videl… she's probably out shopping"

"What's Gohan doing?"

"Probably work…" Goten trailed off as his brother and dad came down the stairs and his mother came out of the kitchen.

"You're early to- oh" Chichi said. Goku walked straight to Gotenks and tickled his tummy. Gotenks giggled and gripped his grandfather's hand.

"You're cute!" Goku said, grinning. "Who are you then, hm? Bulma's?"

Goten coughed. "Um, we can talk about him later, right now me and Trunks have something to say… well, ask"

"Okay, go ahead"

"Um, well, me and Trunks were thinking about getting a new house for ourselves to share… since we've already done our exams…"

"That sounds okay by me," Goku said to Chichi. The woman frowned slightly.

"One house for the both of you?"

Goten and Trunks exchanged looks and Trunks stepped forward. "Yes, we think it'll be better if we lived together…"


Goten and Trunks looked uncomfortable.

"Don't worry about them Chichi, they know what they're doing" Goku said to his wife, taking his son's side.

"Okay then…" Chichi said dubiously. Gohan stared at the baby cradled in his younger brother's arms.

"So who's this guy?" he asked.

"Um… that's kinda one of the reasons we want to live together… he's um… ours" Goten said in a tiny voice.

"WHAT?" Chichi, Goku and Gohan yelped.

"Yours? As in… YOURS?" Gohan asked woozily.


"How was that possible though?" Gohan asked.

Goten and Trunks turned red. Gohan looked at his brother and the lavender haired male then remembered the conversation he had with his younger sibling a few months ago.

Goten sighed. "I did something really terrible to him. I don't know if he can ever forgive me. I don't know if I can ever forgive myself". He looked at his brother, his dark chocolate eyes frightened and confused. "I mean it was just an accident and I didn't know what I was doing but I suppose I could have just TOLD him instead of keeping it all bottled up I mean if you do bad stuff tends to happen and-"

"Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down! Okay, now, WHAT did you do to Trunks that was so bad that you're too afraid to even TALK to him now?"

Goten took a deep breath and calmed down. "I slept with him"

"Oh. OH" Gohan said, turning red himself. "But that's still not possib-"

"According to Vegeta it was perfectly normal cuz there were no such things as um, females, so um…"

"Okay, got it" Gohan said hurriedly. Goku held out his hands and Goten gently gave the baby to him. The big Saiyan looked down at his grandson, who was stretching his arms out to him.

"So he's yours?" Goku asked.

"Uh, yeah"

Goku stared at him and tickled him again. Gotenks squealed happily and Goku grinned.

"My grandson. He's adorable! Congratulations. What did you call him?"

"Gotenks" both males said at once.

"How old is he?"

"About four months…"

"How is it that he was born so quickly? Shouldn't it take months? It took months before Pan could have been born, and I know you've been missing school for about only six months Trunks, but it should have taken longer…"

"Um, apparently, when two Saiyans… uh, do it, the one who gets um… pregnant, only has nine weeks instead of nine months like how it would be if it was Saiyan and human uh, pairings… Vegeta said it was for practicality…"

"Oh" Gohan said, reddening again.

"Look, he's got hair just like you both have when you fuse!" Goku said happily. "And a tail!"

Gotenks gurgled; pleased with all the attention he was receiving.

"Look Chichi, isn't he adorable?" Goku asked.

Chichi had been frozen on the spot. Now she moved.

"ADORABLE? ADORABLE?!" she screeched. "Goten, WHAT were you THINKING? Do you know how hard it is to take care of a baby? How could you so carelessly and thoughtlessly… SLEEP, with TRUNKS?"

"Mom, I-"

"Is that what you were doing all those days you didn't come home early? Having sex?"

"WHAT? Of course not!"

"Then what?"

"Doing my studies! Watching over Gotenks!" Goten exclaimed, turning red. Gotenks whimpered, afraid of the loud noises. Goku hugged him tighter.

"Yeah, sure! Do you know what you've DONE? You've just thrown your whole life down the bin! Now NO ONE will want to give you a job, and you know why? Because you slept with another man. Do you know how much you'll be outcast from society? And now you have a child… how do you plan on looking after him, huh? He needs clothes, food, an education… do you have any idea how expensive that is? And none of you have jobs!"

"Trunks is going to take over Capsule Corp" Goten said simply.

