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Understanding The Different

~The Black Bloodline ~

'How did it come to this?' Tears continued to flow down his porcelain face as his body trembled in both fear and delight. Fear for what he was doing and delight from the taste of powerful blood flowing down his throat. His elongated fangs buried deep into another's shoulder.

Gentle hands caressed his back in a caring manner as he sucked up the divine life substance greedily .His hands fisting the other's drenched clothes which was stained a blood red.

"Its okay, its okay." A soft murmur next to his ear for only him to hear as he continued to cry at the crime he did. A burning blue-black contract etched on the back of his hand.

Thinking the attack was over was a mistake. Thinking that they would be able to relax was a bigger mistake as a after few days following the attack; the academy was infiltrated at its heart. The sirens blared loudly through the night as the headquarters was hacked into by an outside source. The whole place was in chaos as one finds his allies turned against him each barring a familiar mark that was once found on their new ally who had contracted to their resident green vampire.

The red mark made its appearance in the night sky as a field was erected around the base, drowning the entire area in a mysterious darkness.

Kuroko watched as his best friend grumbled incoherently as he made his way to the command room for their strategy meeting. His brow twitching slightly as the sounds of grumbling that has being going on for the past hour. They were not able to leave the compound, the black barrier blocking any help from outside and escape from the inside. This situation made everyone anxious and irritable.

"Will you stop complaining Kagami-kun?'' Kuroko asked with a blank expression, though from the fisting of his hands, one could see he is rather frustrated.

"I can't help it if I'm hungry!" The other shouted back shoulders slouched and hands in his pockets to show his annoyed mood.

Kuroko did not have a chance to reply as the doors to the command room screeched opened revealing a messy brawl taking place with papers and all sorts of office equipment strewed all over the place.

The center of the chaos being their coach Aida and their resident beauty Momoi having a 'smart' conversation on their next move.

"I am telling you Tom-boy that plan A has a greater success rate than Plan B ! Its carries a smaller risk than trying to identify which of our men had not being taken over by the mark!" Momoi shouted at the other.

"HUH?! TOM-BOY?! Listen here you lip-stick, we can't fight a war without knowing our numbers and if we don't secure our remaining men, the mark would probably take control of our entire army leaving us in the dust .So my plan would be mush more appropriate for this situation." Aida huffed, crossing her arms.

"What did you say B-cup?"

Aida growled at the insult. Aomine decided to step in at this moment with a suggestion of his own.

"Why don't we just blast everyone who has the mark?" An innocent suggestion but not a very smart strategy.

"SHUT UP AHOMINE. THAT WOULD PROBABLE KILL HALF OF OUR MEN!" Aomine recoiled as the girls continued their verbal squabble.

Midorima pushed his spectacles up as he continued to watched the scene with an eye on the lookout for his president's reaction to this 'problem'.Takao right next beside him laughing his lungs out at the funny insults the girls threw at one another.

Kuroko greeted the members in the room not that they noticed it as he made his way towards Akashi only to paused and do a 180 degree turned towards the door .Kagami who saw this placed a hand on the other's shoulder and raised a questioning brow .

Kuroko pointed at the quiet redhead at the corner of the room who was as still like a statue .His emperor's eyes gleaming with a sadistic glow. Kagami felt blood drained from his face as he backed away towards the door .At this moment Kise saw the two new comers and greeted them enthusiastically.

"Kagamicchi,Kurokocchi have you come to watch the cat fight ?" Kise wanted to say more but he begin to sweat as he realized what he had just said .He could feel the glares of not one but two angry tigers on his back. Kise turned around giving the two ladies an awkward smile.

"Please …don't kill me?" Kise smiled innocently only or his question to be answered by hungry looks of evil. It was also as this point that Akashi had enough of wasting their precious time.

"Enough of this nonsense, if you two cant come up with a decent plan ,I will make one myself ." He growled.

With that both girls quieted down and took their respective seats as Akashi directed the meeting. They have decided in a matter of 5 minutes on how to execute the plan .Why so quick you ask? Cause Akashi doesn't accept anything less than perfect and everybody knows that, thus there wasn't a single flaw nor a single suggestion added or raised throughout the meeting after Akashi's proposal.

The plan was supposed to be flawless but somehow every time they managed to reclaim some of their members through indirect contracts and pushed back the invaders they were countered by having more of their allies controlled. It was as if their enemies knew how they were going to move before they did .

