It's been 4 years since I didn't come to Fuyuki hometown.

My city was totally changed. I almost didn't recognize it anymore...until I met someone in front of the school gate.

"Come on, come on, get in everyone. Ten more minutes before the school starts"

The man who has short black hair, wearing a glasses and black school uniform. That black uniform meaning he's a student council member, unlike the regular students who wears a brown uniform every time when they come here.


I'm actually don't want that guy in black recognize me, but he already did.

"Ah, Kawano!"

That guy in black recognizes me. Of course, he's my childhood friend after all.

"It's been a while...huh?"

"Ha ha ha, you're like a weirdo now. You just moved here 2 days ago, right?"

"What's that suppose to mean, Issei?"

Issei Ryuudou, I can't believe he doesn't change his attitude toward me, even we didn't meet each other for a long time.

"'s our school?"

"I don't know, I haven't get used to it yet""

Tsukumihara Academy...Today, this is my school.'s not my wishes to study in this place, but it can't be helped.

"Then get to your class, Kawano! Don't make your new homeroom teacher lectured you"

*sighed* Fine, you don't have to tell me, you know.

"Move faster! Five minutes before I close the gate! Oh...wait, what do we have here..."

He checked all student's wearing, one by one. To be honest...Issei is really polite, if he found you don't dress properly, you'll be dead in boredom with his lecture.


There's a soccer ball in front of my feet. I think I want to shoot this ball to hit his face.


Ugh, The bell's ringing. I have to go to the class, pronto.

"Phew..." I am, my homeroom teacher said that my class is here, room 2-3, chair is at the right corner of this room.


I placed my bag on my table and sit.

I can hear everyone still have a chit-chat here, talking about random things, either fun, amusing, or gossip. It's a good chance to find a friend right now, Unfortunately, I'm a new guy here, and I'm not a social person...I guess it'll be hard for me to find a friend here.

"My...what do we have here..."

A woman standing before me...she has golden blonde hair styled entirely in large coils and wearing our school uniform. Weird...she reminded me to my friend, Rin Tohsaka who already moved from here a long time ago, oh well...maybe just her body, but her face don't.

"Are you a new student?"

"...Sort of, why?"

"My...Don't you feel honored greeted by me?"

Feel honored? What's wrong with her?

"Fu fu fu...just kidding, my name is Luviangelita, nice to meet you. What's your name?" she asked with a friendly tone.

"...Takamiya Kawano, just call me Kawano"

"Hmm...alright, do you think about this school?"

What do I think?

"Well...Not so bad, I think. I'm a new kid here, I just moved here 2 days ago, so I can't judge about this school very well...for now"

When she heard my words, she's not amused.

"Well, I can't help it if you can't tell, anyway, so you don't have to bother it"

"Just why you ask me something like that?"


She smirks as she closer her mouth to my right ear.

"I just want your opinion about our battlefield"


She doesn't respond to my question and walk away.

Battlefield, what does she mean?

As I'm trying to think about it, the door opened.

"Alright class! Sit down! Time to learn with your awesome homeroom teacher" I have a feeling that I have a BAD homeroom teacher after I heard what he said.

"Let's start from math. Open your textbook on page..."

I decided to open my book and study until I'm really bored.

It's already 4.30 PM, most people already took their bag and went home, so do I.


I looked to the window as I put my books to my bag.

The view of Fuyuki City is beautiful as always...when the sun goes red, it always makes me calm and relieved somewhat.

Well, I'm done, time to go-



Is this just me...or my vision became hazy as a weird noise passed through my ears?


Maybe it's just my imagination.

I began to walk. Everything's normal, until...


That feeling come again, but this time, my brain also became hurt like a bulled passed through my head.

"What the..."

I began to look nearby, then everything's stopped. I take a deep breath and closed my eyes, then...

"It doesn't change..."

It's not a dream. Not too long after that, everything around me become mozaic. Wait...don' tell me...

"I hope it's not true!"

I'm running to the first floor, go to the janitor room, and then...


