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(Poké Rangers Hoenn: Chapter 437)

Episode 1: Prehistoric Rampage Part 1

January 9, 2014…

The winds were whipping back and forth as a trainer was walking along the region of Johto. As he arrived in Ruins of Alph, he headed toward the one of the golden ruins to do research on the ancient fossils. Specifically, Salvador Santorus, his teacher in high school, was known for his expeditions here to discuss about the Prehistoric life. When Danny graduated from Slateport High School, he kept in touch with him. However, what concerned Danny the most was that he disappeared 4 months ago. This was the perfect opportunity to find out what happened to him.

As he removed his red cap, his rusted hair popped out with reddish tips appeared. He wore a black sweatshirt with a red t-shirt underneath. He had hazel eyes, blue jeans and white sneakers. He turned around as he saw a female assistant with a white cloak walking toward him. She had a black t-shirt and blue jeans. She also had brown hair, bluish eyes and she was carrying a black laptop case.

"May I help you?" she asked, "My name is Sarah, Salavador Santorus's assistant."

The male trainer raised an eyebrow. He was waiting for Salvador Santorus, he just didn't know what was going on. Nodding his head, he stretched out his hand, "Daniel Dragonfly."

"So," she said, walking with him, "I heard so much about your adventures back in Hoenn. I'm like your biggest fan!"

"Thanks," said Danny, sighing, "However, I haven't fought in a long time. That was eight years ago."

"I see," she said, walking outside to the Fossil Laboratory. The lab was silver with a golden fossil on top of the building. As the door opened, he stood there with a surprising look, "Because you are experienced with strange things, I was hoping you would take these fossils with you."

"What fossils are you talking about?" asked Danny.

Immediately, Sarah turned around as she showed him a table with a white cloth over it. Danny looked at the cloth as Sarah revealed it. Danny's jaw dropped slightly, seeing three fossils: a red Jaw Fossil, a blue Armor Fossil, and a yellow Old Amber.

"Weird," he said.

"Don't touch them," she said, looking at him, "There are power levels that surround these fossils that make any human touch them perish."

"So, are you trying to tell me that this could be a serious threat?" asked Danny, "And if it's true then why did you pick them up with your bare hands?"

Sarah looked at him, "Danny, we used machinery and other things to get them here. Welcome to the world of technology."

Danny rolled his eyes, "Right. Sorry, when you get exposed to technology at the age of 16 that's beyond what you normally see, sometimes you still need to adapt."

"Well," said Danny, taking out his wrist communicator, "I'll take these back to Hoenn. But, I think I know who I'm going to contact."

He then pressed the button on the communicator, "Claydol, you awake?"

"… Yes," said Claydol, yawning on the intercom, "What's up?"

"A talking Pokémon?" asked Sarah.

"Shh," said Danny, winking, "Anyway, Claydol. I have three fossils that I want you to examine. Can you teleport them using my coordinates?"

"Yes," said Claydol, pressing a few buttons, "Teleporting now."

Sarah and Danny turned around as a white aura surrounded the fossils. The fossils immediately materialized into white light. Like rockets, they flew up into the sky, heading towards Meteor Falls. Danny smiled as he looked at her, "I will try to research these… and I'll send you and Salvador Santorus a report."

"Thank you," she said.

Suddenly, there were screams coming from the outside. Danny walked toward the front doors. As he turned to his left, he noticed that the sky turned black. He then noticed a group of greenish-blackish Tyrunt creatures with sabers with white-yellowish Cranidos creatures with sabers.

"… What the hell?" asked Danny.

The Tyrunt soldier grabbed Danny by his shirt. Danny yelled as he was thrown into the glass doors of the Fossil Laboratory.

"Danny!" yelled Sarah.

Danny carefully got up as he saw a red beam come down from the sky. The beam materialized into a female soldier. She wore a red dress with Aerodactyl feet and claws. Her skin was grey and her face was human with green eyes covered with an Aerodactyl helmet. She withdrew her saber.

"Well, this is a first," said Danny, "May I ask who you are?"

