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Covering his eyes to protect them, Yrrah didn't see the small bird climbing from her prison.

"Don't be afraid my child." Spoke a voice filled with love. "The light is gone and nothing can harm you with me here. Tell me your name, child."

Letting his hands fall, Yrrah saw the bird sitting in front of him. She was beautiful, her feathers were golden with the longer feathers in her wings having a soft touch of red, and her eyes were as green as his. "I'm Yrrah ma'am." He said ever so soft.

"Well Yrrah, my name is Éowyn, and you don't have to say ma'am to me little one." She rubbed her head against his cheek. "I can feel how powerful you are, the strength of your heart is pulling me closer to you but your emotions are all over the place blocking me from entering it yet. We're bonded my human. Do you know what that means or do you need me to explain?"

"I read about it." Yrrah said, enjoying the soft warm head against his cheek. "You and I are bonded now, right? So we'll be friends and play and you'll never leave me?"

"I'm yours as you're mine to protect." Said Éowyn with a nod. "We're one, so I can read your mind, as you can read mine. We're one until one of us passes to the other world."

"But we're in the next world and you're immortal." Said Yrrah.

"Yes and no, I'll be immortal when you've reached maturity and while you can't die of age or diseases here, you can die in war."

"So I need to keep you safe until I'm seventeen." Yrrah said with a nod. "Uhm, I was going to the village."

"I know, I have your memories." Éowyn said. "You could send me away so I could grow or what I would prefer, you could give me a place in your heart. We're one, I'm your guide as the days pass on will I train you."

"I read about that." Clearing his mind of emotions, Yrrah concentrated on his connection with the bird who sent feelings of love and safety back. The feelings calmed him and the golden phoenix felt more like a part of him then a familiar. "You really want to stay close to me all the time?"

"I already am." A new warm feeling filled Yrrah as the light erupted again.

In the village, Yrrah was greeted by a waiting Dominic.

"There you are child," he sighed, "I was worried when it took you so long to arrive but I can imagine you needed time to clear your head." Dominic frowned when he saw a golden glow in Yrrah's eyes but refrained himself from asking about it. "Come young warrior, lets get you settled in." The older warrior had taken a liking to the smaller boy soon after he had started his training. Yrrah had a feeling for weapons, give him a sword, bow and arrow or a dagger and after some hard training he would quickly have it mastered.

After Yrrah had curled up on the small bed in the small cottage and was sleeping, Dominic sent a massager to Merlin to let the older man know their charge was safe.

Dominic's appreciation of Yrrah grew in the days the boy spent with him. Every morning he ran and practiced until it was time for his classes. The older humans were ignored and Yrrah jumped away to the secret trainings field Dominic had showed him every time his family came to the village. Dominic could see the pain in Godric's eyes but it was nothing compared with the pain visible in Yrrah's green eyes when he looked at his family. That they had hurt the boy was clear, but Dominic didn't understand exactly why Yrrah was hurt. How could the boy be upset by a ruined holiday? It was just an earthly celebration.

"He has roots in three worlds." Merlin tried to explain when he visited a few days later. "Earth, us and the Elves. The others made fun of an important tradition of earth. Something Yrrah really needed to experience. The tradition shows how much family members love one another and by ruining it. what is the most logical explanation in an eight year olds mind?"

"That they don't love him." Concluded Dominic. "Did you know he's been speaking Elvish since he arrived? His pointy ears are hidden under his newly blond hair and last night he prayed with us to Mother Nature. In our own language. I think Yrrah has difficulties with deciding which group he belongs to. The Elves, who have adopted him as our own, you guys and his official earth roots. I think he's just confused."

Merlin nodded. "I understand your reasoning, and this is something he has to figure out on his own. He'll realize soon that we love him, but I don't think Yrrah wants to see anyone until he realizes it." Merlin said standing up. "Thank you, warrior Dominic, for taking care of Yrrah."

"He's no trouble at all." The Elf gave the wizard a hand. "I'll see what I can do. Maybe put a good word in for you somewhere."

"Don't pressure him." Merlin advised. "Yrrah will see right through it and will be gone faster than you can say 'sorry'."

"I'll keep that in mind." Dominic said looking out the small window, where Yrrah was sitting on the grass. While it was winter on Earth, it was summer in Myth. It was warm so the grass was a bit yellow, except around Yrrah, around him there was the grass green and flowers blossoming. A golden mist surrounded him as he flew a few inch above the grass. "He's really a remarkable young man."

