I don't have a lot to say, other than be gentle. I don't usually do multi-chapter fics but this idea simply would not leave me alone once we'd found out Felicity's graduating year. I know very little about MIT or the state of Massachusetts itself and everything in this fic is from countless websites from wikipedia to the official Fenway Park website to the MIT Sloan reunion schedule. This story is already finished and will be three parts. I haven't decided on an upload schedule for it yet though.

Note: I realize that MIT Sloan is a management school and it can be assumed Felicity would have gone to the actual MIT campus for college but Sloan held a big reunion this summer celebrating 100 years and I took a few liberties for the sake of fiction. Every event attended in this fic is based off of the official reunion schedule as found on their website. If you live in Boston/Cambridge or went to MIT and I completely butcher something, I wholeheartedly apologize and hope you can get past any discrepancies and enjoy this story!

Felicity groans loudly looking at her phone, ignoring the looks this earned her from Oliver and Diggle on the other side of the table at Big Belly Burger. They'd been in the middle of a strategizing session over lunch when her phone alerted her to a new e-mail.

Finally, after a solid minute of her just pouting at her phone, Oliver asked, "Everything okay, Felicity?" Her head snapped up and she turned her phone for them to see the e-mail from her Alma-mater.

"I've been invited to attend my five-year reunion and the 100th anniversary of MIT," she explains as the both lean forward to read the header of the e-mail. John shakes his head with a smirk and leans back against the seat but Oliver looks confused.

"And this is a bad thing?" He asks, looking between the two.

"Of course it is!" Felicity nearly yells, forgetting about their very public setting. John is chuckling now and Felicity shoots him a glare.

"Why? I'm sure college wasn't all bad," Oliver insists, still looking confused by her aversion to reunions. Felicity shakes her head, clicking out of the e-mail and locking her phone.

"College was great," she explains, "but reunions are all about people coming back and showing off their kids or their husbands or fiances or whatever."


"Well, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm a little lacking in the whole 'husband and kids' area." Felicity stabs her fork viciously into her cheese fries, thinking for a moment about poor comatose Barry and whoever Iris is. "Showing up at a reunion single is just asking to be labeled pathetic."

"Shouldn't an MIT reunion be about how far you've come in your career?" John asks before taking a bite of his burger. Felicity sends him another glare that he actually has the decency to shrink under.

"I'm not exactly booming in that area, either," she snaps. John looks properly chastised and nods.

"Sure, but four years at Queen Consolidated is nothing to sneeze at," he tries.

"Three years," she corrects, "before I was suddenly downgraded to a glorified secretary. I'll look like a sell out if I try to tell that story." Felicity drops her fork and crosses her arms, returning to pouting. John watches her, amused, but Oliver looks guilty.

"So, lie," he says suddenly and she looks at him like he's crazy.


"Lie. Don't talk about the year as my executive assistant, just explain that Queen Consolidated went through an acquisition that ended with it being gutted and you losing your job. It's not even really a lie," he shrugs, "just a spin on the story."

"I'm not going to lie about some boyfriend or whatever back home, though," she insists and he looks amused.

"Then, don't. I'll go with you."

"Come again?"

Felicity's not sure how that conversation ended with Oliver convincing her to go to the reunion to brag about how "successful" and "important" she was at QC before the acquisition and how Oliver – her "boyfriend", by the way, apparently – only met her because he needed technical assistance and she came highly recommended.

Nor is she sure how, a few weeks later, she'd actually agreed to get on a plane and fly to Massachusetts with her "boyfriend". John had gotten out of tagging along by insisting he needed to stay on the proper coast in case Lyla needed him.

"I hate you," Felicity tells Oliver from her window seat as she watches the plane lift off of the runway. Oliver closes his eyes in annoyance.

"Why don't you try to sleep?" He offers and she turns her face from the window to glare at him.

"Because I'm afraid of heights and flying and, you know, general death," she hisses, trying not to share her fears with the rest of the passengers. Not that the 1:50am flight was exactly crowded and first class afforded quite a bit of privacy. Oliver was having trouble adjusting to being broke. He gives her a look from his own seat and rolls his neck.

"Do you want a sleeping pill?" He asks, shifting in his seat to get comfortable.