"You humans have tampered with the Dino Fossils… bring them to us at once!" she demanded.

Danny laughed as he looked at her, "I'm sorry but they are no longer in the Kalos Region."

"Where are they?" she asked.

Danny laughed, "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Tydrones, Cranidrones, attack!" she screamed.

Immediately, the Tydrones started charging in. Danny laughed as he saw one charge with his saber. He blocked his saber with his left hand and punched the Tydrone in the face with his right hand. He then used a roundhouse kick on a Cranidrone. Two Tydrones charged into attack. Danny used a pipe that was above his head. Jumping up, he grabbed on to the pipe and started kicking repeatedly. Each Cranidrone and Tydrone was kicked in the face. As they landed on the ground, a group of them charged to attack. Danny, smiling reached into his back pocket. He pulled out a golden dagger. A green aura surrounded it, transforming the dagger into a leaf-like dagger. He jumped up and slashed three of them in the stomach. He then stretched out his left hand as a red star emerged from his heart to his body, releasing a silver saber with a black hilt and a red star on it. Within seconds, Danny managed to cut through and destroy the Tydrones and Cranidrones. The female soldier looked at him.

"So… you are such a rebel," she said, withdrawing her sword, "And this is where I come in."

"Who are you, exactly?" asked Danny, breathing heavily from all of the fighting.

"Simple," she said, "My name is… Terrodactyl… Head Warrior of the Dinvolien Empire!"

"Dinvolien?" asked Danny.

"Yes," she said, laughing, "Dinvolien… an empire that existed on Earth… correction, Pre-Earth."

"Pre-Earth?" asked Danny.

Terrodactyl laughed as she looked at him, "Yeah… but, lucky for you, you won't be around to see the invasion!"

She charged in with her saber. Danny rolled underneath as she missed. Terrodactyl turned around as Danny ran outside in the dark with her rushing outside. Terrodactyl looked at him as his weapons disappeared.

"So…," she said, "Are you ready to die?"

She thrust her sword down into the ground. Black beams came out of the ground, heading towards Danny. Danny quick dodged to the left as the beams next to him caused an explosion. He turned around as he took out a golden buckler. However, something was missing from it.

"Shit… where's the coin," he said, reaching into his pocket. Finding the Treecko Coin, he turned to see Terrodactyl come toward him. As she struck, he used his feet to kick her in the face. Placing the coin inside, he grabbed the buckler by grabbing the black handle behind, using it as a brass knuckle. He punched Terrodactyl in the face. Stumbling back, Danny put his left hand on top of the morpher.

"Treecko!" yelled Danny.

As his morpher opened up, the Treecko Coin began to glow bright green as his whole body began to glow in a green aura. The aura disappeared as he was wearing a green suit with a white diamond pattern across the chest and a green pattern on the gloves and boots. The white diamonds were covered by a golden shield and his helmet was shaped like a Treecko.

"What the hell?" she asked.

"This is just the beginning," said Danny. Taking out his Leaf Blade, he closed his eyes as a green aura surrounded the blade, "Kiryoku… Constrict!"

He dug the Leaf Blade into the ground. Vines emerged as Terrodactyl was caught in the vines of the creature. She screamed, trying to get out.

"There's no use fighting… it's going to make matters worse," he said.

Suddenly, the ground started shaking. The vines crumbled down as Terrodactyl landed on the ground. Danny looked up as he saw a blue ship coming toward him. Terrodactyl smiled as she looked at him, "You haven't seen the last of me!"

With that said, she turned around, disappearing into the ship. The ship turned around and disappeared. He looked at the sky and then turned around as he looked at the ground. Immediately, he had a horrible feeling in his gut. He looked around as he saw Sarah, knocked out from the attack. Still breathing, Danny wrote a note and stuffed it into his hand.

"I wish I could stay but I got to go," he said, pressing his belt buckle. A green aura surrounded him as he teleported straight to Meteor Falls.