A blue aura shines the door in front of me.

It happen again...but why now!? I don't want to do this!


1 year ago before I moved to this city, Rin told me about a sacred ritual named Holy Grail War in this city, a war where we must kill until there's only one person left.


She said that war doesn't exist anymore, but why I saw it? Did she lie to me? No...impossible.


I bit my lips to embrace myself. After this, actually...I know what should I do, since I'm actually a magus.


I opened the door before was there, just like she said.

"That doll..."

I saw a doll with a human size standing next to the blue portal in front of me.

It began to move by it's own, then it followed me.


I took a deep breath, and entered to that blue portal.

About how the Holy Grail War works...all magus have to enter preliminaries before they can proceed to the war. The question we can kill each other?

The way how to do it is with your servant, A powerful familiar that based from a legendary soul. The servant is just like us, if you ask me what they looks like. However, they're unusual, they have multiple times normal strength of a normal human, and they also can use magic or a powerful technique to fight, in other words...they take human forms, but they're not human.

Each master have to summon their servant, servant is...kinda like your sword and your shield. So, if you lost your servant, you won't be able to protect yourself or attack your enemy, then you will die.

Servant can be based either from a real person, legendary hero from the past, or a fictional character. You can only summon them once, so you have to be careful.


I finally reached the end of this portal. Then I ended in a bizarre place.


This place reminded me to a cruch...there're three windows, and it has different is a knight who hold a sword on his hand, one is an archer...and one is a old mad who hide his face with his hood and hold a staff. The light above also reminded me that's a light when you want to atone your sin in the chruch.

"Wha...what is this?"

Dead bodies...lying everywhere. They're must be the people who fail to pass the preliminaries.


A sound screwed my thoughts. I didn't realize there's a doll that lying in front of me, until it began to move by its own.


The doll began to attack me, but the doll who standing behind me blocked its attack.


The dolls began to fight each other. Well, let's call that doll 'Effigy'

This is how the preliminaries works.

The participants are gathered together in a school, and they have all of their memories suppressed. Placed into the roles of students with different memories, they go through the same lessons, subjects, and content every day. Everything feels artificial, as students have trouble with memories and the general feel of the school. Those who figure out the strangeness are able to regain their own memories. Direct interference with people without memory during the period is against the rules.

People close to figuring it out get crushing headaches and feel static that affects their vision as the illusion breaks apart. The overbearing strangeness only increases as people eventually start to disappear slowly over time, reducing the number of students each day. Only those who make the decision to look beyond the accepted and progress are allowed the right to exist. By recovering themselves, they are allowed to enter the main tournament. Overall, thirty percent manage to overcome it, allowing them to move on to the next stage of the preliminaries., while any who remain in the school are disqualified.

The final part grants the potential Masters an Effigy, a substitute for a Servant, and tests their capabilities. They are pitted against another Effigy, and if theirs should happen to be defeated, as with the defeat of an actual Servant, they will be disqualified. Those that manage to win will become one of the 128 competing Masters and will be granted a Servant.

The Effigy's power based on the master's Prana. More prana you have, more powerful the Effigy will become.


Finally, I stopped the Effigy that tried to kill me after my Effigy gave its last punch to it as I'm trying to catch my breath.

I'm exhausted, it's...only natural. Because you have to use your prana when you contol them, and I can feel all my power drained to that Effigy.


I passed the's over...but why nothing happen?

When I turned around, looking for an escape, something unexpected happened.


A cyborg hand stabbed my body from behind. The still alive!?

What's going on!? I thought I had killed it already!


I can't use my Effigy anymore, I ran out of power. I'm doomed.


My consciousness began to fade as it stabbed my body deeper. Damn it...please...I don't want to die...



Suddenly someone shouted with a small voice from behind and destroyed the Effigy that stabbed me.

"Sorry, I'm late. Are you alright, master?"

A woman voice asked an question to me. I began to turn toward where the voice come from, but...

"Master, don't push yourself"

I...can't take it anymore...