"Wonderful. And how well do you think your employees are going to accept you, Mr. Briefs?"

"They don't have to accept me. They just have to work for me" Trunks said quietly.

"That's what you think! Respect is a very important factor in a job! You've just dumped your lives down the bin and you're NEVER going to get them back, you know that?"

"Can't you at least just say you're happy for us?" Goten asked, getting angry.

"No! How can I? I'm not happy for any of you, how can I be? You've just ruined everything. You're going to get bad reputations, and how will that reflect on us, your parents?"

"Is that all you care about? What people think about you?"

"Don't you care about that at all? Your whole life will depend on what people think of you and-"

"Dammit mom, that doesn't matter at ALL to us! Why should we care? We're already different, how should being a bit MORE different change anything?"

"You don't understand anything!" Chichi screamed. Gotenks had taken enough. He started to bawl. Chichi glared in fury at the sobbing bundle and went to the kitchen. She came back out with a knife. Trunks leapt and grabbed the baby back, panicked.

"What're you DOING?" Goten yelled.

"I'm going to kill it. No more baby, no more problems"

"Chichi…" Goku started.

"How can you even THINK of killing him?" Trunks shouted. "He's your GRANDSON! All we wanted today was just to get your agreement for us to get a house and live together, can't you just DO that? For your son? For your GRANDSON? Goten was right, you always make such a big fuss out of everything. Why do you still treat us as if we're just children playing a game? This isn't a game, this is life, and this is what we want. Why are you worrying? We're GOING to get jobs, we can live good lives and we don't need your help or advice! You know, we didn't even want to tell you about Gotenks, it was only because mom INSISTED that we're telling you. We could have just bought a house and you would never have known. Can't you just wish us happiness and let that be enough?"

Chichi suddenly burst into tears. "That's right, it's not a game, and you just don't understand what you've done! How can you? You're so young… you'll understand later, and you'll regret it, see if you don't"

"NO WE WON'T!" Goten exploded. "We won't! We can HANDLE it, okay? Granted, maybe we can't handle it very well now, but with your help… we need your help mom. We need everyone's help"

Chichi looked lost. She sniffed then frowned and Goten knew it was not a good sign.

"Get out" she said in a low undertone.


"Get out. You don't belong to this family anymore. You don't want to listen to me? Go ahead then, ruin your lives. I don't care anymore. You think you've got everything under control? We'll see about that"

Goten was shocked, as was everyone else. "M… mom…" he stammered.

"What are you doing? Leave!" Chichi shouted. Gotenks started wailing louder than before and she glared at him.

"Don't let me EVER see that… that THING again either" she said.

"Chichi…" Goku said, putting his hand on her shoulder but she wrenched herself away, tears running down her face.

"LEAVE!" she shouted. Goten wavered. Trunks scowled.

"Come on. It's obvious we're not gonna get any help from THEM" he said. Cradling his baby in one arm, he took Goten rather obviously by the shoulders and led him out of the door, giving him a light kiss on the head. Goten was still in shock. After they left Chichi ran crying to her room. Gohan stared at the retreating pair and went after them. He flew and landed right in front of them.

"What do you want?" Trunks asked rudely.

"Good luck to the both of you… I just want you to know that me and dad are still going to give you support, if you need any…" Gohan said awkwardly.

"We don't NEED your-"

"Thanks" Goten said, his voice constricted. Gohan looked down at Gotenks and smiled sadly.

"Bye" he said, patting its small head then returned to the house.

Goku was silent for a moment, staring quietly at his wife. Chichi stared at the door furiously, hot tears streaming down her face then she burst into fresh tears. Goku sighed.

"What's the big deal with this? Isn't it okay if they just get together?" he asked.

"No it's not!" Chichi snapped.


"It's not right, it's just not…"

"Why?" Goku persisted. "I don't understand. Goten said that Vegeta said it was natural…"

"For Saiyans, yes! On Vegeta-sei, yes! On Earth, no, it is not okay! Oh Goku don't you know ANYTHING?"

"But they ARE Saiyan…"

"Half!" Chichi shouted. "Half! And right now, they're NOT on Vegeta-sei, they're on Earth, and things are so different here!"

"How?" Goku asked. "How can it be so different? We're practically the same species. We look completely alike… except for the tail, but that's not really a problem 'cuz we can pull it off…"

"That's not it, it doesn't matter that we look alike!"

