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Sounds of beauty and grace filled the practice room coming from Lee's voice. As she was vocalizing, she was looking at the music in her hands, trying to memorize. For the few minute she was practicing, she was using the ebb and flow of her voice. A smile appeared on her face as she looked at her piece of music.

"This is going to be an awesome recital!" she said, "I'm so nervous!"

Closing her book, she opened the door to get to the main hall. She smiled as she took out her cell phone, seeing a text from Alex.

"Of course, I'll go," she said, smiling.

As she put her backpack on, she started walking toward the stairs.

(Poké Rangers logo appears… a foot of a Tyrantrum smashes the logo as a desert appears… the Poké Rangers Dino Thunder logo appears)

Alex: Poké Rangers

All: Dino Thunder!

(Season logo appears with Tyrantrum on top)

Poké Rangers Roar!

(Alex, JT, and Lee walk in the city at night)

There's a light in the distance

(Alex takes the football in hand and charges toward the enzone)

See them coming closer

(Two red lines appear above and below. Alex appears on one side while the Red Ranger appears on the other. "Alex Jenkovich- Red Dino Ranger created by Blazin' Saddles")

With the force of ages

(JT opens his laptop and begins playing video games)

Centuries gone by

(Two blue lines appear above and below. JT appears on one side while the Blue Ranger appears on the other. "JT Glover- Blue Dino Ranger created by NashWalker")

Protectors of the right

(Lee creates a song with her guitar as well and then turns to the other two guys bickering)

Defenders sworn to fight

(Two yellow lines appear above and below. Lee appears on one side while the Yellow Ranger appears on the other. "Amelie "Lee" Goodwin- Yellow Dino Ranger created by SSJ2 PikaFlash)

(Rangers take out their morphers and transform. Shots of them transforming)

Dino Rangers roar!

(Dino Rangers pose)

Poké Rangers score!

(Danny Dragonfly morphs out of his suit. "Danny Dragonfly- created by Daniel the Dragonfly)

(Scenes of Tyrantus, Aurora, and Terrordactyl appear)

Save us from the evil forces! Win! (Poké Rangers Dino Thunder)

(Amii looks at Danny and rolls her eyes)

(Dino Thunder Megazord is formed)

Dino Rangers win!

(Alex bites a Tydrone, JT uses super strength and Lee screams)

Pokémon within!

(The three Dino Zords charge forward)

(Rangers use their weapons and form the Rampage Blaster)

Victory is ours forever more!

(Season logo appears with the three rangers unmorphed. Adapted from © 2003-2004 Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger and © 2004-2005 Power Rangers DinoThunder. Do not own)

(© 2014 Blaze Productions)

Chapter 6: Divas and Recitals

The Seashore House had a ton of college students coming inside with of course the typical Slateport High School teenagers on a Wednesday night. Lee smiled as she opened the door. She looked at Alex and JT who was looking at her with amazement.

"What's up?" asked Lee.

"You are in a good mood today. How was class?" asked JT.

"Great. Passing Theory and Ear Training… who knew summer schedule classes would be easy?" asked Lee.

"Wait till Fall…," said Alex, laughing, "I heard it's hard. So, what classes are you taking next semester?"

"Next semester?" asked Lee, "You mean…"

"Yeah, Summer Semester ends in a few weeks," said JT, "What classes are you taking?"

"Well, since I am technically ahead… I am taking Music Theory 2, Ear Training 2, Music History 1, Hoenn Civilization 1, Pokémon Coordinator Methods…" said Lee.

"Pokémon Coordinator Methods?" asked JT.

"Well, it's a class on how to improve your skills in contests," said Lee, "Since I have to hone them… it's also an elective course."

"Nice," said Alex, "Better than what I'm taking."

"What are you taking?" asked JT.

"I'm taking… well… Education Technology, Pokémon Biology 1…," said Alex.

"Wait a minute, are you majoring as a Biology Teacher?" asked Lee.

Alex slowly nodded, "With a Sports Management degree too."

"Am I the only one that has a difficult degree?" asked JT.

The rangers looked at him. JT raised an eyebrow as he looked at them, "I'm just saying."

