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Chapter 1 : Misery

Ryoma came home late one night to find his six other lovers already sound asleep on their huge king size bed. He smiled sadly at the sight. Slowly and gently he walked to watch them. Rise and fall of their chest showed how tired they are especially Kevin, who are sleeping at the center of the bed. He was hugged side by side by Seiichi and Syuusuke.

His rounded belly is very obvious on the sight. Seeing that, Ryoma's sadness only get worse.


It was something he couldn't have no matter how much he wants it. A bearer is very rare in this world. Kevin was just lucky to be one of them.

He can give his lovers a child while Ryoma can't.

He can have an experience of birthing a heir while Ryoma will just stand and happy at the newborns that will be born in the future.

Jealous at Kevin that can get pregnant only one of the reason that spark his uneasiness ever since they found out about his pregnancy.

His lovers, their attitude have changed. Not in the bad way. It just that they had become more protective toward Kevin. Not that Ryoma really complain, he understand that Kevin needed most of the attention. But his lovers didn't realized that he is, in fact also needs their attention too.

They still pay attention to him too but not as often as it used to be when Kevin is still not pregnant.

Ryoma continue to stare at his sleeping form of lovers until he get tired and decided to take a bath. He made his way quietly to the big monstrous bathroom that Keigo had specifically designed himself. He needs to cool himself off.

~the unspoken truth~

Ryoma sat alone under the tree reading some kind of book that Tezuka gave him three days ago, saying that the book is good and he was sure Ryoma would like it. He gladly accepted it and as soon as he has his holiday from work, he immediately read the book. Very excited to share some kind of new story with Tezuka.

When he is nearing his third chapter of the book, he suddenly hear laughter coming from the garden. He immediately peeked, although he already knew that the laugher was belonged to Kevin. He is so curious to know what has made the blond boy to laugh like that. He haven't heard Kevin laughing his ass off like that ever since his pregnancy started.

He can see that Kevin is lying on the blanket that was set down on the grass. A small kid is sitting near him and currently touching Kevin's belly. Oh, that must be the cause of his laughter. Tickling by a kid. Ryoma zoomed his vision, trying to remember where did he has seen that kid before.

He got his answer when Genichirou suddenly appeared carrying a basket.

Sanada Sasuke, Genichirou's nephew. Now he remembered the kid. He has seen him one time when he was visiting Sanada's household a few months ago. The kid is Genichirou's older brother's son and he hates Ryoma.

Ok, not entirely hate but he has shown some kind of attitude that show he is not comfortable when Ryoma is around. He had cryied his lung out the first time they met, saying how scary Ryoma's eyes are. Well, he can't help it if his eyes are so piercing to a kid like him. That time he didn't leave a good impression on the kid. Maybe he should be nicer this time and greet them.

Ryoma closed the book and made sure to bookmark it so that he could continue reading it later. He stand up and slowly made his way to the trio. Genichirou is not aware of Ryoma coming toward them because he is busy setting down the food on the blanket. Kevin is so focus on the kid to notice that Ryoma is walking to their direction.

"Kevin. Gen." He greeted, which startling the trio.

"Oh hi Ryoma. I wasn't aware of you there." Kevin greeted back and set aside the four year old kid.

Genichirou, however, tense when he saw Ryoma. Ryoma raised his eyebrow, not understand what is the meaning behind of that attitude is. Isn't he supposed to be happy to see his lover?

"Ryo-" Genichirou spoke but immediately stop when Sasuke suddenly bawled.

The three were startled by the sudden burst from the kid. Kevin immediately hug the kid and trying to shush him to stop crying and asking why is he suddenly crying like that.

Ryoma and Genichirou already knew the answer but the two of them decided to keep quiet about it.

"Hey…what is wrong? Why are you suddenly crying like this?" Kevin softly asked. He gently patted the kid head.

"Uncle *hic* is lying." Sasuke spoke in his childish tone.