"And we feel emotions the same way and everything inside is… almost the same, and-"
Chichi slapped Goku sharply and he stepped back out of shock, not out of pain.

"No Goku that's not it!" Chichi yelled. "It doesn't MATTER that we look the same, it's just… people on Earth, they… WE don't THINK the same way. It may have been perfectly natural for two males to mate on Vegeta-sei but here it's not, and it's even more unnatural for them to have… kami, they have a CHILD…"

Goku frowned. "How do people think differently?"

"It's not right for two males to… get together. Goten and Trunks… kami…"

"Why isn't it?" Goku persisted. "I've seen some before"

"They're outcasts. They don't fit in, and neither will those two if anyone else finds out"

"Why won't they fit in?"

"They just WON'T, all right? It's just not right for them, it's not right, it's sick and disgusting, that's what it is!"

Goku frowned deeply. "Our SON is sick and disgusting?"

"Damned right he is! It's disgusting that two males should get together in that way, it's disgusting that they should have a CHILD and it's sick that he doesn't see anything wrong with it!"

"So I'm 'sick' too," Goku said quietly. "Because I don't see anything wrong with it either. People should be allowed to do whatever they want"

Chichi fell silent.

"And I think it's 'disgusting' that you would think of our son and grandson that way. What has been done has been done and it's too late to change it" Goku said. Leaving that for Chichi to think about he headed to the door to get some air. He touched the doorknob then turned back. He looked at his wife in the eyes, made sure she knew he was serious.

"Chichi… back then… when you were holding the knife… if Trunks hadn't stopped you… would you really have killed our grandson?"

Chichi murmured something very softly under her breath, but Goku could still hear what she said.


With his answer, Goku opened the door and flew away. Chichi watched him leave then started to cry.

Bulma turned her head and smiled as she heard the two enter the house.

"So, how'd it…" she trailed off, her smile disappearing at the disappointed, furious and stunned looks on their faces.

"Did she take it badly?" the blue-haired woman asked softly.

"Yes" Goten choked.

"She was going to kill him, the crazy bitch!" Trunks shouted. Bulma gaped in shock.
"KILL him? Are you sure, maybe you misunderstood what she was going to-"

"She went to the kitchen and brought out a damned KNIFE"

"Wh- what? Are you sure? Kami, I knew she was going to be angry, but to be this irrational…"

"She was going to kill him mom" Trunks said simply, fury and disbelief in his voice. As he said this he cradled the baby tighter to his chest. There was no way in hell he ever let ANYONE hurt him.

Bulma stared in shock. "What… what about Goku and Gohan?"

"They were okay about it. Gohan was a little surprised but they took it okay" Trunks said. Noticing that Gotenks was now awake he waved his index finger around the baby's face. Gotenks grabbed it delightedly and held on tight. Trunks smiled.

"So what are you going to do now?" Bulma asked.

"Go on with our lives, what else?"

"I mean what do you plan to do?"

"Get a house, get a job…"

"Against the Sons' wishes?"

"It's not the Sons' who disapprove, it's Chichi, and we are just going to ignore her"

"She disowned me…" Goten murmured softly, still in a state of shock.

"What?" Bulma asked.

"I'm not part of the family anymore" Goten said, his eyes finally starting to well with unshed tears. "Mom disowned me. She said I didn't belong anymore, she never wants to see me again…" Tears started rolling down as his face, which he had been fighting to keep normal crumpled. "I can't go there anymore…"

Bulma's hand flew to her mouth. "She… she said that?"

"She doesn't want to see Gotenks either, she doesn't want to see me or Gotenks, she thinks we don't know what we're doing and she's right, I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know what to do she's right she's right…" Goten bowed his head down angrily, fists clenched.

"What do you mean? She's WRONG Goten and you know it! Dammit, she was about to KILL your son, our son, was that right of her?" Trunks demanded. Goten didn't answer. "WAS it?" Trunks shouted.

"Trunks, don't…" Bulma started.

"That… that narrow-minded bitch was going to kill Gotenks! Don't you care? Doesn't that matter? Kami, we went to her, asking only for her consent to get a house and that whore blew up, just like she always does. She doesn't want anything for us, she just wants everything to go her way. She's scared of what people will think of her, that's ALL she's concerned about! She's just a manipulative, dictatorial, selfish bit-"

"STOP IT!" Goten roared, his hair turning yellow as he powered up. Gotenks started screaming and wailing. Goten powered down slowly, hot tears of fury and despair and loss pouring down his cheeks. Trunks scowled.

