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Chapter Seventeen:

Night had fallen by the time the Dark Rose reached land, docking far away from citizen's eyes. We had landed in the Sinnoh region, waiting for the arranged meeting between us and the Burning Wave.

Brendan had been moved down to a private cell while the plan was taking place, we were careful to make sure he knew nothing. Max... well he had been in his room all day. One of the Pirates guarding him said he barley responded when they brought him food. At least he wasn't causing any trouble.

Ash, Misty, Dawn, Paul, Drew and I were wearing dark cloaks with hoods over our clothes, and on the back of each cloak was a single white rose. Drew had ordered us to wear them to disguise for phase two of our plan.

Speaking of that plan... actually let's not. I'm really not excited at all for this. I never wanted to go back, but I guess I have no choice. It was for the good of the crew!

"Alright everybody listen up!" Drew whispered, careful not to wake Sinnoh's citizens on the shore. "I will take five of you to the meeting with the Burning Wave, and the rest of the crew must stay awake until we return. Gary is in charge until then. Ash, Misty, Dawn, Paul and May will accompany me to the meeting. Do not alert anyone of our whereabouts. As far as Sinnoh is concerned, we were never here. Am I clear?"

The Pirates nodded, making sure to be completely silent, and I grunted in surprise when Drew grabbed my arm and pulled me urgently towards shore. Behind us followed the other four Pirates who were watching me get dragged along with slight amusement, and Pikachu even smirked from Ash's shoulder. When Drew wasn't looking, I stuck my tongue out at them causing the group to chuckle.

Drew was trying to get my attention, so I turned to him in question. "What's up?"

Drew looked nervous, his green eyes flashing in the dark of the night. "May, for your safety and the rest of the crew's please don't speak when we meet them."

I tilted my head in confusion. "But why? I thought you said we were on friendly terms with the Burning Wave?"

"We are." Drew stated, his voice hinting frustration now. "That's the point. We need them on our side or we will lose this fight. Do not say anything okay? I'm saying this as the Captain of the Dark Rose. Not your boyfriend. It's not a question it's an order."

I huffed and turned away. "Fine."

Drew sighed. "If it helps, the rest of them can't say anything besides greeting either. Getting these Pirates on our side will guarantee a win for us. It's also vital for our plan. You want to stay with us on the Dark Rose right?"

My heart was twisting. Of course I wanted to stay! Why would Drew even ask that?

"That's a dumb question Andrew." I growled, leaning slightly on his shoulder.

"Then follow my orders Maybelle." Drew smirked back, kissing the top of my head.

"Eww! No PDA lovebirds!" Misty chirped from behind us, and we blushed and backed away from each other. Drew tried to recover his serious attitude and gestured for me to fall behind him.

I stood beside Misty and Dawn, and Ash stepped forward to walk with Drew. This was a vital mission after all.

We headed down a dark alleyway in Sinnoh, and took a few turns until we ended up in a deserted bakery. Walking inside, we saw a group of about 30 Pirates in the far corner, talking quietly, and when the six of us entered, they all turned to look at us.

Silence filled the room, until one Pirate stepped forward.

She was clearly the leader of the group. The Captain had long black hair up in ponytails, and darker skin and eyes. She wore clothing similar to ours, except she had a red and white stripped shirt, and the Pirate wore a flame coloured bandanna. She had a crop top like us, but hers was a flaming yellow. Instead of sandals, she wore brown boots. The most noticeable thing however, was the Axew that was sitting on her shoulder.

"Hello again Hayden." She smirked, crossing her arms, and slowly the other Pirates filed in, surrounding their Captain protectively. I got the chance to see that every Pirate was dressed the same. Mirroring their Captain.

"Hello Iris." Drew grinned, bowing slightly to the other Pirate. "Pleasure to see you again."

This caused the Pirates mouth to twitch, obviously in annoyance. "Cut the games Hayden. Why did you call us here? You don't strike me as a beggar."

This time Drew narrowed his eyes. "That is not the case. I did not come here to ask for a loan. I came to ask you for help. Specifically from the Rockets."

Iris clicked her tongue thoughtfully. "Have they been causing trouble again? Hmm. Cilan! Zoe! Fall back!"

Two Pirates stepped forward, one with red hair and the other with hair a few shaded lighter than Drew's.

The red haired one scanned our faces, and I tensed slightly, waiting for her to recognize me, but she didn't. "Misty! How nice to see you."

Misty grinned mischievously. "I agree Zoe, it's been quite some time. How's the new job of first mate going? Still handling well?"

Zoe chuckled and waved her hand slightly, throwing Misty's comment off.

Meanwhile, Ash was smiling at the green haired man. "Hey Cilan!"

The green haired man nodded once with a smile. "Ash! It's been some time!"

Meanwhile Axew had spotted Pikachu, and the two chattered to each other in greeting. "Pi! Pikachu!" "Axew! Ax!"

Iris chuckled, before turning back to Drew. "At least my crew is on friendly terms with yours. I should be able to hear you out. What have the Rocket's done now?"

Drew's eyes flickered towards the rest of Iris' crew, and the Pirate thankfully understood. "All of you clear out. Let's see... Tracey, Kenny and Barry! Step forward! The rest of you head back to the ship. We won't be long."

Three Pirates stepped forward, and the rest of them fell back, heading towards their own ship... wherever that was.

Iris turned his attention back to Drew, and raised her eyebrow. "Well?"

"The Rocket's have teamed up with King Norman and are planning to overthrow our ship. We need your help to stop them." Drew stated, looping his fingers together while keeping a peaceful look on his face.