Kevin raised his eyebrow. He turned his questioning eyes to look at Genichirou. "Why is uncle lying? What did he lied to you?" He continue to ask.

"He-he said that the big bad wolf won't be here."

Ryoma twitched when he hear his nickname given by the kid. Seriously, a big bad wolf. So if he is the wolf then the kid is red riding hood. Let see if he can gnawed both the uncle and the nephew after this.

"Eh? Who is the big bad wolf, Sasuke?" Kevin is confused by now.

Ryoma is already glaring at Genichirou.

Sasuke shakily pointing toward Ryoma and Kevin followed the direction his small finger is pointing. He suddenly have the gut to laugh when he realized the kid's meaning about the wolf. But he stop himself from doing so and continue to sooth the kid.

"Uncle Ryoma is not a big bad wolf. He is nice you know."

"No, he isn't!" Sasuke continue to bawl. "Uncle said I can play safely with you today because the wolf is absent."

Kevin does not know how to react to that. He turned his head to look at Genichirou and Ryoma once again, trying to get their help.

Ryoma, who already had enough, silently hissed in anger. "I'm going away now so that you can play safely with that uncle of yours." He retorted and walk away.

Kevin stunned when he saw how angry Ryoma got. He stared worriedly at Genichirou and the man only whispered 'just let him go'.

Kevin is not happy about this situation but the kid in his lap is still sobbing, so his priority right now is the kid. He just hope that Ryoma is alright.

Ryoma is cursing all the way from the garden to his private study room. He throw the book to the sofa, huffing in annoyance at how Genichirou made him look worse in the eyes of his nephew. Seriously, bad wolf. And he won't be here today. As in won't be in the mansion? He could have swear Genichirou knew he is not working today.

Ryoma take a deep breath and sat down on the sofa. He shouldn't have approached the little happy family and now he is miserable. Because he feel useless and Gen's beloved nephew hated him.

Some life he got.

~the unspoken truth~


"Pissed off." Ryoma snarled at Genichirou who suddenly appeared in the dining room at 6 am.

He never wake up this early before. Only Ryoma wake up early because he is always jogging in the morning. This strange attitude only served him a suspicious feeling to Ryoma.

"Can you listen to what I'm saying first?" Genichirou practically pleaded. "I haven't even say anything yet."

"No. I'm not going to listen. I'm too busy to listen to you." He chewed his bacon without even spare Genichirou a stare.

"You are only eating. What is so busy?" Genichirou walked and sit beside Ryoma.

"Can't you see I'm busy eating my breakfast?" Ryoma still refused to look at Genichirou.

"Look. I'm so sorry about what happen with Sasuke last time." Genichirou decided to continue despite Ryoma's lack of interest in starting a conversation with him.

"Ok. I forgive you. Now, piss off!" He said in insincere way. He really is not in the mood to talk now. He needs his quiet morning, alone.

Genichirou was about to open his mouth again when Ryoma glared at him, immediately silencing the man.

A few second later, Genichirou still have the courage to retort back to Ryoma. "Can you at least appreciate my effort to say sorry?"

"Excuse me?"

"If it is not for Kevin, I wouldn't waste my time here, this early in the morning."

"What?" So, he is apologizing to him because he was told so by Kevin, not from his own heart. Great, you ruin my day again. Ryoma huffed in annoyance and stand up.

He ignore Genichirou whose eyes followed his foot step until he exited the dining room.

Stupid Gen!

~the unspoken truth~

He can't remember the last time he and Keigo spend their time playing tennis together. It was two weeks ago he accompanied Kunimitsu who decided to read at the library. He and Genichirou had just quarrel with each other because of some brat.

Syuusuke had long stop asking him to be his model for his photo taking session. Nowadays, he always ask Kevin. Syuusuke had taken a liking to take a picture of Kevin's rounded belly. Almost everyday, he tooks Kevin picture everywhere. He said he wanted to record all the important moment of Kevin's pregnancy. Seiichi only talk with him one or two words nowadays. He can understand that Seiichi have a problem at his workplace. Sometime he snapped at Ryoma for just asking if he is alright.