"Speaking of degrees and stuff… isn't your recital coming up?" asked Alex.

"Yes, this Friday," said Lee, smiling, "I'm trying to see if Danny wants to go."

"Danny?" asked JT, "He old. He's like 24 years old."

"Just because he's 24 doesn't mean we can't invite him and his friends," said Lee.

Alex laughed, "I think someone has a crush on a Dragonfly."

"Please," said Lee, laughing, "I am not in love with the guy."

Alex looked at her and then patted her on the shoulder, "Believe what you want…"

Lee looked at him. She shook her head as she saw flyers on the pole. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the poster. She turned to the guys, "So, what are you guys doing on Saturday?"

"Studying for finals?" asked JT.

"Besides that," said Lee.

"… Good question," said Alex, "What's going on?"

"Apparently, an old friend is coming to Slateport City in concert… and she's going to appear at Slateport University for the Summer Recital. Her name is Julia… Julia Scalise," said Lee, "She's coming tonight… according to the flyer."

Alex's eyes popped out of his head, "Julia Scalise?"

"You know her?" asked JT.

"She is sexy and hot!" yelled Alex, jumping out of his seat, "I mean come on!"

He stretched out his hands out and started squeezing them. JT and Lee looked at him. Alex smiled as he looked at them, "THAT ASS!"

"Pig…," said Lee, rolling her eyes.

"I'm sorry but she really is hot," said Alex, "I think we should go."

JT laughed as he looked at them, "You guys can. But, I have Pokémon to feed and they are going to help me study."

"Do you speak Pokémon?" asked Alex.

JT looked at him as he stood up from the chair, "No. But, they are smart! I'll see you guys later!"

"Have fun!" said Alex and Lee.

JT grinned as he started walking away.

"Well, we don't want to be late," said Alex, "When is it?"

"7 tonight," said Lee, looking at her phone, "It's 5:30 now."

Alex nodded, "Let's get out of here."

The two rangers stood up from the table and started walking out of the Seashore House. They started going toward the glass doors, heading toward the concert hall of Slateport University.


Tyrantus, Aurora and Terrordactyl were sitting in his lab portion of the hideout. He was very angry. Angry, annoyed and upset, he looked at them.

"For the past couple of weeks, these teenagers… teenagers… have touched our fossils and decided to use their powers against our ways. Three of my monsters have been destroyed. Is there an explanation to why my forces are being defeated?" he asked.

"I don't know," said Aurora.

Terrordactyl looked at him, "Well… it's obvious, Tyrantus. It's the teenagers that use those fossils to battle against us!"

"Well… what about that one guy that was with them?" asked Tyrantus.

"Who, Danny?" asked Terrodactyl, laughing, "Haha… he's one not to mess with."

"What do you mean?" asked Tyrantus, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, he's a really strong warrior," said Terrordactyl, taking his saber, "I even did some background research. He was one of the original rangers that fought Mariah in 2006 and the Machine Empire in 2007."

"So… the teenagers have a mentor who is a Poké Ranger…" said Tyrantus, "Well, if that's the case, then I have an idea."

"Idea, sir?" asked Aurora.

"Yes," said Tyrantus, "We will send another monster as a distraction to the rangers… while we grab Danny. Maybe we can figure out how to extract the fossils from the teenagers and finally use them to destroy this planet! I know exactly who to summon. Aurora… go to the chamber… I think I have a monster that can easily be used to destroy the rangers… and we can use that time to capture Danny."

"Yes, sir!" shouted Aurora.


The recital hall was packed as Alex and Lee sat down in their chairs. Alex already had a photo of Julia in her hand. He was ecstatic. His emotions were through the roof. Lee just sat there as she was ready to watch the whole thing.

"You should be excited!" said Alex, "It's not every day we get a free performance and a free autograph from Julia."

"I know," said Lee, sighing.

Alex sighed, "So, what seems to be the problem?"

"Problem?" asked Lee.

"Yeah," said Alex, "It seems that you are upset about Julia."

"Well, she kind of made my last performance as a coordinator really crappy. She told the whole news about everything," said Lee, sighing.

