IMPORTANT NOTE: So just know, Emma and Sean have known another since season 1, but only stayed friends, never knowing the other wanted more too. Their past relationships have only been Amy and Chris which didn't last long (It'll be explained vaguely in the story). . and we are going to pretend Sean doesn't meet Jay either until season 4. Rick will make an appearance still too. Degrassi drama that happened in the series, may or may not happen.. or happen in a different way! ENjoy.


Sean walked into Degrassi early for once. It was first day back to school, and he had to make an effort due to being on welfare now since Tracker left.

Sean adjusted the bag on his shoulder, wearing his usual black tuke on his head and a white muscle shirt. He wore a pair of blue jeans too. He caught somebody's eyes and sighed, awkwardly itching the back of his head as he walked by Amy Fritz. They fooled around a little last year. It didn't end very well.. nor last long either.

He stalked over to his locker, shoving by the annoying crowd who talked over another, way too excited for first day of back to school. If you asked him.

He noticed Manny at her locker, but Emma not in site. It might be weird a big tough guy like him with his reputation hung out with these girls, but it made sense to him. They've known another since kids now. He actually had a weak spot for them, and even a deep, secretive, crush on one of them. Emma Nelson.

"Hey Manny." Sean greeted.

She turned from her locker, her long hair grown out even longer than last year. She was one of the hottest girls in Degrassi now and frankly, Sean wasn't use to that. Manny would always be little Manny with pig tails to him. It was weird, since he'd known Emma since the same time as Manny but him and Manny clicked more on the friends side.

There was always something else lingering with Emma.

"Morning Sean," she teased, and waves her hand up her body, "See anything different?" she got a belly button piercing, and wore hip hugging jeans with a white crop top..

Sean snapped out of looking around and gazed back at her questionably. He shrugged, "No." he looked around again.

"She's not here yet," Manny said while rolling her eyes but smiling.

"Who?" even Sean smirked at Manny's look. He knew she knew, but she'd never say anything. She was both their best friends, and she may have some 'girl code' with Emma but Manny didn't want to get in the middle of it or wreck their long friendship. So she kept quiet, with playful remarks here and there.

Sean went to open his locker next. He hadn't seen Emma much the last few weeks of summer. Her family wanted a big vacation until back at school plus Snake was free of cancer so they wanted to go away. Sean kinda missed her. A lot. Even resorted in hanging out at the ravine with Amy again one night the other week. Big mistake. For the rest of the summer, he just stuck to guy hangouts with Craig and Spinner.

As for Manny, she spent the summer missing Emma too and having to dump JT not long after they began dating. It was just wierd. They were definitely meant to only be friends. She hoped at least, they could be friends. She may of unintentionally used him to get over Craig. She just wanted a nice guy for once, and Jt was there. The break up was a little messy. But, she did hang out with him, Toby and Liberty the rest of the summer. He seemed okay and have possibly forgiven her.

Manny smirked as a figure had stopped behind Sean while he dug through his locker and the figure put her hands over his eyes.

"Guess who." her voice whispered sweetly in his ear.

Sean smirked before a grin spread across his face and he inhaled that familiar scent. Vanilla. He turned, for his smile to fade and mouth to hang open as he went to say hello but as Emma stood before him, smiling at him and her hands on her hips..all he could do was stare in awe. Her little mini skirt wasn't helping.

She had grown up. And Emma from last year, didn't wear many clothes that showed off her body or maybe she just didn't have this body then.

She had long blonde hair, bangs across her forehead, and smiling happily to see him and Manny too.

She asked, "Did you miss me?" her eyes looked around bashfully, but also playfully, waiting for him to say it.

She liked to know the guy most people in Degrassi feared was actually the nicest guy she knew. She didn't understand how people were scared of him, but Sean always did have that 'bad boy' reputation and he was hard to understand sometimes. But not for her.

He chuckled, and itched the back of his head, "I missed you."

As he nodded, Emma noticed him trying to avoid her eyes now. An odd feeling swept through her. What was up with him?

She rose an eyebrow and teased again to try to get his attention. "I heard you were at the Ravine this summer. A lot."

"Well I didn't have my usual supporter with me telling me not to." Sean joked back, "She's usually like the Angel on my shoulder, telling me what to do.. or most times, what not to do."

"She's usually always right." Emma taunted back and he snickered.

As much as Emma and him might of been best friends, they were so different. Sean wasn't the A+ student that Emma was, nor did he pick studying over parties. He had a slight careless and wild streak in him, but that didn't make him a bad guy. He did though happen to hang out at the Ravine, where Emma hated to go. It was a place mostly misfits or burn outs went, or kids in school who wanted to hook up. It's where most parties happened.