"That he is." Merlin sent a look of longing at his grandson. "Keep him safe."

"I will." Promised the Elf.

The day after Merlin left, Dominic watched from that same window as the small boy used his sword against four older students. The telepathic gift gave him the advantage of knowing what the others were planning but he was still smaller and outnumbered. However, something had happened in the last few days that seemed to make Yrrah stronger and more prepared. Yrrah was winning when a loud clash was heard from the center of the village. The group looked up, their swords raised in the direction of the crash.

"ATTACK! FIRE WOLF!" was shouted.

Dominic ran toward the group, yelling, "You four, go help protect the village. Yrrah, go with the children."

"But I want to help!" protested the youngest.

"No protesting." Yelled Dominic, pulling out his own sword. "I promised to protect you. Now GO!"

Yrrah took two children by the hand and jumped to the training field where all of the children, weman and non-warriors were gathered. As time ticked by, more men left to help the warriors to protect their home village.

The moment the group of men disappeared, a new wolf appeared. Yrrah, being Yrrah, sent a call for help towards the village and castle before charging at the animal. He yelled in the wolfs language for it to leave them be.

"Watch out my child, it could hurt you." SaidÉowyn.

"Whatever happens Éowyn, stay safe. It's an order." Yrrah commanded in his head before speaking out loud. "Last warning. Leave now and I won't hurt you."

"Why young speaker." Said the male. "We're hungry. Two female Elves and we'll take our leave."

"I will never sacrifice my family or close ones for the life of others. I'm not my biological father." Growled Yrrah. "Leave while you can or I'll make you leave."

"What do you think you can do youngster?" Growled the wolf, sending fire around them.

Yrrah waved his sword, killing the flames with his elemental power. "Fire won't hurt me." The two maintained eye contact while they made attempts to get close enough to attack the other.

The wolf jumped towards Yrrah, who stepped out of the way and pointed his sword in position. In that instant, Yrrah made a possibly fatal mistake, while focusing on the animal in front of him, he assumed that the others would warn him if any more dangers presented themselves. Yrrah would soon learn an important lesson, you should never trust someone else with your safety.

"WATCH OUT YRRAH!" Yelled Éowyn, but it was too late.

As teeth sank into his right arm, his sword arm, this sword sank into the chest of the male. Releasing the sword, he used his wandless magic to blast the female wolf away from him. Once she no longer had her teeth in his arm he began throwing spells at her since his sword arm was now hanging uselessly at his side.

Only when the fire wolf fell down and stayed there, did he, pulling with his left hand, remove his sword from the chest of the male fire wolf.

Éowyn was shaking in fear inside him but somehow still managing to yell at the small boy for forgetting his surroundings.

A panicked cry of, "Yrrah," quickly reached the boy's ears. Turning around, he saw a man standing on the edge of the woods. Yrrah let his sword fall and, cradling his arm, he ran towards his father.

"Dad!" sobbed the eight year old.

Godric felt his heart beating erratically from fright when he saw the bloody figure of his son standing near two of the most dangerous creatures in Myth. Fire wolves killed everything in their path, two seasoned warriors were currently in critical condition after suffering burns from one. That Yrrah would be able to fight their fire with his elemental powers gave the brave knight no comfort at all.

Yrrah, crying and bloody, jumped into his father's arms.

"Yrrah," sighed Godric, inhaling the scent of his son's hair. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

Still sobbing Yrrah showed his father his injured arm.

"Oh Y." He rubbed the boy's back and planted a kiss on the boy's forehead. "HELGA! HERE! NOW!" Godric shouted. Within seconds, a group appeared from within the woods.

"Mom!" Yrrah yelled as he reached out for Rowena.

She took the boy from Godric and started issuing orders, "Godric, you and Sal go help the Elves. Helga will help Yrrah. Merlin, go find your friend. I want to know what happened!"

"No daddy, don't leave me." Begged Yrrah, clinging to his mother.

While he didn't want to leave his son in this condition, years of battle training let him no choice. "I'll be back soon Y." Godric promised. "I need to check on the others. I'll be back really soon. Promise, I won't be far."