"Do you want me to shut up that bad?" He just stares at her. "Fine." She gives in and he digs out the bottle of pills he's slipped in her carry on, dumping two into his hand and offering her one. They wait until the seat belt sign comes off and a stewardess offers them drinks before sharing a bottle of water and downing their separate pills. Felicity sighs as she watches Oliver slip off into sleep surprisingly much easier than her.

She wakes to him shaking her shoulder lightly. Jolting, she sits up and adjusts her glasses on her nose, surreptitiously sliding her hand over her mouth to check for drool. Satisfied, she buckles her seat belt and looks over at him.

Yeah, how could this possibly go wrong?

It takes them less than twenty minutes to get from Logan International Airport in Boston to the MIT campus. By 10:30am they're waiting in line at registration to get their day started and, as far as Felicity's concerned, try and make it through the weekend unscathed.

"Hi, Felicity Smoak, class of 2009," she tells the smiling girl at the registration table when they reach the front of the line, she looks over at Oliver and motions vaguely with her hand, "and, uh, guest." He gives the girl a charming smile that makes Felicity want to roll her eyes.

"Oliver Queen." The girl's eyes widen slightly as she processes the name and Felicity holds in a sigh. The girl looks down and digs through a box of papers before finding their names and pulling out two badges and an envelope of information for Felicity. She greets them enthusiastically and gives them the run down of what to do from there on out. It's all a little too reminiscent of orientation for Felicity's taste. The girl's continuing to welcome them – maybe simply to prolong her exposure to the famous Oliver Queen – when Felicity feels a hand on her arm.

"I'm sorry, Felicity Smoak you said?" A familiar voice says and Felicity jolts, spinning on the toe of her sensible beige flats. A dark skinned woman with a sleek bob grins at her.

"Arianna Swenson?" Felicity asks, her smile growing and becoming genuine. "Oh, wow, hi! You look amazing!" Arianna fluffs her bob sarcastically.

"Please, me? You! Damn, girl, you're gorgeous! And don't let any of the assholes here try to insinuate any differently." Felicity laughs and shakes her head at the woman's bluntness.

"I see you haven't changed much."

"But you clearly have," Arianna says eying Oliver behind Felicity, "you seem to have lost your manners."

"Oh! Sorry. Oliver, this is Ari, she was my roommate. Ari this is Oliver my," she falters for a moment before regaining her composure, "boyfriend." Oliver gives another of his signature CEO smiles and holds his hand out to Arianna. The other woman shakes it before turning and searching the crowd.

"Shane's around here somewhere," she says, turning back to Felicity. "We got separated when he went off to talk to an old professor."

"Shane?" Felicity asks with a raised eyebrow. "Shane Collins?"

"Yes, Smoak," Arianna laughs, "Shane Collins. Look, I have to find him and get us registered. I'll look for you guys at lunch!" She gives Felicity's hand a squeeze with a grin before bouncing off in the other direction. Felicity's smile falls as she turns to face Oliver, looking down at the badge with her name and class year on it in her hand.

"Out of the frying pan," she murmurs, turning to head toward the door and find their first activity, "and into the hellmouth."

The first half of their day is a surprisingly long seminar on LinkedIn that makes Felicity feel like she's back in college and should be taking notes. She can tell Oliver is dying and barely comprehending half of the jargon. Leave it to MIT to make a reunion feel like a return to being a student.

"Regretting bringing me yet?" She murmurs, leaning towards Oliver. He turns his head and their faces are too close but she refuses to back off.

"Nope," he insists but sinks a little lower in his chair, looking like a bored child. Felicity sighs and returns her attention to the speaker.

The seminar ends just in time for lunch in the Bacardi lounge on the floor above them. She's only just stepped through the door when she hears a booming voice call through the crowd.

"Smoking Hot Smoak!" Felicity stumbles, Oliver bumping into her from behind, and seeks out the source of the shout.

"Cheesy Ass Chester," she grins sardonically at the tall, thin Indian man moving towards her. He doesn't hesitate to scoop her into a hug she halfheartedly returns.

"How are you, baby?" He asks after he's pulled away, but kept his hands on her upper arms.

"Good! Have you met my boyfriend?" She asks with a smirk, motioning to Oliver who, while the same height as the other man, manages to dwarf him in size. Chester takes a step back, his hands dropping from Felicity's arms as he eyes Oliver behind her.