"You are still bummed about that?" asked Alex.

Lee nodded as she looked at him, "Well, Alex. It's kind of embarrassing. She caused a whole shift in my life. I don't know what to do now. That's why I enrolled in Slateport University's summer semester as a music performance major."

"Well," said Alex, raising an eyebrow, "From what I can tell so far, you aren't one to give up."

Lee sighed, "I guess."

"No," said Alex, looking at her, "You have a lot more potential… you just don't realize it."

Lee sighed as she turned around. The doors on stage swung open on the left as she came out. She wore a pink and white dress with white shoes. She also wore an emerald bracelet on her right arm. Her hair was blonde and it was styled like she lived in the seventeenth century. Her sapphire eyes looked at the audience as she took a bow. She smiled as she then threw her Poké Ball in the air, releasing a Beautifly. The Beautifly smiled as the Pokémon released white dust from her wings as she twirled and bowed again. Alex looked at her and then at Lee, "You got to do that?"

"Kind of," said Lee.


Princess Aurora walked into the chamber. She smiled as she walked toward the eighteen orbs that were on the counter.

"Another Volinoid," she said, "Perfect."

She took out a blue orb, a purple orb and an orange orb. Placing them on the platform, she smiled as she looked at them.

"Time for another beast to arrive!" she said, pulling the lever.

Immediately, in a few seconds, the beast appeared on the platform. He had a body of an Infernape with a Staryu on its chest. He also had two sabers shaped like Seviper's body with a tail of a Seviper.

"Ah," she said, "Infestiper… it's good to see you!"

"It's great to be revived," he said, walking to Aurora, "What can I do for you?"

"Simple," she said, smiling, "I need you to go down to Earth… destroy Slateport City with your talents. I heard a really great place to start would be at Slateport University. There's a recital… maybe you can use your tricks."

"You mean… inject them with a poison to make them old and feeble?" he asked, "You bet!"

"Good," she said, "While you do that, I will be working with Terrordactyl to make sure that their mentor is captured."

"I will do my best," he said, "I am taking some Crandirones and Tydrones as well."

"Good," she said.


The recital went very well. Lee and Alex were sitting there, waiting for Julia to come to the lobby.

"This is pretty cool. We get to meet a celebrity!" said Alex.

"Isn't that cool or what?" asked Lee, "However, I hope she's changed since the last time I met her."

The crowd got louder as they all stepped back. The rangers stood up as Julia came walking down. She was wearing a black dress and it was tight against her boobs. Her hair was straight all the way down and she wore black heels.

"Julia!" said Lee.

Julia turned around. She smiled as she went to give a hug, "Hi… if it isn't…"

As she hugged her, Julia smiled, "The woman that screwed up at the Fallarbor Contest!"

Lee looked at her, "Wow… really?"

Julia laughed, "Well, let's face it. You tried to be a celebrity and you just couldn't do it."

Alex stood there surprisingly. He then turned around as two guys wearing black walked with her. As she walked away with a smile, Lee turned to Alex. Alex nodded as they walked out the door while everyone else started to head home. As they were heading to the limo, Lee and Alex started running toward her.

"Yo, what was that for? Were you trying to prove something?" asked Lee.

Julia, looking at her, walked toward her, "Yes, I was."

"Well, for you to just outright say that in front of my colleagues, it's obvious you haven't changed at all. Ever since you got this gig, you have been such a selfish bitch!" shouted Lee.

"I AM NOT A BITCH!" shouted Julia.

Lee looked at her, "Then, why are you getting so defensive?"

"Ah, ladies…"

Lee and Julia turned around. Infestiper stood there with his blades stretched out, "It's nice to finally meet a celebrity… too bad I got to start infecting people. Tydrones and Cranidrones, attack!"

As the grunts started running toward them, Lee pushed Julia out of the way. Lee released two sidekicks to the stomach and then spun around and kicked a Cranidrone in the face. Alex, who was also there, started throwing a few punches. He threw four punches and then a kick to the Tydrone next to him. The bodyguards then went to grab Julia. Smiling, Infestiper turned around as he jumped up. With his blades, he stabbed the bodyguards and Julia. A purple aura surrounded them as they turned old and feeble. Their hair was grey. Julia felt her body become weak. She was screaming for dear life. Lee turned around as she saw what was happening. Infestiper laughed as he looked at them, "You're next."