Helga gave the scared boy a calming draught that knocked him out. Now she could look at his injured limb without feeling as though her heart was being ripped out of her chest by the sobs of her nephew. Placing her hands around the wound, she let her magic flow. "There, all healed. He probably won't wake until the morning, but he'll be fine."

Merlin changed the ripped Elven fabric that Yrrah wore into soft pyjamas with a small wave of his wand. "According to the witnesses, Yrrah killed the two fire wolves on his own." He said softly, "The first by sword and the second one by magic after his arm was injured."

"He fought with honour, as my daughter told you." Elandorr said, "He spoke with the enemy, giving him a chance to back down before fighting with his sword rather than magic. Only when the second arrived and he was injured by the surprise attack, did he switch to magic. He fought as a warrior and he'll be rewarded as a warrior for saving the lives of my people."

Godric came back, taking Yrrah from Rowena and laying the small head on his strong shoulder so the knight could feel the soft puffs of breath tickling his neck. "I'm sure he'll be honored, but I'm taking my son home for the night. The situation in the village is under control."

Merlin looked at "Helga, Sal, I need you two to stay here for a while. Help the elves who are injured."

The two nodded and went with Elandorr back to the village. Dominic pushed one of Yrrah's teachers to Godric. "I'm Onur, I would like to offer my services to bring Yrrah home so he can lie in his own bed."

"Onur is Yrrah's jump teacher." Dominic said.

Godric accepted the ride and within seconds he was standing in front of the castle. After thanking the Elf, he walked to his own bedroom.

Never before had the Gryffindor felt as scared as he did when he saw Yrrah standing there with blood everywhere. Power was radiating off him and somehow, the knight knew that Yrrah has only used a part of his powers to end both wolves.

Yrrah was a warrior now, there was no denying it.

Placing the small eight year old on his chest, Godric drifted off to sleep. His dreams featuring an older Yrrah, standing next to him in times of battle.

The older ones were worried about how clingy Yrrah became the day following the attack, but Yrrah was a Gryffindor at heart, like his dad, so he had turned around by the second day. On that day, Yrrah started to train again.

Godric, was awoken on the fourth day by the wards on Yrrah's room going off, telling the father his son left the room. The sun was climbing but hadn't yet reached the top of the forest trees. Yrrah started his run around the lake, his chest and feet bare, sword strapped around his back.

The small boy flat out refused to talk about either of the fights, with his family about Christmas and with the fire wolfs. Dominic and Elandorr visited on the sixth day, bringing the news that the village was recovering and expressing their worry for Yrrah. Yrrah nodded, thanked them for their concern but quickly stated that he was fine and started training again.

"Your son trained hard before but now…" Dominic said to Godric while they watched from a window how Yrrah blasted transformed rocks into pieces, wincing from the blast of the explosion. Yrrah created an illusion of dragons, sending them towards some rock's as a diversion and while sending fire and ice around them as an attack. "I have never seen so much power in one living being. He was holding back before."

"This was the first time he had to use his training." Godric softly replied, wincing when he saw some rocks clip Yrrah and bloody scratches appear. A second later no wounds were visible. "I can only guess how it changed him. We agreed not to interfere until he goes too far."

"I have known Yrrah for eight years now, I've seen him grow in earth years and learn in myth years." Said Elandorr, "It's so easy to forget he's only eight in mind and body."

Rowena joined them, "Merlin told me your ritual of a warrior." Was softly said. "It means that they will blood adopt Yrrah."

"This ritual." Godric asked. "It will help my son fulfil his destiny?"

Elandorr nodded. "Every Elf, once awarded warrior status, will be adopted by his, or her, master. With that he'll receive a power boost and earn his armor."

"Just what we need, an even stronger Yrrah." Salazar groaned, walking up with Helga. "He's sweeping the floor with me since he mastered the Elementals, but I sometimes manage to almost win."

"Uhm Sal dear," Helga said a bit hesitant. "Yrrah is holding back afraid he'll hurt any of you. I guess he means to preserve you guys' self-esteem as well."

"You mean that my eight year old doesn't royally kick my ass because he's afraid to hurt my feelings?" Screeched Godric. "Ooh that's way too Hufflepuff for me to handle."

Both witches looked angry at the knight. "You better not let him hear that." Rowena scowled. "He's scared enough as it is. Thinking he let you down may be the thing that breaks the little guy."

"Besides that, what's wrong with being a Puff?" Helga demanded to know. "At least he's loyal and a hard worker. I would love to see him sorted into my house."

