The fellowship was decided -

Of Hobbits there were four
One man of Gondor
The heir of Isildur
A elf from Mirkwood
A dwarf
Gandalf the grey

And hence the company set forth.

Through grasses green and mountains snow
To the Mines of Moria they went
A balrog has come
The company fled
Gandalf has fallen into the shadow
And now Aragorn led

Orcs persued
No time to grief
To the Golden woods they hastened

The great river
The kings of stone
Finally to rest along a river's bank

The steward of gondor is put to test
He tries to take the ring from Frodo
Frodo's mind is made up
He is going to mordor alone - But Sam follows

Boromir dies with four deadly arrows
Meriadoc and peregin are captured by urak hai

The fellowship has failed
But not if those remaining hold true to each other
Aragorn , gimli and legolas the elf set forth
They travel light
To save their friends
To hunt orc

And thus ends the fellowship of the ring

Note : I know it's not that good ... mainly fragments of speech from the movie . pls r&r !