Emma wasn't a Mary Sue either though, as most may think. If Sean knew anything, he knew Emma could be stubborn, and knew how to take charge sometimes and get what she wants while sometimes even causing some unintentional trouble. She was a fire cracker. Other times though, she could be so sweet, and caring.. and she was passionate about the environment and helping others. She dressed like a Mary Sue though- or at least, she use to. Now, it was short skirts and tight shirts (or maybe just too tight in his opinion).

"Emma, Emma, Emma." came a voice behind them and they turned to Jt, followed by Toby.

Toby stared wide eyed at Emma, making Sean laugh silently from behind her, knowing just why. Toby always had a crush on Emma, he was dating Kendra now though, but this Emma must be torturing him a little more as now she had a little something extra. Lets call them..'assets and curves'. Guess Sean could kinda relate to Toby on some level, not like he hadn't seen a girls body before though.. he had. But Emma was different, and before he could try to ignore his crush on Emma, but not like this. It might be shallow, but before it was just young love, he loved everything about her but now.. he found himself gazing at her a little lustfully now too. She was gorgeous. He was after all, a guy.

Jesus. If Emma could read his mind, she'd probably run screaming for the hills. Another thing different between them? Emma has never had sex, nor really fooled around with anybody. At least to Sean's knowledge right now. He hoped that was still true.

Sean on the other hand has done everything but sex though. Amy was help in that department. She kinda had a bad, promiscuous reputation. A bad girl. Even Manny got mad at him for dating her last year but Amy was vocal of how much she wanted him, and it wasn't like Sean was hearing that from the girl he really did like.

So when he went to the ravine with Spinner or Craig, he couldn't help but let her 'take advantage' of him. He knew it wouldn't last though nor was serious.

"What's different about you?" Jt seriously blurted out.

Emma nearly blushed, shrugging innocently. "I don't know.."

Manny wrapped her arm in Emma's, "We gotta get to class." she teased, "Before Emma notices there is only 4 more minutes until the bell rang."

Emma's eyes widened and she squeaked, "I need my books! We're going to be late!"

The blonde fled off, Manny in tow, leaving Sean smirking and seeing she may still be the same Ol' Emma. Just different. Good different. How could she not get any better? It was Emma. Sean wondered if she was still dating that guy from last year, Chris Sharpe. Some loser who thought he was a DJ.

Sean finally snapped out of it as Liberty came over.

"Happy Sophomore year everybody." Liberty noted cheerfully.

"Yea..happy..whatever." JT mocked and snickered.


Sitting in Mrs Kwans class next period, in the middle row, was Emma and Sean. Emma usually liked the front, but Sean liked his back seats. So they agreed to meet in the middle. Literally.

"I wonder what we'll learn this year." Emma curiously said out loud, not necessarily talking to Sean. "Maybe Shakespeare!" She gasped and opened her binder, "Or-"

Sean leaned back in his seat, sloutching a bit and his hoody on and over his tuke. He looked ready for a snap and lazily smirked at her. "Maybe this year you'll learn not to be such a geek."

Emma tossed him a glare and joked, "Or maybe you'll learn to be a better student! You do have to be now after all, with welfare."

He rose an eyebrow at her. She blushed and smiled sheepishly. Woops. He didn't like other people knowing he was on his own now. Emma's parents actually offered him to stay with them, but he declined.. .for some odd reason Emma had yet to figure out.

"You're still the same." he teased her.

"Hey." Came a voice and they looked up to a familiar red head. Ellie Nash.

Sean spent time with her in detention last year. She flirted, so did he but he wasn't very interested after he found out she judged him before knowing him. Like a lot of people did. Craig, Emma and Manny were probably the only people who never really judged him when they first met him. Even Snake Simpson gave Sean more of a chance than Ellie did. Ellie admitted she thought he was some 'jackass' with a bad attitude. She thought she was being funny, but Sean couldn't get past that. He insisted they could be friends, but Ellie always made it clear that she wanted more though and had made a mistake.

When Ellie met Emma, there was instant dislike. Emma tried to hide it, but Sean could see through her cracks. He didn't think it was jealousy though, as much as he wished it was. Probably Emma just thinking Ellie was bad news and what she did to him wasn't right. They were very different girls. Emma also hated Amy, but what girls didn't? She was sort of, slutty.

Emma eyed Ellie before glancing between her and Sean. "Hey El." he greeted.

She smiled a little, before nodding 'goodbye' and left for her seat.

Emma bit the end of her tongue and just looked down at her binder. She tried to ignore that awful knot in her stomach when other girls talked to Sean.