But when he faces Kevin, his mood immediately brighten. That hurt Ryoma the most. Slowly and hurtfully, he began to draw from Seiichi. Well, he is not some kind of punching bag for Seiichi to let his anger go.

His work as a model and actor doesn't allow him to come home early. So he always missed the dinner with their parents or watching movie with his lovers.

When Kevin had whined that he wants to go to Italy to eat their ice cream, his five lovers excluding Ryoma immediately take holiday just to accompany their young lover to get what he wants. Ryoma also wants to join but getting a holiday is too hard for him. His schedule was full.

And so he worked hard just to finish his modeling work and finally he get three days holiday. He went home with this smile that he rarely show just to be crushed when he get the news that his lovers already flied themselves to Italy that morning. It's all because Kevin can't wait anymore and demand he get the ice cream that day.

They can't even wait for him. So, Ryoma flied alone to Italy and join his lovers there. Well, his holiday consist mostly following Kevin wherever he wants to go.

They compile with him, just succumbing to his whiny demands. Ryoma started to regret following them to Italy. If he knew, he should just spend his holiday sleeping at mansion rather than going to every restaurant Italy's had.

So, Ryoma had lied for the first time, saying that he got emergency work and need to fly back to Japan when in fact, he spend his time at hotel sleeping.

After that, his time spending with his lovers become less and less. He didn't even get to accompanied Kevin to his second ultrasound to know about the baby's gender.

That night, their parents come to dinner to celebrate with them. Ryoma said he can't join them but Keigo insisted that they wait for Ryoma. Ryoma had to ditch his work that day in favor of not angering the old parents who doesn't have the patience to wait for Ryoma. So when Ryoma make an entrance, Atobe Hanako immediately comment on him. Saying how he don't appreciate Kevin and he value his work rather than his lovers. Well bitch, he needs money to support himself. Ryoma retorted inside of his mind.

Ryoma didn't reply to Keigo's mother sarcasm. Instead he walked past the parents and kissed his lovers one by one before he takes a seat beside Kunimitsu.

That night they announced that Kevin is having a baby girl. They had cheered loudly for the happy occasion. Except for Ryoma who is too tired that he had to force himself to smile and congrate Kevin.

Atobe Hanako who has been eyeing Ryoma ever since he step inside the dinner room has snapped at him.

"Ryoma-kun, if you are not in the mood. Why don't you go excuse yourself?" Hanako suggested with annoying tone.

So many eyes snapped at the tone Hanako suddenly let out just to talk with Ryoma.

Ryoma's forced smile fell at that words. "What do you mean, Hanako-sama?" He refused to acknowledge the meaning behind the question.

"I mean seeing you here, tired and not in the mood to celebrate this news with us, also make me lose mood."

If Ryoma could widen his eyes in anger, he would. That woman dare to blame him. Ryoma stole a glance at Keigo, hoping that he would help him. If he just walk away from this dinner, that mean what Hanako said is true and he refuse to let that woman win. Ryoma is really not in the mood for this crap.

Keigo who has been quite ever since his mother started to talk immediately lessen the tension in the mood.

"Ryo, my mother is just worried about you. If you really tired, you can excuse yourself." He said in the tone that suggested that he is not in the mood for this silent argument.

Ok. WTF?! At least you could do is defend your own lover. Ryoma gripped his fork and wished he could stab son and mother with the fork there and now. He throw away his napkin gently before he excuse himself in the most polite manner he can do before stomping away, anger bubbling inside of his heart.

That argument that night showing how much damage their relationship can get after that.

