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gonya son was walking to her school, DIGIMON HIGH. When she was a block away, her best friend, zane truesdale, ran over to her."Hey zane. How are you doing?" zane told her," I`m good gonya." They walked in and grabbed their school digivices. After they grabbed their digivices, gonya and zatne walked into their home room, the digimon attacks classroom. They sat in their seats and soon the most popular girl in school, yubel sasanto, came over and took gonya`s digimon creation book." Hey give that back yubel. That book was given to me ten days before my grandpa goku dissapreared." Yubel gaspd in fake suprise and took the book to the teacher, mr. minamoto." Mr. minamoto sir. I found this book in the hallway. Is it alright if I ke-" "No don`t mr. minamoto don`t listen to her. yubel stole that book from me. please tell her to give it back to me?" Mr. minamoto looked at yubel then at gonya and said," yubel give back gonya`s book and gonya please tell the whole class what the name of the book is." Gonya took back the book from yubel and said" the name of my book is called the digimon creating book. it was given to me by my grandfather son goku." she sat down and soon class started. after school, zane and gonya walked to zane`s house to do their homework. after they were done, they went to the digimon center to look at digimon pictures. Gonya saw a pic of a digimon wearing black and gold lion armor and under it, the name tag said," loweemon the legendary warrior Digimon of darkness." Zane found a different digimon that looked like a half dino half Phoenix. The name tag said," burnninggreymon the beast warrior digimon of flames." They took pictures of the digimon and when they sent to school the next day, they showed them to their classmates. Zane had to go to his digivolution class and when he left, yubel came and started to bully gonya." Well well well. Look who we have here. Its gonya the so called granddaughter of the legendary son goku. Well u want to know something you are going to pay for all the misery you have caused me here. Girls take all her stuff." Yubel`s friends, Rebecca and Vivian, took gonya`s stuff and when that was out of the way, yubel grabbed her and punched her in the face. Gonya grabbed her nose and when she drew back her hand, she saw blood. Yubel punched her in the gut and the chest. Before she could do anymore damage, a bright light came from gonya`s pocket and when the light disappeared, a tall figure wearing black and yellow armor was standing in front of gonya." W-w-who a-a-are you?" The fighure looked at gonya, nealed down and said," are you alright? Oh I am loweemon. You took a picture of me at the digimon center." Gonya looked up at him and whispered, " I am gonya son and no i am not alright. that girl punched me in the face, gut, and chest." Loweemon stood up and looked at yubel. He walked over to her and grabbed her. He started dragging her to the principal`s office and gonya followed them. When they got there, gonya went to the nurse and was sent home early. Yubel got expelled for classmate abuse. Loweemon found zane and told him were gonya was. They soon got done with high school and college. Zane became a pro league duelist and gonya became a digimon creator for digimon video games.


ambermon483: well there is the end to digimon high. I hoped you like it. See you around.