"Not if we can help it," said Alex, "Lee?"

"Yep," said Lee.

The rangers released their Dino Morphers.

"Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

Transforming into their suits, the rangers took out their Dino Blasters and pulled the trigger. The Tydrones and Cranidrones yelled as they were impaled in the stomach with laser beams. Julia's jaw dropped as the two rangers continued battling them.

"You're a Poké Ranger?" asked Julia, shocked.

She screamed as a Tydrone went up toward her. Lee flipped forward and slashed the Tydrone in the stomach. She then used a spinning hook kick across another Cranidrone.

"So far, so good! Let's go!" he yelled.

Immediately, a green aura surrounded them as they disappeared. Alex and Lee dashed toward Julia.

"Julia…," said Lee, "JULIA!"

Alex looked at her, "What are we going to do?"

Julia, who already fainted, was in Lee's arms as she looked at him, "We got to bring her back to Dino Ops. Maybe we can figure out how to fix this."

"We can't do that!" said Alex, "Danny would flip!"

"We don't have a choice, Danny," said Lee.

"Yeah, we do. The answer is no," said Alex.

Later that night…

"You brought her here?" asked JT.

The three rangers were sitting in Dino Ops. As they were sitting down, Julia was on a bed scanner. As the scanner was running, Lee sighed as she looked at them, "Look, it was the only way to find out how to fix this."

"Well, it's a good thing Danny isn't here," said Alex.

"Where is he?" asked Lee.

"He went somewhere with his girlfriend," said JT, "I don't know where."

"Well, that's nice. That leaves us to think on our feet," said Alex.

"Yeah," said Lee, "And to think we have class tomorrow…"

"I don't think we will be going to class tomorrow until Infestiper is destroyed," said Alex, looking at the data scans, "Apparently, he has been doing this all over the city. I wish we knew how to defeat him."

"Well, I got to admit… this is our fourth Volinoid," said JT, "They seem to get crafty with each scheme…"

"Yeah," said Alex, "Tyrantus is one hell of a mean creature."

JT nodded. He turned around as he heard a beeping noise. A piece of paper emerged from the console.

"Based on what I know, Infestiper uses its sabers to infest toxins that cause people to become old and feeble as well as drain their energy source," said JT.

"So?" asked Alex.

"If we cut the sabers, and destroy Infestiper, Julia and the others should go back to normal," said JT.

"That seems… easier said than done," said Alex.

JT nodded, "Oh yeah. Most likely."

Immediately, a loud alarm sounded from the speakers. JT nodded as he walked over toward the computer. Pressing a few buttons, Infestiper continued hurting other people in Slateport City.

"Great," said JT, "He doesn't know when to quit."

"Well," said Alex, "Let's go."

Lee nodded. As the three rangers went to leave, Lee turned around as Julia was looking at her.

"I am going to stay… you two go," said Lee.

"But, Lee," said Alex.

"Alex, I will get there. You guys go," said Lee.

Alex nodded, "Right."

The two rangers headed off. Lee turned around as she walked toward her. Julia was sniffling as tears rolled down her eyes.

"What? Why aren't you going to laugh?" she asked.

Lee sighed as she put her hands on her hips. Her eyes darted at her, "We need to talk… now."


The light of the moon was shining down at the tennis courts as college students were getting attacked by Infestiper. Infestiper laughed as he released blue beams from his body. College students yelled as they transformed into being old and feeble. As a few Pokémon arrived, such as Arcanine and Dragonite, Infestiper released beams. The Pokémon yelled as they grew old and feeble too.

"This is great!" he said, "I get more power!"

"… And this is where you stop!"

Infestiper turned around. Alex and JT were standing on the other side of the tennis courts.

"I will not let you two get in my way!" he said.

"JT," said Alex, "Ready for some action?"

"Believe me, I am," said JT.