"Those houses, Yrrah told me about them but I don't really understand." Dominic never looked away from his honorable nephew, the eight year old had put his powers to rest and was meditating in the field. It still amazed the warrior how the nature surrounding him changed every time Yrrah pulled that golden mist around him. "What is needed to be sorted into a particular house?"

"Merlin sorts the new students, on the first of September on earth, Merlin meditates and becomes a hat that can see the real child" Salazar explained. "He sings some song to them, explaining the houses. It changes every year but comes down to this:

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those
With brave deeds to their name."
By Gryffindor, the bravest were
Prized far beyond the rest;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot
And treat them just the same."
For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
Most worthy of admission;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
Would always be the best;
Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose
Intelligence is surest."

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.
And power-hungry Slytherin
Loved those of great ambition.
Said Slytherin, "We'll teach just those
Whose ancestry's is purest."

"So summarized." Rowena said quickly. "Students of Gryffindor are typically brave, daring, and chivalrous, Ravenclaw students tend to be clever, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable, Hufflepuff students are friendly, fair-minded, modest, and hard-working and Slytherin is known for their cunning and ambitions. On earth Slytherin is known for their darkness but that is because of an incorrect translation. Sal once said, "I'll teach just those whose ancestry is purest." He meant with ancestry the up bring, he wanted children from a proper home who he doesn't have to teach how to behave. Sal never liked to raise children, even with Yrrah, he's an uncle."

"But an awesome Uncle." grumbled the Slytherin, his arms crossed.

"I see," smiled Elandorr, "And Yrrah fits in all those houses? Where will he end up?"

Helga took this question. "If a student fits in more than one house, which is more often than not, Merlin looks at which quality the student likes the most about him- or herself, these are mostly muggleborn students. Magical raised students find it important to end up in the same house as their parents or siblings. In some families it's really important. One example is the Black family, except for one they all went to Slytherin for centuries, not because they're all that cunning but because they literally begged to be sorted there. However, about two earthly decades ago young Sirius Black didn't care about his family's wishes and ended up in Gryffindor. From what Merlin read of his brother a few years later, Sirius was disowned and cast out the family for joining Gryffindor."

"For being brave instead of cunning?" Dominic asked unbelieving. "Earthlings are strange beings."

"Hey!" protested Godric. "My son is an earthling."

"And yet has only one memory of the place he's from." Dominic reacted. "Merlin told me that Yrrah has three roots, earth, Myth and Elf, so two-thirds weird and the elvish part is normal."

"Dream on my friend, dream on." Laughed Godric.

That evening, after Dominic and Elandorr took their leave, an exhausted Yrrah made his way into the great hall. His hair was wet from his shower and the group noticed it was shorter. He wore his light blue elves robes with his sword at his side.

After everyone was seated and had a plate in front of them, spoke Merlin up. "Yrrah, do you remember when we discussed blood adoption?"

The eight year old sent his father a withered look, while sprinkling his vegetable porridge with a potion of his own design, one that made everything taste better. "Of course, the day my name went from just Yrrah to Yrrah MyrddinArthur Pendragon Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Slytherin Emrys isn't something I would easily forget, even without my eidetic memory."

"Well, I…" Helga coughed and Merlin corrected himself. "We know that you don't like to talk about it but the elves want to honour you by making you an elf warrior. Every warrior is adopted by his teacher and Dominic has offered to be the main teacher representing you."

Merlin studied Yrrah's face but couldn't see any clear emotions. Ever since Yrrah killed the fire wolf, he kept his emotions behind a mask when it was a serious situation. Dominic said he saw the determination first when he started training after 'Christmas', but now it was constant. It gave everyone the creeps, seeing the eight year old without his usual smile. "Being adopted by the elves will give you another power boost, mostly in the powers you've been taught by the Elves themselves. Besides that, receiving the warrior title is an honor. I know going to the village is the last thing you probably want right now…"

"I'll go." Yrrah said with a soft voice, taking a bite of his steak.

Four voices spoke at once. "You will?"

"But you… and I… Scared… You… hurt…" Godric stuttered before he gave up with a confused "huh?"

