Quite a Find

"..you listen to what I say. I'm pretty sharp although I joke away."

-Line from "The Pardoner's Tale"

From "The Canterbury Tales"

By Geoffrey Chaucer


Trance and Harper had been walking through the ports of Saina when they found it. They had just walked in for some supplies and Harper, being Harper, asked if he had anything special he'd be willing to show him. That's when he showed them. It was just an ordinary crate, a little strange that it was made of wood in this part of the galaxy, but not that strange compared to other certain things they might have seen.

They purchased the find for a mere 50 draconi and dragged it back to the Maru's docking port. Harper dragged it through the airlock past Beka and Tyr. Beka just looked at him before turning around and walking away not wanting to know what he'd found now. Tyr followed Harper silently and stood in the kitchen doorway while Harper attempted to open the crate. He waited until the boy was thoroughly exhausted before helping to open it.

He walked over and ripped the lid off..and then they all looked into the box.

There were many of them inside, whatever they were. They looked like bars of some kind, maybe a form of money. He reached in and took one out. He looked at it and then looked at Harper (who was grinning like a loon), then back at the 'thing' in his hand.

"Hey Tyr?"

Tyr looked up at Harper.

"Break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar?"