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"I am so sick of these stupid royal scum that think they are so better than everyone else!" I snarled to Dawn as we walked down the boardwalk on the side of the castle. My father King Norman had royal associates in the castle today, and if I had to hear the word 'suitor' one more time I'm whipping out my Dad's old sword and going to town on these snobby Prince's!

Dawn giggled and grabbed my arm reassuringly. "Hey, May don't worry. You're Dad wouldn't let you marry someone you couldn't stand."

I snorted. "Want to bet?"

Dawn rolled her eyes, and together the two of us walked along the boardwalk, staring out into the vast ocean. I thought about my life as a Hoenn Princess, and internally shivered. Sure, it was much better than the life of a beggar, but it certainly wasn't something I would have chosen if I could have.

I had guards and servants following me everywhere, I had school all seven days of the week, and every other day I had a woman whose last name I could never pronounce properly teach me etiquette. I barley saw my amazing mother, and my brother Max was the biggest snob, never letting me speak for myself and explaining that woman do not speak unless spoken too. It made me so angry, but I could never tell him off for fear of my father.

Kind Norman was the fearless leader of Hoenn, a powerful and scary man, and he pretty much wanted me out of his way. I was nearly positive he wanted to have me married off into a rich family so he could earn a little more money... not that he needed it.

Dawn was my only friend, a little girl I had met on the streets when I was five, and had bolted from the castle for a sense of adventure. Dawn was eight months younger than me, and her father died when she was three. Her mother owned a sew shop, where she made clothes, and some of them she gave to Dawn. Her mother didn't always have enough money to support themselves, but I was always happy to steal some food from the kitchen or some gold coins from the vault for them. Johanne, Dawns mother was always uncertain about this, but I encouraged her it was absolutely no problem, to which her Glameow would purr in delight and rub against my legs.

"Really Miss, it's no problem. It's the least I could do for you're hospitality all this time." I had encouraged.

"But dear, King Norman would be furious!" Johanne had whispered, genuine fear in her eyes.

I had smirked, very un-lady like, but I really didn't care. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him. Besides, I'm sneaky. It only takes about a minute to get the coins anyway."

In payment for my help, Johanne sewed me some street clothes I could change into upon leaving the castle to blend in, and I would leave my expensive royal clothes behind so Dawn and I could play dress up whenever we wanted.

When we were ten years old, we both got our first Pokemon, Dawn a Piplup Johanne had found on the shore and caught with the help of her Glameow and for myself, a Beautifly my mother gave me. She told me when times were tough, or my father wanted to do something I didn't believe in, talk to Beautifly, because she is a great listener. Now that I was nineteen I realized what she was actually saying. Keep Dawn close, because your Dad is going to try and sell you for money and you will need a friend.

Of course, I don't really think she knew about Dawn. I only got the chance to sneak out after lunch because that meant school was over. I always made sure to return before dinner though, or else my father would be angry. I wouldn't want to get scolded for having a social life.

Unlike me, Dawn needed to get a job now. She wanted to pay her mother back for the money she needed and didn't have. I of course, offered to sneak into the vault again, because it was actually really fun and I was sneaky and wise, never getting caught by the guards. Dawn had immediately refused, saying I already owe her too much.

"But Dawnzy!" I groaned, smacking her lightly on the head. "Its fun! Besides, we don't exactly need the money."

"Come on May!" Dawn snickered. "You've done it too many times. It's time I started carrying my own weight."

I had smiled softly, pulling the girl into a hug. "You already have. Without you I don't know how I would have survived this long!"

Even through Dawns complaints, three days ago, on her nineteenth birthday, I had sneaked into the vault again, this time instead of a handful, I pulled out a small pouch, filling it with about seventy gold coins, leaving it on Dawns bed for her to collect later. She had flipped out upon seeing it, it was probably more money than she had ever seen in her life.

"Maybelle! Do you know how much this is worth!" Dawn had gasped, pushing me in shock.

I smirked, and hugged her. "Enough to buy your mom a years worth of food. And quit calling me Maybelle, you know I hate it!"

Anyway, saying we are close is an understatement. We are sisters.

"Hey Dawn." I whispered, staring out into the blue ocean. "Do you think you are ever going to get married? I mean all the boys in the neighbourhood are chasing after you. Are you going to settle down?"