"I'm might just be eight, but I have a responsibility, not just to some people, but to an entire planet." Yrrah said, refusing to look into anyone's eyes, choosing to look outside instead. "I know that, I know the prophecies, I know that one day I'll have to put an end to dark lord Tom Riddle. I'm not stupid, I've researched every book since you guys told me about my destiny. I don't know everything, but I have to work with what I have." The last words were whispered before the boy continued this time looking up into the eyes of the others. "But the first time I had to prove myself, the first time I was in danger, I failed. I got hurt and after that I started acting like the child I still am. I was angry at myself for letting my shield down. I know I have to be brave to fulfill my destiny, I'm sorry if my reaction afterwards disappointed you." He raised his hand when Rowena looked like interrupting. "Let me finish. I was meditating when I realized something. I blamed myself for being scared, I asked myself how can I save people, kill Tom Riddle, if I run crying to my dad after, refusing to let him go? Then I realized I'm still eight. So, it's sort of okay to be afraid, thatwas the first time I was scared and in danger. While watching my window last night, I saw children my age run crying towards their parents for scratches or mean words. I can only imagine how they would react after almost being killed and severely injured. It was awful, but I learned a lot that day so I'm kind of glad it happened. I don't think I'll not be scared next time either but that's okay because I'm eight and I'm not planning on turning into a cold hearted killer anyway. That doesn't mean I don't need every advantage I can get though."

His family stared at Yrrah with their mouth hanging open.

Rowena was the first to collect her thoughts. "You sound older than Merlin when you speak that way."

"How in the name of Merlin's curly nose hair did you got from a child to this?" Sal said ignoring Merlin's glare.

Yrrah send the group a grin. "I found my patronus and moral guide, the last few days I've been training with the help of some sort of guide."

"You can't mean…" Merlin whispered.

Yrrah smiled. "I want you guys to meet my familiar." A golden Phoenix, who couldn't be older than a few weeks, flashed next to Yrrah, the eight year old petting the magnificent bird and allowing the golden creature to take its place on his shoulder. The bird rubbing her head against Yrrah's cheek. "Her name is Éowyn, she appeared that first night I stayed in the village."

"And you didn't mention this before because?" Godric asked.

Yrrah looked at Éowyn, they seemed to have a silent conversation before Yrrah answered, "She's still a bit upset at me for ordering her to stay safe so she's been ordering me around and the last few days I was too tired to speak. That and she's angry at you guys for Christmas," Éowyn nudged him with her head. "and at me for getting myself hurt, she's a bit protective."

"And don't you forget that." Said she, the others could only hear the phoenix singing.

"I take it you've already mastered the transition into one being?" asked Merlin,

Yrrah looked confused. "Éowyn and I have been one since we met. The only way I could keep her safe and hidden from everyone, until she had grown, is to carry her in my heart. The transition is natural for us, what's there to master?"

"So let me summarize, I thought I would have to deal with a scared nephew/son but I find myself replaced." Salazar said huff. "Well I know my place."

Éowyn chirped a new song, which Yrrah translated. "Éowyn wants me to tell you no one will be replaced, we're one and I'm still the same but I'll have a guide now. She won't come between us."

"I'm glad Yrrah." Rowena pulled the boy on her lap. "Uncle Sal will turn around quickly, I remember when I found my familiar, it was an owl and I've never felt more complete than with her by my side."

"Where is she now mom?" Yrrah asked curious while suppressing a yawn.

"When I died she followed me in my heart, I still hear her when I need someone." Rowena smiled softly rocking and rubbing her sons back. "The same happened with your dad and grandpa. Uncle Sal misses his Snakey, that's why he's acting like an old grump."

"I'm not!" protested the Slytherin.

"You so are!" Godric smiled. "Enough about that, tomorrow we'll go to the village and…" a glance to his sleeping son made him softly laugh. "I'll take him, you should stop over exhausting him." He said, directing a scowl at Éowyn. Lifting Yrrah into his arms, the knight couldn't help but smile when his son turned in his arms to place his ear against Godric's heart.

Éowyn flew up, changed into a light that surrounded Yrrah, before vanishing. Godric discovered a small birthmark of Éowyn had appeared on Yrrah's chest as he changed his son into a pair of pajamas.

"I'm proud of you my boy." Godric whispered before tucking him in.

Yrrah was running around, Éowyn flying around him. Laughter sounded throughout the forest as Yrrah pushed the air around him so his feet left the ground.