The rangers stretched out their morphers.

"Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

A red and blue aura surrounded them, transforming them into their suits.

"Dino Blaster!"

The two rangers took out their blasters and pulled the trigger. Blue beams emerged from the nozzle of the blaster. Infestiper used his tail and reflected the beams. The beams reflected back, piercing their armor. Sparks flew in the air as rangers yelled, landing on the ground.


"So," said Amii, sitting down as she was looking at Danny. She was wearing a pink dress with golden earrings. Her hazel eyes were looking at Danny as she was straightening out her blue hair that was tied in a ponytail, "You have been mentoring college students from Slateport University to be Poké Rangers and you didn't tell me?"

"Well," said Danny, "Yeah."

Danny was dressed up, wearing a black tuxedo. The veteran rangers were sitting outside a beautiful café on the water. White lights were surrounding the wooden fences. A wooden table with a white tablecloth stood in between the couple with glasses of wine on the table.

"You never told them…," said Amii.

"Told them?" asked Danny, picking up the wine glass.

"About us… you… being a Poké Ranger?" asked Amii.

Danny shook his head, "Not yet."

"Why not?" asked Amii.

"They are new rangers and they are just starting to get used to the routine. I don't want questions asked," said Danny.

"But, Danny, sooner or later, they will need to know," said Amii.

Danny looked at her. He shook his head, "Honey…"

"Darling?" asked Amii, raising an eyebrow.

Danny sighed as he looked at her, "I guess I'll tell them. After dinner, I'll summon them."


Julia sat there as she finally stopped from sobbing. She looked up. Lee knelt down and looked at her. Julia looked up with a raised eyebrow on her face, "What are you doing?"

"Simple… looking at the friend who literally has been consumed by beauty and music… and it's sad," she said, "You were so good."

"Good?" asked Julia. Lee clenched her fists. It was time Julia knew what was going on. Lee looked at her.

"Yeah. You were self confident and you were there for me when I needed you," said Lee, "But, after all of this mayhem and Fallarbor… you changed. You changed to being such a snob because all you care about is how much money you make on your next concert or your beauty."

Julia froze. She began to ask herself questions. Is it right for Lee to call her out? Was it the right thing to do? She looked up as Lee continued on.

"Julia, you need to realize that beauty is not on the outside. It's on the inside. The personality of you laughing and having fun, doing things and hanging out, showing who you are! That is what true beauty is! Doing stuff like this and causing people to be hurt by your words… Julia, that's not being a true friend and it just shows how fake of a person you really are!"

Julia looked down, "That's-."

"Don't you dare make excuses," Lee interrupted, "You messed with me at Fallarbor. Yeah, I cowered. But, the moment I joined Slateport University and I decided to get my shit together, I learned that Fallarbor was a memory. I use that as my strength. I've become more confident now that I met JT and Alex."

Julia looked up, "So?"

Lee looked at her, "There are other ways to prove and make yourself feel better than belittling people."

She looked at the computer screen. Infestiper slashed Alex and JT on the screen.

"Come with me," said Lee.

"What?" asked Julia, "Where are we going? I want to stay."

Lee looked at her, "No, you're not. You are coming with me! It's time to show you that a female with failures can be successful! Now, come with me! You can pout and look snobby all you like on the way there."


Alex and JT yelled as explosions surrounded them. Sabers flew out of their hands as they landed on the ground. Infestiper yelled as he charged toward Alex. Alex rolled over and took out his Jaw Staff. Blocking the attack, Alex went to strike. However, Infestiper blocked it and stomped on his foot.

"That's what you get!"


Yellow beams emerged from the right. He screamed as he fell backwards. The rangers turned around as Lee arrived on her Thunder Cycle with Julia behind her. As she hopped on, she looked at the rangers.

"You're alive!" yelled Alex.

"You bet!" said Lee, turning to Julia, "Now to show this beast that inner beauty is how to defeat you!"

She took out her Dino Morpher and activated it, "Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

A yellow aura surrounded her as she transformed into her suit, "Let's do this!"

"Unleash, Prehistoric Power!"

"Poké Rangers Dino Thunder!"

