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Chapter 1: An unexpected occupation

"You have two options remaining to you. Allow yourself to be killed by us or kill us and flee….Ah there is also the option of suicide. Now then which would you prefer?" The strange purple clown said in a merry tone.

Rin stood there shocked. He had enough shock from the funeral of his father and the discovery of his heritage, now his life will be ended by a ridiculous looking man and his gang of exorcists dressed all in black. The universe really said fuck him, didn't it. His mind swirled with regrets, remorse, and most of all his fears. He wondered would Yukio be happier this way or perhaps could they go after him next. Then, flashes of his dead father and the cackling madness of Satan caused rage to flow off of him in small flashes of blue.

He turned to his father and kneeled in front of his tomb stone. "Old man, you died trying to protect me and I sure ain't fucking gonna let that sacrifice go to waste!"

With that statement, the anti-Christ flung the wrappings off of kurikara and unsheathed the blade. Great horns of satanic blue flames sprouted from his head and his pointed ears became even more elf-like. Fangs, bright blue eyes, and claws became more predominate and his fluff of a tail sprouted out of his slacks and ignites. He continued, "I am the son of Shiro Fujimoto, and I am nothing like that bastard, Satan! I won't kill anyone except him but that doesn't stop me from kicking your sorry asses!"

Rin's appearance shocked the exorcists and memories of the blue night came to their minds as violent as the mass slaughter that occurred then. One exorcist grit his teeth while drawing his gun and shouted, "Die, Demon!"

The bullet burrowed itself deep within Rin's stomach and he coughed blood immediately. He stared at the man shocked. He then noticed other weapons being readied to kill him. Despite the blessed bullet eating at his insides, Rin took a breath feeling the flames within him. He knew what he needed to do.

With a shout that could make Yukio stupid, Rin let out a column of flames all around him and several other torrents in several other directions. With this excellent heat and light the exorcist looked away while Mephisto slipped on some heart adorned sunglasses. Rin quickly ran the path of one of his torrents.

He threw himself out of sight behind the bushes without looking back. The exorcists now fully able to see cursed, and prepared to hunt down the raven haired son of Satan. One knight questions Mephisto, "Sir Pheles, what should we do?"

The demon king turns to the exorcist with a smile, "Halt all search parties. Things have ended up interesting, I want to see the outcome but he needs a little more incentive to get involved in our world. I think I'll give him one." With that, Sir Pheles disappeared in a puff of pink feminine smoke.

Rin, sprinting down the street, looked back after he feels a good distance has been made. This distance was almost ridiculous compared to most people's thoughts but Rin's new found demonic body turned yards into feet and feet into inches. Even the bullet buried in his stomach fell out of the wound and the wound sealed itself. Rin breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against a wall. A sheepish smile sprouted from his face, "I was pretty fucking bad ass back there!"

"Yes, quite so, that was an impressive display for someone so new to his powers." The familiar jovial voice rings behind him. Rin turns to see Mephisto cheerfully smiling at him. With a yelp, Rin falls on his ass grasping at his sword, yet the sword ended up in Mephisto's hands.

Mephisto ignored his shocked expression and said, "Oh, my dear Satan spawn, I have much to teach you. Yet you have peaked to my interest in this situation. Without restrictions from the True Cross Knights, and some judgmental powers, I can fully try to develop your powers."

"What are you talking about, Clown!" Rin demanded

Mephisto morphed into a dog and preceded to a street, while explaining, "You see Shiro Fujimoto and I had hoped you could become the ultimate weapon against Satan. When you had finally awoken, I had planned to enroll you into a school of exorcists-"

"Wait," Rin interrupted, trying his best to ignore Mephisto's transformation. "Why did you say you wanted to kill me then?"

"Shits and giggles, my boy, shits and giggles," Mephisto continued, while ignoring Rin's depressed fallen figure on the ground. "Although my previous plans were good, I find this new one quite entertaining. I truly do love rogue ronin animes. I'll be taking you to True Cross City though for a multitude of reasons."

"Why the hell would I do that?" Rin asked.

"Like I said many reasons, for one isn't that where your beloved brother will be, and how do you think life will be like for you on the run? You will be constantly harassed by upper level demons, and have absolutely no means to make a decent living." Mephisto smugly informed.

Seeing Rin completely lost for words, the trickster continued, "No worries, I will provide proper livings and expenses, as well as a location close to your brother for a simple set of services. First off, I want you to further develop your powers in several scenarios and training exercises in which I shall provide for you. Next, I will require to work as my personal hired goon. For example, if I want a job done but I'm too busy reading manga, I'll dispatch you. And finally, I'll be wanting you to keep an eye out on a certain student/exorcist-in-training in my academy."

Rin shouted in surprise, "Wait! What do you mean your academy? And who is this student?"

"Oh?" Mephisto moans, "Have I not told you yet? Mephisto Pheles is my name meant for family and friends. My more popular and famous name is Johann Faust the Fifth, principle of True Cross Academy, honorary knight of the True Cross, and ultimate otaku. Also this girl you will be watching is a very important cog in Satan's plans. She has had a very painful life and needs to be protected. I want you to watch over her. I will arrange for you to be in her classes and to work in her dormitory. You will also live in an apartment nearby. Think of yourself as a secret agent."

"Shit, I thought I was done with school, and now I'm going to an advanced academy" Rin whined.

Mephisto giggled to himself and commented, "Actually this girl takes advanced classes and a cram school although you won't be accompanying her to the cram school."

"I think I just got testicular cancer," Rin cried.

"Remember this is all for your brother, he is now my charge along with you. If exorcists see you they will attack along and the same goes for demons. You will be attacked by all so then take this for when you're on your duties." Mephisto said and handed him a blue oni mask. It had some unique qualities to it though. It would be secured by a series of black twine that would melt into his hair. The mask could also be held stiff with its horns that could curve onto his head like his own flame horns. The mask was less demon like and more like a skull. Rows of short diamond like teeth was on each part wear the mouth is. A screen covered the eyes and mouth so no one could see through. The jaw of the mask was very prominent and could fasten to Rin's jaw so when he moved his mouth it would follow. Finally a bright blue "X" came across the mask almost declaring his powers with its bright colors.

"Fine I'll do what you want as long as I can get stronger to beat Satan's ass. What's her name anyway?"

Mephisto gestures him into a pretty pink limousine, and throws him several sets of cloths, a student's uniform, a cook's apron, and a set of thick leather gloves, boots, and clothes. He sits down next to his younger brother and says with an appeased look, "Izumo Kamiki"