"It's been a long time since he looked so care free." Helga mused. "We should have seen it, the tight training program, the longing look at other children. No wonder that Yrrah forgot he's still a child."

"He needs those lessons to defeat my heir." Salazar said with a downfallen look. "I will never forgive myself is Yrrah gets hurt because we failed to teach him."

"Yrrah hasn't lost a magical battle since two winters ago." Said Godric. "He'll be deathly with a sword one day, he's too small to harm someone yet but when he's older…"

"Éowyn will help him find the child in himself." Rowena decided. "I won't send a completely matured child to Hogwarts. They'll think he's not been properly raised. They could try to take him away from us."

"I would like to see them try." Salazar snorted.

Helga swatted the back of his head. "This is serious. We know that Yrrah can jump back when he wants from where he is but do you think that Yrrah would consider going back to earth if they want to keep him from us. Remember how long it took to convince Yrrah that he needs to live up to the prophecies?"

"I know." Salazar admitted. "I don't understand children. One moment he doesn't want to go to the earth because he doesn't feel he belongs there and doesn't want to miss us and the next day he is begging us to let him go."

"Yrrah wants the best of both worlds, he sees the children of earth and wants the same but with us there with him. He doesn't care where he is, myth of earth. The boy wants us and children his age." Merlin explained. "Hopefully for the next five years Éowyn will be enough."

"Myth years right?" Godric asked insecure. "Because I promised him he could go when he turns eleven."

"Myth years, the day after Yrrah's eleventh birthday he will leave for earth." Spoke Merlin softly. The twinkle in his eyes appeared as they heard childish giggling.

"Stop Éowyn that tickles." Laughed Yrrah, the boy was laying in the grass and his phoenix was poking his sides.

Godric suppressed the urge to join his son and cleared his throat. "Y, we're nearing the village. It's time to change and time for Éowyn to go to safety."

"Okay dad." Yrrah giggled looking at Éowyn before the light surrounded Yrrah and the phoenix was gone. The father helped Yrrah out of the warrior tunic and into the ceremonial elf robes. The robes were light blue/silver with soft sandals and a special place for his sword, bow and arrow so they were there but not in sight.

As if he weighed nothing, Yrrah was lifted onto Godric's shoulders. "We don't want your new clothing get dirty." Said Godric holding onto Yrrah's ankles.

"But dad, that's what cleaning spells are for."

"Just let me do this okay Y?" Godric said. "I have a hard time seeing you grow older and not needing me anymore now you have Éowyn."

Yrrah rested his cheek on the top of Godric's head. "Dad, I'll always need you." Said Yrrah. "Éowyn is a part of me, she can't replace people, she just makes me more… me. I will always need my dad."

"When I got Simba, I went with him, leaving my home." Admitted Godric. "I don't regret my decision but I don't want you to do the same."

"Dad, Simba is a part of you and knows how you feel." Yrrah explained, not noticing that the other members of the family were listening to the conversation. "Éowyn and Simba give advice based on those feelings. You weren't happy and that is why Simba took you away from your muggle parents. You were really lucky that Merlin found out about your powers and Arthur didn't mind you living in the castle. Deep inside you know that. Éowyn would only encourage me to leave if my family was a danger to me, which you aren't. Anyway, I love you too much to consider leaving"

"Thanks Y, I needed to hear that." Godric whipped his eyes, "I love you too buddy."

A shout of "YRRAH!" had six faces turning. Maeghen, Elandorr's daughter and his shape shifting teacher ran towards the group. Godric placed Yrrah on his feet only to catch him again when the woman ran into him. "I was so worried. How is your arm? Are you hurt anywhere? Elandorr told me you've been training harder. Aren't you going too far?" she pulled him back to run her hand through his raven black hair.

Yrrah collected the questions in his head and answered them one for one. "Take a breath Mae. I'm fine, healed, your dad is right I've been training harder, but I'm making sure that I'm not going too far."

After a confused look, Yrrah was pulled back into her embrace. "Don't scare me like that ever again young man."

Together the group made their way into the village, while they walked past the elven stopped and stared at Yrrah with admiration. The smaller boy didn't like the staring crowd and leaned against his dad.

"Don't be afraid Yrrah," Godric said softly while ruffling Yrrah's hair.

Yrrah looked up. "Why are they looking at me like that dad? Is it because my hair is darker now? Or my ears?"

"They are curious my boy." Whispered Godric with a reassuring smile. "They want to see the boy that protected the village."