The members long assumed their awakened forms while Kagami and Kuroko summoned their respective weapons .they had been going round in circles in their own headquarters trying to find the enemy's commander but so far they had no luck .

Suddenly from their intercom came a cry of help.

Momoi's scream filtered through as the light and shadow duo head back to the command center as they were the nearest. As they stepped through the door, a dagger came down from the celling meeting Kagami's blade .

"Nice to meet your acquaintance tiger-kun." The other purred as he leaped back, his weapons taking a similar look to Aomine's awakened katars. Kagami shot after his opponent ,who proved himself to be a higher caliber as he danced passed all off the other's attempts .Kuroko moved to assist his partner only to be blocked by a shadow whose body gave an ominous feeling causing him to take a few steps back .

"Found you." Red eyes gleam dangerously at the pale boy standing infront of him. Kuroko didn't know what the other was talking about but neither did he had a chance to find out as he was attacked the next moment .He winced as leather made contact was his skin drawing blood. He brought his blade to defend himself only to find it caught in a death-grip by a snake-like whip. His eyes wandered around to look for the one responsible only to find darkness all around him, he couldn't even see the red tuff of hair that was familiar to him.

"You look nice struggling like that." A warm breath next to his ears whispered those words in a amused voice. Kuroko widened his eyes in surprised his he found his arms caught in a snake-like grip and suspended above his head. Looking up he saw them wrapped tightly together by ghostly limbs that closely resemble a snake. Red eyes gleam in the darkness behind his shoulder; he instantly knew that it was trouble.

"Looks like you found my pet, meet medusa, my familiar." The voice introduced from somewhere behind him .A hand under his chin turning it sharp to face the creature in the shadow. Meeting it's gaze, Kuroko found himself unable to move a muscle.

Kuroko could hear his heart thumping in fear against his chest. The beat loud in his ears .He tried to pull his arm away but it was proven futile, as he was petrified under the ancient creature's gaze. The slimy appendages continued to lap at his blood unhindered.

"Mmmmmhh, delicious ." The voice took on an appreciative tone. Kuroko tensed up as he felt fangs at his neck. He could make up jet black raven hair and dangerous wine-red eyes shining with blood-lust .

"Such a delicacy, wouldn't you agree ? The last of the black bloodline " Kuroko grasped as fangs pieced through his skin sucking large volumes of his life essence away.

'NO NO NO .'He chanted like a mantra in his head. Flashes of images ran through his mind all originating from his past; all from the time he destroyed an entire landscape. The incident that he though he had erased from his mind.

Blood red-eyes.

White fangs dripping blood

Hundreds of corpses lied mutilated at his feet

A hand through his body.

Kuroko snapped as the memories came rushing in, the feeling of dread ,hatred and fear coming in waves. His right iris turning red, the same shade as blood, no maybe even darker than blood .His left turned a crystal blue as the shadows gathered around him as if he was their light.

A loud screeched carrying unimaginable power filled the area. A shadow of a women briefly took shape behind the sky blue brunette before morphing into a large shadow radiating the same menacing aura as the man infront of it .The shadows around Kuroko took on blurry shapes .His dagger turned black as it elongated curving at the end in the shape of a scythe. Blank emotionless eyes regarded the creature and his servant infront of him as if they were something like insects.

A mechanical laughter sounded from the man that once held Kuroko captive.

"HAHAHA I CANT BELIEVE IT, WHAT POWER!" The whole places were enveloped not by the veil darkness but the shadows of the world. With a wave of his hand the shadows surrounding their enemy took on shapes of swords of various sizes.

"Anyone who hurts my master will be eliminated!" A dark voice bellowed.

"Medusa petrified those fakes!'' The vampire ordered already celebrating his victory only to cough out blood the next second. Looking down he saw the handle of a blade through his heart. Heterochromatic eyes bore down on him. His familiar on the ground with a thousand blades sticking out of it, before it shattered into million of tiny lights.

"Master's mark will continue to beat alive." The dying man told the other not caring that he was letting out an important secret. A wining look on his face.

"You mean this ?" A deep familiar voice reverberated through the darkness.

The dying vampire widened his eyes as Akashi walked into the darkness leaving a trail of burning flames in his path,Momoi unconscious in his arm .The mark encased in a orb of fire floating in the air held captive By Akashi's power.

"I was wondering why my plan did not proceed as I expected it to be .To think that your master tried to use the mark on my strategist …"He hummed, a contemplative look on his face.