An hour later…

The Meteor Falls Command Center was still clean as usual. It hasn't been used in a very long time. Claydol was floating along the area as he was looking at the three fossils. Pressing buttons on the console, a green aura appeared behind him. Claydol turned around as Danny removed his helmet.

"So," said Danny, looking at Claydol, "What do we have?"

Claydol looked at him, "Whatever it is… it's dangerous to be touched by human hands."

Danny looked at the fossils, "Really?"

"Yeah," said Claydol, looking at him, "I don't know what to say. I want to keep this here for further study."

"Okay," said Danny, yawning, "I'm going to sleep. I'll see you later."

"Have a good night," said Claydol.

Five minutes later…

Back at the Chii Mansion, a woman with blue hair and hazel eyes was sitting on the bed wearing a yellow gown. She had pink earrings on and she was drinking a glass of water. Sighing, she opened her planner with a pen in hand.

"Okay, so tomorrow I have to plan this event for it is set in Kalos… this is going to be interesting," said Amii.

As she went to write, a green beam shot down on the bed. Amii screamed as Danny appeared, unmorphed and ready to fall asleep.

"Danny, what did I tell you about waking me up?" she asked.

"I'm sorry," said Danny, yawning, "I've had an exhausting day."

Amii looked at him, "Did you really?"

"Yeah," said Danny, taking off his sweatshirt, "I'm really exhausted."

He walked over as he sat on the bed, cuddling with Amii, "Babe, question…"

"Yeah?" asked Amii.

Danny sighed, "If we had to fight again to save the world, would you do it in a heartbeat or would you let the new generations handle it?"

"How about both?" asked Amii.

Danny raised an eyebrow, "Sweetheart, that doesn't make sense."

"Hun, it doesn't matter. At least people are doing their best to save the world," she said, smiling. She turned over on her stomach and looked at Danny, "What seems to be the problem?"

"I think another empire has come down to destroy Hoenn again…," said Danny.

Amii rolled her eyes, "Not surprised. This region has gone through way too much. Can they go to Unova, Kalos, hell, Sinnoh?"

"I don't know, babe. I found three colored fossils that had powers of high intensity. They could kill someone if a human touched the fossil," said Danny.

Amii looked at him. She kissed him on the cheek, "You worry way too much."

"I try not to," said Danny, chuckling.

"Speaking of which, we've been dating for seven years…," said Amii.

"And?" asked Danny, "I thought it was going on eight!"

"Well, yeah…," said Amii, "But, I need something from you."

Danny sighed as he looked at her, "I'm working on it. Relax."

"Relax? I've been waiting for three years and it's rude to keep a lady waiting," she said, laughing.

"True," said Danny, "It's almost done. My brother just got to send it over. Should be here if not tomorrow, Wednesday."

Amii looked at him, "What is it?"

"I can't tell you," said Danny.

"Why?" asked Amii.

"Because," he said smiling.

Amii looked at him, "You better tell-."

Danny covered her mouth with his lips and flipped her on the other side, "Shh…"

July 1, 2014… six months later…

A teenager was walking down the streets of Slateport City. She sighed as she was sitting, looking at the Pokémon Contest Hall. She closed her eyes and looked down at the floor. Last year, she decided to do coordinating. However, she decided to quit due to her negative responses to her show. She has brown hair that was tied into a ponytail. She also had hazel eyes that were looking straight at the ground. She had a good tan complexion as well as wearing a yellow tank-top, a black skirt, grey leggings, and purple shoes. She even wore a purple bracelet.

"Why the hell did I decide to come here?" she asked, sighing.

"Hey, did you hear about Amelie Goodwin? She sucked at her last contest," a guy said.

The trainer stood up, after hearing him and started walking away. Sighing, she turned around as she was heading toward the Seashore House, the place where all the trainers are… and the teenagers. As the doors opened up, she sighed as she saw a bar with smoothies and sodas. There was an arcade. There were even tables were all the teenagers were talking.

"Wow," she said to herself.

She went to sit down at the bar. Smiling, she noticed a guy with green hair and hazel eyes. He wore a palm tree like t-shirt with black jeans.