"Still feisty, girl, I got it," Chester grins. He opens his mouth to speak but is cut off when Arianna shows up.

"Felicity!" She calls, stopping to give Chester a tired look. "Oh, good, you found Chester." Chester throws his hands up in indignation.

"No love! I am wholeheartedly insulted here." Felicity rolls her eyes and focuses her attention on Arianna.

"You know, you have to tell me about you and Shane, right? I have to assume there's a story there." Arianna nods but eyes Oliver as he slides in closer to Felicity, watching Chester with a little hostility.

"Yeah, well, I'm sure you have some stories of your own." When Felicity doesn't respond, she continues, "come on, we saved you seats." They follow Arianna towards a table in the back and Felicity notices Oliver looks surprised when no one protests Chester tagging along as well.

"Oh, don't let it fool you," she whispers, elbowing him gently, "we really do love Chester." They reach a round table just under the panoramic window where a man with neat dark hair in a crisp white dress shirt sits in one of the seats. The table is empty otherwise and Arianna slides in next to the man, pulling Felicity down on her opposite side. Oliver sits to her left and Chester seats himself on the other side of the unknown man.

"Hey, Felicity," the man greets, leaning forward to smile and give a short wave. Felicity smiles and nods back.

"Shane," she acknowledges. "This is Oliver. Oliver, Shane."

"I didn't get an introduction," Chester grumbles from the other side of the table. Arianna gives him a look.

"Let me guess, you were too busy being too touchy for everyone's comfort?" Chester shrugs and looks around.

"So, do we get served or is there a bar or something? I need a drink before this whole shindig begins." Arianna and Shane both shrug.

"They better not be doing some buffet shit," Arianna complains, smoothing her hand down her emerald green cotton blouse. "What is with this whole business casual dress code?" Shane and Chester nod their agreement. Felicity considers that "business casual" is dressing down for Oliver who used to wear a full suit to work every day as CEO.

"At least you had the good sense to wear pants," Felicity offers, shifting in her navy pencil skirt and eying Arianna's black slacks with envy.

"Hey, babe, at least you wore flats," she counters, flashing Felicity her black pumps under the table. Felicity nods in sympathy. The table lapses into silence as Felicity glances around the room, warily watching for familiar faces. After a little while, the meal is explained to be a buffet and an open bar, earning a groan from Arianna and a fist pump from Chester.

Once they're all seated, Chester and Oliver being the only ones to have made use of the open bar of the five, and tucking into their meals, Arianna claps her hands together twice, earning looks from everyone at the table but Shane.

"Okay," she grins at Felicity, "story time!"

"You first," Felicity counters.

"No way," Arianna shakes her head. "You missed your chance. Come on, then, story." Felicity sighs and takes a bite of her pasta to delay it, unsure what version of events to even tell. The lie about a cappuccino or a bullet ridden laptop? A romantic first date or bleeding in the back seat of her Mini Cooper? Mercifully, Oliver steps up to the task.

"I'll tell it," he offers and she vaguely realizes this is the first time he's spoken since ordering his rum and coke. Felicity waves her hand in a "be my guest" gesture and Arianna leans forward to get a better view of Oliver.

"I don't know if you all know, but I kind of missed out on five years worth of technological advancement," he starts and the table stays quiet but Arianna nods in understanding and urges him on. "Well, I went into QC hoping to get some technical assistance with my laptop and Felicity came highly recommended." He grins proudly at this and Felicity tries not to let herself believe it's genuine. Usually, she can decipher between his bullshit and his sincerity but it's been harder and harder lately.

"So, I walk in and there's this beautiful woman sitting there and she just starts talking." This part earns chuckles from the group at large as Felicity's eyes drop to her plate in embarrassment, remembering talking about his dead father and her babbling.

"Love at first sight sounds lame but I was taken with her, at the least. I kept finding these ridiculous reasons to come in and ask her specifically for help," he chuckles at the memories as if they were real and he were reliving them. "Eventually, she called me out for the stupid, demeaning shit I was having her help me with just for the chance to talk to her and I finally just owned up and asked her out." That seemed to be the end of the story as Oliver placed his hand atop hers and Felicity studied her plate considering the interesting take on history he'd just written for her friends.

