I can't describe to you the sharp feeling that seizes my chest in that moment, even if I try. Some more mumbling goes on behind the door and I pressed my back against the wall, preparing myself for the next lie that was, inevitably, coming my way.

I look over at Isabelle and, most likely, the same things are going through her head. She's paled considerably and is pressed up against the wall, right next to me.

"Valentine?" She mouths. The only thing that I can do is nod.

"I told you that there was no way that I would let Luke know that you're here. And you really can't see our daughter. I think it's best if you leave now. If not, you'll just cause unnecessary problems for everybody," Jocelyn speaks slowly and calmly.

Valentine laughs, a sound that sends physical chills down my back. Out of the corner of my eye, Izzy also shudders, falling to her knees and placing her head in her hands.

"Technically, darling, you're cheating on me. I don't know if I can accept that. I might have to, how do you say it, take care of Luke," my mind conjures up an evil grin stretching across his face. In my panic, my hand frantically rattles the doorknob.

"Mom, let me in. We need to talk," my attempts to plead with her are in vain as Valentine growls.

"Stay out of this, Clarissa. This is between me and your mother. I will personally take you and your little friend home if you're having trouble finding your way," he spits. I can feel his glare from through the door.

Isabelle drags my arm as we run to the car. Momentarily forgetting about the hindrance attached to my stomach, I run a little too fast and almost end up on my face. Strong arms wrap around my torso, pulling me upwards.

My head tilts upwards, my eyes meeting crystal blue eyes attached to one of my favorite faces.

"Oh my God, Alec!" I squeal, jumping into his arms. Unfortunately, due to our differing heights, the top of my head only reaches his neck. He chuckles, setting me down and ruffling my hair.

"How've you been, Clare-bear?" He asks, cocking his head to the side and shoving his hands into his jeans pockets. "I haven't seen you in ages. Where's Jace?"

"The fact that you haven't seen me in ages is not my fault. You were in freaking Ohio for the better part of this year with Magnus. The last time I saw you was, like, 90 years ago. And Jace is with your mom."

A line appears on his forehead, his face slightly scrunched up.

"Mom? What happened this time?"

I look to Isabelle so that she can save my ass but she just shrugs.

"She's, erm, sick to say the least. Jace went over to Anchorage, attempting to repair your parents' relationship and take care of your mother in her current state."

"So he left you here, pregnant and basically alone?"

"Well, when you put it like that..." I bite my lip, flicking a stray piece of hair out of my face.

Alec just shakes his head, glancing at his sister.

"So, Alexander, please enlighten me," my friend stands in front of her brother, folding her arms. "What in the fuck are you doing here? You've been here for 2 days and you're at a hospital, of all places."

"I actually came to talk to your mom. She hasn't been returning my calls. My doctor in Ohio wanted me to get in touch with her. Apparently, they used to be friends or whatever. Do you know why she hasn't been picking up?"

The brunette standing next to me and I share a glance. She discreetly shakes her head up and down, a signal for me to tell him. My hair gets in my face as I shake my head back and forth, a blatant 'no'.

"We have no idea. We have to dash now, Alec. I'll talk to you later, alright?"

This time, it's my turn to drag Iz out of the hospital.

"Charlotte, Jordyn, I'm home!" I yell, flinging my back onto the nearest sofa. "Come down here, I'm in the library."

"Here, Mom," the slow walk and the familiar click of boots tells me which one of my girls is walking into the room. I can see her long, straight blonde hair before the black leather pants and the v-neck black t-shirt that she's suited in. She's taken a liking to flat ironing her hair everyday. It's a clear distinction between her and her sister, for one. Also, Jordyn believes that it makes her look 'more badass'. Additionally, it does accentuate her cheekbone structure, and highlights the freckles that dust her face.

"Mom?" The more high-pitched voice comes from Charlotte, who's long, curly hair gives her slightly round face a certain glow. She has shorter lashes than her sister, although she makes up for that with the constant blush in her cheeks. She's wearing a simple v-neck ivory t-shirt and tight, light-wash jeans. Damn, my girls are growing up so fast.

"Hey, guys," I smile at them, opening my arms. They take their places under my arms so that I can squeeze them, probably leaving them short of breath. "How was school?"

Jordyn shrugs. "It was okay. I mean, nothing new or different happened. Some kid got bullied, someone tries to stop it, they both get beat up; someone graffitis some crap, they get suspended, everyone gossips; people got together, people broke up, people are fighting. Life goes on."

Charlotte rolls her eyes and glances at her sister.

"Don't listen to her, Mom. We've been writing poetry in school and she is way too into it. Please don't become one of those creepy poetry stoners that hang out in the back of classrooms, eating Cheetos to try and cure the munchies."

Jordyn laughs, throwing her head back and clapping her hands together. "Shut up, Charlie."

I smile fondly as I watch my daughters interact with each other, easily and completely worry free.

I'm about to reprimand them for not doing their homework, when the doorbell rings."I'll get that, girls. Go start some work okay?" I raise an eyebrow at them, a silent dare for them to challenge me on this.

"Yes, Mom," they drone sarcastically, trudging upstairs.

I grab the key from the kitchen table and open the door.

"Damn, Clary. We have got to stop meeting like this." Sebastian says, fighting the urge to smile.

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