Infestiper released red beams from his eyes. Lee jumped up as she stretched her arms. Wings emerged from the bottom of her forearms.

"Wing Attack!"

She slashed Infestiper multiple times. He turned around as Lee picked up a tennis racket and a few tennis balls that were laying on the ground.

"Volley for serve!" she said, smacking the tennis ball with the racket. The ball hit Infestiper in the face. His eyes were severely hit, causing him to put his arms in the air.

"My eyes!" he yelled.

Lee turned around as she jumped up, "We're not done!"

She took out her Amber Daggers, "Amber Daggers! Slash!"

Flipping over, she slashed Infestiper straight down the middle. Landing on the ground, she looked at the other rangers, "Rangers, shall we?"

"Uh… yeah," said Alex and JT.

Immediately, the Armor Shield stood as the base. The Amber Daggers turned into handles as they were placed on either side of the Armor Shield. The Jaw Staff folded underneath and the top part of the staff connected to the top of the Armor Shield.

"Dino Bomber!" yelled the rangers.

"Prehistoric Blast!" yelled Lee.

Pulling the trigger, a golden energy beam shot out. The beam revealed a pair of monster jaws that hit Infestiper. Infestiper yelled, landing on the ground. An explosion emerged from the ground.

"Alright!" she said.

Suddenly, a ton of storm clouds gathered together. Purple rain drops landed on the carcass of Infestiper. A purple sludge like creature formed from the carcass as a white light emerged. The beast appeared, but grew ten times bigger.

"Let's do it," said Lee, "Dino Zords, auto control!"

In a few seconds, a loud rumble occurred from the ground as it started to shake. As Infestiper went to release blue beams from his body, the Aerodactyl Zord swooped down and slashed his chest cavity with full force. Sparks flew from Infestiper's chest as a black line appeared diagonally. Infestiper roared as the Aerodactyl Zord turned around.

"No way!" he yelled.

"Thank you!" shouted Lee.

The Aerodactyl Zord roared as it met with Bastiodon and the Tyrantrum Dino Zord.

"Let's go!" said Alex.

The three rangers fused within the zords.

"Prehistoric Fusion!" yelled the rangers.

Immediately, the Tyrantrum Zord started charging first. With the exception of the legs, the body rotated 90 degrees so that way the one end had the tail and the other end was the head. The head detached and connected to the middle of the body. The Bastiodon Zord jumped up and connected to the right side of the Tyrantrum with a human head popping out. Finally, the Aerodactyl flew towards them. The Aerodactyl head was taken off and it connected to the human head while the wings and body connected to the back. The cockpit evolved into a big red and brown cockpit with Alex, JT, and Lee in control.

"Thundersaurus Rex Megazord, power up!"

"Alright," said Infestiper, "You can't stop me!"

Releasing a blue beam from his arms, the Thundersaurus Rex Megazord was hit. Sparks flew from the chest and thighs of the Megazord. The rangers held on.

"Alright, any ideas?" asked Alex.

"At least this Megazord isn't organic matter!" said JT.

"Exactly," said Lee, "Here we go!"

The Thundersaurus Rex Megazord removed the wings from the back, making a boomerang.

"Air Cutter!"

The wing boomerang was thrown from the Megazord. Before Infestiper could make a move, the beast was hit hard by the attack. As the boomerang came back, the wings split up back into their original place. The Thundersaurus Rex Megazord jumped up and flew across, slashing Infestiper. Infestiper yelled as he landed on the ground. The Thundersaurus Rex Megazord then flew up toward the sky. Turning around, Infestiper released red and blue beams.

"I will not die today!" he yelled.

"Uh… yeah… you are," said Lee, smiling, "Rangers, the finisher!"

"Thundersaurus Drill Strike!" yelled the rangers.

The Thundersaurus Rex Megazord started glowing red as it spun around, similar to a drill. Infestiper yelled as the Thundersaurus Rex Megazord charged through, drilling through his body. The pain was excruciating as his insides started to collapse. As the Thundersaurus Rex Megazord landed on the ground, explosions surrounded Infestiper with a scream in the background.

