Author's Notes:

Welcome to Book #4 of the post IWTB series I've written! If you haven't caught up on what happened in "Clandestine", "Jabberwocky", or "Fire", I suggest you read those books prior to this one, as it will make the most sense that way.

A few orders of business to bring some clarity to your adventure:

1. The history (both real and X-Files-specific) and the places I include in this series are 99% real, with only extremely minor artistic liberties taken. I strive to keep the stories in this series as relatable as possible, using real places to host the events written. I also strive to bridge these stories to the past using a rich sampling of X-Files series history to provide continuity.

2. What this means, essentially, is I don't own a damn thing about the X-Files, only what I write and any additional characters that have not appeared on the show previously, including my adult interpretation of William (as well as the original cover artwork). You can bet your boots that if I owned the X-Files, there would be more movies, a new series and anything else I could dream up.

3. I display real people in my cover images for this series because when I dreamt up these tales, they are the faces that inspired the characters. Personally, this helps me to eliminate the guessing game of what a "new" person looks like while reading, allowing me to enjoy their personality attributes that come alive through the dialogue. The people I've modeled the characters I've introduced after physically, and maybe even some personality traits, are as follows:

Brendan Fehr (Will/William Van De Kamp/Mulder)
Jennifer Lawrence (Cara English/Mulder)
Megan Fox (Joy LaHaye)

Again, I don't own them. We'd all be in trouble if I did.

4. I believe in Mulder/Scully, and Doggett/Reyes. Never shall they be otherwise to me - no other romantic combinations exist in my world. Ye have now been warned.

5. This story's rating hovers between a T and an M. I think it's more T than M, so I listed it as such. There are four letter (and five letter) words used thoughtfully to match the characters, setting, violence and implied scenarios. Don't want any of that? Then go no further than these notes. Again, ye have now been warned.

6. When reading, please have fun. Reading is such a beautiful and personal adventure. I was inspired to write these pieces because I lost too much sleep after thinking about them for so long, but mainly because it allows both the people I love and perfect strangers to go on an adventure together and to forget the world even if just for a moment. Get lost in this story - or any story you read. I guarantee you that if you sit back and let the story steer, you'll end up having the ride of your life.

7. Always and forever, I will gladly take ALL feedbacks and criticisms you feel inclined to give. I believe that one can only be continually sharpened by allowing their blade to be ground.

Thank you so very much for your support, love and energy - have an amazing adventure!