She murmured, "and the rest, as they say..," is bullshit, she finished her mind.

Arianna "aww"ed appropriately and Chester shook his head, taking a drink from his scotch. Shane smiled at Arianna who still appeared taken with the whole thing. Yeah, Oliver really sold it. Felicity tried not to sigh as she looked over at Arianna.

"You're turn," she smiled, dying to change the subject from her and Oliver. "Come on, seriously, how did this" - she motions to Arianna and Shane - "happen?" Arianna laughs and Shane shakes his head.

"Not easily," he comments as Arianna settles in to tell the story.

"You remember, right after graduation, Shane and I were interviewing for the same job with Google?" Felicity nods, scooping more pasta into her mouth. "Well, they ended up hiring us both. Which, in hindsight, was really great! But at the time all it managed to do was make us both wickedly competitive with one another. I don't know, really, how it happened but one thing led to another-"

Here, Shane cuts her off, "buckets of unresolved sexual tension." Arianna barks a laugh as Chester snorts and Felicity shakes her head. Oliver's hand, still resting on hers, is taking more of her attention than she'd care to admit.

"Yeah, and there's that. One night, we're screaming at each other after everyone else has gone home and the next we're going at it against the wall of his cubicle," Arianna finishes, with a wave of her hand that exhibits the shiny diamond adorning her ring finger. Felicity grins.

"Well, that was.. unexpected," she laughs and Chester shakes his head.

"Please," he counters, "it was bound to happen. All that yelling and fighting, it's foreplay for type As like those two." Oliver shrugs.

"He's right. That kind of stuff is usually bound to come to a head one way or another," he hesitates and makes a face. "Uh, no pun intended." Chester snorts into his glass again and Arianna shakes her head,

"I like you," Chester grins, waving his glass towards Oliver who smiles at the praise as Felicity smiles at him.

After lunch, they move as a group to exit the lounge.

"So, who has what next?" Chester asks as they move in the slow procession out of the room.

"God, this is so college," Arianna groans and Felicity nods.

"I hate to break it to you, babe, but we're at college," Shane smirks, wrapping his arm around Arianna's waist as she shoots him a glare.

"Whatever. We signed up for that Admissions Workshop," she tells Chester who looks at Felicity and Oliver expectantly. Felicity shrugs.

"We didn't sign up for anything for a few hours," she tells them, "I figured I'd show Oliver around campus, take him down to the main campus, maybe." It sounds like the type of thing she'd do with a boyfriend, so she goes with it. Plus, she wants to see the campus again. Chester nods.

"I saw Professor Wilkes a few weeks ago and promised I'd be attending his seminar," he tells them. "Dude's just as crazy as he was five years ago."

"He wasn't crazy," Felicity laughs, "he was just, you know, eccentric!" Arianna nods in agreement but Shane shakes his head.

"Whatever," Chester rolls his eyes, "you both just had crushes on him because he was young and brilliant and moderately attractive." Shane smirks at the women and nods his agreement with Chester's assessment.

"Yeah, well, if you were female, you'd understand," Arianna counters.

"If I were female, I'd never leave my room," Chester smirks salaciously, earning a face from Felicity and a light slap on the arm from Arianna.

"We're signed up for the Duck Tour," Felicity offers, banking on the change of topic.

"Oh, cool, us too!" Arianna grins, motioning to Shane.

"I'm not," Chester shrugs, "I live here, I don't need a tour."

"The what tour?" Oliver asks, looking at Felicity with that confused puppy face.

"The Duck Tour," she explains. "You get on this World War II boat and they take you touring around Boston. It's this big famous thing. It'll be fun, I promise." He nods.

"Should we meet for the dinner before Pops?" Chester asks, looking around at the group as they finally reach the doorway. Arianna and Shane nod.

"Sure, why not?" Felicity shrugs.

The tour of campus is nice but uneventful. The walk down memory lane leaves Felicity wistful and a little sad. Oliver is mostly quiet and she remembers that he'd spent his college years marooned on an island learning to be angry and vengeful. Learning to be a killer in the name of redemption. They're sitting on a bench, early for the Duck Tour and waiting for the rest of the people who bought tickets to begin to show up when she turns to him suddenly.

"Why are we here?" He looks at her, surprised by the question.