"Hello, my name is Geki Limestone of the Seashore House… what can I get you?" he asked.

"Just a simple orange crush smoothie," she said.

"Cool," he said, "Be right out."

As she sighed, she turned around as she saw the basketball court. Sighing, she turned around as she saw someone walk into the room. Her eyes just stared at him. He had brownish tan skin color. He had black eyes. He had a black hair that was greased to a frohawk design. He was kind of toned from what she was seeing. He had a red t-shirt on with black jeans and white shoes with red laces. He also had a necklace with a tooth on it. Sitting next to her, she could smell his cologne, which wasn't too bad. Geki, who finished making the drink, walked over toward him.

"I'll take a Strawberry-Banana smoothie," he said, smiling.

"Okay," he said, turning to the girl, "That will be 450 Pokédollars."

"I'll pay," he said.

Geki nodded, "Okay. Let me finish your drink."

He smiled as he looked at her. She turned to him, "You didn't have to do that."

"True…," he said, "But, I could tell you were feeling down."

She looked at him, "Thanks, but I can handle myself."

As Geki placed the glass on the table, he took out his wallet and paid the bill. He turned toward her, "My name's Alex… Alex Jenkovich."

"Alex?" she asked, "Cool."

"What's your name?" asked Alex, smiling.

She turned around and rolled her eyes, "Lee… Lee Goodwin."

"Ah," he said, "You look familiar."

She sighed as she looked at him. She was worried about what he was going to say. She turned to him, "Well, who do I look like?"

"You look like one of those girls that should be in a rock band. Play any instruments?" he asked.

"I play guitar," she said, looking at him. She was definitely relieved that he didn't know from another point in time, "My Pokémon even rock out with me."

"Pokémon?" asked Alex, "Sweet. We should battle."

Lee laughed, "Yeah… no."

"Why not?" asked Alex, "Scared?"

"No…," she said, smiling, "My Pokémon aren't battle material."

Alex looked at her, "Uh-huh."

As he sipped his smoothie, Lee smiled as she looked at him, "I'm going to go to the bathroom… I'll be right back."

As she hopped off the bar chair, she headed straight to the back of the bathroom. Walking inside, she sighed as she looked in the mirror.

"Lee… come on," she said, "No one needs to know about your past, especially the guy that just bought you a smoothie."

Sighing, she turned around as she walked outside. Turning around, she noticed that Alex wasn't there. However, he left a white card on the table. Picking it up, she laughed.

"If you are brave enough, please meet me in the woods in an hour… here's my number," he said.

Lee looked at him, "Well… hmm."

As she went to walk away, she then turned around as someone bumped into her.

"Watch it!"

The guy looked at her. He was dark-skinned with short black hair and brown eyes. He wore a navy shirt, light blue shorts and tennis shoes. She rolled her eyes again as she walked away.

"Wait a minute, I know you!" he said.

As she opened the door, she started walking away. He followed.

"Why does every guy have to follow me?" she muttered.

"You're Amelie Goodwin," he said.

Immediately, she stopped walking. She turned around and marched right back to him, "Let me explain something to you… Amelie Goodwin is dead… My name is Lee… get it right."

"Hey, hey, hey," he said, "You can be a rude bitch you know…"

Lee turned around as she looked at him, "And you need to learn more about women."

"Well," he said, "Why are you in a rush?"

Lee turned around, "I have to go meet somebody in the woods… is that a problem?"

"No…," he said, "However, I would love to see a coordinator defeat a trainer. That's going to be epic."

Lee looked at the sky and then turned to him, "Come on… let's go!"

He smiled, "Sweet… anyway, my name is JT… JT Glover."

"JT?" she asked.

"Yep. Also stands for Julius Thurgood," he said.


On a remote grassy island in another dimension, a green warped tree stood there in its presence. Inside, there were Jurassic designs and palm trees. There were black lights and blue lights with some other colorful lights. There was a black console on the right as well as a grey silver box with a door on the left. Terrordactyl walked inside as he looked at two other people.

"My liege," he said, "We believe the Dino Fossils have been active in the Hoenn Region."

