~This was an alternative ending for the story. This starts after Norman says "Oh, right. I can see where that'd be a little weird since we haven't met before, but I feel like I know you well. My daughter talks about you all the time."~

"Oh, really. Who's your-?" That's Drew managed to say before a loud voice erupted from the house.

"DAD!" The voice screamed from another room. "MAX WENT INTO MY ROOM AGAIN!"

Drew froze as he realized that the voice that had just yelled dad sounded familiar…very familiar.

Drew then proceeded to turn his head in the direction of footsteps and saw May in pajamas.


"May, we ha-" Norman tried to interrupt May who was throwing quite a tantrum, much to Drew's amusement.


Well, it's time to me to make my appearance. Can't wait to see her reaction when she notices I've been here the whole time.

"Geez, May. You're even loud at home. I bet the whole neighborhood heard you" Drew said while he stepped out from behind (who he now knew to be May's dad) Norman and threw a smirk at a quickly blushing May.

"Wha-? Dad, WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?!" May managed to sputter.

"Lower your voice, young lady. I am right in front of you" Norman stated calmly. "I found Drew in Petalburg forest and since it's dark, I invited him to stay with us".

"Petalburg Forest? What were you doing there?" May asked as her annoyance at the mere presence of Drew evaporated and replaced by her curiosity.

There is absolutely no way I'm telling May what happened. Now, how do I change the subject? I got it!

"Nice PJs, May", Drew replied mockingly.

With that, May once again turned a bright crimson and ran off, presumably in the direction of her room.

I'm going to have fun here. I guess Petalburg Forest isn't so bad after all.