"Because you bought us tickets," he offers and she rolls her eyes.

"You know what I meant," she insists and he sighs, leaning back against the metal bench. He's quiet for a while and she begins to think he might not answer her but she waits him out anyway.

"I'm jealous," he tells her and, at her frown, rushes to continue, "I didn't get to have any of this. And it's not just because of the accident. I was done trying to be someone worth a damn before I ever got on that boat. These memories you have, the friends you made, they're important. I didn't want you to regret not getting to relive them just because our.. activities.. don't leave you anytime to find someone who realizes just how remarkable you are." He stares into her eyes for a moment and she has to break the contact but replaces it by covering his hand on his leg with her own.

"Thank you, Oliver," she says quietly, meeting his eyes again, just as intense as they'd been before but now she's taken in by them, unable to break the stare.

"Hey, now, you two! No bedroom eyes, there might be children coming on this thing!" They jolt out of the moment and turn to find Ari and Shane walking up to them, hands laced together between them. Felicity gives a sarcastic smile.

"Thanks for screaming that across campus, Ari," she glares and Arianna just gives her a smug smile and a "what can ya do" kind of shrug.

"Seriously though, folks," Arianna says when she reaches them and drops down on the bed, "you two are the least touchy couple I've ever seen." Felicity shrugs, pulling her hand away from Oliver's and clasping it with her other one in her lap.

"We're just not PDA people," she offers as an explanation.

"Oh, please," Arianna scoffs, "would a public kiss kill you?"

"It might," Felicity glares as Oliver chuckles beside her, shaking his head.

"Back home, it's a short jump from a public kiss to ending up plastered all over the gossip rags," he explains and Arianna nods in understanding.

"Well, you're not in Starling City anymore," she grins, standing up as a larger group begins to form and pulling Shane away by the hand. Felicity stands to follow them and feels Oliver's hand slip into hers. She looks down at the joined hands, taking a fortifying breath before following the other couple.

At the end of the tour, after they've seen all the historic sights and are heading back towards campus, Arianna and Shane are sitting in the bench across the aisle from Felicity and Oliver. Arianna is curled up against Shane's side and Oliver has his arm around Felicity's shoulder.

"So, what's the deal with Chester, exactly?" Oliver finally asks the question he's been wondering since lunch. Arianna throws her head back and laughs.

"Chester's a big sweetheart," she informs him, "he just likes to pretend to be a player, really. He's good entertainment and always has a way out in a pickle. Felicity and I met him sophomore year when he tried to hit on both of us at once and he just sort of stuck."

"He's odd," Felicity continues for Arianna, "but you get used to him."

Oliver squeezes her shoulders gently and murmurs for just her, "Well, I did get used to you." She rolls her eyes but can't fight off the smile.

"Whatever, jerk," she whispers with a light shove at his chest. She sees his eyes flick behind her to Arianna and Shane before coming back to hers. Suddenly he lowers his lips down to hers and she's sure the whole boat can hear her heart ramming against her ribcage as he gives her a quick, soft kiss. She stares at him wide-eyed as he pulls away from her.

"They're watching us," he murmurs so only she can hear and suddenly it all makes sense. Solidifying a cover. Right. She nods and tries not to ruin it by looking confused or surprised or whatever emotion might be covering her face as she looks back to Ari and Shane. Her first kiss with Oliver Queen – a fake kiss meant for someone else's benefit. Yeah, that's definitely not how she'd ever pictured it going down.

"So, what's Pops?" Oliver asks. "I heard you mention it earlier."

"It's, uh, the Boston Pops Orchestra preforms Mozart with the Professor of Music from MIT at the Boston Symphony Hall," Felicity explains.

"It can get really boring if the orchestra isn't your thing but it's tradition so everyone goes," Arianna says, leaning across Shane towards the aisle. "Unfortunately, I didn't know you guys were coming so I doubt our seats will be together."

"Yeah," Felicity says slowly, "to be honest, I didn't really know I'd be coming either. Oliver convinced me." Oh, look, the truth! She thinks, I was wondering when I'd be seeing you again.

"Well, then, hooray for Oliver!" Arianna grins.

"Yeah," Felicity murmurs, studying her hands, "hooray for Oliver."