A woman smiled as she walked toward him. She was basically wearing all red with Aurorus like designs. She was human. However, she had blue eyes with black hair. She also had metallic fangs.

"I think," she said, "That we should finally attack… ain't that right, Tyrantus?"

"Hold on, Princess Aurora…," he said, walking towards them. He smiled as his body was a humanoid wearing a black lab coat. His face was a Tyrantrum with red eyes and yellow spikes down his body to the point of where the spike protruded the lab coat, "We need to get our forces… and then we find the location… the invasion will begin momentarily."

Later that day…

Alex was sitting in the woods. Smiling, he was hoping to look for her. He had a Poké Ball in his hand, smiling as he started yawning in response to why she was so late. The sun was just about to head to the west. Turning around, he noticed Lee and JT walking toward him.

"Ah, brought a friend I see?" asked Alex.

"He's not my friend," said Lee.

JT turned around, "Bitch."

"Hey…," she said, "Stop with the language."

"Well, keep at it… and then I'm going to tell this guy who you really are," he said.

"You do…," said Lee, "I swear…"

"Hmm…," said Alex, pointing to her, "Well… now I know you who you are… Amelie?"

Lee's face began to glow bright red. She took a deep breath as she turned around and walked away, "That's it! I'm done!"

As she started veering left, Alex caught up with her, "Wait a minute. Can we talk?"

"Get away from me," said Lee.

"Come on, stop hiding. We aren't going to judge," said JT.

Lee turned backwards, "Yeah, right."

As she pressed her foot on the ground, a hole opened up in the ground. Lee turned around as she screamed.

"Lee!" yelled Alex and JT.

Alex took out his Poké Ball, "Noctowl, use Confusion!"

Noctowl popped out of his Poké Ball. The owl flapped his wings over quickly. His eyes began to glow bright blue as she was stuck in a psychic force, easily landing on the ground.

"Phew," she said.

"Are you okay?" asked Alex.

"Yeah," yelled Lee.

JT sighed as he went to sit down, "That's good…"

As he went to sit, a thorn pierced him in the butt, "OW!"

Jumping up, he fell to the ground, followed by Alex who grabbed Noctowl. The three of them landed on top of Lee.

"Ouch…," said JT.

"My back…," said Alex, "Noctowl, you okay?"

"My boobs," said Lee, "GET OFF ME!"

As they got off, they looked at each other.

"Let's go explore," said Alex, turning around, "Noctowl, Flash!"

The trainers looked at him as they saw a tunnel in front of them.

"I have a feeling this is bad," said JT.

"Mm-hmm," said Lee.

The three of them were walking through the tunnel. The lights illuminated the brown caves. They then reached a dead end.

"Great… a dead end," said Lee, "How the hell are we supposed to get back?"

Alex looked at her, "Will you relax? I'll figure it out."

"This isn't Indiana Jones," said JT.

Alex looked at him as he saw dinosaur head poking out. He smiled as he reached for the fossil. As he pulled the jaw down, he laughed. Suddenly, the tunnel opened up. The rangers stood there in surprise.

"WHAT THE HELL?" asked Lee.

"Noctowl, return," said Alex, returning the Pokémon into his Poké Ball.

It was the basement to someone's house. However, there were computers with consoles and television screens. There was a black chair for the cockpit. The trainers were amazed.

"So," said Alex, "This is someone's home."

JT nodded as he turned to the right, "Whoa, check this out!"

Alex, Lee, and JT walked toward a table. There were three fossils: a Red Jaw Fossil, a Blue Armor Fossil and a Yellow Old Amber.

"These are prehistoric Pokémon fossils… but colored," he said, "This is amazing!"

Alex looked at this place, "This place is weird."

"You're telling me," said Lee.

JT smiled as he went to touch the Armor Fossil.

"Wait…," said Lee, looking at him, "You're going to touch it."

"It's harmless," said JT.

As he went to pick up the fossil, a blue aura surrounded his body. Alex and Lee looked at him as he looked at the fossil, "Oh boy…"

Alex looked at him as he put his hand on the Jaw Fossil, "Good job."

