The day they brought him home, my brother they called him, was a happy occasion. Daddy was so happy and mommy had a permanent smile etched upon her face.

They had left me with a fellow sailor from Daddy's regime, and I got to learn how to steer a ship and I got to go below deck and eat with the crew. It was the happiest day of my life thus far, nothing could seem better.

When Daddy placed the swathed blanketed blue bundle in my arms I wasn't sure why this little thing was such a big deal, until mommy said I was big brother now and it was my job to teach the little one everything I knew.

In a matter of seconds the bundle started to fuss and whimper, clawing at the air as if searching for something, and that's when the little one grabbed ahold of my tiny pinky and he quieted right down and gazed up at me.

"Well would you look at that? He already looks up to his big brother." My dad cooed beside my mother, gazing down us.

"What's his name?" I asked never taking my eyes off the blue bundle

"His name is Killian, It means little warrior" my mother informed me.

"When you're older Killian, I am going to show you how to sail and steer a ship and we will join the royal navy and discover new places side by side. We'll be the best sea man in all the world. No one will ever forget our names."

Killian made a gurgling sound of acceptance and gripped tighter onto my pinky.