Because someone already realize the wrong in their relationship with Ryoma. Another realize the jealousy that Ryoma reflected in his eyes. Another person are very protective and worry that the change in Ryoma attitude would lead a danger to Kevin's pregnancy. All of this assumption were made because of Atobe's mother.

"If only Ryoma also can get pregnant like Kevin, would it be like getting two grandchildren at the same time?" Sanada Yumiro had voiced one night, her intention of it was just for a joke but not everyone thought of it as joke. Well not for Ryoma.

He tensed and his expression immediately changed.

Hanako snorted upon hearing that. "I wonder even if he get pregnant, we can't sure that the child that he bears would be our grandchild."

Ryoma snapped angrily at that comment. Atobe's mother just accuse him of cheating. "Excuse me, Hanako-sama. Are you implying that I cheat on my lovers?" He question with this strain of his voice.

The other people in the dinner room already quite themselves. Kevin already showed some kind of distress at the sudden tension. Stress isn't good for him.

Keigo realized this and sighed. "Mother…" He slowly said and turned to his mother. "Please don't talk like that about Ryoma. He is our part of family. Even if he get pregnant, his child would be our child too."


"No, mom. Listen. We are here to strengthen our bond not to add stress to Kevin. Please realize this. Any other thing you want to talk to Ryoma, do it privately. I don't want you to do it in front of Kevin."

Ok. That doesn't make Ryoma feel good at all. Keigo stop his mother because he doesn't want Kevin to stress. Not to defend him.

Losing his appetite, he excuse himself, aware that Keigo had called his name, but chose to ignore it. He walked fast to their room and locked himself in the bathroom, trying his hard not to cry.

After Ryoma had left, it was Tezuka's father who talk first just to lessen the tension. Nothing much change after that, they talk with each other about everything that doesn't involve Ryoma.

His lovers doesn't even aware of Ryoma's delicate heart start to break after that, because their attention mostly focus on Kevin.

After that one dinner, Ryoma would try to refuse to eat with them whenever he heard the parents are coming. He will not stand another sarcasm from Atobe's mother. If his lovers would be brave enough to defend, he doesn't care but they didn't even spare glance at him when Hanako make that one comment about the children that he would bear wouldn't be theirs.

Shame on you. He hissed in anger. I can't get pregnant so you wouldn't know whether it would be your grandchildren.

Ryoma is not that entirely fool to neglect his lovers, he did try to spend his time with them but all they can talk with him was the upcoming baby. Every single one of his semes would talk about how adorable the baby would be when it's already born.

He is sick of all this. It is all about Kevin. Kevin is lucky. Kevin is special. Kevin is sweet. Can't wait to see the baby.

Ryoma finally snapped when Keigo wouldn't stop praising the blond boy when he and Ryoma is having a dinner alone at this fancy restaurant that Keigo had promised to bring him to about two months ago.

"This is our dinner, Kei! Stop talking about Kevin!" He almost shouted.

Keigo is startled at the sudden outburst. "What is wrong with you Ryo? Aren't you happy that Kevin is pregnant with our child?"

"Your child." He said it like he despise the world 'our child' in Keigo's comment.

Keigo narrowed his eyes at that. "Why are you so cranky this few days?" He asked annoyingly, while putting down his spoon and fork on the table. "Kevin is worried about you. You could have done better than stressing him while he is nearing his third semester."

Ryoma seeing red at that words. He laughed sarcastically, lucky that the two of them had chose a room to dinner with. Otherwise, people would mistake him as being crazy to laugh like that. "Me?! Stressing him?! HAHAHA! It is HIM who is stressing me! I wish he hadn't been pregnant the first place! Only a freak would get preg-" He didn't even get to finish his sentence when a hand come down on his cheek.

Ryoma stumble back from the force with his wide eyes. He slowly touched his red cheek and stare shocked at Keigo.

"Don't ever say that kind of thing about him!" He warned, body trembling with anger. "My mom is right about how you has changed. Until you decided to calm yourself, don't come home. I don't want Kevin to see you like this." Without another word, Keigo left him alone in the room.