Suddenly, a red aura surrounded Alex. As he picked the fossil up, he looked as he felt red energy go through him.

Lee looked at them, "Nice… now I'm not touching them."

"Come on," said Alex, "Maybe the Old Amber works…"

"Huh?" asked Lee. She sighed as she looked at them, "FINE!"

Picking it up, she looked at them. A yellow aura surrounded her body, "Oh… great."

Alex sighed, "So, I'm sure there's a way out…"

Five minutes later…

The trainers finally climbed out of the hole with the help of Pokémon alike. Lee sighed as she looked at Alex, landing on the dirt. Alex stretched out his hand. Looking at her, he raised an eyebrow, "You okay?"

"Yeah," she said.

As they started to walk away, a flash of green light emerged. The rangers watched as they saw a group of Tydrones appear.

"Who are they?" asked Lee.

"Uh…," said JT, "… Invaded again?"

Alex sighed, "Well, we do have our Pokémon."

"Let's do this," said JT, taking out his Poké Ball, "Go, Feraligatr! Umbreon!"

"Come on out, Sealeo, Sandshrew!" yelled Lee.

Alex took out his two Pokémon, "Go, Charmeleon, Greninja!"

Immediately, the Pokémon appeared. As the Tydrones charged forward, Alex looked at them and turned to the two.

"Charmeleon, Ember! Greninja, Water Shuriken!"

Immediately, Charmeleon released bits of flames while Greninja threw water-like shurikens at the Tydrones. The Tydrones laughed as they shurikens were taken out of their bodies.

"Humans… you think your Pokémon can help you?" asked one of them, "We are here because you have the fossils… give them to us!"

"Uh," said JT, "Feraligatr use Hydro Pump and Umbreon, Dark Pulse!"

Feraligatr released a blast of water from his mouth. Umbreon released a black beam of energy from his mouth. The Tydrones yelled as explosions occurred.

"Sealeo, use Ice Ball… Sandshrew, use Dig!" yelled Lee.

Sealeo threw balls of ice from his mouth at the creatures. Sandshrew dug himself in a tunnel and charged at the creatures. Some of the Tydrones yelled as they tripped and fell on the ground.

"It seems that tripping them and special attacks do more work," said Lee.

Suddenly, more of them appeared.

"It seems that we may not be able to handle this by just the three of us," said Lee.

"Let's use more Pokémon," said Alex.

"Wait," said JT, "I don't know about that… if I calculate correctly, if there are more of these, we may not be able to handle them with all six of our Pokémon."

Immediately, Lee turned around as two of them grabbed her from either side. Lee yelled as she was thrown to the ground.

"Lee!" yelled JT and Alex.

"Greninja, Night Slash!" yelled Alex.

Immediately, Greninja charged in for the attack. A Tydrone took out his saber and slashed Greninja. Greninja yelled as he landed on the ground.

"Greninja!" yelled Alex, seeing the damaged line of blood from the attack.

"It seems that these creatures have weapons to kill anything," said JT.

Lee screamed as she was struggling. Sealeo and Sandshrew jumped up to attack. Two of the Tydrones released beams of energy. Sealeo and Sandshrew were hit hard by the attack. As they landed on the ground, Lee clenched her fists.


Suddenly, a yellow aura surrounded her. As the Tydrones got away, Lee felt supercharged throughout her whole body. She took a deep breath and released a scream. However, the scream was so loud that yellow soundwaves emerged. A few of the creatures landed on the ground. In addition, she jumped up as one charged toward her. She kicked one of them in the stomach and punched one of them in the face.

"How did I get this power?" asked Lee.

"Good question," said JT.

Suddenly, one of them came charging towards JT. JT yelled as he went to block. A blue aura surrounded him as his arms began to turn to blue like armor gauntlets. He threw the Tydrone's fist to the left and then punched him in the face. As two went up toward him, he lifted both of them and then threw them to the ground.

Alex's eyes grew as he ducked from the attack. The Pokémon all hid as Alex jumped up and kicked four of them.