"I don't like it." Yrrah wrinkled his nose. "I'm still the same boy I was a few weeks ago."

"It's something you never get used to but a true knight learns to ignore it." Godric's arm was wrapped over Yrrah's shoulders pulling the boy close. "I can only imagine how the people on earth will react when they discover your true heritage. Trust me, it will be worse than this."

They arrived at the middle of the village and Godric gave Yrrah a little push in the back so the eight year old walked to Elandorr and Dominic.

When everyone from the village surrounded the sacred tree, Elandorr gestured for everyone to sit. Yrrah sat down meditation style before Elandorr and Dominic while the others surrounded them in a circle.

"Young Yrrah has proved himself worthy of the title of warrior." Elandorr didn't raise his voice, the village was silent enough. "He'll receive the honor he deserves, his teachers blood and a warrior name. Do you accept young Yrrah?"

"I accept." Yrrah looked in Dominic's eyes who smiled at him.

Dominic pulled his dagger from his belt giving it to Elandorr, who cut Dominic's palm open before moving on to Yrrah's hand. Neither one made a sound when the sharp knife opened the skin, both occupied looking into the other eyes.

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family." Spoke Dominic softly in old Elvish, the ceremonial Sindarin language, while holding his bleeding hand against Yrrah's hand.

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family." Said Yrrah back, a glow surrounded Yrrah, making Dominic let go and everyone gasp. It was normal for a new warrior to be surrounded by a silver glow, as bright as the strength of a warrior, however, the golden glow around Yrrah was so bright everyone had to shield their eyes.

When the light disappeared, everyone watched the young Yrrah stand in his Elvin robes with mithril shirt under the robes and sword on his hip. Every warrior received an armor of mithril, they always wore them under their clothing in case there wasn't time to suite up. Mithril was light to carry and not even a magical sword could go through it.

Golden bracelets protected Yrrah's wrist, and shoulder pads rested on his shoulders.

Next to Godric snorted Merlin. "Of course, our Yrrah would be different than everyone else."

"To be fair Mer," said Rowena. "Yrrah carries the power from being the chosen one, from the kings, from our adoptions, from Éowyn and now from Dominic. It makes sense that Yrrah is more powerful than any before."

Godric and Salazar groaned. "We're so getting our asses kicked."

Helga swatted the back of their heads. "Be quiet or I'll send Yrrah at you two." She threatened.

Everyone looked back to Elandorr when he continued. "As the tradition stands the warrior gets a new name, with the first letter the same as his last name. The names will be given by his teacher and the leader of the village. Magic chooses a first letter, the higher in the order the more powerful the warrior is, the golden glow tells us that his first letter will be A. The most powerful of all."

"As my name is Elandorr Ethuil, meaning light spring, I give you the first name, Aran, king in the language of our people, for one day you'll sit on the throne of magic."

"As my name is Dominic Dagor, for our guests that means lord of the battle, I award you the last name Arvellas, what means noble strength in the language of our people, for I know you'll always use your powers for good."

"Warrior Aran Arvellas. May your strength of heart always be pure." Elandorr smiled. "I'narr en gothrim glinuva nuin I'anor." And let the bones of our foes gleam under the sun.

"Diola lle, Heruamin." Yrrah said with a smile and a small bow. Thank you, my Lord. It was a strange to call the elf Lord but the time called for it.

"Tanya farnuva." Smiled Elandorr. That will suffice. "Now, let's eat!"

Yrrah was snuggled against his father's chest, he had fallen asleep during the feast that ended not even a hour before sunrise. Dominic had offered his cabin for the night but the family wanted to get home.

"What a night." Smiled Helga. "And that Alanah? Wow that Elf can drink!"

"Alanah? Isn't that Y's telepathic teacher?" Rowena asked, Godric nodded. "He's a warrior too with an A. Is he as strong as Yrrah?"

"Not really." Merlin said. "I asked Elandorr about it. The only time a warrior gets a new name is when he proves himself in battle. Just six elves at this moment have been given the honor of receiving a new name. Elandorr, Dominic, Onur, Yrrah and two others. The other warriors don't have the same letter for their first and last name. It's not allowed to give a child a name with the same first letter as your last name."

"How do you prove yourself in battle?" asked Rowena.