Dinner goes off without a hitch, Oliver taking well to Chester and vice versa. It surprises her that stoic, no nonsense Oliver would take so easily to goofy Chester and she considers all the parts of Oliver Queen she doesn't quite know yet. The thought makes her sad and she tries to steer her brain away from it by participating in the conversation. She remembers why she'd enjoyed her little college group so much. They all talked just as much as her, leaving little time for her to put her foot in her mouth. Oliver barely stops touching her at all through the meal and it makes Felicity wants to scream as she has to keep reminding herself it isn't real, none of this is real.

They're halfway through the orchestra when Oliver's head lands heavily on her shoulder. She realizes quickly that he's fallen asleep and how ridiculous it must look to those around them, this large man, bowed over with his head on her shoulder. He turns his head in his sleep and his lips brush against the side of her neck. She sucks in a sharp breath and prods at his thigh with her index finger.

"Oliver," she hisses. He hums quietly and turns his head, his lips brushing more firmly against her neck as his hand finds her hip. Great , she marvels inwardly, he's a sleep groper . She pokes him in the leg more firmly and he jolts awake, his hand on her hip tightening almost painfully.

"Oliver," she hisses again, batting at his hand. He realizes how tightly his grip is and releases immediately, looking at her apologetically. She waves it off.

"Just stay awake, okay?" He nods and they return their attention to stage. Felicity considers how many different sides of Oliver she's discovered just in the past twenty-four hours and let's out a heavy sigh before attempting to immerse herself in the music.

Afterwards, they meet up with Chester, Arianna, and Shane again outside.

"What do you have scheduled for tomorrow?" Arianna askes, resting heavily against Shane, clearly struggling to stay upright in her heels. Felicity pulls her tablet out of her bag and pulls up her itinerary.

"Um, the Fenway Park tour, lunch with the graduates, a seminar about women in the workplace, and the Class Dinner," she reads off, scrolling with her finger. Arianna nods.

"We'll meet up at the bus, then," she says fighting back a yawn, "but I'm exhausted. We'll see you guys tomorrow." Shane wraps his arm around her and leads her away as she waves back at the other three. Chester shrugs.

"Guess that ends our night," he chuckles, watching them walk down the sidewalk before turning back to Felicity and Oliver. "I'll see you guys in the morning. Stay smokin'." He grins and shoots finger guns at Felicity who rolls her eyes.

"Night, Cheesy." She waves him away before turning to Oliver, "Ready to find our hotel before it's too late to check in?"

He nods, "Check in goes until eleven o'clock. Hopefully it's not that far away." He turns and looks around for a taxi, waving down the first one he sees.

They reach their hotel by 10:30 and it only takes about five minutes to check in and get up to their room. They each take a room key for themselves and Oliver immediately takes in the room, every exit and access point. Felicity would be annoyed if she didn't understand his need to feel like he always has a way out. She drops her suitcase on a bench seat on the outside wall of the bathroom and Oliver leaves his duffel bag next to the couch.

As Felicity sits in the middle of the bed and pulls her tablet out, he begins readying the couch underneath the window with a single pillow and a thin blanket from the closet. Felicity watches him warily from the bed, her tablet resting forgotten in her lap.

"You do realize you're, like, twice the size of that couch, right?" Oliver turns and give her a dry look causing her to throw her hands up in defense. "It's not my fault you're seven feet tall and built like a truck!" His face scrunches in confusion at her assessment before he shakes his head and returns to flattening the blanket over the cushions.

"I'm 6'1," he argues, "you're just short." She crosses her arms and huffs in indignation. She continues to watch him for a few minutes before sighing in annoyance.

"Oh, my God, Oliver, just share the bed with me," she says suddenly and he spins and stares at her like she's grown another head or two. She rolls her eyes.

"I offered you the bed, not my virtue," she says before she can stop herself, grimacing at herself before shaking her head and pressing on. "That couch will kill your back and we have a lot more to do tomorrow."

"You realize I spent five years mostly sleeping on the hard dirt, don't you?"

"Yes, and where have you been sleeping since you've been back? A mansion." He doesn't move and she slaps her hands down on the bed in frustration. "Jesus Christ, Oliver, just take the bed, okay? I'll take the couch."

"I'm not making you sleep on the couch," he counters, leaning back against the arm of the sofa, crossing one ankle over the other. It'd be hot if she weren't so annoyed with him. Well, okay, it's hot anyway.

