It was the first day of high school. A nice Springtime breeze was blowing through the trees as Mizuno Kaede walked to school for her first day at Kumiyo high. She was nervous, about the entrance speech she had to make as the valedictorian, about her first day in a school where nobody knew her and about making friends in such a new environment.

She knew of course that worrying wouldn't make things better for her, but that just sent her on a vicious cycle, making her more and more worried.

She arrived early to the gate of the school, and heaved a sigh as she prepared to face an army of unknowns. She looked around herself, prepared to remember as much as she could about the layout of the school so as not to get lost during the first few days, and took her first step onto the grounds.

That is when she saw it – the cat. She knew that studies had said that petting animals was good for stress, and she actually loved cats despite her "dog only" home, and so she decided to let herself pet it for a bit in order to unwind. She never expected that after a few seconds of petting the cat would hiss, run and get stuck up a tree.

By then, her first day of school and her worries were no longer taking over her mind. She had to ensure the cat was OK.

She put her bag down and started climbing the tree. Hopefully she could get it down before the bell rung – if she could only reach a little further.

That was when she was startled by a boy not far from her, a boy she later found out was named Kousaka Junpei, and fell from the tree. Scared of hurting herself, and thanks to her time in the athletics club, she landed on her feet.

And on him.

The boy was laying on the ground, unresponsive and seemingly in pain beneath her. She tried to call for him, he did not answer. She tried to tickle him. Still no answer. Soon she was slapping him and crying for him to wake up.

That worked.

After that, he helped her to get the cat to someone who could care for it (it had jumped down during the time she was apologizing to Kousaka), and they were able to get to the entrance ceremony just in time.

A good thing it was too, because it was time for her speech.

She had prepared a speech about meeting people, learning and having fun, but she was no longer nervous and did not feel the need to stick to this bland pattern, and so she told the school that something good had happened to her. She could not help but to look in the direction of the boy she had met, but he was looking around him in a disturbed manner. Hopefully he understood that she was talking about him.

Later, she would learn that she was in his class. Later she would make friends with his childhood friend, a girl called Sumiyoshi, and later she would get the opportunity to see him care for cats of all breeds, but for now she was just happy that she had met him.