The Swan Pony


Princess Twilight Sparkle sat on a throne next to her husband, Prince Flash Sentry, in their Canterlot castle. They were happily conversing when a guard rushed in.

"Your Highnesses!" he bowed before them.

"Yes?" said Twilight.

"We found an egg outside."

"An egg?" she questioned.

"Yes, Your Majesty." he nodded to another guard to bring in a cart with a purple speckled egg. He turned back to the royals asking, "What should we do with it?"

"Bring it here." she ordered. When it came closer to her, she magically lifted it. Just like that, it hatched and revealed a baby dragon. "Aww…" she admired it. "Flash, I think I would like to keep him as a son."

"You're sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Alright; besides, he is a cute little guy. Can we call him Spike?"

"Prince Spike… I guess that could work."

The adopted parents played with their new son while the guards gave each other confused looks.

Just south of Canterlot was the small kingdom of Pony-Ville. King Macintosh anxiously awaited the birth of his new baby brother or sister. Their parents decided to step down from their thrones and let Big Mac take over for them. Then happily, a sister was born, a princess… And she was given the name, Apple Jack.

Delegates of royalty came from all around to offer gifts to the princess. Among them were Princess Twilight and Prince Flash with Spike. The babies looked at each other in liking. Twilight had in her hoof a golden necklace with a jeweled apple in it. Spike fussed and grabbed for it. He threw it to baby Apple Jack and she caught it. Twilight knew it would be very hard for her son to be loved by a pony, but seeing the connection between the princess and him, maybe there was a chance. It was then that King Big Mac and her thought of the same idea: Spike and Apple Jack would be brought together each summer in hopes they would fall in love, and join their kingdoms forever.

But unknown to them all was another plan. That of the evil unicorn, Sombra. Apple Jack's birth was of little concern, for he was about to take over Pony-Ville by means of dark magic of fear and hatred. On the eve of his assault, Big Mac attacked and plunged Sombra's powers to darkness. With the help of the great princesses, Celestia and Luna, they turned Sombra into shadow and banished him to the frozen North. Before he was completely banished, he gave a shout to Big Mac, saying, "I'm not done with you yet! Someday, I'll get my power back! And when I do, everything you own, everything you love, will-be- Minnnne!" he yelled as he was thrown in his frozen prison.

In time, the threat was forgotten, as all hopes turned to that not too distant summer, when Spike and Apple Jack would meet…

AN: This was inspired by Brush Stroke's PMVs of The Swan Pony on YouTube and Fluttershy: An Anastasia Au by TheLocalCrazyPerson.