"You're not making me do anything. This is me offering."

"And this is me declining." She takes a deep breath, counts to three slowly in her head, and bounces off the bed, depositing her tablet on the bedside table.

"Fine, whatever. Do whatever you want. I'm going to change." She digs through her suitcase for a minute before stalking off to the bathroom. She changes into a pair of sleep shorts and an old MIT t-shirt, washes her face, and pulls her hair up. When she comes out of the bathroom, he stretched out on one side of the bed, his hands behind his head and his ankles crossed, the TV on quietly.

"You were right," is all he gives her but it's enough to make her smile smugly. He heads to the bathroom to change and she settles into the bed and flips through the channels until she lands on an old episode of Friends. She barely pays it any attention as she picks her tablet back up and checks her Alumni account. If she's being honest, she still isn't sure why she let Oliver convince her to come to this, much less with him pretending to be her boyfriend.

Just as she's considering this, he comes out of the bathroom in boxers and an undershirt.

Yeah, this was a huge mistake.

She gives him a hesitant smile and lifts the covers, slipping underneath them. Oliver grabs the blanket from the couch and lays on top of the duvet, pulling the extra blanket on top of him. They face opposite directions as he turns off the light and she clicks off the TV but she can practically feel the tension in their bodies through the mattress as they settle in for sleep. She sighs at how ridiculous it is and tries to force the tension from her shoulders and herself into sleep. Felicity falls asleep with a solid foot and half of space between her and Oliver.

And wakes up with less than an inch.

She wakes up to the pressure in her bladder informing her of its need for a bathroom. Which she'd be happy to oblige if she weren't so warm and didn't have a large man wrapped around her. That thought gives her pause.

She shifts her head as best she can but Oliver has his arms around her and his face nestled into the back of her neck. To be fair, with the duvet and two sheets between them, the only skin contact is his nose against the back of her neck. But it's enough to make her tingle. She groans, her bladder screaming at her now, and tries to wiggle out of his embrace. No give. She sighs and bites the bullet.

"Oliver," she calls out quietly, hoping not to startle him and end up in a choke hold or accidentally thrown from the bed. "Oliver!" She feels him begin to stir, his nose brushing back and forth against her neck and sending a shiver down her spine. She tries his name once more, with a little more force.

"Wha? Felicity? Is everything okay?" That does it. She can feel the moment he realizes their position. He tenses, begins to pull away slowly, and then retreats all at once. Felicity doesn't stick around for chit chat, instead jumping up and all but sprinting for the bathroom. She pees quickly, washes her hands, and tries to will the flush from her face.

When she comes out again, her eyes have to readjust to the dark and she feels her way towards and onto the bed. As soon as she's settled, Oliver's voice startles her.

"I'm sorry," he says hesitantly, his voice rough with sleep, "about that." Felicity shakes her head, figures his eyes are probably adjusted and he can see her well enough. Hopefully not well enough to see the returning blush.

"No, it was fine – more than fine – I just really had to pee." She let's out an awkward chuckle and slips back under the covers, returning to her previous position. She notes that it's actually much colder without Oliver wrapped around her. And then has to physically stop from slapping herself when she realizes she'd said it aloud.

She feels him shift, hesitate, then begin shifting again and thinks he might be reconsidering the couch when his arms suddenly come around her again. It's less tight and there's definitely no skin contact this time but it warms her in more way than one and she falls back into an easy sleep.

The next time she wakes up, the sun is well above the horizon but her alarm hasn't started going off yet. Oliver's arms are still around her but she's turned into him, wrapped her arms around him in return, separate blankets be damned. She stirs some, trying to alleviate some of the stiffness in her body, and his eyes flutter open. He blinks once, twice, meets her eyes.

Whether it's out of confusion or instinct Felicity doesn't know but before she can register it, Oliver's lips are coming forward to meet hers. As soon as they reach their mark, without real thought, Felicity is immediately responding to him.

And boy, oh boy, does it escalate from there.

As soon as she responds enthusiastically to him, he's pulling her on top of him so she's straddling him and pulling her chest flush against his, kissing her with an urgency she's never seen from him before. Her hands run up his chest, to the back of his neck, into his short hair. She tips his head, allowing her kiss a better angle and his hands slip down from her shoulders to her lower back until his fingers are dancing dangerously along the strip of skin between her t-shirt and her shorts.