She couldn't even explain her own feelings that she had for Sean. Her and Sean, were just meant to be friends. Yes, she had a big crush on him since forever but it's been years, and a girl could take a hint. Sean was a known class hottie at Degrassi. . They had met by chance, or fate, or whatever, and just seemed to click. Sean was her best friend. He understood her and vise versa..but I guess, the romantic feelings weren't mutual.

She tried to get over it. Hense why she dated Chris Sharpe soon after Sean dated Amy Fritz (both relationships ended quickly). Now, as far as she knew, Chris and Liberty were having some 'thing' going on with another. At first, Emma had a problem with it. Now, she didn't care. She had been the one to dump Chris and she only dated him to try to get over..well, Sean.

She insisted now she was. But her heart knew better. And Sean's biceps weren't helping. He must of seriously worked out this summer. Even Manny wouldn't shut up about how much more hotter he had gotten.

"Morning everybody," Mrs Kwan greeted as she walked in. "First, before we start," she pointed to the doorway where somebody stood with Mr Raditch, "I just wanna welcome back Mr Murray."

Eyes followed the lanky looking boy with glasses and medium length brown hair. He walked with his eyes casted down other than the quick glances around during his walk to the back of the class. He looked nervous, and Emma looked around noticing the eyes of others following him almost hatefully.

You could cut the tension with a knife.

"There will be no trouble." was all Mr Raditch said, gazing around but held his gaze on Sean.

Sean furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what the hell Raditch was looking at him for? He didn't even know the guy! Him and Emma shared a look and she even shrugged her shoulder, silently giggling. Raditch was a jerk.

Meanwhile, Rick had sat down in the back and Raditch went to turn before he bumped into another student coming inside.

"Speaking of trouble, your favorite student is here." Raditch said sarcastically to Mrs Kwan before he glared at the passing student. "Your late." he taunted loudly so the stranger understood he was not happy.

"Summer was good Mr Raditch, how was yours?" smirked the guy with a backwards hat and smug face. He looked older, maybe even Sean's age or another year older. Sean even glanced over and curiously wondered just how long this guy was held back for? But he couldn't judge..he failed grade 6 (But who the HELL failed grade 6? Unfair I tell yeah.)

"Jay, take a seat." Kwan said, annoyed like, and he held a binder as he walked down the rows, knocking one of Ricks books off his desk on the way.

Emma narrowed her eyes, not liking this Jay guy already or the bullying. She swore she didn't even see paper in his binder as he turned to the row in front of theirs. He went for the desk that was infront of Sean, and both sent another a look. It was kind of amusing to Emma, like seeing a badass give another bad ass a 'this is my hood now' look.

Emma shot Sean a look next, wishing he wouldn't start something with his guy who clearly seemed like a jerk, but Sean was too busy keeping his glare on Jay. Maybe he also didn't like the way Jay passed a small smirk when he glanced at Emma.

Class begun, and when the first assignment was handed out, Kwan gave permission to work together since it was only first day back.

Emma snuck a peak at Sean at the corner of her eye during their 'group study' and she softy laughed while watching him study so hard it looked like it hurt.

When he looked up and noticed her watching him, he glared playfully, "See anything you like, Nelson?" he teased.

Emma shrugged innocently and tried to focus back on work, but then she curiously glanced over her shoulder and asked out loud, "Who is he, anyways?"

Manny and Liberty looked up and over at Rick Murray to shrug, until the guy in front of them, Jay Hogart, turned. He had heard the question (and also the annoying PG rated flirting between the blonde and slim shady), and answered, "Rick Murray."

Sean gazed up and his eyes hardened seeing Jays eyes scan Emma slowly, and his fists clenched tightly..until Jay looked over at him and explained more, "Beat a girl into acoma."

Sean's eyes squinted a bit, and looked back at Rick. Was that true? He glanced at Emma, who still had her eyes on the freak. God he wished she wasn't so curious sometimes..

Manny's eyes lit up as she remembered, "Terri McGregor."

Emma looked back, "That was him?" her eyes then widened. They let him back in Degrassi?! She turned back to Rick with a look of disbelief until he caught her eye, and she felt her body run cold as he kept his stare on her.

"Seems the little freak has his eye on your girl, Slim Shady." Jay teased Sean, noticing Ricks eye on Emma and Jay eyed Sean for a reaction.

Were him and this blonde piece of ass together? She was hot. Not like Jay couldn't notice. He had a girl friend, but he wasn't blind.

Emma was so out of it she didn't hear them. Sean did not look happy, but nodded slightly at Jay for the 'nice' warning, and he narrowed his eyes at Emma worriedly.