Only five minutes standing there, Ryoma finally realize that he had made his jealousy known to Keigo. He cursed at his stupidity. Saying his own lover a freak just because he can't help that he wish to have the kind of specialty like Kevin had.

He do as Keigo's said. He calmed himself by drinking at the nearest bar. He only went home two hours later where his lovers already fall asleep. Not even bother to greet him back like they used to be. He wondered if Keigo had told them about their argument. He can guess he wouldn't tell Kevin because he is so in love with the blond boy and don't want to stress him. Bla bla bla.

His question was answered the next day when Seiichi and Sanada approached him the moment he step inside the mansion after he has done with his works. They bring him to the study room, far away from Kevin's ear, worried that their talk session would be heard.

"I heard you said some awful thing about Kevin." Seiichi had started first. He had this stare that show how angry he is with Ryoma while Sanada only expressed him with his disappointment on his face.

"Yeah." He admitted. Not in the mood for the talk. "If you just want to lecture me like Keigo did, don't waste your time because im so tired for this discussion." He try to walk to the door when a hand roughly set him back on the cushion.

"What the hell?!" He cursed while glaring at Seiichi.

"No. We talk now!" He pointed his hand at Ryoma. "I had tolerated you all this time. You have changed Ryoma! What is wrong with you?!"

He stand to face Seiichi. "Nothing is wrong with me, Sei! Nothing if that you want to hear!"

"Don't you dare lie to me! I can see it in your eyes! The way you look at Kevin nowadays, it's like you see him as an enemy!"

Kevin again. He had enough of people keep talking about Kevin to him. Enough of Kevin!

"So what if I see him as an enemy?! He get all the attention while you left me alone! You don't even realize that you always talk about him! It is always him!" He raised his voice.

"Ryoma." Sanada finally spoke, with a hint of warning.

"He is your lover, Ryoma! Lover!" Seiichi shouted back.

"Well, not now because I don't plan to have a freak as a lover!"


That was the second time he getting the slap in that week. This time he crashed on the floor because Sanada had decided to slap him with all his might that cause his mouth to tear a bit. Tears already threatening to fall on his cheek.

Seiichi also shocked by Sanada's action. The point of the two of them confront Ryoma is because if Seiichi ever lose control, Sanada could refrain him from doing much damage. But now it seem that Sanada is the first to snap and hit Ryoma.

Ryoma still himself on the floor. His shoulder is trembling from the sobbing. Slowly and ignoring his two lovers, he made his way to the door.

"Go calm yourself." He heard Sanada said the word with the cold tone he rarely use unless he is very angry.

Ryoma didn't waste any time and immediately left. He is angry, sad and hurt. He wish all of this never happen in the first place. On his way to the stair, he saw Kevin coming to his way with his big rounded belly and that stupid smile. He waves his hand at Ryoma. Not aware of the mood Ryoma was in.

Ryoma didn't care anymore because of this bad thing happened to him was because of Kevin. He walked faster and trying to ignore Kevin. But the blond boy notice something is wrong when Ryoma pushed him aside until he hit the wall.

"This is all your fault!" He screamed before running down the stair and away from the mansion.

Kevin was so in shock at the rough treatment. Only a second later, he felt a stabbing pain at his lower body and screamed. Seiichi and Sanada who are not far away, were shocked to hear it and they immediately made their way to find the source of scream.

Syuusuke and Tezuka had been at the library when they also notice it. Worry that something could have happened to Kevin.

When the two of them arrived, everything move in blurry motion. They are aware that Kevin is bleeding and already fainted. Blood everywhere. Someone is screaming to call the ambulance. Sanada already carry Kevin bridal style. Tezuka stood not know what to do.

Syuusuke already had his phone to call ambulance.

Everything is a wrecked. This is the final action that would bring the destruction to the relationship. It just that it isn't easy to begin with.