"A good plan, But you forgot." Akashi gave a cruel smile at the fading vampire.

"I'm absolute " With that the orb holding the mark was crushed mercilessly shattering into millions of tiny little a circle of flames surrounded the enemy before engulfing him in flames. At the last second before his demise he looked at the target his master wanted him to capture straight in the eyes.

The glazed eyes of the Kuroko showed no acknowledgement of the other, looking only straight ahead at the eyes of the enemy .The man only gave a cruel smirk as he promptly turned to dust. Kuroko stood where he was still looking at the same exact spot where his enemy previously stood the darkness despite having loss its master has not retreated instead it only grew denser. Kuroko's shadows surround him in a protective cocoon. Akashi was then pushed out of the field by an invisible force, sending him into the battle outside.

'Tch ,looks the next one isn't a small fry ' Akashi thought ,looking at the black orb that he was in a minute ago before glancing down at the minions that surrounded Kagami ,his golden eye flashed dangerously as white hot flames erupted from nowhere burning the enemy into ashes one by one.

An unfamiliar chuckle came from the darkness, a small barely noticeable laugh of upon hearing the voice was jerked out of his trance .The power radiating from his surroundings told him how dangerous this enemy would be.

"Well done. Never expected such a power from such an impure." The voice commented sarcastically.

"Don't mock me !" Kuroko's eyes flashed as a horizontal slash of black light materialized rushing towards the right. There was no scream of pain following the surprised attack only a lighthearted chuckle lacked with mockery. Kuroko didn't know what to make of this situation .He couldn't believe that there was someone who knew his heritage, his powers and his history. This person knew what buttons to push and Kuroko was seriously falling for the obvious trap but he didn't care .The only think in his mind now was the removal of the said threat .His usual blank eyes become glassy with various emotions, the expressionless façade that he tried to keep is falling apart piece by piece.

"Is this the best a hybrid like you could do?"

In his anger Kuroko lashed out, his weapon making deep cuts into the smoky darkness around them. Kuroko panted as his attacks missed their invisible target. His hold on his weapon slipping in his exhaustion.

"Look forward to seeing you again "The voice taunted, not a hint of exhaustion in his voice .The mysterious enemy clearly had enough of playing as the laughter became further and further away. The evil presence disappearing from the area, the darkness following in its leave.

Kuroko stared at the damage and carnage around him before widening his eyes when he saw Kagami collapsed on the floor sporting deep red gashes on his entire being. Akashi by the other's side looking rather unscathed with the exception of a few cuts, tending to the heavy injuries with healing spells.

Kuroko was in shock at the state his fried was in even more so as he knew he was the one responsible for those injuries.

"K-Kuroko! I-I'm going to kick your ass!' Kagami threatened weakly, coughing out blood due to the strain of talking in his injured state. Kagami could guess the shock his pal is going through especially since the other values his friends even more so than his own life. He didn't know what happened in the black dome, but he knew that whatever happened in there made Kuroko mad and insecure, Kagami was not stupid he could see that his friend was going to break down any moment. Trying his best he gave the other a reassuring smile.

"I-I …I'm so sorry Kagami-kun." Kuroko didn't know what else he could say as he stared down at his injured friend He wanted to help the other but he was afraid. Afraid that he might harm Kagami if he went too close.

'There was so much blood 'He looked at the other helplessly .The blood still dripping from the others multiple injuries seeping into the clothes and staining the floor red .His head hurt. Various images of his forgotten past running through his mind. The pain, the screams of death, as bloods flowed everywhere .He couldn't take it anymore.

Kagami stared at his friend wide-eyed with worry as the other screamed in pain, so much agony and suffering .It was a cry of death itself. It went on and on for very long seconds. Kagami wanted to take his friend into his arm to get rid of the living nightmare that the other was suffering in but his battered body would not obey his command to move. Akashi didn't look any better ,he clearly didn't know what to do .It was obvious comforting others was something he wasn't proficient Kuroko stilled. Kagami felt a chill down his spine, the air turning frigid cold not because of a temperature drop but from an oppressive pressure. Kuroko turned his heterochromatic eyes towards the other in the room, his fangs elongated to their full length. Not caring about the shouts of the arriving miracles nor Kagami worried cries. Without warming he launched himself at the other male, lost in his emotions with only one instinct remaining,

To hunt all who bring harms to him.

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