This time it was Godric who answered. "A true knight has proven himself when the fight was battled with honor and he protected of the pure and innocent." When the group looked at him disbelieve, he shrugged his shoulder. "I was raised as a knight by Arthur. Dominic and I looked at the difference between a human-knight and an Elf-warrior."

Merlin looked intrigued. "And?"

"There were not that many differences. The rules and traditions are mostly the same, but with the elves you get a higher standing based on your magical power and winnings. With humans it is by birthright."

They left the trees behind and walked into the entrance hall. The family parted, leaving for their own private quarters.

Day's turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. Everyday Yrrah learned something new, there weren't enough books to keep him busy and his training was even harder than before. However, this time the family made sure Yrrah never forgot to have fun once a while.

Éowyn was now a fully grown phoenix, watching and training Yrrah through games.

Then it was the twentieth of August. Onur had jumped to earth one day to enroll Yrrah and have his name added to the list to attend Hogwarts that September.

Yrrah MyrddinArthur Pendragon was born in Britain, 31th of July, and adopted on Halloween a year later when his parents abandoned him. Hogwarts student Mr. Pendragon, a look alike of Godric, was raised on a private island, with private tutors. The deputy headmistress asked why they had chosen Hogwarts. The real reason was that Yrrah knew the castle inside and out and the protection his family could give him, but they could hardly say that. So, she was told that Yrrah was coming to Hogwarts to be around children his own age who could speak English. She never wondered why Yrrah didn't go to America or Australia.

On Yrrah's eleventh birthday the whole family and Dominic went for a horseback ride, it was the first time for Yrrah but he learned quickly and he loved his horse who had a great sense of humour, it was a pity that only he could understand the animal.

The night before Yrrah would go back to the earth he crawled into his father's bed. Godric didn't say anything, just wrapped an arm around his son, keeping him close.

Éowyn couldn't been seen by the earthlings, they might take her away and staying in Yrrah's heart for a whole year wasn't an option. She had to stay behind until the actual fight would come. Then she would flash herself to Yrrah.

Helga was the first to hug Yrrah goodbye. Kissing her nephew on the forehead before Sal stole the boy. "The house of Snakes would be honored to have you there if you should change your mind." Whispered Salazar in his ear. "Also, don't forget to register your mastery with the ministry. Never forget your potions before going to bed. Never go with strangers. Oh, and don't take any potions you didn't make yourself."

"I get it uncle Sal." Yrrah said with a nervous smile. "I'll miss you too."

The Slytherin huffed. "I don't miss children." He said. "They make noise, are irritating, don't clean up their own messes…"

"We get it." Merlin pulled Yrrah away. "But your uncle is right about the first few things, and if you think that one of the sides has found out what your destiny is or you don't feel safe, come back to us. Don't be brave like your father, you come straight home."

"Thanks Grandpa." The young warrior was standing before Dominic and Elandorr with a slight bow. "Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva." Spoke he, an official elf farewell, Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet.

"Amin sinta thaliolle e dagor." Said Elandorr. I've seen your strength in battle. "You'll be fine young warrior. Tenna' ento lye omenta." Until we meet again.

Looking up to his master, Yrrah hesitated a moment before hugging the man. "I'll keep practising, I promise."

"I know you will Warrior Aran." Dominic said, running a hand through the now light brown hair. The eyes, now piercing blue, showed one tear. "Don't cry Yrrah. You'll be fine. It will be summer again before you know it."

Nodding Yrrah went towards his mother's arms. "Be good, my little prince," Whispered Rowena. "and come home safe."

"For me it's a whole year, for you it will be two years before we see each other again. I don't think I can handle missing you for so long mom."

"Everything will be fine." Reassured the mother, placing a hand on the small chest. "We'll be here with you. Study hard, but don't forget to have fun to."

"I will mom."

"Good boy." Rowena kissed his cheek. "Now, go to your father."

Godric didn't say anything, just picked the eleven year old up as if he was a toddler again. Yrrah wrapped his arms around the knights neck, resting his head on the shoulder. After a few seconds his father's voice broke the silence. "Just… come back to me."

"I will dad."

"It's time warrior Aran." Maeghen softly pulled him away holding his left hand. Onur rested his hands on his shoulders but Yrrah only had eyes for his family. Small tears travelled down his cheeks.

A flash of white light surrounded them and Yrrah felt his feet leaving the floor, leaving his home, leaving his family.

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