"You still defend her? She-"

"Trunks, why don't you take Gotenks and put him in his room? He's had enough excitement for today," Bulma suggested quietly. Trunks calmed down.

"Okay" he managed to say. He took in a deep sigh. "Sorry, Goten… I didn't mean…"

"Yes you did" Goten said, his voice shaking. Trunks held out his hand to touch his friend's shoulder then retracted. He walked out of the room holding a wailing Gotenks. Goten stood frozen on the spot, his body tense, fists clenched, head bowed. He shook with little gasps as he tried to conceal his tears. Bulma looked at him and sighed. Goten's eyes widened in surprise as Bulma wrapped her arms around him.

"It's okay… it's okay…" she shushed, running a hand through his raven black hair soothingly as if he were still a small child. For once, Goten didn't care. He leaned his head onto the woman's shoulder and cried. They stood there for a while, held tightly together, Bulma giving Goten all the warmth and support he needed, rocking gently on the spot. Goten stood back and sniffed, a small smile on his mouth.

"Thank you, Bulma" he said sincerely and sniffed again, wiping his eyes clumsily with the sleeve of his shirt. Bulma handed him a handkerchief and he took it gratefully.

"It's just… I don't know what to do now. Trunks seems so sure about everything, so positive that everything's going to be alright from now on"

"Do YOU think everything's going to be alright?" Bulma asked gently.

"No… I don't know… everything's happened so quickly, you know? First I find out Trunks is pregnant with my child, two days later boom, the baby is born, then there's school and the exams, then we tell my family and now I'm disowned and m- Chichi never wants to see me or Gotenks or Trunks again…" Goten quickly wiped at his eyes as he felt fresh tears surface. "I don't have a family anymore"

Bulma smiled. "We can be your family"


"We can be your family. Not your real family of course, but we'll always treat you as part of the family. How can we not? You're the 'father' of my grandson"

Goten sighed. "And I don't know about the exams… I've been so stressed out about them for months and I kept trying to get Trunks to study but he just never seemed to want to… and after a while I just hid all those feelings because I knew I had other responsibilities too…"

"Are you scared you won't pass?" Bulma asked.

"Yes" Goten said quietly. "I'm scared because if I fail I'll have to go do University again, and then who will support me? Pay the school? I can't get a job, no one would want to hire me… I know you can't give me a job at the Capsule Corp. because the rules are that everyone who works there must have passed University…"

"That's true, but we can pay for you…"

Goten shook his head. "No, I don't want you to do that. I don't want you to pay for me just because I did something stupid. I'm just so scared I screwed up, that's all… mom… Chichi was right, wasn't she? I've screwed up my life big time"

"That's not true!" Bulma exclaimed. "That's only what she thinks… you have so much potential to do great things Goten, I know it! Don't let what she said get to you, I KNOW you're capable of performing miracles, and not just because you're half Saiyan, it's because you're special"

There was a click of the door and their heads turned round to see who it was. Goku and Vegeta walked in.

"I told Vegeta" Goku said.

"You know too?" Bulma asked and her husband nodded. Goku and Vegeta stood uncomfortably in the room, feeling as if they had intruded on something.

"You can um, live here if you want. For the time being, while you and Trunks get um, settled" Vegeta said awkwardly, not quite knowing what to say and how to say it. To his surprise Goten suddenly hugged him.

"Thank you" he said sincerely, fresh tears pooling in his eyes. Vegeta stood stiffly, unaccustomed to these sorts of situations. Aware that he was making Vegeta edgy Goten released him. Goku walked up to his son and hugged him.

"I'm sorry for what your mom said," he said. Goten hugged him back and for an instant felt like a little kid again, like he had when he had had to say goodbye to his father after meeting him for the first time.

"It's not your fault," he whispered, holding him as close as he could. Goku rested his cheek on his son's head.

"I love you," he said. "I… I wish things didn't have to be this way. I wish your mom understood… I wish so much… I love you and Gotenks so much and now I might never…" he trailed off, voice filled with emotion.

Goten's heart was felt as if it was exploding.

"I love you too," he choked out softly. Bulma and Vegeta left the room and father and son stood in the small room, rocking each other gently, crying until there were no tears left.