Author: Autumn Email: Series: Fruits Basket Pairing: Kyo/Yuki Rating: PG Warnings: vague shounen ai (blink and miss it), mild language and cartoon violence (gee, I sound like a real rating thingy. twas a mild joke) Disclaimers: Kyo, Yuki, Tohru, etc they do not belong to me. I am only playing with them for my own enjoyment. Please dun hurt me! Notes: This is my first Furuba fic, please be kind and read and reply. Yuki POV.

Friendship - Yuki

It's been a long time since we considered one another enemies; longer still since we considered each other friends. Sometimes I wonder if we can ever go back to what we used to be, used to have.

When we were little, Kyo and I got along. Crazy as it seems, and believe me, if you know the two of us it's pretty damned crazy sounding. We were practically inseparable; if Kyo went somewhere, I went there, too, and vice versa.

I've many warm memories of those days.

But about the time Kyo turned seven things began to change. You see, my slightly older cousin was always short on temper, going off on the smallest thing, usually in my defense. So, never once in my six short years had I been the one that burning anger had been turned on. But like I said, at that time, things began to change.

Someone had said something; that much was evident. Someone had said something and Kyo had believed whatever had been said. I think it had to have been the time we learned the story of the Juunishi. He the cat and I the rat.

When the story was over Kyo had shrugged, muttering something about what his spirit and mine had done in the past was not a part of who we were now, but I could see it in his eyes, even as a child; something had changed in him.

It was a day later that it happened. He and I were playing in the garden on the west end of the compound; I was avoiding being dragged off to Akito's for as long as I possibly could (our older cousin was never a kind person and I think he never will be). It was a game of chase, and I was the prey. Although I could not run very fast or very long, Kyo always played it to where we would play as long as possible and both end up winded, only just so, and happy. But that day.

". I'll get you this time, Yuki," Kyo said laughingly, faking a lunge. That was when it happened. His shoe got caught on a rock, sending him tripping to land face first in the dirt.

"Baka neko," I laughed, going to help him stand. "You should be a little more."

I never finished my sentence as Kyo slapped my hand away furiously, glaring up at me. "It's always like that isn't it? I'm the stupid one. I'm the one who should change."

I had no idea what he was talking about.

"I'm always the one who is tricked by the sneaky mouse."

That turned the light on. I tried to say something, to tell him I was just playing with him and only meant my words kindly, but he was beyond pissed.

Suddenly, Kyo stood and stomped off, leaving me there speechless. and at Akito's mercy, as it would have it, but that's another story.

It took ten years and a good shake from an outside source for us to be able to speak to one another without it turning into a fight. And amazingly it only took a few months after that to grow close to Kyo once more. Although this time it is not what most people would call friendship, at least not in the most common sense of the word. I don't really care, though; I've got it and that's all that matters.