"Alright!" shouted Lee.

On the ground, a blue aura surrounded Julia as she turned back into her original self, "I'm me again!"

Standing up, the Dino Rangers landed on the ground.

"Lee!" shouted Julia.

Removing her helmet, Lee started running toward her. As she hugged her tightly, Julia started laughing.

"I will never judge you again," said Julia.

"You better not," said Lee, looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

Two Days Later…

The rangers were sitting inside a beautiful recital hall. The recital hall was grey with a pink and white lights shining on the stage. Alex and JT were sitting down as they were looking at the other music majors. Relaxing, they turned around. Alex's jaw dropped as Julia showed up. However, she was dressed up wearing a black shirt and black jeans. She smiled a little bit as she sat down with them.

"Hey, what's up?" asked JT.

"Here for Lee's recital. You as well?" asked Julia.

"Well, obviously," said Alex, smiling.

Julia looked at him. His smile was so wicked that she put her hand to his face and looked at him, "Flattery will get you nowhere."

JT cracked a smile. Alex looked at him and shook his head, "Did you save room for Danny and his girlfriend?"

"His girlfriend couldn't make it. Danny's coming alone," said JT.

"That sucks," said Alex, sighing.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound of clapping. Turning around, Alex looked at the stage as Janelle started walking on stage. She wore a black dress with red, sparkly heels.

"Good afternoon and welcome to the Slateport University Student Recital. Please turn off all cellular phones and beepers. Thank you and have a great day," she said.

Turning around, her ankle turned inward. She then tripped and started to walk toward the hall, "Whoops… my bad."

She left the hall faster than someone could laugh. In a few minutes, Lee started walking out. Alex's jaw dropped as well as JT's. Lee was wearing a yellow recital dress that was sparkling. She wore a Pikachu necklace and her hair was nicely tied in a ponytail. Her Dino Morpher was not present with her, knowing that it would disturb her recital if it went off. She smiled as she turned to her pianist, who was an old man with gold framed glasses. He wore a blue dress shirt and black pants and he carried a black binder. Lee took a deep breath as the song started playing.

"What song is this called?" asked Alex.

"After a Dream… a French song written by Gabriel Fauré…," said JT, "He was a well known composer in the Kalos Region during the 1800s."

Lee's voice sounded like a beautiful melody and it fit nicely with the accompaniment. As she was singing, all Alex could do is stare at her. He was amazed with her beauty. She smiled as she looked at Alex singing.

"I really want to know what those words mean," whispered Alex.

Julia smiled, "Most of Fauré's songs are about love."

Alex nodded, "I need to find out the translation."

As she finished the song and the last chord was played, everyone got up and clapped for her. She smiled as she bowed, thanking them. She then walked away and the next person came on.

Later that day…

"So…," said Alex, looking at Lee as she walked into the hall, "That was an amazing performance!"

"Thank you… my French was sweet, correct?" asked Lee.

"Oh, it was good!" said Julia, "You definitely stepped up. You will be a singer and an awesome coordinator in no time."

"Thanks," said Lee, smiling, looking at the others, "I guess we should celebrate. Where's Danny?"

JT and Alex looked at each other. Raising an eyebrow, JT turned around, "Good question..."

So, what really happened to Danny…

It was a few minutes before the recital. Danny was walking toward the building.

"This is a nice place," he said.

As he walked toward the glass doors, a green aura surrounded him. The Tydrones and Cranidrones jumped up and grabbed him by all sides. Immediately, he was captured into Tyrantus's lair.

Next Time:

Alex: He's gone…

JT: Yeah.

Lee: I can't believe he missed my recital…

Amii: Who are you?

Alex: Who are you?

Danny: Time to reveal some secrets…

Alex: Uh…

Poké Rangers Chapter 7: Legacy of Power

Rangers: WHAT?

A/N: So, yeah! Interesting right? Yeah, I used Gabriel Fauré, a real composer… whoo! But, I knew it would even be more illegal to copy the text. Yeah, I break rules, whoops. But, it was worth it for writing this chapter. However, I hope you enjoyed the chapter! Please review!