"Thank you martial arts," he said to himself. As one went to attack him, Alex's body began to glow bright red. His teeth turned into fangs. As he bit hard, the Tydrone yelled as he landed on the ground. JT and Lee turned around as they saw Alex with extended fangs and a little roar coming from underneath his breath.

"Oh my," said Lee, "Alexsaurus Rex?"

"Don't start with me," said Alex, turning to Lee. He charged in and punched a few of them in the stomach. As one person went to stab, he grabbed the Tydrone's blade and bit it in half. The Tydrones looked at them as the three trainers stood there. The Tydrones immediately escaped.

"That was weird," said JT.

Alex nodded as his teeth went back to normal, "Oh my…"

Lee looked at him, "That was insane!"

"Yeah, you make people death, JT has gotten super strength and I eat people," said Alex, gulping, "At least I don't taste it."

"Okay," said Lee, "Why don't we go back to Slateport City and pretend this whole thing never happened?"

JT looked at her and then at Alex. The two of them also nodded. Immediately, they started heading back into town.


"Sir!" said Terrordactyl.

Tyrantus looked at him as he bowed his head, "I regret to inform you that our grunts were beaten by three trainers… that have already absorbed the power of the fossils."

Tyrantus's jaw dropped. He looked at him as he grabbed him by the neck, "You let them get away?"

"Yes," he said.

"Grr…," said Tyrantus, "This makes my job even more difficult."

"They acquired super powers from those fossils!" yelled Tyrantus.

Princess Aurora, who stood there, also turned to Tyrantus, "Tyrantus, do you think?"

"It's possible," said Tyrantus, "Princess Aurora, Terrordactyl… it's time to bring out the program… or at least… begin the download of it."

"Download?" asked Aurora.

Tyrantus nodded, "The Bio Zord Program. I took three Prehistoric Pokémon from many years ago… and converted them into my own program… they will be used to rampage."

The next day…

Danny Dragonfly yawned as he walked down the stairs to the basement. As he pressed a green button, a red chair popped up. Sitting down, he pressed the yellow button on the inside. Going into the wall, the door closed. The wall opened up from behind as he got into the headquarters. His jaw dropped as he saw the wall open from the outside.

"What the hell?" asked Danny.

He got out of the chair and walked toward the table where the fossils were. He stood there angrily, "Whoever took them… they have now started something that could have been prevented."


Lee smiled as she had her fossil in her pocket. As she was walking around the city, she turned around as she saw JT and Alex talking up a storm. Walking toward them, Alex turned around.

"Hey," said Alex.

"Hi," said Lee.

"What's up?" asked JT.

"Nothing much," said Lee, "Thinking of maybe returning the fossils back where we found them."

JT looked at her, "No way. I just analyzed them on my computer last night. These are super powers. We can help people! We can be just like the Poké Rangers… except that we don't have to wear suits."

"Still… we stole them from someone's lab… it's not ours," said Lee.

Alex nodded as he turned to JT. Alex shook his head, "Nah, finders keepers."

"Fine, I'll go," she said.

Turning around, she saw two Tydrones materialize from nowhere. She was then grabbed before the other guys could do anything and she was immediately taken.

"Lee!" yelled JT, "Again!"

Alex grumbled as he punched the table, "Damn it. Maybe we should return them…"

"Hopefully, we can find research on how to save her too," said JT.


Lee was tied up to a chair in the headquarters. She closed her eyes as she smelled something weird. Opening her eyes, Tyrantus's face appeared.

"Who… who… who are you?" asked Lee.

"My name is… Tyrantus of the Dinvolien Empire," he said, smiling, "There is no escape."

Lee's eyes popped out of head as there was laughter coming from Tyrantus's mouth. She sighed as she was looking at the place.

To Be Continued…

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Alex: Where's Lee?

Danny: What do you mean you touched the fossils?

JT: We're in trouble…

?: It's finally nice to meet you… can I have that fossil.

Danny: You know what to do.

Rangers: Dino Thunder, Power Up!

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