Chapter 7

The disgust felt by everyone in the room was almost tangible. Nobody wanted to make eye contact with Ishimaru. He looked around, his eyes begging for someone to take pity on him, but he remained alone for his last few minutes of life. The only one who managed to even lift their head for a second was Sayaka.

" could you?" she whispered. "How..HOW COULD YOU?! YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF!" Her voice rang through the courtroom. She attempted to lunge at him, but Naegi simply grabbed her hand. She spat at him and then went limp. Tears couldn't flow from her eyes anymore, so she sat there sobbing dryly.

"Since I see no one has any more heartfelt goodbyes to offer the blackened, it's time." Monokuma then took Ishimaru by the neck and whisked him off through a tunnel that had just opened up. He waved for the others to follow him, and one by one they did.

They were led into a classroom, but not a Hogwarts classroom. It resembled a muggle one more. Ishimaru was seated in a muggle desk with his arms and legs bound to it. The others were looking at him through an adjacent room. "For the muggle-born sticker for the rules, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, I have developed a punishment that may make him feel right at home. I call this particular one A LESSON IN GRAVITY!"

Monokuma then pulled out a wand. "DEPRIMO!" he shouted gleefully. A slight breeze started, but within a matter of seconds it transformed into a howling wind storm. Books, school supplies, and even desks flew into the air. Soon almost everything, excluding Ishimaru, was lifted to the ceiling in a swirling vortex. Then, Monokuma changed tactics. "ENGORGIO! INCENDIO!" The objects in the air grew wildly and caught aflame. Monokuma then turned his back and released the deprimo charm. Objects fell right on top of Ishimaru. His screams of pain radiated throughout the room. Many of the students covered their ears to block out the wailing. And then, there was silence.

They peered into the room and saw a smoldering pile of junk. Even through the next room they could smell burning flesh and singed hair. Naegi began to gag, along with many of his peers. Fukawa had fainted and Chihiro was attempting not to violently cry. Almost everyone was touched, except for Kyouko, Togami and Sayaka. Kyouko and Togami were stony faced and ready to get back on with their lives. Sayaka, however, looked mildly pleased. A small, contorted smile spread across her lips.

"Rot in Hell," Naegi heard her whisper. He hadn't seen this side of her before, and he was positive that he didn't want to see any more of it. He debated about what to do, but in the end he just stood there stiffly.

"Alright everyone! It's nighttime! Get back to your rooms and refuel for another exciting day of school!" Monokuma shooed them out of the execution room. "Besides, I have a ton of cleanup to do. Human remains aren't easy to scrape up, you know?"

Naegi sluggishly head back to his room. He wandered past rows and rows of rooms to get back to his bedroom. He passed both Leon's and Ishimaru's on his way. A lump caught in his throat. Are they really gone? My friends...gone forever? His stomach began to churn, and he ran back to his room before anything could come up.

He crawled into bed, letting the fatigue from that day rush over him. His body felt pumped with cement. He laid his head gently down on his pillow and closed his eyes. But, before he fell asleep, he heard a knock at his door. He tried to ignore it, but it only became louder and more frantic.

He slowly got up. His body was tense and prepared for a fight. Who could it possibly be? He went to the door and grabbed for the knob. He opened it to reveal Sayaka standing there. He felt mildly relieved, but still wary.

"Come with me," she said bluntly. Then with that, she walked away. Naegi's mind raced. What could she possibly need at this hour? After debating for a minute, he closed his door and followed.