Zoe raised one eyebrow after that statement. "And what's in it for us? Why should we feel the need to assist you?"

Drew stared coolly back at Zoe. "Because if you don't help us now, the Rocket's will come for your ship next. Why fight alone later when you can fight now with allies?"

Once the six other Pirates had soaked in what Drew said, Drew dropped his hood, and as if we were mirrors, the rest of us did the same.

One my hood had fallen, Zoe gasped from Iris' left. "No way!" She whispered, and I instantly tensed, and Dawn held a hand in front of me protectively.

This caught Iris' attention. Turning to me, she scanned me over once before turning to Drew with a raised eyebrow.

"I will bet you a million golden bars she is part of the reason you need our help." Iris smirked, and Drew tensed up, before slowly nodding.

"I didn't think you were into stealing women Drew." Iris growled lowly, and the rest of her crew reached for their swords. "Especially Princesses..."

Seeing the dilemma that was sure to come from this I jumped to my feet. "Wait! He didn't steal me!"

Drew turned to me quickly and shook his head. "May! Quiet!"

But I wasn't listening to him. Ignoring everybody's stares, I turned and looked Iris directly in her eyes. "This is my fault. I couldn't help it!"

The crew of the Burning Wave slowly relaxed, lowering their hands away from their swords. The Dark Rose crew looked at me like I was insane, but didn't make any move to intervene. I had gotten myself into this, I had to get myself out.

Iris' mouth had twitched again, only this time I think it was from amusement. "You couldn't help... what exactly May?"

I looked to Drew is desperation, but he only looked helplessly back. I didn't know what to say at this point. What couldn't I help? I knew something was pulling me towards Drew, and he was my boyfriend I think... what can I say without breaking the truce the two ships shared?"

"I- I couldn't help-" I stumbled over my words trying to find the right ones. Suddenly they hit me like a brick, and I couldn't believe I didn't think of these few words before hand.

Taking a deep breath I turned to Drew with a quick glance, hoping he would approve of the words later. I then turned to look directly into Iris' eyes again, trying my hardest not to let my voice shake.

"I couldn't help but fall in love with him." I whispered, my voice breaking at the end of the sentence.

It was silent for a few minutes. Everyone trying to work out what had just happened. I didn't dare look at any of my crew mates, knowing I could have just messed this up for everyone. And after a few minutes of Iris' piercing stare, even if I thought her eyes had softened slightly, I clenched my fists and screwed my eyes shut, waiting for someone to shout, or throw us out.

Then the silence was broken by the Captain of the Burning Wave.

"We'll help you."

My eyes snapped open in surprise, and my mouth fell open. I looked over at Iris, who was grinning from ear to ear. The rest of her crew were giving slight smiles as well, even if I couldn't quite understand why, it was easing my stress.

Iris spun around to her crew and nodded to them. "All of you get back to the ship and tell them to prepare for battle. That's an order!"

"Yes Ma'am!" The Pirates nodded, turning and walking out of the bakery. Iris then turned to Drew and winked at him, before pulling out her notepad. "Now, tell me what you want us to do."


A few hours after the meeting, Iris had waved good-bye and climbed onto her ship, which sailed away instantly. I had been quiet for the rest of the meeting, not daring to intervene even when everybody else did.

I was much to worried about what Drew was going to do when we got back on the ship. I had spoken without being asked. I broke the rule we had made.

As we were walking back, Drew stopped suddenly. "Ash, Misty, Dawn, and Paul. Go ahead and tell the crew that the Burning Wave is in. I need to talk to May for a minute."

Dawn gave me a terrified look, but I just nodded to her, trying to tell her I would be fine even though I was scared. Not scared of Drew, but scared of his power. He could literally do anything to me. He could toss me overboard with a rope attached to my ankle if he wanted! I knew he would never do something like that but still!

The four crew mates and one Pokemon nodded and headed back to the ship, Pikachu waving at me from behind Ash's shoulder.

When they were gone, Drew turned and looked at me, his eyes flashing with several different emotions. Anger. Betrayal. Disbelief... and... Relief?

"May..." Drew began, pure anger in his voice, and before he could continue, I lost it.

"Drew I am so sorry! I never should have said anything!" I sobbed, crying hard. "I could have messed this up for everyone and I didn't think before I spoke! I'm such and idiot and I promise nothing like that will ever happen-"

Drew cut me off by kissing me, which wasn't the first time he had done it, but it still surprised me all the same. I instantly felt my eyes flutter shut, but the tears were still pouring down my cheeks. Drew was kissing me softly, not making any move to go further, and after a second he pulled away.

"You May." He smiled, "Are one of a kind. And you may have made a mistake, but you got us all out of it. No I am not mad. I am amazed."

I felt the breath return to me and I suddenly felt the pressure lift off my chest, and I even giggled a little bit. Drew wasn't mad?

"You... think I did a good job then?" I whispered, and Drew chuckled, but our faces were so close I could feel his warm breath near mine.

"You did a great job May." He whispered, pressing his forehead to mine while grinning. "Now it's my turn to ask you a question."

I beamed and shut my eyes lightly, not wanting to move from how we were right now. "Ask away." I whispered back.

Drew suddenly tilted my chin up with one finger, and I opened my eyes to see his flashing with warmth. "Did you mean it May? Do you really love me?"

I felt my breath catch in my throat, and after a second of surprise, I nodded. "Yeah. I really do love you Drew."

Drew's smile couldn't be bigger as he kissed me lightly one more time.

"Good. Because I love you too May."


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