The navy haired girl sighed, turning to look at me with a smile. "If I ever get married, I want it to be because of love. I wouldn't want to be with someone forever just because they have money. What kind of marriage is that?"

I nodded and closed my eyes. "I want that too. But more than that I want adventure. I'm sick of being in the castle. I want to see the world! To travel everywhere... to fight Pirates!"

"You sound crazy." Dawn snickered. "No offence, but you're a Princess! You probably will never leave Hoenn May. But don't fee so down." She added hurriedly as she saw my sad look. "I'm never leaving this place either."

I sighed. "I guess you're right."

We were silent for a moment, taking in the clean air and water. I suddenly smirked and turned to Dawn in excitement. "Hey Dawn." I grinned. "Feel like sparring?"

Dawn laughed and pulled herself to her feet, dusting off her common dress and nodded. "Sure. We could use practise anyway."

I beamed and dusted off my common dress Johanne had made me for my birthday, the one I had swapped earlier for my red gown with gold jewels.

We made our way sneakily down to Johannes shop, saying hello to the woman on our way in.

Making our way into the basement, we picked up the only two swords Dawns family owned, her fathers old sword and the spare they used in the event of an emergency. We had found the practise very interesting when we were young teens, and I had stolen three books on swordplay from the Library. Together we practised until we had learned enough to survive basic thrusts, and after seven years of practise, we had been able to master it.

Dawn was good, but I was better. I could flip, sidestep, lunge, and block with ease. Dawn rarely beat me, and when she did it was because she did a new trick that caught me by surprise. After about three hours of practise, I heard Johanne call us. "May! Dawn! It's time!"

I sighed, and placed the sword back into its sheath on the wall. "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you Dawn."

The navy haired girl pulled me into a hug and nodded. "Have fun in etiquette class." She smirked mischievously. I snorted and rolled my eyes, before walking back upstairs and changing back into the red gown. "God I hate these." I grumbled. Johanne laughed, before stopping abruptly, coughing hard. I looked at her in concern, before she straightened and nodded. "I'm fine dear, now be on you're way."

I nodded and smiled at the woman who had become a second mom to me. "Thanks again for everything."

Johanne smiled and hugged me. "It's no trouble at all."

That was the last time I ever saw Johanne.

Dawn appeared around side the castle the next day, and the guards had tried to shoo her away, but I beat them too it. I looked at Dawn in concern, and seeing her eyes broken, I turned to the guards. "It's only a beggar. I will take care of this. Return to you're duties."

"But Princess-" One tried, but I glared daggers.

"Begone. Now." I bit back coldly.

The guards had nodded and raced away, not at all concerned for me. I turned to Dawn when they had left and waved her to come back to the boardwalk we had met at the night before.

When we sat down, Dawn burst into tears. I looked shocked, but I held her close, letting her lean on my shoulder.

"S-Sh-She's gone!" Dawn sobbed, and my heart stopped.

I felt a tear escape my eyes. "Oh no... oh Dawn..."

Dawn sniffled and pulled herself off me. "Glameow left too. I only have Piplup left. When she saw mom... dead" her voice cracked on the word dead and I frowned urging her to continue. "Glameow said she had to go. She wished me luck." Dawn trembled and I sighed, hugging her.

After a few moments, Dawn saw something that caught her eye out on the ocean. "Is... that a ship?"

I shook my head. "No, there's no way it can be a ship. We're not due for another boat until tomorrow."

Dawn sat up, her eyes growing to become panicked. "No really. Look! It is a ship, only it doesn't have the Hoenn flag on it. In fact I've never seen that kind of flag before!"

I followed her gaze out onto the ocean, and my breath caught in my throat. I remember that flag. The one in all the history book, the one everyone was warned about. Right. Here. "It can't be..." I whispered.

Sailing directly towards the boardwalk was a massive Pirate ship, with two floors and Pirates swarming it everywhere I looked. There was a giant black flag sailing in the wind with a two crossing roses, one blue and one red.

Dawn gulped as the ship docked about two hundred metres away from us. "Wha- what it that? What are they doing?"

I felt my heart clench in fear. "That's a pirate ship Dawn. And we need to go." I grabbed her arm and started running, dragging her along with me.

Dawn looked confused as I dragged her along, my gown making me trip and stumble. "I don't see why this ship is such a big deal!"

I rolled my eyes pulling harder. "Because this isn't just any ship Dawn."

"We've been surrounded by the Dark Rose."

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