Felicity isn't conscious of having sent the command from her brain down to her hips but suddenly she's rocking against him and feels a little flare of pride when he gasps into her mouth before moving his lips across her jaw line, in a slow line down her neck.

She lets out a short, breathy moan, and his hands fist in the fabric of her maroon t-shirt.

"Fuck, Felicity," he groans, and she hadn't realized how badly she needed confirmation that he knew what was happening, who it was happening with, until she gets it. And then she starts fumbling with his shirt, dying to get it over his head, to touch the skin underneath without bandages or gauze or blood involved. He sits up to help pull the garment over his head and she immediately sets to work on discovering the new skin with light touches and small kisses. She can feel Oliver tensing underneath her though, and it makes her want to scream.

"Felicity, I-" she cuts him off with a kiss which he returns with enthusiasm, his hands slipping around to her front to slide his thumbs over her breasts. It spurs her forward and her hands slide slowly down his scarred and roughened skin, over his abs, south toward the elastic of his boxers. He's panting against her mouth in anticipation and she can just hear her own harsh breathing over the blood rushing in her ears.

Her fingers have just slipped between the elastic and his skin when the harsh wailing of the alarm clock sends them flailing apart. Oliver is silent as he hits the snooze button, though maybe with more force than necessary, but Felicity allows herself one annoyed groan as she flops back onto her side of the bed. She closes her eyes and waits a minute for her breathing to slow and her skin to cool.

"I'll shower first," is all she says before she slips out of bed.

She dresses as he showers and tries to steer her brain towards their itinerary for the day and not the thought of Oliver's hands sliding up her shirt. She pulls her hair in to a high ponytail and drops onto the bed with a sigh, pulling her tablet towards her to check which events she'd signed up for today.

"Relax, Felicity," she commands herself as she hears the shower shut off a few minutes later. She replaces her tablet in her bag and moves toward the mirror on the wall to apply her makeup. She's finishing applying her bright pink lipstick when Oliver comes out of the bathroom, already dressed in a crisp light blue dress shirt and a pair of black suit pants.

She turns to him, trying to force a smile on her face but it's replaced by confusion when she catches him smiling at her. Felicity looks down at herself, smoothing her hands down her skirt, before returning her wide eyes to him.


"Nothing," he chuckles. She stares at him as he hesitates before adding, "you were wearing that when we met." Felicity turns back to the mirror, studying the light pink blouse and printed skirt. She tries to ignore the rush she feels at that idea of him remembering that.

"Oh," she says shortly, "I'm surprised you remember. What with the bullet ridden laptop you were dealing with." She smirks and turns back to him, tossing her makeup bag toward the bed. He grins and shakes his head.

"I still don't know why you even helped me," he admits. She raises an eyebrow and gives him a 'duh' face.

"You had the ability to have me fired if I didn't." He looks down at the bed and she moves toward her suitcase to find her shoes. "Plus, I mean, you're super hot so.." She drops her head as soon as the words leave her mouth. They were definitely supposed to stay in her head. Oliver chuckles behind her and she puts extra attention into sliding her black flats on her feet.

"Okay, so, we should have breakfast either here or find a diner or something on the way and then the bus leaves for Fenway Park at 10:45," she tells him after a minute, once her shoes are on her feet and her cheeks have cooled.

Oliver shrugs, "I think I saw a Waffle House on the way in." Felicity raises an eyebrow.

"You think or you know?" He gives her a dry look that reminds her who she's talking to and she nods, standing up and flipping her suitcase closed. She doesn't bother to zip it as she puts her makeup bag, phone, and the key card in the purse she'd put her tablet in and heads for the door.

"That'll do," she says, tugging the door open and looking back at Oliver who hesitates near the bed.

"Felicity," he says softly and she immediately knows what's coming, "shouldn't we talk about..?" He trails off and motions vaguely towards the bed but Felicity is already shaking her head.

"No, forget it." He looks like he's about to argue so she holds a hand up and presses on, "look, we just have to make it through three more days and then we're home free. Back to real life." She doesn't wait for him to respond as she turns and slips out of the hotel room and starts down the hall toward the elevator.